How to Find a Loan Shark Who Is Legitimate

If you have become so desperate for money that you are looking for a loan shark, you might want to read through the following tips.

Before dealing with loan sharks it is advisable that you understand there are many loan sharks who are not licensed. They might charge you with high interest rates, so beware!

There are a number of borrowers who are worried about how to find a loan shark who is legitimate. Most loan sharks are unlicensed lenders so try looking for one who is registered by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). As most loan sharks are not registered, they generally operate outside of the law. If you borrow money from them, you might obtain the loan at less than favorable terms. You might also have to pay higher interest rates, and if you are unable to repay you might also get harassed. They might also pressurize you to borrow extra money to repay them.

You can always try checking the updated list with OFT looking for licensed loan sharks. You might also get the names of loan sharks who have been suspended. It is possible to obtain detailed information on licensed loan sharks along with their contact information and trade names. You can walk to their office and collect the complete list of registered lenders. In case you feel that the lender is not registered, then avoid borrowing money from him or her. Always keep in mind that if you have borrowed money from an unregistered loan shark then you certainly may not be under legal terms to repay all the debts. Under such circumstances you can also try to contact the trading standards office for more details.

These officials may help you to deal with the lender and the situation. In case the lender is not registered then under no circumstances can he recover his debts from you. There are a number of loan sharks who are in fact not licensed, so they might even frighten you by saying that they can get you prosecuted. Don’t worry as this is not possible legally. Not repaying an unlicensed lender is not an offence so you may never get prosecuted. Always keep in mind that if a lender is threatening you then he is definitely breaking the law. You can always take the initiative of reporting the matter to local police and trade standards office for further action.

So if you are in need of money then it is always advisable to try to seek help from a licensed loan shark lender. Licensed lenders supposed to be more reputable, so they might try to settle the situation politely and not by threatening you. They might also consider letting you finance your loan with installments even if you have low income or poor credit rating.

However, even with these milder varieties of loan sharks there is a chance that you might have to pay higher interest rates. How to find a loan shark who is legitimate certainly does not mean that you will necessarily pay the lowest interest rates. So if you need money for a short period of time then you always have to pay higher interest rates as these lenders give you money without actually looking at your credit score. Before approaching any loan sharks it is important that you have already checked with the complete list for licensed lenders so you are sure that you never end up being harassed.

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1,067 Responses to How to Find a Loan Shark Who Is Legitimate

  1. wayne clark says:

    i am looking for a laon shark i live plymouth need to money asap to help me dad out could any one help please email but when u email plz do so in capitals thanks

  2. l anderson says:

    i am looking for a loan to pay off my rent arrears i am about to be evicted and i need a loan asap

  3. l harrison says:

    I am looking for a loan shark. I live in oklahoma city.I really need the money so I be sent to jail for writing to bad checks after my husband lost his job. Please I never needed help like this before.I need it ASAP. Thank you.

  4. 25reasons says:

    Need $500 loan until Jan. 15 or will be evicted. will pay back. Please help!!!

  5. Leti says:

    In need of a 3,500.00 loan. I have collateral. Would like a repayment plan of six months to a year. Denver, CO area. Thank you.

  6. Dave says:

    I need 35k for 24 to 36 months. Need a loan shark and will pay high interest. Paying back is not the problem. Getting the funds is. Contact me!

  7. LAURA says:

    need 5 grand in Canadian funds for schooling

  8. Danny says:

    I’m looking for a loan of 20k, I live in Brighton in the uk and I’m a hard working person and need to pay off debt and I went to go in to business, please help

  9. Bonnie says:

    I would like to borrow $3000.00. I will be able to pay at the end of month. Would someone please contact me immediately.

  10. brittany says:

    need a quick loan to help pay my rent 1000.00 thank you

  11. michael says:

    Richard Johnson and Lady Kate Ade are scammers. Do not, and I repeat, do not give them or anyone else that responds to you asking for information anything. They, along with many others operate overseas and are frauds.

  12. Bonnie says:

    Richard Johnson. Please provide your E-mail or contact information if you provide loans. Are you in the U.S.

  13. Keith says:

    Hi I am looking to move ASAP…I need a loan of 2500.00…PLEASE EMAIL ME STAT IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP. THANK YOU.

  14. Sue says:

    Hi- Trying to purchase business that I am currently working at. In need of a loan for 75,000.00 or more if possible- I currently make 3,500.00 a month but will bew making more upon buying the business, as I will be the owner and in charge of payroll. I can discuss the repayment terms upon you contacting me- Please help me fulfill my dream

  15. john says:

    need a fast loan of 900. I live in wilmington. De. I will pay and can pay interest of up to 350 for a 6 8 week loan. Send me a text 214 2930812. Local to philly only I won’t respond if you are overseas.

  16. Brian B says:

    I need a loan of between 5,000 & 8,000 will be able to pay back with interest in 30 days. Any help needed ASAP. PLEASE RESPOND within 24 hrs.

  17. George says:

    I am looking to borrow against an insurance payout. I would like to borrow $82,000 with a return of $112,000. Loan duration is under 4 months. My phone is 3177178374.

  18. Bonnie says:

    can anyone provide me a list of loansharks to contact?

  19. Tony says:

    I need to borrow $8500 ASAP. I can make payments of $500 a month for 2 years to pay this back with sufficient interest. I am desperate.

  20. Tony says:

    I am in need of an $8500 loan. I can fully repay within two years or sooner.

    Need as soon as possible, thank you.

  21. Rob says:

    I am looking for a loan of 7500euros to become a songwriter and start my own music publishing company

  22. Debbie says:

    I am looking for a $15,000 loan to pay off my deceased father’s debts. I have a good job and property but assuming his debts has ruined my credit. Can someone help me?

  23. Shona says:

    I need a £4500 loan asap. I am in full time employment and can make monthly payments.

  24. amarjit says:


    im in a need of a loan of £5000. Can pay back over 3 years.. need it urgently please e-mail as soon as possible. i love in london..


  25. Vicky says:

    I am in desperate need to borrow £12k. I am working and willing to provide payslips etc, I am absoultley desperate, please contact me only if you can help and you do not cerdit check.thanks

  26. Ken says:

    I need a Loan Shark ASAP. I am going through eviction proceedings, and my trial is 1/29/10. I need between $12K to $15K (US) for my back rent (5 1/2 months) and for a cushion. Please don’t put my 7 year old daughter and I on the street! I can repay the loan in 2 to 3 years, most likely earlier. Please help!!!!!

  27. Jacob says:

    Hello i need a $5500 loan asap. I have collateral and will be able to pay it back by July 8th 2010. I dont care what the interest rate is and can pay it back on time. Please contact me asap any time if you are a loan shark and can help me. I live in Orange County ca.

    I would like to make this happen within 4 days if possible.

    Thanks for your time

  28. rob says:

    I would like to borrow $3800. I would be willing to payback on terms of the loaner, or 10 percent of loan weekly till principle is paid in full . weekly amount would not count toards principle. i have done this loan once befor and paid it off in 2 months. I would be grateful to find a serious loanee who would like to do business. Rob in Indy

  29. rob says:

    I am in need of a loan of 3800 that i could payback quickly on the terms of the loanee. I have a great job and am open to any terms. rob in Indianapolis 317 513 8922. please serious help only.

  30. Cindy Lou Who says:

    I am a Real Estate Investor looking for $75,000 to purchase apartment building in the City of Chicago, IL. Will negotiate interest rate and share equity. Need to move quickly. Property under contract. Need fast close! All proposals considered.

  31. matt says:

    Hi I am in need to borrow $ 1400 till February 27th I have my a inheritance from my mothers estate that will be disbursed then. I am fine with any term u need. I am in great need of the money to pay my rent. please get back to me! I live near boston ma

  32. kris says:

    i need to borrow 5k.. for major roof work due to the neighbors tree falling. insurance is bs’n and taking too long… i will be able to pay principal loan in 2 1/2 months or less more then likely.. interest in the following month.. i work as an IT specialist for the past 7yrs. i reside in the Oklahoma area

  33. Paudie says:

    I need a loan of 10,000 euro .I would have it paid back within 12-15 months with a nice bit of interest. Paying back will not be a problem, its gettin the funds . This 10,000 euro will change my life . Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from u soon. Paudie.

  34. M carter says:

    I need £3000 by the end of next week. Repayment is no problem, I am in full time employment. I can’t find any way of getting this amount without a gaurantor. If you can help, please contact me.

  35. Robert Lucas says:

    We are in need of $40,000 pay over 7-10 years. We are about to be put out on the street. I have had medical problems that has brought us to this point expected to go back to work in June righht now I am on Long term disability and and will be applying for SSD.

  36. Robert says:

    I am in need of a $5,000 emergency loan. I live in Hawaii. I will pay what ever interest needed to secure this loan. Please contact me at 808-227-6570. Thank you Robert

  37. Theresa says:

    Looking for a business loan of $ 25,000. Need to buy new equipment, and marketing for expansion. I am tired of the banks. Can repay at monthly time periods. Current income 2200 a month with an increase of added contract of 4000 a month.
    Advantage Massage Therapy INc, 12401 NW 35th ST ,Ocala,FL 34482. Can call at 352-216-4680 leave message.
    Thank you.

  38. carol says:

    need money for rent, car need fixing, and school, please help.

  39. bubba says:

    Need 2,500 A.S.A.P. we live in a 29 foot travel trailer it is winter and very cold at below zero we have no water are car is in need of a fix. We need to get into an apartment and out of this damn travel trailer. I need a six month loan I can pay the loan back in six months plus the extra that is added. Please i really need the help I hate asking but i really need a loan even if from a loan shark.

  40. catherine says:

    need 3000 pounds quickly as im going to be evicted i can pay back no problem just cant get the 3000 in time to stop the eviction and i have a 10yr old son to look after dont want to be homeless thank you

  41. robert says:

    in a jam need 1000 asap los angeles area 562 325.2207

  42. JUDY!!!! says:


  43. Bob says:

    Please if there is anyone out there to loan money to me asap, $5,000-$15,000 contact me I should be able to pay back in 2 weeks

  44. Frank H says:

    Looking for legitimate lender for $4000 to cover 3 months’ rent arrears and avoid eviction. Need up to 2 years repayment plan on a monthly basis. I have steady work income, but have fallen behind in rent due to personal emergency expenses and a lack of savings. Thank you.

  45. claire says:

    I am looking for a loan shark or private lender in the UK for £16,000 paying back is no problem, pref over 7 – 10 years. i will not pay any upfront fees

  46. Gerald says:

    I’m searching for a $15,000. I am looking for a loan shark within the USA who doesn’t charge any processing fees, application fees, or upfront fees. I need this loan within the next 5 days. I know the interest rate will be high but that is ok. Please contact if you can really help me. I can pay on the loan as you wish. Thank you

  47. Derek says:

    Need to borrow 2,000,000.00 for business loan. Don’t care about the interest rate. I can repay the loan in monthly installments and can have the loan repayed within one year.

  48. San says:

    Rent arrears, urgently need a loan in London of £3k within the next 48hrs please contact me!

  49. bonnie p says:

    I am in need of 3700 loan asap perfer to work with someone in the united states and are legal

  50. sarah says:

    i am desperate need of a 3000 euro loan in ireland. i can pay back comfortably at 300 euro per calender month.

  51. edward says:

    hello I am looking for a loan for twenty-five thousand dollars I can pay you back twenty-eight thousand and a hundred dollars a week until the principle loan is paid off with the loan duration lasting 8 months to a year

  52. johnny g says:

    i need $15,000(u.s.)to start a business online.will pay back in less than 24 months with interest.

  53. Tommy Holiday says:

    I need 200,000 to invest in real estate and need a payment plan of 1 year

  54. johnny g says:

    i need $15,000 to start a business online.will repay within 24 months.serious replies only to 623-693-4636.

  55. matt says:

    looking for a quick loan to pay bills, i have a job just need the money asap about $ me or give me a call 774-257-0052

  56. Jazza says:

    i am 27 i live in aberdeen scotland,
    i require a loan of £6000 immediately,
    i earn in excess of 30 000 a year and can pay back double interest no problem.
    this may appeal to an individaul business person looking to make some money

  57. davesays says:

    i desperatly need a loan of 25000 to expand my bussiness i make about 4500 monthly i would like to set up repay for 60 month term get back to me urgently call me 540-896-7461

  58. Jazza says:

    i require loan 5000 i can pay back double no problem have very good job scotland

    call 07545570536

  59. Sandy says:

    Looking to borrow $10,000.00 to pay off over one year. 570-404-6728. Has this worked for anyone or is it another waste of time?

  60. Desperate Dave says:

    I need $6000 immediately to pay a lawyer for a custody battle. I can repay at $250/month at prevailing street interest rate.

  61. lawrence turner says:

    need a loan for 3000for operation can repay 625 a month for five month

  62. mark says:

    hi im mark from near reading, im in need of a loan of £2500.i can not get credit, so am looking into other options,
    please no scamers as wont i will not give money up front, so please only real loan people contact me

  63. willow says:

    Hello, My name is Willow and I live in Leicestershire area. I am in need of some financial assistance but unfortunately am unable to obtain a personal loan due to now having a poor credit rating through being silly and yet helpful to my now very much ex partner!! I have 2 young children and no other family that I can turn to to ask for help as I am struggling somewhat. I do work, very hard but somehow this isn’t enough!?
    I would be looking to borrow the amount of £20,000.00, GOSH!! even writing it scares me!! If there is anyone that would be willing to help me then do please contact me. Thankyou sooooo very much,
    kind Regard, Willow.

  64. Ludy Torre says:

    I am in need of a loan. I was just let go of my employment and I have a settlement coming to me. My attorney says I will receive it within mid April. I don’t usually ask for help financially but I really do need the money. My husband was assaulted at work and can not return to work due to the injuries he has sustained to his head and knees, we also have a settlement coming in for that incident. We have two boys and our older son is special needs. He has a major surgery coming up and I have to give some much down for him to get his surgery. I will pay the whole loan off once I receive my settlement until then I will be able to give payments. The amount I need to borrow is $9000.00 if anyone can lend it to me I would be very grateful. I need the loan by March 9 if possible. Please help me. Thank You

  65. Simon says:

    Please contact me urgently on 07934977522 .. Important that I find 3000 by 10th march for various bills and debts. Will repay by end of april…

  66. richard r says:

    hi my name is richard i need 10k to keep the debt collections off my back

  67. Tray says:

    Please help me. I am in need of 5000. usd. I just purchased an ’06 car and have 30 days tocome up with the down payment. I can afford the payments, but the dealership requires me to pay 2500 down or else they will take the car back until it is paid. This is a short term loan as I can pay it back in 3 months. Have steady income. I AM DESPERATE AND DON’T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO TURN


    I’m in desperate need of a $15,000 loan. I am a home owner. i also own a tractor trailer. i resently divorced. my exwife have taken my three children.and turned my life upside down, in order for me to fight back in the courts i would need to get my trucking business back up and running. this way i could produce a fair income…my credit score is poor…due to the divorce. If anyone can lend this amount to me. I will repay you at the highest rate…and as quickly as possible…thank you…

  69. rick says:

    i am looking for a loan for my trucking company. Can someone help.

