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Finding loan shark contact numbers? Come here as we will help you find these contact numbers. Finding contact numbers of loan sharks can be difficult as lending money without a license is illegal. But there are some licensed loan sharks in the scene too. So it is not all bad news for you. All you have to do is read this blog carefully to know how to contact these loan sharks or how to find their contact numbers. We are sure that after following our instructions, you will be able to find a suitable loan provider for you. So without any delay, let’s get right into it!

Loan Shark Contact Numbers

It is fairly easy to get contacts of licensed loan sharks. All you have to do is fill out this form and we will find a suitable licensed loan provider for you. These private loan companies provide loans in short term at higher interest rates. It is always better to find these licensed loan sharks as you do not want to contact any illegal loan providers. We will be talking about why you should not be doing that later in this blog. Anyways, this form will take you hardly 5 minutes to fill. We will find licensed private money lenders for you and then, you can contact them yourselves for the loan.

get in contact with loan sharks

Finding licensed loan sharks is a really daunting task. You can find out about more of than in our blog. In our blog, we have given a detailed explanation of how you can find a loan shark online. We have discussed different options that you have for borrowing money if you have bad credit. A bad credit score is not difficult to get, since all it needs is some missed payments or some hospital visits. So, these private money lenders are essential. Make sure to give it a look, we really worked hard for you on this one.

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How do I contact a Loan Shark?

Considering the fact that you have read our blog where we have talked about how you can find a loan shark online, you must already know of different ways to find a loan shark online. When you are finding a loan shark online, you will also find the contact information for that loan shark. Loan sharks on craigslist always list their contact numbers or emails. Illegal loan providers will always stay cautious. Thus, they will not include their contact numbers. But they will also include their email address. Thus, you will always have a way to contact these loan providers.

Almost all the private loan-providing companies have their websites and social media now. It is a must that they have included their contact information on their websites. You can find their contact numbers from these sources. Or, you can also let us do the job for you. On this website, we have included the form where you can just fill in your details. After that, it is our job to connect you to the most suitable loan providers. You are already desperate for money. You have a lot on your shoulders. Let us do the job for you and help you in this time of need.

Why Should I Borrow Money Online from a Loan Shark?

There can be a lot of reasons why you want to borrow money from a loan shark. The primary reason for hiring a private money lender is a bad credit score. Bad credit can be due to various reasons. It is really hard to maintain a good credit score. Therefore, it is going to be hard if you will apply for a loan to a big or mid-sized bank. Hence, you can apply for a short-term loan to a private money lender. The amount is going to be low but that is okay. The following can be some advantages of borrowing money from a licensed loan shark

  • The loan application process is going to be pretty swift as the number of procedures is lesser as compared to traditional practices of the banks. Still, you will need to provide some documents to the licensed loan sharks.
  • Some policies of private money lenders allow you to not submit any collateral. This is because the loan is not of a substantial amount. Banks will ask you to give them some collateral before you borrow money from them
  • Because the application procedure is fast, it will save a lot of your time.

Things to know

Before you try to borrow money from a loan provider, here are some things that you must keep in mind. These things are as follows.

  • Unlicensed hard money lenders are bad news, so always avoid them
  • The interest rates are going to be high, so bear that in mind too
  • The time provided to pay the loan back is going to be short, so make sure you have enough avenues later to pay the loan back

What if I don’t Pay the Money Back in time?

Loan-providing companies who are operating legally can definitely take legal action against you. This legal action is the consequence of you not paying the money back. In this case, you will be dragged to court. But this is what banks, private money lenders, or payday lenders will do. Unlicensed loan sharks do not operate under the confines of the law. They are definitely bad news. They are not going to drag you in court if you do not pay them back. But they will use violent methods against you to get their money back. Hence, you must avoid them at all costs.

Instead, borrow money from licensed loan providers.


In this blog, we talked about how you can find the contact information of loan sharks online. Loan sharks who are operating with a license have a presence online. They will definitely have listed their contact information on those websites or their social media. This is a piece of cake nonetheless. But in the case of unlicensed loan sharks, you may find contact information on craigslist. But keep in mind that it will be a bad idea to borrow money from shady people. People can be desperate in times of need, but doing things against the law is never a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it easy to find contact numbers of loan sharks?

Yes, if they have social media presence or websites, then it is fairly easy to find their contact information

What are different ways I can find the contact information of different loan sharks?

Internet is the greatest source of information for you. All you have to do is search for the right keywords. On the internet, craigslist is a good place to find contact numbers of loan sharks.

Can police take an action against me if I take loans from loan sharks?

If you take a loan from a licensed loan provider, you are safe. But if you go to an unlicensed loan shark, then you are on your own. Police may help you if these loan sharks are harassing you.

What if I cannot pay the loan back?

One of the options is to use a credit card and then deal with the bank later. But for a better option, contact a financial consultant.

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