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Although loan sharks traditionally have a rather unfavorable reputation in certain quarters, these private lenders can sometimes offer better terms than legal payday lenders and are often more flexible about negotiating payments and interest rates. LoanSharkMoney.com is dedicated to providing information about these types of unconventional loan opportunities, including coverage of “legal loan sharks” in the form of payday loan companies, cash advance services, peer-to-peer lending networks, and other non-traditional lenders.

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  1. anita says:

    hi i am 25 year old full time employeed looking for a loan for 6,000 can make monthly payments got into 2 car accidents and one DUI need help paying lawyer and court cost please assist asap….

  2. reeder says:

    Need 1300 now to help with some past bills. work full time and make 1200 a month so can pay quickly. need the $ within the hr.

  3. Aaron says:

    Need help to stop garnishment and bank levy. PLEASE HELP.

  4. Q says:

    i’ll be brief and specific
    i’m looking for 100,000 USD unsecured loan with a 7-10 year duration
    with no penalties for early repayment. I intend to pay this off in 3-4 years
    I expect an APR above 20, which means that i expect to have to pay an additional 100,000 in interest if carried out to the full term of 7-10 years.
    loan purpose is for purchasing of equipment for a business venture

  5. Joyce says:

    i need a loan of about R5000.

  6. paulette woody says:

    I am a single grandmother who needs a little help . I would like to borrow 500.00 dollars. can repay 100.00 a month plus some interest, Not a lot but some

  7. Caroline Marate says:

    I need a personal loan of R5000 as a person with disability. I am so impressed to hear that you assist unemployed people. You will be helping me a lot.

  8. Frank Burke says:

    Retired Veteran/Business owner is in Desperate need of 8-10k usd for
    equipment repairs and purchase. I have an Auto Transport Business
    that is in urgent need of private funding due to over whelming equipment
    repairs. Offering 20-30 % monthly for 12 months or open to other terms.
    Loan can be secured with collateral.
    215-317-5462 Anytime Business is located east coast Philadelphia, Pa

  9. Andrew Davies says:

    Need to borrow £5000 for urgent transport needs.

  10. harvey says:

    need 1500 to get back on my feet, have ability to repay, need funds right away, please help (201-227-1293)

  11. Thomas Bresnan says:

    Complete approval and application in just three minutes … Rate and PDF formatted pre-approval in minutes.

  12. directpaydaylender says:

    Thanks. Will be back but don’t forget your payday loan.

  13. Betty Pridgen says:

    need 1500 to pay court cost and get my driver”s license back. Court date is the 28th of March. I have no problem in paying it back. I only have two bills to pay monthly; car payment and insurance. I live with Mother and a brother and our house is paid for. Hope you can help me. Thanks! (252-361-1726) is my phone number. Can be reached anytime.

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