  70. Salena says:

    I am in need of $6000 dollars and can repay it at 400 per month. Please responde ASAP! IT IS URGENTLY NEEDED>

  71. Sheri says:

    need a loan of at least 1500 for debts. I’m getting desperte and starting to look for things to pawn

  72. karen says:

    i need £5000 asap to pay people back and to stop me loosing my family

  73. Brandon says:

    I need 3600.00 dollars asap. Im able to pay back at a fixed rate of 400 monthly every month until loan is paid off. Desperately need for automobile. Single father and need to keep my job.

  74. Curtis Anderson says:

    I need 500,000.00 to get my direct seafood marketing company up and going before may. This money will be usede to purchase a fishing vessel and permit and cover start up expenses. I already have markets for my fish and shrimp and have fished in Alaska all my life.

  75. C S says:

    I am in need of $35,000 to repay some business associates and avoid having them on may back anymore and not have them as partners. I need this money within a week or so and I can pay it back monthly over the course of 3 years probably less.

  76. james H. says:

    hi, i live and baltimore and owe 3000 to the only monopoly in this state, the gas and electric company. I have a wife and 2 children who r on breathing machines. BGE the company mentioned above refused our request for an extension. If anyone can help, please contact me asap, thank you

  77. karen says:

    I need to borrow 55,000.00 for 6 years with a payment of 700.00 will repay interest rate of your decision need this immediately have alot of bills to take care of also need to pay for a car as transportation is a problem now I am really begging someone to help us as we are need of the money I wouldn’t beg if I didn’t need it we have found it hard to find a lender that doesn’t want any upfront fees if I had the fees I wouldn’t need to borrow any money so please help us

    thank you for your time.

  78. jean says:

    I am waiting for an investment to come – in about another 6-8 weeks and i need a loan for $8400 and will pay back at a higher interest. This is needed urgently and asap….. will discuss with serious lender!!!!
    please help my family

  79. Racheal Tipolt says:

    I need 7000$ asap. Have two court judgements against me and need to pay them off asap. Can repay this amount if stretched out payments but I NEED HELP.

  80. Heather Mulholland says:

    I need a loan of £6000 asap… I live in Scotland.I can pay this back over 5 years please help.

  81. Tara says:

    I need a loan of $500,000.00 to get my real estate rehab business up and going asap.

  82. SHANNON says:


  83. Tiffany says:

    In need of a loan of $5000, nothing more, I will pay the loan back within 3 months (possibly less) I have collateral. Please contact me ASAP…the money is for my rent and bills to get caught up.

    Thank you

  84. ian duckworth says:

    any one out there who can help me get 5g in 2days will pay back over 3 years need the money bad some one please help as i have tryed every where else

  85. Jimmy Jay Dean says:

    I need $3,800 before the 31st of March 2010, as I need to close my loan transaction. Is there someone could assist financially? I will repay with a big amount return.

  86. Sherry says:

    I need 3,000 NOW!! Have a huge lawsuit settlement coming (have proof with paperwork) and can pay back over next couple months with interest. Please can someone help me?

  87. Niles says:

    I am seeking a loan of $50,000.00 I have 30,000 stock options that are not fully vested for collateral and make over $120,000 a year. I need the loan in the next 48 hours. Please contact me if you are serious.

  88. william Mays says:

    I am seeking a loan for a 1000 dollars to pay my for rent,got sick at work and fell behind. Have enough steady income to pay back

  89. devon says:

    in need of $80,000 dollars canadian for 1 month plse help need this by March 29, 2010….can put a lien on the house if want….very desperate situation….i livw in toronto canada..

  90. Sam says:

    In need of $30,000 tp $50,000 asap to catch my breath! Too much to write here. Make 6 figures and can make high monthly payments. Please, serious contacts only.

  91. Lisa says:

    I need 3,000 ASAP for oustanding rent and bill.
    I can pay back at whatever intrest rate. Have a good job.

  92. Mary says:

    I need $3500 to pay my car note up to date and pay the IRS….for last years taxes

  93. Antwone says:

    In need of a $15,000 loan for personal reasons {asap}

  94. zo says:

    secured business opportunity offered and need $2,500 to $10,000 for 90 days, call with terms Ph.901- 270-6294 if no answer, please leave a message, for me to return your call promptly.

  95. Dustin Hill says:

    need 50000 by the end of april 2010 will pay back with interest over 3 – 5 years live in norman oklahoma contact by 405-921-6098

  96. Bruce says:

    I am in need of a 1000 loan. During the midst of a remodeling project that has cost more than expected, and denal work I drained my funds. I need to 1000 to pay for rent of my dental work and I need it before monday April 12,2010. Can pay back within 30 to 45 days.

    Bruce Telephone: 954-773-8748

  97. RALPH FISHER says:


  98. Michael says:

    I am a contractor with a customer who wants 70 small homes built . Contract signed! I need 10k start up money for equipment. Credit sucks I owe child support and a hospital bill. I have low overhead so repayment not a issue I am just a small start up business with a large signed contract that I need to fulfill. This is an opportunity of a lifetime please help!

  99. zo says:

    Will enter Legally signed prommisory note and guaranty for $1000.00 or greater for 90 days, lender will recieve 100% interest and may repeat as often as you like up to seven cycles.Ph.901- 270-6294 if no answer, please leave a message, to allow me to return your call promptly to arrange.

  100. Tiffany says:

    i need a loan for 5000 to help with an apartment… was recently evicted, and need immediate help!! we have a nine month old baby involved… please help… will pay back!

  101. Lee says:

    Need $3,000, will repay in 90 days + interest.

  102. tzi porah says:

    Looking for 200K us dollars asap to pay off short term loan. New business venture taking a few more months than initially anticipated. Large investors coming in, but I can’t show debt once other loan is called. Willing to pay extra in interest. Maximum 1 year loan, praying for sooner!! Please contact me asap at above email.

  103. Kenneth Graham says:

    I am in need of a loan for $200,000.00 as I have tried other means with no luck I need this loan as soon as possible and I was told to look here it is suppose to be a very good site for a legitimate lender not a scam artist I am in dire need of this loan. I would very much love to buy the shop that i have been employed with for the last 20 years and now that is not possible I however don’t wish to pay any upfront fees as I have done in the past they have taken me for over 2500.00 and I simply cannot afford any more please hep me I need it so badly I am begging for the help I hope there is a great company out there that wants to help me out.

    I only feel that I cannot send any fees first as I have gotten taken big time doing that in the past.

  104. Kyle says:

    I live in San Francisco, and I need a 8,000 dollar loan, by this Thursday, I’m going to be evicted if I don’t. Someone help please. I will sign a contract.

    Email address is

  105. lin says:

    i am in need of a loan of £6000 over a year or 2 depending on a repayment plan i live in essex can anyone help its urgent

  106. Dee says:

    I am in need of a loan for $5,000 ASAP to pay off debts. Please let me know if you can help and your repayment plan.

  107. Andy says:

    In need of a loan for within 2 days to pay off debts. Can negotiate on interest rates. I live in london.

  108. Trace says:

    In need of a loan for $7000.00. Please let me know if you can help and your repayment plan.


  109. CHAN says:


  110. suzan says:

    would like 2 borrow 5000.00 to straightin out my debts

  111. David says:

    In need of a loan from $50-75k to start my real estate business over. Ideally, the loan term will be no greater than 6-8 months, with repayment of principal plus interest at the end of the term. The terms are negotiable and I am willing to work to make this happen. I have been in the business for over four years and have been very successful at it (proven track record), but my partner stealing from me and mounting personal debts have caused me to lose everything. I am not a con or a thief, just an honest person trying to build his life back.

  112. Harrison Steel says:

    I need to borrow $10,000. I am been working at this job for 16 yrs. able to pay in installments.

  113. debbie says:

    in desperate need of £1000 by next week. trying not to do a guarantor loan not on good terms with my mum. can pay back monthly installments over 2 yrs if possible. plz contact me asap!!!

    i live in south london uk

  114. David Diaz says:

    hi i need a loan to pay off my bills and get back on track i only need about 4000 to get back on track i can afford 350 a month payment with no problem

  115. Tiffany says:

    I need to borrow $4500 for a surgury i am getting in June. I can afford to pay $500 a month back but nowhere will give me the chance due to no credit history. I am working full time two jobs. Please help.

  116. Clint Wirth says:

    I’m desperate!!! I have a good job but I have no cash on hand currently. I need a $6000 loan which I will use to pay my overdue bills—I am even being sued for one. I know I can pay it back providing the terms are reasonable and not overly restrictive

  117. Michael Watson says:

    I need to borrow 100,000.00. I own my own business and because of the economy , I have fallen behind on bills. I am willing to pay 1000.00 a month for one year after I have paid the loan back in full. I really need some help! I work hard everyday and will be able to repay this.

  118. heaven says:

    i am looking for a loan for 10,000. I have a Good income but not good credit. Thanks!

  119. arnold says:

    I am in a financial difficulties in need of a loan of $ 2,500.00, my previous employer recently laid me off rent and car payment is coming at the end of month please help. Need loan by saturday I live in Belleville, NJ…

  120. Dave says:

    Urgently require £16k loan. Live in Manchester/Tameside area in UK. Thank you.

  121. Josie says:

    URGENT: I am in DESPERATE need of a two (2) month loan of $80k US. Fiancee is in trouble and need to help him. No issue with payback. Located near Boston, MA USA. Will only deal face to face. Please contact me ASAP. Time is of the essence. Please help!!!!

  122. Allen Gainer says:

    hello i need a small loan between 1000 and 2500 i can repay in a decent time frame. i work really hard. we just need a little help to get a head helping us would mean the world to us.

  123. melissa says:

    I need a loan shark, I will pay back double in 2 months, I am coming into some money, my father died and I will be receiving his estate in 2 months, I need 5,000 and I will pay back 10,000 I have collateral, and I have good references, please contact me, serious inquiries only please,

  124. Daryl clark says:

    Hi I am in desperate need of a loan shark or private lender in Brisbane Australia, I need a loan of 40,000 or anything really. I can pay it back inside 6 months as will be coming into inheritance at the end of the year. The money is to pay of Bikies which my brother got in trouble with.PLEASE HELP!!

  125. Donna says:

    PLEASE help me!!! I’ve NEVER asked for help from anyone before, but I’ve fallen ill and am a single mother with two children. I have been put on disability and told that I cannot return to work. I have worked as a nurse for the past 25 years and suddenly my WHOLE world has fallen apart. I have just been given an eviction notice, I have NO food for my children, I don’t have $1.00 in the bank to buy anything or pay one bill and I am being harrased left, right and centre for all my bills being late. I URGENTLY need $8,000 to pay my rent and bills up to date and I will be more than hapy to work out a fair payment plan to repay you WITH interest – whatever you are asking for, PLEASE JUST HELP MY KIDS AND I URGENTLY, we will NOT manage on the street, I’m WAY TOO ILL…Please serious responses only….

  126. andrew williams says:

    need to borrow $15-25,000 for three months til my company’s mortgage refinance goes through – know I’ll have to pay more in interest and can set up weekly payments – need answer asap

  127. linda says:

    i need to borrow 20000 to pay my rent. i will repay the money back slowly but surely.

  128. Robert says:

    I have very bad credit but I have 100% job security. I need a 15000 dollar loan and I would hope to pay 500 a month for 36 months.

  129. Mike says:

    Looking to borrow $40K for 6 months. Will repay in full using proceeds from sale of real estate. Good credit and good risk.

  130. melissa says:

    I need 5,000 in 2 days, I will use my car as collateral i make good money I will sign have my wages garnished to whoever gives me a loan, I will do anything its an emergency for my child health please I’m desperate

    I need a loan shark I have a great job I can pay back quick I need it today

  131. Bimbo says:

    I need £3000 asap live in London if any loan sharks can help please contact me and if anyone has contact details for a loan shark please please contact me thank you =)

  132. Jason says:

    Im in need of $5000 i live in union nj and will be able to payback by this day next year with interest im very desperate please help me

  133. Kyle says:

    Please, I really need to find a Loan Shark, I am from SF and I am looking to get a $8,000 loan. I have and will not do Collateral, or activation Fee, so your going to need that do not waste my time. But, I will allow a good interest rate. So, please help me!

  134. pixie says:


    I am in need of $35,000 immediately. I live in the Boston area and will be able to repay fully in 3 months.

  135. Hecter says:

    I am i need of a loan of 5000 dollars to pay off my creidit card so I don’t loose my job. So if u can help please contact me.

  136. angela says:

    I’m in Augusta, Georgia i am looking for a loan shark i will not pay any up front fees so don’t ask im in need off 5,000 dollars and am willing to pay 1,000 a month it doesn’t matter about the interest rates i really need this.

  137. Ale-aug1976 says:

    Looking for a loan shark in NYC. I need $6,000-10,000 to pay back rent so I’m not evicted. And for various other bills. I fell behind when I could get a new job and Noe I have a great job. I just want to catch everything up!

  138. Mindy says:

    I’m from a small town in the US. I need $20,000 for medical bills as soon as possible. I am very ill, and I do not want to die. Need payment plan. Please help me, I am desperate. Need Loan Shark. No scammers, no upfront fees. Please someone help me, don’t let me die, I am too young.

  139. yvonne says:

    need only 2,000 can replay in three months

  140. David says:

    My reason for a loan is that I need only $5,000 to pay off my car title loan, my power bill before it cut off and catch up 3months rent which I am so behind…I can’t afford to have me and my 3yr old son in the streets… No scammers, no upfront fees. Please someone help me…I need a Loan Shark ASAP!


  141. d nadeau says:

    I am in need of a $1,500.00 loan for about 1 year. I know the interest will probably be high. I had a stroke and am trying to pay back some money that I owe. Could something please contact me. I can’t afford to pay money upfront. Someone has already ripped me off once. Thank you

  142. Peter Wallace says:

    Most of you post ads without putting your email addresses. How then do you expect to be contacted? How many lenders have the time to be calling your phones, most of you are not serious and will not get a loan if you continue like this.

  143. Ashley says:

    I need an urgent loan of $35,000 for a period of 12months. I will pay any interest rate for this. Please, contact me soon..

  144. Angela Roberts says:

    I need a loan really bad. I need to borrow about 5000.00 that I can pay off over one year. I need to get an apartment for me and my son and we are in a tough spot.

    Anybody that can help would be wonderful.

  145. Kurt says:

    I’m in Atlanta, GA and need a $5000 loan asap.

  146. EJ "Wedding Blues" says:

    Badly in need of $2,200 to pay wedding expenses and bills due to spending on wedding. Mother bailed out on helping at the last minute! Can pay off in a short time, please help, I need the money by 5/22. I’m a good, honest person. Akron, Ohio

  147. aaniyah says:

    i need a loan off $500 as soon as possible. will be able to pay back in 60days.

  148. kennie says:

    i need a loan of $30,000. i can repay in two months with interest.

  149. David says:

    I recently had a partner leave me on my business and I’m being swamped with bills that he left me. I need to borrow 100,000.00 to pay past dues and for capital to upgrade equipment and for marketing. Please respond ASAP if you can help as the banks won’t touch me because I haven’t been in business for three years!!! I have excellent business credit. Thanks in advance!

  150. Janice says:

    I need a loan of $5000 asap.

  151. Peter says:

    Not desperate but serious. As a Business executive in Atlanta I am waiting on a major commssion payment in the 3rd quarter but need $35,000 funding now to pay for my daughter’s June wedding. Commission details are available for lender review / approval.

  152. Ms.Tammy says:

    I need a loan of 2000-$3000, Will sign a Promissory Note or whatever you need for me to secure the money. I have been employed at my job for almost 10 yrs and am serious about it. No Scammers. I need the money asap and need you to be legit.

  153. Ralph "need help" says:

    I am in serious need of funds. I need $8000 ASAP. I can payback in installment, but need a lender.

  154. Ron says:

    Am in need of $1500, can pay back within 4 months, have a good job but need car repairs.

  155. brent says:

    need 3100.00 for my son please help i need it asap will not pay up front fees as i am already up to my neck in mediacl bills 740-274-0450

  156. brenda browning says:

    i need money in a hurry to pay my rent. it’s not for me it’s for my sons.please help me keep a roof over their heads.

  157. Wedding Woes says:

    Badly in need of $2,000 to pay bills. Can pay off in a short time, please help, I need the money ASAP:( I’m a good, honest person. No Scams or upfront fees.

  158. andrew says:

    I am in a real bad situation and need to come up with about 10,000 today… Bad credit since i got sewed and its still on my records.. Long story short everything i own will be taken away.. I can pay off with in 3 months or sooner.. my payments are always on time..

    I wont let you down or run away..
    Located in los angeles..
    Thank you

  159. tcp says:

    I need a loan for about 8K I am able to make biweekly payments of 500 so 1k a month til it is paid off. I need this money asap and will agree to most terms…. Please help is you can. I live in the Washington dc area.

  160. Nona Francis says:

    I am in need of $3,000.00 immediately to catch up on my mortgage and other small bills. I am trying to keepmy head above water and with this simple hand up, I could make it. I am a single woman in Louisiana with no sources for this money. I work and have had the same job for ten years but with the economic situation, I have had to take a pay cut and have done so for two years. I can pay $300.00 per month for 12 months back on the loan and am willing to have it directly withdrawn from my checking account each month. That is 20 percent interest and am comfortable with it. HURRY please. I needed the money yesterday. I need to hold off foreclosure.

  161. Tanya says:

    I recently lost my job and have been set back a few months on payments. I have found another job but need to catch up on rent and car payments asap before everything is taken away. I would like a loan of 3,000 and can pay back within 6-7 months at whatever interest rate.

  162. Sue says:

    Please help me I need $10k by 5/28. I owe back taxes on my home that I will lose and Equity Loans on house that need to be paid. I owe credit cards. I work full time and can make monthly payments. Please help!

  163. Sue says:

    I am in real need for $10,000 to $20,000. I need to pay back taxes by 5/28 and 2 equity loans on my house. I also have credit cards that I need to pay on and get them down to settle them out. I owe people money that I would like to pay off I work full time so I can make monthly payments to you. Please help save my house.
    Thank you

  164. sharon mackenzie says:

    Hi there, I have suffered from depression for many years now and have been through a hell of a time, I have fell back with my rent as the housing pays it straight into my account for me to then pay the landlord. The past few months have been a struggle I just feel like shutting my doors locking them ,with me inside fading away from reality. I have got 2 beautiful girls who mean the world to me and I havent got the heart to tell them we could loose the house because mummy couldnt pay the rent. The girls ask for nothing and give so much , so please can you help me consolidate debt and rent arrears so we only have to pay 1 person instead of trying to pay several others and never having anything to spare
    Im hoping and praying you can help us as this is my only hope. Anything would be a help, my rent arrears and debt consolitation is roughly 3,500 so if you can plz plz plz help us.

  165. kenneth says:

    i need 5000 for 45-60 days im in virginia please contact me back thank you

  166. Amber says:

    I need 2000 to pay off an old debt and get back on my feet. I have two jobs and recieve extra income in the form of excess Financial Aid. I am desperate I need help! Please no scammers! I will not pay you anything up front so don’t ask, and I do not have good credit, otherwise I would have just went to a bank. I also don’t want a payday loan, I need this lump sum and I will work with you on whatever terms you set forth, high interest rate and all. Someone, please help!

  167. lisa says:

    Need 10k or I’m going to prison for 7 years I have a disabled mom and 6 year old handicap child please help I am a truck driver and want to save my career with no felony record please I beg someone for help! I won’t pay anything up front because I don’t have it
    I pay my bills and can’t get a bank loan based on a cosignature please help I don’t want to lose my children! My mom is very sick and won’t last without my care! 8605184889

  168. Katrina says:

    I need a loan of 3,000 that I can make monthly installments on. Please contact me for more information

  169. Bianca says:

    I need £100,000.00 to make a life change business a success. Please help me out now so that i can get in business and being able to continue working. Thanks

  170. Brian Roper says:

    Need $2300 ASAP. Making monthly paments is not a poblem and will have it payed off before Sept. 1st. Just dont have good credit so I cant get a loan through conventional means.

  171. kristy says:

    single mother of three. looking to borrow 5000, i will repay faithfully. i have a good job but no credit. please lend me 5000.

  172. Don says:

    I am in need of some help. This proposition has some extraordinary circumstances. I am looking for $16K, whoever this person is will be handsomely rewarded. Fast turn around and VERY secure investment. I am in Central FL

  173. dexter a. says:

    im looking for $5000 asap, my wife and i work but ran into a financial bind. can pay back within 6 months.

  174. Cara says:

    Please help- was out of work and fell behind paying child’s tuition. Now it’s time for graduation and he will not be allowed to get his diploma,or have his transcript sent to college until I pay off the balance due. Need help me with a loan of $12K. Unemployment ruined credit, but am back to work w great FT job and can repay in full over 18 months.

  175. Luke says:

    Hi i live in romford essex uk and need a loan of £2000 asap. No upfront fees. Im in fulltime employment so no problems with repayments. I need this money in next 24hrs.

  176. Richard says:

    Well I’m in a bind right now,I was just approved for disableity after three years it is going to be hear at the end of the month.but my family needs to eat now.I was also in a car accident and we have our lawyers working on that so I should be getting over 10k from that.the disability is going to be 19k,but that my lawyer said would take 1to2 month to get here.its been over a month but we are out of money now.I need to borrow 1000$ to pay bills and feed two kids my girl and my poor puppy.

  177. Vince says:

    I don’t know it this is going to work but I really need a loan for 25,000.00 I am having troubles keeping my bills and my rent a float. I need the money before the end of this weekend in return I will pay 600 monthly until the debt and whatever interest is paid. My email is daniels.
    Oh almost forgot am employed full time and have no issues paying the aforementioned amount. Please help me.

  178. chevelle j. File says:

    Please help me. I have no family left. I need help to pay rent, pay my bills up to date. And yes even to eat. Whatever the terms may be i dont care. Im looking to borrow $2500.00. I can get it back to u under whatever terms may come with this. Please help me. Please.

  179. Mimi says:

    I desperately need £500 ASAP.I can pay back in 2 months.Thanks

  180. kate says:

    desperately need a small loan of £400 can pay back over 2 month period

  181. Billy D says:

    I am interested in purchasing a tractor trailer truck to begin my own business with I want to have family time and be able to do better things in life. I am not a big spender always have had to work for mine just needing a little help with the going of it credit isnt the best since my divorce back in 2005 but have always had a great job in need of maybe $30,000 for 12 months or a year which ever would also take out a policy for me to cover incase something happened to me thank you be blessed…..

  182. Kristie Seib says:

    I need a loan of $3000.00 for schooling. I can pay it off over a 12 month period. Please contact me so we can discuss the terms and conditions.

    Thank You.

  183. Shilo says:

    looking to buy an r.v. this is time sensitive and may not be there tommorow. looking for $5000.00
    i have two sources of income and can repay rather quickly. i live in jamestown nd. if anyone is interested in helping me, it would sure be appriciated. thank you

  184. anthony says:

    In need of a loan for $3500 to pay for bills. I can pay loan back in full plus interest in 2 months due to a pension check that I will be receiving. but I need the money now..

  185. Kyle Salerno says:

    Hi. I am looking for a loan of $20,000. Credit card debt, medical bills, and money borrowed from family members which must be paid back. If there is help out there, I would love to get the help. We will talk much more later on.

  186. Nisha says:

    I am looking a loan $8000. I am currently employed and a disabled veteran. Due to life circumstance I am not able to obtain a loan from a bank. Please contact me if you are willing to help. Need help ASAP

  187. Mark says:

    I seek a loan shark for $20K for school.
    With money I can complete two courses to be admitted and enrolled.
    Once enrolled, I shall receive Financial Aid and then I can repay the loan.

    I just need an initial boost.


  188. karina says:

    hi, i’m in need of a loan with no upfront fees. i need $20,000 to pay off my car and my debt. i pay too much for the car monthly so i need to get it off my back. i know i can repay on a monthly basis $300-$350 with no problem. please help me out. i want to have money and not live paycheck to paycheck with my 2 babies being so little. thank you for listening.

  189. Amy says:

    I am in need of a $2000 loan (canadian) – no upfront fees.
    Please let me know if you can help!

  190. SYUZANNA says:


  191. Delores says:

    I am in need of $20,000 ASAP. I will pay back the money over a One year period.

  192. Kyle Salerno says:

    I am looking for a loan of $20,000. Between medical bills, school bills, school loans, family members, Wal Mart, Target, Kohls, Staples, and American Eagle I have many bills that need to be paid off. I am willing to pay back the $20,000 plus whatever interest as long as it is somewhat reasonable. T

  193. LL says:

    need $5000 can repay $6000 in 30 days need asap please call me at 208-570-1019 no up front fees

  194. Anonymous says:

    I am in need of $10,000 ASAP. I will pay back the money over an 18 month period. Please, no advance fee scammers. We are about to loose the house and our only transportation. Our children need to be able to keep a roof over their heads. NEED THIS ASAP! Thanks!

  195. T. T. says:

    125 k needed for 30 days. No advance fee loans. Serious and legitimate lenders only. I am from the US. Excellent return.

  196. T Drown says:

    I am in need of $10,000 ASAP. I will pay back the money over an 18 month period. We have 5 children and need to be able to keep a roof over their heads. We are in immediate danger of loosing our home and only mode of transportation.

  197. Nikki says:

    Need a personal loan of 9,000 ASAP.. Need to pay rent arrears to stop eviction and pay off some bills. Can pay interest

  198. mariusz says:

    Seeking shark loan. £15000 urgently needed. South London

  199. Angela says:

    I am in need of $5000.00; For Legal fees to get my husband out of jail, and back to work! I am currently 4 months pregnant and we have a daughter already. I am on bed rest and NEED him home! Can repay the loan within 7 months. by oayibg so much a month, and then final pay off in February 2011, with TAX return. Please I need my Husband home! North Middle Tennessee!

  200. mike says:

    I am looking for a loan of $9000.00 to buy a car.lost job 2 years ago, back at work now and getting back on track.found great deal on car worth 3 times as much as asking for.Just can’t get money due to loss of job and back bills that accrued but are now being payed and bank won’t lend to me because of past history!!!

  201. ROBIN M. says:


  202. Anthony says:

    Need a personal loan within next 4 days. US resident and willing to pay interest rates.

  203. Tom says:

    I am a business owner of 13 years and have a house with a mortgage. I’m looking for a $50,000 to $200,000 short term loan to pay off a debt and expand my business…need a very quick turn around.

  204. Sarah says:

    I’m a college student on disability (I live on less than $600 a month) and I need money ASAP to buy my mom a headstone (she passed away in 2007) and I need a new car that will last me 10-15 years. Also, I want to start my own business to hopefully bring in a little extra money for school. PLEASE, I BEG YOU! IF YOU CAN HELP ME, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW TRULY THANKFUL IT WILL MAKE ME!!

  205. Dan says:

    I need to borrow $3500 in a hurry. Need low reasonable payment. I am employed and so is my wife. Do not have direct doposit. PLEASE HELP QUICKLY !!! Bad credit.

  206. Tony R says:

    I have a legitimate request for a loan to launch a large social networking business. The return on investment is huge and payback terms would be reasonable. I also have alternative income methods so payback will be easier. Please contact me if interested. I can discuss the amount at that time.

  207. Dawn says:

    I need $25,000+ loan…no excuses; just bad choices in my past! Will pay reasonable interest rates, as long as monthly payments are low… meaning, it may take a very long time to repay, but I WILL repay it.

  208. E says:

    I am in need of a 2500K loan I am in Augusta, Ga if you can help and are legit please

  209. Kyle Salerno says:

    Are there any legitimate lenders on this website? I posted on here about 2 weeks ago, and since that time I have gotten nearly 30 responses from these idiot scammers. It it funny most use the same format, and on top of that they cant spell correctly or write a good sentence. I am still looking for that loan.

  210. charl says:

    can anyone help im looking for a loan shark in the gwent area

  211. Sabrina says:

    I am looking for someone serious who can lend me $6,000.00 to $10,000.00.
    My credit is not very good because I lent my credit to someone who was in need and they defaulted. Now I am trying to restore my credit, get a divorce, pay my son’s college tuition and to add to my troubles I need to help my sibling who is about to get evicted but I don’t have access to that kind of money in this time of emergency. I am able to pay back this money in weekly installments with interest, of course. Please contact me if you are willing and able to help!

  212. simon says:

    I have started a small company and looking for finance to buy two tractors have tryed bank but not interested due to first year start can eney body help am more than happy to let lender hang on to documents until loan is half paid or more if you want the bank will are more than willing to help after 18 months when they can see i years trade and
    six months of new year if you feal this is your thing for 18 month or longer if 60 months will give
    10% return on loan this

  213. ashley hassea says:

    hi my name is ashley hassea I’m actually in Ireland now i actually need a loan of 3000 euro to pay for the surgery of my nephew who is about to go fext week please any honest lenders i’m ready to pay any interest wen i get the money but don’t come and ask me to send any fee as i’m totally broke for now n please no people from Nigeria or scammers please really in a big problem so don’t come and play with people life

    it is me again i forgot to tell i’m working fulltime in parkinn hotel Shannon airport please help don’t have any other option

  214. Leanna says:

    I need $15,000 today! I’m in Vancouver Canada. Been waiting for a loan to come in that turns out to be a fraud. Need to make payroll and a couple other business debts. Can repay this loan relatively quickly just need a boost to get me through next month ’til contracts come due.

  215. Robbie says:

    Need $10,000.00 to pay back mortgage. Just bad choices. Bad credit. I can pay up to $400.00 per month. NO scammers, no Nigeria. Please help.

  216. amizetta clark says:

    I need 15,000-20,000 asap for repayment on my property. I live in Miami and am willing to pay back the money in full and with interest within a 6 months

  217. Moana says:

    Kia ora just looking for anyone who can lend me $15,000 ASAP. Can pay back in full, with interest over a period of 4 years at $100 pw or $400 per month.

  218. Lori says:

    Looking for $300,000 to start a rental property business.

  219. James says:

    Please anyone!! This is an extreme emergency.
    I need to make a loan ASAP for $20,000. I have
    overdrawn my account trying to save our household goods that we have in storage as we lost our home one year ago after I lost my job. I can pay at least $500.00/month to pay it back. My wife has a degenerative eye condition due to her diabetics and the insurance will not pay for it because of an existing condition. I also owe some family loans that I have made to stay a float. I am 68 years old and live month to month on my SS and retirement pension.

  220. KenR says:

    Is there anyone on this board ever have an actual encounter with a serious lender ?? I posted a request on June 18th above, only to get a load of people that are major fakes attempting to get sensitive info and advance fee’s.
    If you’ve had an actual deal that went thru, can you please convey contact details if possible ??

  221. frankm says:

    I need $4,300 asap

  222. Chris says:

    Currently in Las vegas would like a loan of 15,000. Interest.

  223. E Jacks says:

    I need to borrow 1800 to avoid eviction. My husband has left me and our newborn and our 11yr old. I have been back to work now for like 3 weeks from maternity leave so my bills have gotten behind and now that I have to pay daycare, my bills have gotten behind and I will have everything caught up by september.

  224. Manuela Silva says:

    I need to borrow 2000 asp to avoid my car from being repossessed. At first my hours at work were cut, and also my bills had gotten behind Now I started to work more hours at work. Willing to make any payment arrangement. Please help.

  225. melanie says:

    Are there any private lenders out that that offer unsecured loans with no collateral or upfront fees from the united states for poor credit..I AM IN NEED OF A LOAN UP TO 15,000.I can make monthly payments have a if your out there an legitimate can help as soon as possible

  226. phoenix says:

    Need to get $25000-$30000, family can no longer help and too far behind to get back ahead without help. Can work on interest and payments over a few years.

  227. m Pilorin says:

    I need help to get a 70,000 USD loan and will pay off very soon, and will to make any payment arrangement.

  228. jane says:

    Can any-one lend me 3000BP. I’m in desperate need as my rent and bills have really piled up, due to a very bad investment, which lost me everything.
    I do work full-time and could pay back the said amount within a year…

  229. hamid says:

    hi i need help in getting £3000 i hav bad credit but i hav a job as an engineer nd will pay back in a year, i need the money by 23rd july 2010 its to help my dad out in some dets

  230. Paul says:

    Would like a loan of $1000.00 to repair the credit score. Can pay back in 3-4 months.

  231. shelley says:

    I need a 5000 euro loan.I need it asap.I live in the Netherlands and would like to return to the United States to be with my children and grandkids. I have been trying to raise the money but not possible.Will be able to pay it back in 3 months time.I do have a savings account in the states but unable to access it from here.

  232. ERL says:

    Would like a loan of $3000.00 ASAP! will pay off in 1.5 years.

  233. Matt says:

    Need only $1500.00 ASAP can and will payback in 60 days company I am working for is having cash flow problems but said they will be corrected within 30 to 45 days.

  234. edwin says:

    need 90,000 dollars loan,i have collateral,send me an e-mail with details.
    will pay back in a year.

  235. joanne says:

    hi i need a loan can any one give me a list of loan sharks please

  236. robyn says:

    Need loan for $20k have real estate as collateral ugly divorce can pay back in early spring and interest until then please contact

  237. Jen says:

    I am in need of a loan of $2,000 I am willing and able to pay it back within 3 months I just had some very unexpected medical bills come up and need a little relief… Please help me

  238. J. R. says:

    I am in need of a 20K loan. I am professional responsible person. Able to pay within 18 and 24 months. Will provide necessary documentation. This is an urgent matter. Need the money within the next 24 hours. Thanks

  239. sterling says:

    hi im sterling from london, i am in desperate need of a loan of £1000 or £2000 i had no problem repaying at higher rate as im im full time work.

  240. JUNE says:

    I’m in dire need of a loan of about $5-$10K. I NEED IT ASAP. Please HELP!!!! I’m an honest hard working woman,WILLING TO PAY BACK IN THE SHORT TERM. Kindly contact me via e-mail-THANKS IN ADVANCE

  241. John says:

    I need $10,000 immediately. Unfortunately I was sent to prision, I was released in June, now I have nothing. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, but I have no way to get to work. I am able to get a good used car, pay for taxes and insurance, if I do so early tomorrow – 7/26/2010. I will pay whatever interest rate over a 24 month period. I really need help to get back on my feet. Thanks

  242. Emily T says:

    Am in need of a loan for $5000…will pay $500 monthly until loan is paid off. Pls contact me if willing to help out and give me details on interesyt rate etc. I need to straighten my bills etc. Thanks and God bless

  243. Jack says:

    I need a loan of £15 000 for mortgage arrears by 15 th August or I could lose my house. I can pay it all back within 6 months. My credit is bad and I don’t know where else to turn. Thanks.

  244. ben says:

    i need 10 k over two months to four months. need material to finish my jobs. i am a contractor on long island. thanks.

  245. Nik says:

    I need $2500 ASAP to keep my car and get to work!

    Let me know!

  246. Nemo says:

    need 3500 asap… like today. can pay 350 a month until paid off.

  247. Don says:

    Need $10k loan ASAP. Good job ($7k+/mo) but poor credit. Wife on workers comp leave (settlement in a few months) & debts out of control. Now drowning in payday loan debt ($2400/mo). Please help me consolidate and pay you 1/4 – 1/3 of that amount monthly. Thank you.

  248. Tammy says:

    Need $3,500 and will pay back within 30 to 45 days. Guaranteed payment coming from 401K.

  249. renata says:

    Need a $6000, can pay back in your terms.

  250. ronnie says:

    need a $6000 ASAP. Will pay back in 45-60 days. You name the terms.

  251. David says:

    Hello, I need a loan of $3,000 for a deposit on a new house. Don’t have the best credit but will repay the loan within 2-3 months.

  252. jacob says:

    need 5k willing to pay double within two months

  253. Lawrence says:

    In dire need of a loan, my family is at risk of losing our home. I do have a fuul time job although I have experienced reduced work hours and medical hardships that have put us behind and in this bind. My oldest son is set to start college in (2)weeks as well and unable to pay for that.

  254. Tommy says:

    Hello, I am a business owner looking to borrow $25,000 to do some personal debt consolidation this month. I am willing to pay a high interest rate with monthly payments to get out of this situation.

  255. Emily says:

    Need to borrow about $10,000 asap. Can repay by end of January from annual trust fund money I recieve. High interest repayment ok. Please contact if can help me out.

  256. Mary says:

    I need to borrow 3500 euro within the next 24hours. I will repay 1000 euro within the next month and will repay 300 euro per month after that.

  257. Pat Gately says:

    I need to borrow $10,000 to cover my daughter’s tuition. I have poor credit due to a layoff. I currently have good job ($5000/mth) plus a part time job as a bartender weekends. She is a hardworking girl and cannot return to college unless I pay $9800 back tuition. Willing to pay high interest and will pay back in 60 months or less. Can probably borrow from 401K in a year or 18 months when I am vested. Please help.

  258. Maria says:

    I am recently separated and have 2 children my ex left me with all the debt and I need to borrow $20,000 to consolidate these debts and pay everyone off so that I only have 1 monthly payment and hopefully improve my credit to what it use to be. I have a full-time job with the same firm for over 20 years as an Executive Assistant. I would like to pay this loan in 3 to 5 years or sooner if possible. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

  259. jenifer says:

    In need of 7000 within 2 days to stop foreclosure on home. Have my daughter here and a family member I am taking care of with cancer that they only gave till end of year. I work hard just really hard with a cancer patient on hand. Please help me anyone so they can pass at home where they want to be.

  260. Dave Marchetti says:

    Looking for $10000 in toronto area. Willing to repay with high interest. DESPERATE need of this within 2 weeks.

  261. Linas says:

    I need a $5000 loan to start own business ASAP, would pay whatever interest is required. Can start paying back in 3-4 month. Please contact me if you can help me out .Thank you.

  262. Harriet says:

    I am in desperate need of 2000.00 dollars, I am about to loose lose my car and be evicted. I get a pension check at the end of the month, can pay it back then with interest, can someone please help.

    In regards to someone helping me with a loan, I am in the Vegas area

  263. Tre says:

    I’m Tre, I live in Baltimore, Md. I start a new job at a local bank on the 23rd of August, right now I am facing being evicted from my apartment. If evicted I have nowhere to go. I am simply wanting to borrow $1000.00, asap to keep my apartment.

  264. Ben says:

    i am in need of a $2500 loan for apt my fiance an kids were on r own but had to come bk to parents to save but to much violence in front of kids need to find apt soon but do to economy hard to find work now…. awaiting wk from union..i recieve $4500 on income tax every but cant wait til then…loan will b paid bk..slowly but surly,,payment plans til next tax season…please help…

  265. John says:

    In need of $10,000. Will repay in 120 days.

  266. Joe says:

    Looking to secure 10-20k to get my business started. I’m willing to pay a higher interest rate (up to 50%) over a 24 month period. Serious inquiries only and no upfront fees.

  267. Eric says:

    need 5,000 to 7,000 to pay medical bills and other debt asap!! Can pay intrest and pay it back by two months!! Live in los angeles area

  268. jo says:

    I need a 10,000 loan by monday. Can anyone help.

  269. Elsa says:

    I am desperate and need a loan of $15000. I have all bills to pay and am behind on payments. My husband is sick he had total knee replacement and not well now he needs back surgery he has 2 broken disks. If I could have the loan I would get rid of some payments and would be able to stay with some of my check so I can make it.
    I have looked all over without no responses and a lot of scams which have taken my money.

  270. Tonya says:

    I am in need of a 5000.00 to 7000.00 loan by Monday. I am willing to pay high interested and can pay back weekly or monthly payments. I am a single mother and need to pay house payments and feed my kids.

  271. fred says:

    Need $6k to $10k I own my home value $255k willing to do a deed of trust lien long term 20%+ in Glen Allen, VA.Need ASAP wife died of breast cancer few years ago credit no great have not missed a mortgage payment in 5 years. Caring for my 5 girls alone.

  272. Gina says:

    I am in desperate need of $12k for at least this semester of school and I need it within 3 days. Due to unfortunate circumstances I am unable to do financial aid at the moment. Im willing to start monthly payments as soon as dec 1st.

  273. Angela says:

    I am in need of a personal loan for 5000.00 I can make bi weekly payments. I am in jeopardy of being homeless with my 2 children. I don’t have a car to live in. I am working full time and have been scammed by my ex husband I have the ability to pay but have credit issues.

  274. ashleigh says:

    I need £2000 to help with a move after really bad time with family. will only take 2 months to pay back and with any interest rate you decide
    i live in Newcastle and urgently need this money please get back to me asap.

    kind regards ashleigh.

  275. Andria says:

    I am in need of 1600.00 to pay my rent i just lost my job and i am in desperate need to pay my land lord i will be able to pay you back in two weeks when when i get my payment from employer. Please i am in desperate need. I live in Miami, Florida.

  276. Mary Warren says:

    I need $2000.00 dollars A.S.A.P.
    Not a problem paying it back.

  277. Victor R says:

    I Need $3500 to pay my rent and bills. I just got laid off. I got a job interview on Friday, but I need to pay the bills. I will pay it off in payments or in full in no more than six months. I live in San Jose, ca. Get back at me asap please. Thank u

  278. Melony says:

    I am looking for 10,000.00 ASAP to help out my pareants. I can pay back at high intrest over 60months or sooner.

  279. NONA WHITFIELD says:


  280. Christine says:

    I need $20,000 for a emergency, Willing to pay with intrest and pay within 2 weeks. This a URGENT matter that needs to be handled by tomorrow. I live in San Leandro, CA and I need everything to be done. Please reply to my situation soon. Thank You.

  281. Gary says:

    I need a 5,000.00 loan for 60 days, I have an inheritance that I need to take care of in Toronto, but I live in Vancouver BC. I need to pay back taxes and lawyer fees. As Soon as I get to Ontario and sign the documents, I get the funds released. I will pay any interest but I need the money by Sunday August 22, 2010.

  282. hi says:

    need a loan shark to start up a trucking business paying back is not the problem I have poor credit and can’t qualify for a bank or sba loan. I’m in need of 2 million to start my trucking business. will pay the high interest rates

  283. Mario says:

    I need $7000 to pay off some bills I pay any interest I’m in need badly if I could get the money by next week Tuesday

  284. Vampqueen77 says:

    I need a loan of £10,000 to finish university, I am working and can make repayments, I need it like ASAP!!

  285. brian says:

    I need a $2000 loan for 30 days. I am a self employed electrician, had a larger job post for a month, and was relying on the start up money. I live in Massachusetts.

  286. laverne says:

    I need a $5500 loan to pay rent arrears…have a warrant of removal and have to be out tomorrow 8/23/10 unless I pay what I owe. I have a newborn and got behind in rent from having to be in the hospital with complications. I have no place to go or anyone I can stay with. I have a job and can make steady payments. Please help. Need money today 8/22/10.

  287. Trish says:

    I live in australia and need $5000 urgently with a 12 to 24 month repayment plan

  288. michele gilead says:

    1 need 1500 desperatly…..i am going to be evicted next week if i dont come up with the money by thursday friday….please help…i promise i will pay back….i make preety good money just got behind

  289. Victor Perez says:

    looking for 10,000 to- start a skateboard store in Philly I have a business plan and a great idea. something I started two yrs ago and is doing very well looking to take it to the next level.

  290. Carolina M says:

    Hello, I am in desperate need of $2000 to catch up on bills and my mortgage…I have real bad credit, due to marriage issues. However, I’ve been employed for 21 years, same company, and can repay at any rate.

  291. J Brown says:

    In desperate need of 3500, before Aug.30th. I am able to repay $1000 a month until debit is satisfied. Please contact me ASAP. I’m in the San Antonio area.

  292. Debra says:

    Newly divorced mom of 3 small kids. Husband left, bills are months behind. Looking at forclosure if I don’t come up with $30K by 08/28/10. I need a loan with a payment plan. Plan needs to be a long term payment. I have always had a full time job, but with me being on my own and have a special needs child, I can’t repay the loan quickly. I need help. Please respond. Thank you so much.

  293. jose davila says:

    i am in need of 6000 for a down payment for a tractor trailer so i can increase income. i can pay in your terms.

  294. Sarah Baloyi says:

    I am in need of R30 000 for a payment of my child`s school fees and i am still waiting for the trust fund money. i will pay in your terms

  295. Paul says:

    Need Aproximatly 5.000 to pay off debt from student finance recall and a few other sources, would like a set monthly repayment of 5 yrs @ 70-90 pounds


  296. kev says:

    I need £1000 ASAP for wedding plans. The date has to be booked this week or we will lose this date. Can pay back with repayment plan in 6-12 months.

  297. Kenneth Graham says:

    I am in search of a real lender who has charges no fees upfront to get a loan. I have been trying for a year to get a loan to purchase a business and have lost a lot of money in dealing with scammers online.. Note I will not pay any upfront fees for nothing. So if you want upfront fees please don’t waste your time or mine by contacting me. I am in need of a loan in thee amount of 300,000.00 USD by 8/28/2010 so if you are real and can do this loan for you will be paid in full in 5yrs interest and all. So if there is someone out there that can help me Please contact me as soon as possible please. I await to hear from you.

  298. Linda says:

    I need $2,500 to be repaid in monthly installment payment. This is needed to pay my property tax. I receive a pension payment and a social security payment so the repayment can be taken from my bank because I have electronic deposit. I need this loan by 8/31/10. Thanks

  299. carmen says:

    I need a loan of 7000.00 for school. If anyone can help me, please let me know ASAP. I need it today, I am very flexible about repayment options.

  300. William says:

    I need a loan of $7000.00 for license. I lost mine and need to pay that in order to get them back so I can start truck driving. Can pay back in 6 months. Thanks! please e-mail if you can help. Will give more information upon receiving mail.

  301. Anonymous says:

    Need 2500 immediately to keep my car and car insurance. Would like to find loan shark in Columbus, Oh area. Can pay loan back on your terms in 90 days. SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY!!

  302. rich says:

    I need a loan for 5000.00 to help with my daughters college and car payment. Am willing to pay 390.00 every two weeks for one year that comes to 10140.00 i need to get this done now located just outside Philadelphia Pa

  303. carole says:

    i need 21000 to pay out the lease on my car it’s a 2006 pilot and i can’t afford to pay out the lease i can repay the loan back within 6 months

  304. louise says:

    in need of a 2,000 loan asap in the north wales area

  305. karen says:

    hi i am in need of $2200 australia dollars so i can fix my car and get new rego so i can travel for work as a security guard i really need to travel so i am really needing the money to get my car back on the road as soon as possible i really need help and dont have family and my ex partner stripped me of all my money and i am trying to start a new life please help

  306. david says:

    i live in edinburgh and need a ten grand loan i earn 2000 a month so paying it back is no problem

  307. Danielle Ruth says:

    I live in Gulfport MS I am looking for a loan shark to get a loan of 10,000 dollars. I need to pay off some medical bills because they are starting to garnish my wages. I can pay back the money hopefully at 200 a month til its paid off. If anyone out there can help me please email me. I am desperate at this point.

  308. sleepless in chicago says:

    I need to borrow 5000 cash today. I can make bi-weekly payments over 3-6 months. Please, can somebody help me?

  309. Tony says:

    Has anyone posting here actually gotten a loan?
    I need $40K-$50K to pay off what’s left of my debt and put an addition on my house. No bank will touch me because my credit stinks after loss of income a few years back due to bad economy. A few credit card companies got their payments late (but never 30 days) and decided to jack me up to 30% which made my monthly payments impossible. I have equity in two properties and can secure the loan. I would like to repay in 36-48 months with a refinance of my primary home once my credit improves and the addition raises my property value. Thanks.

  310. David says:

    I need about 21000.00 to consolidate my debt. I need to pay it back in 60 months no one will take cause my credit score is in the poor catagory. I s there anyone out there that can help? I’M STARTING TO GET BEHIND AND IN A BAD BIND.

  311. Anonymous says:

    I need a loan for 45,000 to pay off a credit card bill ASAP I work as a District Manager for a fortune 500 Company make about 85000-90000 a year need 5 years to pay back I will start to make payments 30 days after the loan— i need money I am in a jam I will pay back aware of risks 708-979-2001 Brandon

  312. Kevin says:

    I need 2,000 tomorrow. I bring in about 1500 a month and I don’t pay for rent or a car. I live in Marietta, Ga. Looking for some kind of payment plan around 300 a month.

  313. jason says:

    Need approx 3-4000 to get out of my financial rut….I’m an honest married family man…that just happened to get in a situation that needs to be solved right away…please willing to pay the high interest and all…just need help asap

  314. Rola says:

    I need USD 30,000
    who can lend me
    i’m still 20 years old student.
    I got family problem.
    Need emergency now.
    will pay back as long as possible and no high interest.

    I’m from MALAYSIA.

  315. Kathy says:

    Please help. i need 1500.00 to catch up on all bills. i am on disabilty and can pay back 300.00 a month plus an extra 300.00 for interest. can have it paid back in 6 months. is there someone willing to help?????thank you

  316. norma concepcion says:

    ineed a 300 thou loan asap for my debts payment i can pay it by my sons remittance from libya pls email me for answer i need it very badly

  317. paule says:

    i need about $3,000.00 to barrow to catch up on my mortgage and will pay back the person interest because i am expecting an auto settlement soon.

  318. Jason chan says:

    i would like get a loan for business in brisbane Australia for around 100000 for 1 yr and i would like to put the equipment for security that value at 160000 and i want to find a private lender i can pay higher interest up to 8% per month im very urgent hope you would help thx

  319. Mira says:

    I am in desperate need of about $5,000.00 to pay my lease payment for 2 months and pay off some other bills to get my family back on track. We both have jobs and both have salary decreases in the last 3 years – salaries cut in half. Please contact me soon. My deadline to pay the back money is money, court day is Tuesday. After court date 10 days to move from property. Please help. Fallen on hart times or would not be asking for help like this.

  320. dustin says:

    i need £2500 for a new flat plaese help i can pay back

  321. Galen says:

    Trying to start up a Plant and Tree nursery in North Carolina. I am in need of a business partner that can provide the funding for the purchase of plant material. I currently own 15 acres of property and have already developed portions of the nursery with 2 large flats for plants and tree’s. I already have a business license and can purchase plant liners at wholesale pricing. I also have all of the equipment for running the nursery. I am located in the southern portion of Rowan county North Carolina and there is a need for a nursery in this area. Will offer to pay back 30%-50% on any type of loan. The money will be spent on the purchase of plant material.

  322. David says:

    i’m looking for 7500.00 to pay medical bills from motorcycle accident not covered by insurance.recently back to work can repay loan plus interest in 12-18 months.please contact me asap

  323. Kim says:

    Husband lost job. Our two kids and I had to move with my mother. Leaving my husband behind with his mother. Husband just started new job and I have a job waiting on me. But I needs funds to move back so I can work and my family can be together again. The kids and I miss him terribly. We haven’t seen him in months. No one can financially help. Need $2,000.00 to fund move. I always get a LARGE tax refund that more than surpasses this amount and will be repaying loan with those monies(around February 2011, 5 months from now). Of course, with interest. I have many past years tax return paperwork proving what I get back. I just really need my family back together….. NOW!!

  324. Tom says:

    I am in need of 5000 for 2 weeks will pay interest need loan by saturday sept 18th email details

  325. Michelle English says:

    I need 50 thousand asap for my business

  326. Tracey Snelling says:

    I am looking for a loan shark in Chicago, IL and I am in need of a loan in the amount of 10000 can repay in 2 weeks with interest. I need this money by Monday, September 20, 2010 or sooner.

  327. ssmith says:


  328. Richard says:

    I need $2000 a.s.a.p. to get my wife to the UK. Mother had a fall and is in hospital. Would like terms pay monthly for six months.

  329. toni says:

    hello i am trying to help a friend thats down on there lucky he has a good heart and he in need of help with getting back on his feet he needs 5 to 7 thousand dallors to get back on track i have helped all i can because im on a fixed income he has 3 children at home and a wife who is sick if anyone can help me help him ill make sure its payed back

  330. TH says:

    Looking to borrow $100,000, please contact if can help.

  331. K G says:

    looking for $100k small business loan.
    I bought the business 5 months. the busniess was in debt. All thought the buisness in showing profit the cash flow is needed now. My personal credit keeps me from getting a conventional loan.

  332. Thomas says:

    Newly separated father of 2 looking for a loan of $3,000 to help get an apartment and help with car repairs.. I’m a firefighter, I work 2 jobs but have nothing saved with wrecked credit. I live in Connecticut and am willing to accept high interest. I have a payment plan in mind, loan to be repaid by the end of January.

  333. Dean John Price says:

    hi im dean im needing a loan for around £1000 for a car i can make a profit on if you can help me please i can repay 250 to 300 a month back please call me as soon as possible on 01539 634895 if you can help me thank you.mob 07503921223.

  334. Emma says:

    Hi, I am looking for a loan of £3000 over 3/4 years, i have got myself in a silly mess since i went on maternity. I am now back in full time employment, but cannot get a loan anywhere, i am looking for somebody in the uk, who can deal with standing order payments each week and not with a ridiculous interest rate, i get paid each friday, so can guarantee payment will be made.

  335. Chris Anthony says:

    Hi, Im looking for a loan of £4000,00 willing to pay back between 90 and 130 pound per month, making interest at over 45% over 4 years!Willing to pay more back. Need this loan by 30/9/10.

  336. Ann says:

    I am in need of $30,000 in the next 48 hours and have no legitimate way to obtain this money this quickly. My credit is poor due to medical bills and a bank is out of the question. I will gladly pay this amount back over the next 6 to 12 months, but I need the funds ASAP. I’m in the Kansas City Metro area.

  337. Mrs. says:

    I am in need of a 60 day personal loan in the amount of 2000 i need to move asap i am in the toledo area please contact me with legitimate offers only interest is negotiable

  338. Vinnie Sack says:

    You idiots ever hear of a bank? Good luck with that 20% vig.. morons

  339. Julio M says:

    My mom got sick and I had to use my bill money for her doctors appointment…now I need a loan for 3000 to catch up…asap….please help….I need this loan like yesterday…I will pay the money back in over a year….please help me…I am in the west palm beach, fl area

  340. Mark says:

    I need a short term loan of 2000 pounds to cover rent and bills can easily pay back amount plus intrest within 3 months but will get evicted if i dont cover costs now.

    Im in the hackney area of London UK

  341. Greg says:

    I need 12,000 dollars immediately.

  342. paul says:

    need a loan of 3000 in Ireland any1 know anyone let me know

  343. Anonymous says:

    In serious need of $3500 to catch up on car payments and avoid eviction. Letter me know your terms. Have a good paying job, just in a bad situation. Can pay loan back in 90 days.

  344. Dj says:

    In desparate need of $3500 asap to catch up on car payments and avoid eviction. Have a good paying job, just trying to break free of a bad situation. Letter me know your terms, I can pay loan back in 90 days. No upfront fees and serious only please.

  345. jawaba says:

    I desparately need $7750 to pay for recording engineer/producer school which lasts for 6 months)and I’m willing to pay high interest rates and stretch the loan out as long as possible. Between my wife,out three kids,and myself I’m the only one bringing in any money. All of my wife’s pay goes towards out health/dental insurance.

  346. daniel says:

    I am after a 5000 pound loan that I want to pay back in monthly instalments I live I the uk in manchester.

  347. Ant Arr says:

    I need a loan in the amount of $10,000. Can anyone help. I can repay within a year.

  348. Julio M says:

    My mom got sick and I had to use my bill money for her doctors appointment…now I need a loan for 3000 to catch up…asap….please help….I need this loan like yesterday…I will pay the money back in over a year….please help me…I am in the west palm beach, fl area.

  349. Jo says:

    I am in need of 30,000 dollars, payable in monthly installments. Will discuss terms. The recession has hit us bad, and we have $53,000 in debt. I will be able to settle these accounts for $30,000 right now if I had it saving us $23,000. I was hoping for a 10 year payback, at $425/month for a total of $51,000. Right now our monthly payments are impossible to pay running us about $1500/month. We are very behind and collectors are calling. $425 is much more manageable. Please help us. I have 2 children at home.

  350. s mcintyre says:

    i have just started my own company and am i need of 3,000 pound for 2 months i am willing to pay intrest at most rates i need this loan for stock if anyone can help contact me i live in edinburgh scotland

  351. em1 says:

    I urgently need help today of £3.5k. Plese contact me. Bristol area.

  352. Shannon says:

    I am in need of at least 6000. CAD funds. I too have run into difficulty am am heading into foreclosure. I have children & do work just wasn’t able to get a loan from a bank.

  353. Family Man says:

    I make over 120,000 a year as a city government employee but I fell victim to a debt consolidation scam and because I divorced some years back, my credit is awful. Now I have a family and can’t qualify for a bank loan due to my poor credit. Rather than pay ten people 200 a month, I rather pay one person 1000 monthly. I am asking for a 20,000 loan that I will repay in two years. This means 24,000 or $4,000 in your pocket.

  354. Anthony says:

    I need a $10,000 loan for school and a car if anyone in the Toronto, Ontario can help I make over $800 a month with no liabilities.

  355. Mick says:

    I need about 7000 dollars. I have a son with special needs and need help. I could pay off in 36 months at 20% interest.

  356. emma says:

    hi i need to find a loan shark asap!!! i need to lend £25,000 i can pay £1200 a month back and willing to pay high interest!!
    i really need it fast.
    south wales
    united kingdom

  357. Amy says:

    I am in need of $9000 ASAP (TODAY) In Toronto. Will pay high interest

  358. Gino says:

    I need a loan of 10 000 $ I’m a computer developer and need that money to pay my bills while I create a software for the iPhone and iPad. I have bad credit because I was unemployed for a few months. I am willing to pay 5 % interests per month.

  359. elaine sawyer says:

    i need aloan of £2000 asap. been through all the scammers and just need some one to lend me the money please

  360. Lawrence says:

    I am looking for a loan in the amount of $200.000. I am willing to pay 10% interest and use my property and the home I want to buy as collateral. I can pay by allotment or direct to your account.

  361. Michaela says:

    I am looking for a loan in the amount of $30,000 ASAP in Toronro.I will pay it back in 5 years. I want to buy a home and this will be down paiment.

  362. agnieszka says:

    hello looking for 1000 pounds loan shark anny interest pay back need to Faraday please help , i working have just start bisnes i can pay back no problem just need it now

  363. Tom says:

    I am in need of a short term loan of $8,500.00 to close on a business purchase. I will pay back loan within 60 days and make interest payments every two weeks at any rate you need to fund the loan. I need to close within the next 48 hours…open to any offers

  364. Joseph Hoang says:


    I’m Joseph Hoang. I need a short term loan of $75000.00 to close the business. I will pay back within 6 months and make interest payments every month at any rate you need to fund the loan. I need to close within two weeks… willing to take any offer.

  365. ajaviation says:

    helicopter company is looking for funds of 25k
    urgent we have signed contracts high intresst is ok
    we have 48 hrs left!!!!!!!

  366. Jan says:

    I need a loan shark in the US to loan 15k asap. No upfront fees but willing to pay high interest.

  367. SUPER says:


    im in a need of a loan of £5000. Can pay back over 3 years.. need it urgently please e-mail as soon as possible. i love in london..


  368. Gail says:

    Need $3000 for 90 days for small business. Will pay back loan with any reasonable interest.

  369. lisa says:

    Desperately need $5000.00 cash today to pay late rent and car payments. Had to pay daughters college tuition and got behind. Can pay $500.00 month at any interest rate. Thank You

  370. Ruzena Svaskova says:

    Looking for 5000 Euro loan, payable in monthly installments. Happy to pay a higher interest rate. No upfront fees, no scammers.

  371. james baher says:

    looking urgently for 15000$ ,can repay in 3 months, getting money from back home for a land that i am selling…willing to pay high interest.

  372. david says:

    I need a loan for 15k asap.

  373. JB says:

    I need a short term loan of $2500.

  374. charlotte says:

    need the loan real bad they gave me 5 month to get this house in order, if not i loose my grandkids, they already lost to much in there life , i’m all they got, please no scan or asking me for money before i get the loan, i really need 5000.00 like i said in the other statement i need the loan where i can pay it back in 3 years.

  375. Brian says:

    please help. need a $2000 loan to help pay for school or cannot continue going to school. Please help, last year of college and i would really like to finish on time. please help. live on long island

  376. Tameka says:

    I am a mother of 3 girls that are sickly and I need transportation. I’m asking for 4000.00 from any one that can help me get this vehicle before it’s gone. I stay in Albany, Ga. and I will repay within 3 yrs.

  377. austin elkaim says:

    I’m in need of a 30,000.00 loan to buy a car. I can repay the loan over a few years up to 10 years with high interest

  378. Fiona says:

    I Need a Loan of €5000 I live in dublin, Ireland. Just got scammed out of my rent money for some other online loan company so Im getting really desparate now. I could afford to pay back €150 per month.
    Thank you.

  379. Paul says:

    I need a loan to pay my rent arrears. £1000. Your help would be appreciated. Based in Leeds

  380. phill says:

    I am looking to get loan of 6,000.00 will pay at 8% interst a month till I pay back the full amount. live in los angeles area.

  381. Fiona says:

    Has anyone on here ever found a real loan shark and got your loan
    if so let me know…

  382. ann says:

    I am looking for a loan of $5000 ASAP. I live in toronto ontario. Please email me if you can help.

  383. Scott says:

    I need a loan of £5000. I live in Birmingham UK and can pay back within a month absolutely Guaranteed.

  384. Sara says:

    I need a loan of $5000 ASAP and am willing to pay you back $100 a WEEK for the next 24 months straight. I am willing to submit references and proof of employment. I just need someone to give me a break so I can get out of the hole I’m in.

  385. Lillian says:

    In need of a personal loan of 5000.00 pay back on your terms

  386. Jackie says:

    I am in need of a $50,000 loan. I have run into extremely hard times and need this loan now.

  387. Melissa says:

    I recently went through a divorce and relocated due to my job. Due to my divorce my credit is SHOT! I need a loan of $2000 within 48 hours. I have been employed with the same company for almost 15 years. I can verify my employment, prove my length of employment, and demonstrate that my salary will absolutely allow me the ability to pay back the loan within a 6 month period even with a high interest rate. If you are looking for an investment and a good return on your money please reach out to me. Looking for a hard money lender that does not require that you own a home.

  388. Earl says:

    Please help. I have had nothing but bad luck over the last year. My daughter was killed May 14. Two weeks later my job moved to the states. Then the first week of October my aunt died and 5 days later my mother died. I need 5000.00 immediately. I can pay 400 per month till paid off. I am so desparate it stinks. I need this money by Friday November 5.

  389. Olivia says:

    I am in desperate need of about $5,000 ASAP. I’m a college student in Tallahassee, Fl and need to catch up on some bills. I wont be able to pay you right back, but ill accept the high interest rates. I really need this, i don’t have any family support, no credit, and I’m only working part-time.

  390. ashley says:

    iam looking for like a 8,000 asap i need help please i can pay a month iam bout to loose me and my husbands truck if anyone can help please let me know iam desperate

  391. jean says:

    i am in need of $5000. i am a single parent who works every day. My bank card was stolen out of my purse. By the time i noticed it was gone so was all my money. i need to borrow this money to catch up on my bills. anyone with info on how i can get this money please let me know.

  392. Deann says:

    I’m in need of a loan of $10,000. I can pay back at $450 a month until paid off.

  393. RASHAY says:


  394. JOJ says:

    Need Loan for small film. Film is a short of a feature. Possibly can be Exec. Producer of feature as well. Looking for a $50k loan. High interest is not a problem.

  395. Gil says:

    I need a loan of £3000 asap to avoid eviction.

  396. gob says:

    looking for a loan 6000 euro

  397. NR says:

    I am in Baltimore MD and am in need of a loan immediately. I am willing to pay high interest rates that is not a problem. Please contact me immediately if you know of any loan sharks in baltimore that can help.

  398. SF says:

    I am in need of $3,000.00 today or tommorow, I can pay back @ $500.00 a month until both the $3,000.00 plus interest is paid off…..I need this ASAP, I am working, but have a FICO score around 560….so I have no else to turn……I need to buy a car… I will not lose my job…..please help.Thank you.

  399. David says:

    I am in need of 24000.00 I will pay back 34000. in 6 mos.

  400. RDM says:

    Hello,I am looking to borrow 3500.00 and pay the highest interest rates possible. I have been unemployed for the last 18 mos. in CT with four children. I have gotten a job in Atlanta Ga and need to relocate and pay for moving expenses and security and first months rent. I can repay the loan in its entirety plus any interest by Feb 2011. Please help!

  401. Colin says:

    Hello, I am desperate situation where I need to borrow $12,000. to to catch on mortgage arrears and taxes. I will repay within two years. Interest rate can be negotiated. I need your help, please.

  402. Mayn says:

    I am looking for a $25,000 loan to purchase equiptment to open up a studio in northern, Va…its gauranteed to succeed….NO GAMES.

  403. MARIA LINDSAY says:

    hi im a divorced woman that was left with a lot of debt and need to pay my necessitites to get caught up like my car, and home payment.pls help i need like $2500.

  404. James says:

    I’m a 27m Student, and I’m in a crappy situation. I need to borrow 1,500 asap. I can pay it back within 14 days.. Please if you can help or assist me with this call me!! 801-688-5738 I live in Utah.. I don’t no how this works but I’ll give you all my info, even my ma’s house.. and a promissory to repay the loan! please call me!

    I won’t pay any money upfront, But i need a reliable loan shark!.. paying back the 1,500 I need is not a problem.

  405. Joe M says:

    Looking for $15k. WIll repay in 90 days. NYC area

  406. Mike says:

    Need a loan for $3000 ASAP

  407. Mei says:


    I am in Atlanta Ga and need 5000.00 by tomorrow Nov. 12..can pay back within 6mos. please contact me


  408. ps says:

    hi i am lloking for a business partner. shop is doing great but to upgrade and fill out product i need investment of 75,000.00 USD. if i could get this on interest or as a partnership both will work.the shop is made beautifully and i have spend about 160,000.00 so far but ran out of money and the product is incomplete so i need help. i am willing to sign up against my shop if it is needed for the loan

  409. Chrissy Wilcox says:

    I need $300.00 by tomorrow Morning so i really need it by tonight!

  410. tiffany guidry says:

    hi im in need of a loan for a 1000 i have rentso i will be kick out of my apartmnet i promise i will pay it in 2 months please help me i promise i will pay it . fyi i need by tommorrow or sat thanks my email is

  411. Justin Osborne says:

    My name is Justin I need a loan for 3500 to pay some medical bills on my daughter. I can pay back with interest over 6 months.

  412. Lisa says:

    I need a loan of a much as possible, i can reapy £300 a month with no problems… pls contact me asap….

  413. Malikah says:

    I am in need of a loan for around $2000 to pay some out-of-whack bills. Can pay back with interest within 6 months or less if needed.

  414. RJ says:


    I am in need of a loan in the amount of $4400. The loan will be used to start a second business. I am able to repay within 6 months with interest. All lender types and sharks are welcome. Business partner also wanted. Great investment as well as business opportunity for shark or lender.

  415. don says:

    hi i need 2000 like yesterday for my bills things happened and now i got behind so my family and i arent on the streets will you please help i want to be able to pay back within 2 months please help if you email me please use capital letters or make your email standout thank you

  416. francesca john says:

    eviction prevention
    am a single mother of six ages 16,15,12,12, 10,and 10. and i need your help to avoid eviction this is the only thing i can think of because we,re such a large family it is hard to find a shelter that would take all of us so if i do get evicted chances are i would be separated from my child am all they have . if someone will like to help and get repaired in small payments i can do that to my rent need to be paid by 11/18/2010 when am due in court or the judge will grant the eviction. i wrote a book entitled Delia,s Three Wishes hoping that would help with my finances once publish but so far no sales so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated my income right now is disability for my son jonathan and joshua 12 years old,please if anyone can help me. I dont need a scammer asking for money upfront because i will not pay

  417. j ford says:

    I need a 5000 loan to pay back child support.

  418. Rodger says:

    I’m in the need of $20,000 for no more than a 1 year time period. At one time my credit score was 780 but as like 80% of everyone else it has went way down to now a 654 🙁
    I have been in the same line of work for 20 years and I’m employed. I feel that I make good money but just need the money now. It will be repaid within 1 year. I do understand that I will have to pay a higher interest rate which I don’t like, but I guess there’s nothing can be done about that.

  419. Felicia says:

    Hi, I am in desperate need of a $3000 loan, if possible $1000 by tomorrow. I need to pay my rent that is way over due and they are going to kick me out. I have a 4 year old son and no where to go. I will work out a payment arrangement to pay you back.

  420. desperateone says:

    Hi I am a desperate single mother with an autistic 3 year old child and is in need of a $2500.00 loan for apartment furniture by the end of this week will be able to repay in 90 day plus interest

  421. pleasehelpme! says:

    I am desperately trying to find a loan for $5000. I am a former RN and I broke my neck 8 years ago and got out of an abusive marriage at the same time. I presently receive permanent social security disability and need to pull together all of the loose ends. My income is $2024/month. I would like 3 years and this will bring me into the present world in much better shape.

  422. manos says:

    I live in Greece. I am in desperate need of 20000 euros or 22000 dollars until November 23 for a health problem of my father. I can repay you in 90 days the full amount plus the interest you need. I am in desperate situation.

  423. Sam, the local loan shark says:

    I only deal with people in Miami, Florida, Broward. I am the lender. not a broker.

  424. Desparate In Toronto says:

    I am in desparate need of $45,000.00 by tomorrow morning. I have made some terrible choices and I will probably be sent to jail tomorrow if I do not come up with this money. I only need the loan for 1 to 2 weeks, as I am waiting on funds to come through a line of credit, but I can not wait that long. My family has no idea of the trouble I am in, and I will certainly lose my them and my home if I am found out, I am at wits end! Please help me!!

  425. Julie says:


    I am in need of $45,000.00. I was forced to leave my job and need to survive by paying the rent and my bills. I am certain that I will obtain another position ASAP and/or a line of credit in order to pay you back within 6-12 months.
    Please no upfront fees, or excessive interest rates.

  426. Travis says:

    Hello my name is Travis I have two businesses one of which is a Financial Services and the other is Real Estate. Both have not done well of the last year but I have made some changes to ensure that the business will be around and able to adjust for the long run. The other is a rental property that I have have some problems with tenants and with renting. i have rencently solved both of those problems. I now have solid renters and solid income coming from the business. My issues are that I have racked up some debt in the process of getting things together. I need funding to not only fix up some hagging problems with the house but also revamp my marketing for my insurance and financial services business and pay off some nagging bills and have some working capital to make up for any short term cash flow issues. My credit scores are bad now because of the problems I had to work out personally, and in business. Now everything has been worked out. One of my final steps is to complete the modification of the rental property which is almost done. I need 30k to 40k that I can pay back over 30 to 40 months. I can show ability to pay this loan.

  427. alice says:

    i desperately need 5,000.00 within the next 6 weeks to avoid going to jail . i work 2 jobs and can repay, justs have bad credit and no one will help me

  428. kathycakes..... says:

    i need money fast….i have collateral,worth triple would im asking for.

  429. ron says:

    i need to borrow 2,000 to pay off a doctor bill asap!they keep nagging me about this bill trying to find someone who could help

  430. need a loan 2 grand asap says:

    i am desperately in need of a loan shark legite, i have bad credit and cant get money any other way please help 2000 asap outside glasgow scotland

  431. Dan says:

    I am in need of 25k – 35k to keep my bar and restaurant functioning. It was a start up 8 months ago and I now have everything running smooth and costs are way down but I have some back taxes to pay off in order to stay in business. PLEASE HELP……I am willing to put up part of my business as collateral. I would be able to pay this back in 3 years or less…..or another suitable time frame if you have ideas. I have over $125,000 of my own money in to it already and would hate to loose it all because the tax issue….business is good, just didn’t do good with books early on.

  432. NICOLE says:

    I am in need of 20k…I am behind in my bills, need a vehicle because cabs are costly.. an I am on disability…its my grandbaby’s first real christmas and because I was in an accident earlier this year and hospitalized..I fell behind in my bills…I can’t even afford to pay the hospital bills ..

  433. Redden says:

    I am in need of 20k. I am behind on some bills but most of this is for business. Please don’t email me if you have fees up front. I have some collateral from inheritance. I can pay up to 400 a month back. Need help for medical reasons too.

  434. Patricia Guerreiro says:

    I am an inbound Tour Operator and have a Travel Shop for outbound in Almancil, Portugal, after too many misfortunes,and operators going down and owing me money, am now in desperate situation to save the business. I have my son in the business so infact am relied on for his income! I owe in total 660 000€, though the leasing of the shop 130 000€ cannot not be paid off, so to consolodate my debts I would need 530 000€ over 10 years at between 5-7% interest. I have a 6m project for 2011, we are upgrading our site to online and we have garanteed partners who actually have estimated this amount for 2011, our partners are worldwide and will be selling our products. We will be working B2B and B2C, at the moment our daily sales are from 5000€. We have the business and are the envy of many other operators. If I cannot raise funds to keep going, myself and family will lose everything including our homes, as I have invested everything into this business. We have a 3 yr old child to care for as well and our competetors will gain! Obviously a smaller amout would help, but consolodation will reduce interest to just one party.

  435. Nick says:

    Im in need from 15-20k. I have a student loan coming in January but need the cash now. I don’t know where else to get the money right now. In the NY area.

  436. Tiffany says:

    URGENT URGENT i need to borrow $60,000 to help save my parent’s house. I will be able to pay back on a monthly bases. No up front fee please.

  437. ron says:

    urgent i need to borrow $3,000 to pay off these doctor bills, i keep getting nagged about

  438. chad says:

    i am needing to borrow $30,000 to buy a semi truk to put it to work i alredy have a company to leese to i will be able to pay back on a monthly payments please help thank you.

  439. Darlene says:

    I need $1200 by monday nov. 29, 2010. I could pay it back when I get my school money in mid january. If anyone could help please email. Thanks

  440. kern says:

    Need $5000 to start labelling business. Im in a steady job and can make monthly payments with interest.No up front fees please.

  441. Sean says:

    I need $5k for 2 weeks until I get paid.

  442. Farah says:

    Hello, am not sure if this work but worth giving it a shot. I am a single mom to a teenage son who will be graduating next year to attend high school. I have a reliable job, manage to put my son in a great school which I have to pay some tuition. I’ve been behind on a lot of bills, well most of them,my mortgage and my credit is shut. Ever since this economy went south, I was affected and have not been able to get back on my feet 100%. I desperately need a of $25,000 to help me start but I do need more than that cause I might go into foreclosure. Willing to show any proof of my debts. I can repay but it would have to be within the next 2 to 3 years and workout a monthly payment plan.

  443. debi says:

    Hi. I need a $5k loan asap, as soon as tomorrow, Monday Nov. 29th. I have a stable, high paying job and am happy to prove I can pay back with interest. Looking for a short term loan until April 1, when I get my bonus. Am willing to pay higher interest and make monthly payments until April. I cannot go through traditional means and have no other resources. WILL show proof of employment, paycheck stubs and sign a promissory note.

  444. Anne says:

    Hello, I attempted this a few days ago and seems it did not go thru. I BEG for loan of $12,000.00 (US dollars) I will arrange monthly pmts. My “sob story” is too long to go into but involves getting behind due to family and pet illness, other financial issues not expected. I am a reliable person, have been in house 15 yrs and don’t want to lose it, need to reorganize finances

  445. samantha edson says:

    Need a $2400 loan by Dec 3rd. Will repay starting Jan 7th, 2011.

  446. Jude says:

    Hi. I need a $5k loan asap, as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 30th. I have a stable job and am happy to prove I can pay back with interest. I am looking for a short term loan until March 2011. Am willing to pay as much interest as needed and make monthly payments until then. I appreciate your help.

  447. kelly says:

    Hi I need 40k business loan over 3yrs. I am based in yorkshire. I bought 2 businesses this yr, opened a third and have now been offered chance to buy another existing business. Only prob is I’ve not had my business account longer than 6mths and as I’ve been abroad for a few yrs, have no credit history. No probs in repaying over a shorter term, will pay 10k interest

  448. daniel says:

    hi, i’m in need to borrow at least 2500.00, we are in need of the money asap., i have bills to pay or i will lose everything i own. please, can anyone help. i can pay back within the next couple months.

  449. Brandi Miller says:

    Im in need of a loan forpaying rent and paying some house bills.Im in need of 2000 for 60 day pay off.please help

  450. Barbara says:

    I need a load of 6000 USD with no upfront fees to pay back rent and bills. I will be able to begin repayment in February of 2011 and able to pay off in six months.

  451. Alan Price says:

    My family is in need of 50,000.00 due to medical expenses from cancer and diabetes . We need help right away . We can pay it back starting in January ,450.00 per month. Please help us it has been hard to keep bills payed . about to lose van And car. Thank you …

  452. Guadalupe Sanchez says:

    I need a $2000.00 loan to cover all my overdrawn fees on my bank account & to make 2 car payments, or my car will b repossessed, I will pay back, but I need to make payments of $50.00 a week

  453. John c. Taylor says:

    I own a Funeral Business looking for a loan of 160,000.00 three year deal @ 15% if any body is out there please lets do some business.

  454. John c. Taylor says:

    This is what i am really looking for, a financial backer who will invest 2 million dollars in the funeral business. I would like to build three funeral homes in central Kentucky. I looking for a person or company who has this kind of money to invest in this business. giving up to 15% on the money for 7 to 15 years.

  455. Kevin says:

    I need 40k to invest. Loan will be paid back in 6 months.

  456. patrick says:

    I am in need of $85,000usd loan. and i will not pay any money up front. i am looking for a real legitamte lender that can help me out asap. i just lost my fiancee while she was give birth to our quaddruplets also lost one of them do to her complications. I am in need of this loan to help fix up my current residence. because if i dont i will lose my 3 new borns they will be give to the state. i can lose my babies. so if there are any real legitamate lenders out there that will be willing to help me even though i have bad credit

  457. Chris says:

    Hello ! i am looking to barrow $3,500.00 and i can pay $500.00 every 2 weeks. please help me i needed the money yesterday. I have a job but bad credit and no one will lend to me. please e-mail

  458. rebecca mcquire says:

    i really need a 2000 pound loan my partner left and left me with rent arrears i really need it because i have no where for me and my 3 children to go email me if any one can help

  459. michael says:

    in need of 7500.00 fast have good job steady income would like 6 month to 1 year to repay reasonable terms please need by 12/7/10 please email quickly

  460. louise says:

    I desperately need euro 4000. I have a job, i just have fallen seriously behind bill payment. I really need someones help, im all alone on this one.

  461. Philip Krentz says:

    my name is Philip Krentz Im looking for a $750.000 to open my own Business. I’m looking for one or multiple sharks that will help me fund my business. I dont want any fees that I have to pay for any reason what so ever for the simple fact that I cant afford any fees. The business I want to open is so hot that I have cornered the market in seven states around my own state included. The money will be used for all my equipment so I may have a great live with my wife.

  462. Emma says:

    Hi. I urgently need a loan for £4000 to pay off various debts. can you help me?

  463. Robyn says:

    My name is Robyn and I live in Rochester, NY. I need $8,000.00 quickly as not to let my home go into foreclosure. I lost my job and am looking for work everyday. I have some items worth money that I would be willing to put up for collateral until I can get back to work and repay the loan.

  464. ralph says:

    hi i need a loan 15000 dollars fast. i could pay 500 dollars month..please contact me

    need to pay off some taxes,cant wait too long

  465. Amgr says:

    I am needing $6000 asap. Have collateral, need for approximately 12 months. Can pay up to $300 monthly with balloon payment at end of 12th month.

  466. Anonymous says:

    Need $5000 ASAP. Help my family and to cover moving expenses. Have nothing for collateral but can pay monthly payment.

  467. Carole says:

    I am looking for someone to lend me $ 3500 . I would like to catch up on some ills and be able to provide a nice Christmas for my family. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  468. Please Help! says:

    Please help! I am in need of $2000 and can back pay $2500 in February 2011. I am a single father of 3 young kids and am going through a custody battle with my ex-wife to keep her from moving them out of state. The retainer fees for my lawyer have sucked up all my available cash. I make good money and have a sizable amount coming back to me (guaranteed) in February thru federal tax refund.

  469. CHRISTINA G. says:


  470. Robin says:

    Please help about to be evicted and lose car, I need 2500.00 until the end of January.

  471. help says:

    i need a loan of 20000

  472. Elsa Torres says:

    I am in urgent need of a $30000 loan. Need the loan to pay for my husbands medical treatments. And catch up and payoff other debts. I beg for a legit loan shark. I am desperate and need to pay my bills or they will be shutdown.
    If possible payments of 500 per month will help me a lot.

  473. caren says:

    how do I find loan sharks in maryland?

  474. Debbie says:

    I am in desperate need to borrow $1200 today – December 15, 2010. Because of my back credit score no bank or a payday loan lender will loan to me. I can pay you back on 12/22/10.

  475. Darry says:

    Need 1000 to prevent eviction on Dec 18, 2010 will pay it back next month

  476. Marlene says:

    I need a $15,000 90-day loan. Can repay by 3-15-2011.

  477. s mcintyre says:

    i need to find a loan before the 18th of december 2010,i need 4000 pounds to help me in my new buisness,i can repay the loan in monthly instalments or a lump sum with intrest within 6 months,any legitamate lenders please get in touch a.s.a.p.o7542536864

  478. dan says:

    hi i need a loan in sunderland

  479. Michelle says:

    I need a Loan Shark in the Los Angeles Area. I would like to borrow 2500 to pay back with interest by March 2011. I just recently moved to Los Angeles approx 2 months ago. I am currently employed. I lost everything I ever own in a House fire. I need help starting over with the basics. In desperate need.

  480. Carolyn says:

    I am single mom getting evicted right here at Christmas. No where to go. I need 3000.00 to pay rent.

  481. Pratik says:

    I am a senior student at New York University studying Biology. I will be graduating in May and starting medical school in New Jersey in August 2011. I am unable to pay tuition for my last semester because I have gone over my allocated financial aid credit-limit for my 4 years of study. I need $4,000 by the end of next week to keep my classes registered for next semester. I can pay the ENTIRE amount in FULL with interest by May 2011. I will sign any required promissory note as well. I must complete my last semester of undergraduate in order to continue onto medical school next year. I will be utterly grateful for your help. If you provide a legitimate offer after contacting me, I will provide you with my NYU email address to confirm my status as a student. Thank you.

  482. Tony says:

    I need to come up with $3000 now…will pay back in 6 months..

  483. Zed says:

    I’m in need for £25000.00 as have had to borrow to pay for a deposit on a new house from family and friends. Could anyone help as all are asking mr to return asap and ppl are getting upset. Can pay back £1000 a month back.
    Any one know who may help.

  484. CDN says:

    Need 100k ASAP will pay upto 1500 per month for 7 to 10 years. ASAP

  485. Eyve says:

    I am a new grandmother of a babygirl and I am now having to help with. My daughter was working parttime and lost her job, she is in school and almost finished and I want to encourage her to do so. I used my last to help them with her rent and bills and now that has left me in a real bind. I get paid only once a month and it is hard in these times to stay above water. I am asking for a loan of help in the amount of $5000.00 asap possible. This will get me on top of my rent and utilities and help me get some form of transportation. Please HELP! There are so many that have that can blow money like drinking water and I am working everyday and can barely eat.

  486. Joseph says:

    I need a loan of 5000-25000 asap to get my life back together. I dropped out of college a few years ago to help with my father and little brother because no bills were paid for years due to his alcoholism. I make 500 a week but had to neglect all my own payments to in favor of helping my family stay under their roof. I’m ready to move on as my brother moved to college and my dad needs to fend for himself now. Please help i have verifiable income from the same company since may 2008.

  487. Jean says:

    I need a six thousand dollar loan asap. I know all about the high interest rate, but if the monthly payments are not bad I will be able to repay the loan. I have no job but have monthly income

  488. JOHN says:


  489. brian says:

    I’m an Honest, working man with job and need 4,000 immediately. Live in Philadelphia. Monthly payments are no problem.

  490. father needs help says:

    I’m a struggling father of 12 on social security due to me getting hurt years ago I also have children on disability looking for some help i am not looking for a hand out willing to pay back in monthly payments i am so far in debit i am about to lose my house I live in New Mexico.

  491. angel H says:

    hi, im looking for a loan for 10,000 will pay back with high interest just need the help if you can do less thats fine to i will take what i can get im not greedy just desperate.

  492. Brad says:

    Need a 3500.00 loan ASAP!!!!!! Live in Alberta, please contact me right away!!!!!

  493. JTB says:

    I need an emergency loan of $5,000 by tomorrow to save my household goods in storage and pay other back bills. I receive social security of $2,700/month and it is automatically deposited in my bank every fourth Wednesday of the month. I got behind because of some other expenses
    on my my car that hit me two months ago. I can pay back the loan in one year. I have already lost my home due to foreclosure and have been looking for a place to move into for two months now.

  494. matthew says:

    I need to borrow $ 10000 to pays bills. I can pay back up to 300 a month.

  495. Craig says:

    Need to borrow 50,000 to pay off all bills. Make 75,000 + a year. Medical bills, personal bills, and a repo on a car that was awarded to ex-wife but she never made payment. Been off work for 2 weeks and not going back for another week. Will pay back 1500 dollar a month until paid. Seriously need help. getting letters for civil court, threats of garnishments. am really stressing out. Please help, just want a fresh start.

  496. Marie says:

    I am recently divorced and have found a place to rent but need some help with the expenses. I am in desperate need of $3500 and can pay back within a year. I start a new job in January which means I won’t get my first check until February. I have been a stay at home mom all this time and just need help!

  497. PLK says:

    Im looking for some one to help me get my buisness started im looking at 6.2 million to get it off the ground and I want to do this as soon as possible I dont want to be jerked around with up front fees and I dont want people to tell this is not a scam eather I just want striat up front honesty thank you

  498. Clive says:

    Hi need a loan in Ireland of €14,000 asap. I am able to pay it back monthly.

  499. ZW says:

    someone please i need a $2000 loan by saturday jan 8th. I can pay $200/$400 weekly. Willing to pay $1000 xtra!
    I’m located in sussex county new jersey.

  500. joe says:

    I’m looking for a 150.000 loan will be able to pay back in a few months got a bad heart and want to make some arrangements for family ohio us area I want this to be fast getting a settlement can pay back fast

  501. LB says:

    Looking to secure a 10,000.00 loan in Canada to pay back in 6 months for business purposes. Sooner the better

  502. paul says:

    hi i need a loan off €5,000 over 6 months any offers accepted

  503. pf says:

    im in need of a loan for 1500 or they will lock my children and i out of our house. i have called all gov agencies and no one has funds. please please i have asked friends and they are all tapped out. i am facing being homeless..

  504. joe says:

    Hi I need a loan of $150.000 for personal reasons can make good payment arrangements can not pay any up front fees nobody from over seas please I’m in ohio in the u.s will pay back need in 2 days please. Help will pay almost any interest terms.

  505. fburns says:

    In need of business loan for $20,000 to save business. Business can make monthly payments of $600. Will sacrifice paying high interest.

  506. Pensacola Florida says:

    NEED $23k – repay $550 month X 60 months ($32,830) or $550 month X 72 months ($39,xxx). Personal loan that involves real estate ($15k house + minor repairs which will instantly increase value). remainder of $ will pay off debts & start small business venture. Real estate purchased would be primary residence so $550 month is cheaper than my current living cost of $650 rent. Collateral equalling amount of loan is offered – lien on cash purchase of this $15,000 real estate and 2 clear vehicle titles ($4000 Cadillac SLS & $8000 custom GMC Sierra lowrider). All liens to be removed and sole ownership of real estate & vehicles returned upon completion of contract in 5 to 6 years time. Fixed rate simple high interest 60 or 72 month loan. I have zero credit. Current combined income is about $3500 month, $650 currently used on housing – this expense to be eliminated with purchase of real estate that would become primary residence. $23,000 – $550 month for 5 to 6 years totals repayment of $32,xxx to $39,xxx. serious responses only, prefer individual. Not a fan of corporate banking. I’ve always purchased cash so I have zero credit score. Real estate to be purchased is active on

  507. anonrytut says:

    Hi all! I’m originally from London but am living in Berlin at the moment.
    Gotta love this place!

  508. christy says:

    Hello,I am in desperate need of a 1600 hundred dollar loan.If there is some out there who can loan this to me i could make bi weekly payments back.Thank you for your time. Christy- Boston,Mass.

  509. Anne says:

    I take care of my elderly mom in Los Angeles. We were left in the street in July by my ex and have been trying to regain life ever since. We lost our storage with all we own, are hanging on for dear life. We are hungry and trying to raise enough for a nice little apt we found to finally move into.
    We truly need help. No agencies will help us and we have no family. I only need $2500 to cover the apt move in, food and enough to pay someone to drive is to the new place.
    This is all verifiable. We are good people but very broken inside.
    I can repay this $2500 over 6 months with my new job.
    Thank You for reading.

  510. Eamon says:

    Hi need a loan of £5000 asap, desperate. Got good job and awaiting divorce settlement, but need to pay off other things now. email me please

    i live in Birmingham need 5k

  511. Benjamin Shayne Jones says:

    I need to barrow $1000 to $1500 for 60 days so I can move my family to Spring Hill FL. so I can be were my job is…

  512. ronnie says:

    i just need 250 and that it so i can move out shelter

  513. David says:

    Hi I live in NY and I need a loan of 5,000-20,000 for my business, I have a retail store with inventory of approximately 80,000, it could be for a 6 months period and a higher rate

  514. Lawrence says:

    I need $5000 asap to catch up on my mortgage.

  515. Tom says:

    I need to borrow $5000 immediately as I was in arrears of Child Support and MUST pay it now. I have a job now and can repay. Please help me stay out of jail, I have a 13 yo, 9 yo and an 11 month old. My kids dont deserve me in jail for basically losing my job.

  516. Rod says:

    I need to borrow $9000 to catch up on my mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Was unemployed for a year now I have the funds to repay, but the bank will no long work with me. Please help

    Thank you!

  517. Ken says:

    I am in dire need of $2500.00 to get my job back. I will have colateral and am willing to pay 100% interest at $250.00 a month for 24 months. I need to purchase a car and have it registered in my name to satisfy a court case and have the charge dismissed and I will get my job back. Please help I am in Austin, TX

  518. Barry says:

    I need a fast loan of $26,000 to pay back within 2 weeks if you want, i am a business man stuck outside the country and need help so bad. I need to pay for my shippment and also clear some bills, i will pay back within 3 days after i get home. Please do something fast for me, i am not scared of the interests and i am not scared of paying back.

  519. Kimmy says:

    I am looking for a loan, unsure how this works or if it works at all, I am sure most individuals here are at the last rope to obtain a loan. I am looking for someone who can offer a loan at terms that I can payback, my monthly or time of payments would depends on the interest rates and term of the loan

  520. renae bruno says:

    Need $15,000 immediately-can start paying back next month. thank you.

  521. charly says:

    need $5000 to save my house and marriage, i need it urgently

  522. Clive says:

    Hi need a loan in Ireland of €14,000 asap. I am able to pay it back monthly.

  523. JoAnn says:

    Hi – $3000 immediately – too many things came from out of left field and have to be dealt with immediately. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

  524. Randle says:

    I need to borrow $5,000.00, I want to be put on a 2 and one half years repayment plan. I have a job and am able to make monthly payments.

  525. Don says:

    In Oklahoma City/Edmond, OK. Would like $500 loan Jan 18,2011. Can repay in 4 weeks.

  526. valeria davis says:

    i need between $2000. and $4000. to pay off a school loan.

  527. Kevin Atherton says:

    I am need of a loan in the amount of $600.00-$800.00! I am trying to acquire these funds by Saturday, January the 29th at the latest…I can pay the total amount borrowed, plus $150.00 in payments (starting on February 4th; payments off $100.00+ every two weeks from the 4th)!! Or, perhaps we could work out something different?

  528. Jay says:

    I am in need of a 10.000 loan asap !!! no sob stories just need cash fast !!!
    Can pay back the loan and the interest in less than a year.

  529. Anonymous Client says:

    looking for a Shylock who has terms so tell me the “vig” or “shy.” looking for fifty large if anyone can help me me just do not BS me

  530. terri says:

    I need of a 4500 loan asap. can repay at 22% interest.

  531. Missy says:


  532. amanda says:

    Hi need loan of €4000 I have the capacity to pay back weekly or monthly. Legitimate lenders only. I will not send on upfront fees. Please email Me on amandatighe75&

  533. YaYa says:

    In need of $20K Will pay monthly to the lender. Legitimate and serious responses only.

  534. Wullie says:

    Need 2000 urgently today stay in Glasgow

  535. Alice says:

    Urgently require $20,000 NZ for business. High interest ok, need ASAP, no beating around the bush, preferred loaner from NZ, Australia.

  536. Louise says:

    No sob story… looking to borrow 100k Canadian; monthly income between $4 and $5,500; bad credit now. Interested? Can we talk? Thank you.

  537. Brad says:

    I am in need of a 25k loan. I have a full time job, making 6k/month. Live in North Alabama. I understand going this direction will cost me extra but am established with a good job. Just need cash by the end of this week, Jan 28th.

  538. rak says:

    i am in need of a 15k loan. i am working full time and have my house as collateral.

  539. jim says:

    Looking for long term loan commitment loan, on a possible 2nd. mtg. My company always falls short on clients during end of Dec. thru middle of March. Then I become a solid company once again.

  540. TURNAROUND says:

    Looking for 10 grand asap to start turning my life around. Essex, UK

  541. tim says:

    Live in NORTH LONDON. Run out of options. Family and friends can’t help. Need about £1000 to cover the rent. Can pay this back bit-by-bit each month, as I get about £150-a-week from my part-time job.
    Would preferably like someone local who’s got a bit of cash to help me out.


  542. Brittany says:

    I am in desperate need for a large loan to pay off school and debt. I live in Wisconsin and I have a steady income. I need it within a couple days if possible.

    I am in dire need for 50,000. I am in Wisconsin. In the fox cities area. I really need the help to pay bills, debt and school. I have student loans to help pay off and full-time employment. Be willing to work something out.

    I need a loan of $30,000-$50,000 now. I make 2500 monthly and have no problem paying it back. I would prefer to tell you my “sob story” in person

  543. Alice says:

    Am in urgent need of a $10,000 loan, any genuine offers, loan will be paid in 1 year, am self employed and due to Chch earthquake business has only started picking up again, this $10,000 will keep our head above water.

  544. Stewart says:

    Live in Oxford things are getting really hard and I am trying to get my life back on track. But can not get the help I need from anywhere. I won’t pay any fee up front as I have been conded out of a lot of money that way. I need a loan of about £20,000 to £30,000 to turn my life around and give my kids the live they disurve. I can pay monthly repayment and can afford to pay between £150 to £200 a month back. Please can anyone help me and yes I do have bad credit.

  545. lblakely says:

    seeking a LOAN SHARK TO BORROW $3000. Can someone help me? I am in need of this money as soon as tomorrow or even better tonight. It is possible that I will be evicted by 10am tomorrow.

  546. shaz says:

    hi i need to borrow 5000 pounds urgentley and i will give good money back please could you get in touch and send me your number or il give you mine i live in crawley

  547. Mary says:

    My husband and I are in need of a $50,000 loan. We can repay over 12 months at any terms you want. We make 125,000 a year and have no debt. We would appreciate hearing from anyone that could help.

  548. Dan says:

    Hi, need to borrow £13500. Paying back isnt a problem getting the funding is. Im in London.

  549. anthony z says:

    I need a loan for five thousand dollars, I can make regular payments with interest, need money to get on feet and pay bills. I have a job (freelance writer) but things have been very slow, just moved to boston metro area for more work opportunities.

  550. teacher says:

    Need a loan for 50-85000. Have great job and can pay back in a reasonable time frame. Will not pay any upfront fees.

  551. Pedro Benoit says:

    I need to borrow $10K ASAP, willing to pay 12 payments of $1,200 ea, profit of $4,400, more than the $300 to $400 you will make on interest at the bank

  552. kim says:

    well i need to find a loan shark very bad and will pay the interest whatever it is and i need a loan or 6500 to 7000 very fast

  553. Denise says:

    I need to borrow $4,000 for personal reasons. I will be able to pay off in a year.

  554. Rae says:

    need of a loan in the amount of 2500. Will be able to pay off in 6 months

  555. LEONY says:


  556. franky finnegan says: there any 1 out there knows of a money/shark lender…as i need a loan of 2000 euro asap …i tryed everywer no no luck wit findin 1…plz help me out im a gud payer back…thanks fran…west lreland

  557. ERICA says:

    i need a 1000.00 dollar loan today does anyone know any loan sharks in nj?

  558. kay says:

    Need 5000 ASAP Can pay it off in least then 45 days

  559. Will says:

    Looking for a 3500 loan in NYC. Need it for tomorrow it’s very urgent. Can repay in three months or less.

  560. Kris says:

    I am looking for someone who is willing to loan $5000 and will accept monthly payments of no more than $400 per month. I am retired military + have a full-time job as well.

  561. John Pride Jr says:

    I have been at my job for 22 years. I make 23.00 an hr. I am in a financial situation and am looking to borrow 1500. I can pay back 100 a week with interest.



  562. Dawit says:

    I am in need of $1000.00 and i will pay back at the end of march it is very emergency.

  563. Zakee says:

    I am in need of borrowing 950.00 dollars for moving cost for my business. I am a mom of four young children and need the money before March 1, 2011. Please help! I can pay monthly installments.

  564. Luther E. Burgett says:

    I need a $6000.00 Installment loan with payments about $125.00 a month for dental surgery to have my teeth pulled and also to purchase dentures.I,ve tried every internet loan site and lending firms locally with no success because of poor credit due to my wifes surgery and medical bills that she incurred.Will not pay up front fees. please consider giving me a loan so I can get my credit built back up.thank you very much.

  565. scott says:

    My name is Scott and I am in desperate need of a loan. I am in need of $7,500. I understand the interest rate will be high and dont care. I can pay the amount back over 18-24 months. I make $2200 a month and can easily pay back the amount in monthly installments. I get my housing with my job so I dont have a monthly rent/mortgage payment. I have a cell bill, auto payment and auto insurance. I need this and will do whatever is necessary to obtain it. This is a win win, i get the help I desperately need and the loaner gets to make good money in interest. Please if anyone can help or point me in the right direction.

  566. rachel says:

    i live in weston super mare somerset , uk and need to find a loan shark in my area, we are currently looking to borrow 7600 uk pound to pay of our mortgage arrears as we are being threatened with eviction so we need a loan asap

  567. Mark says:

    Hi there I live in Bristol, UK, and I am in desperate need of borrowing £2,500 over a period of 6 months, due to my rent arrears and am in fear of being evicted. There would be no problem in repaying this money back to the benefactor and a standing order would be set up.

    If there is some kind soul out there that is willing to help me in my situation I would be eternally grateful.

  568. sean says:

    I Need $200.00 to hold me over until my tax check comes in, i’m broke and living on hot dogs due to recent repairs on my vehicle, i’m expecting my tax return in a few weeks and will pay back loan plus a reasonable interest then, i have a paycheck coming next week but that’s all going to rent

  569. Karma says:

    IN need of a loan $15000- $20000.need to pay off small debts as well as a couple of high bills that have come in. Have not so good credit, desperately need within the next couple of days…serious people please.can pay $250f/n over a fixed term? New Zealand only.

  570. robert says:

    i am in need of a loan for 10,000 soon as possible, within 2/3 days thank you.

  571. Melody says:

    I need 5000 asap for rent arrears and to pay rent two months ahead or face eviction. I have three kids and nowhere to go. Just started good job and am willing to pay back at high interest. Please help.

  572. Katie says:

    I am in desperate need of a £1500 loan however have bad credit and am unable to obtain a loan.

  573. linzi says:

    Hi, i need to borrow £3000 or £4000 for new car, i am self employed and need my car for my work.. i can repay in 2-3 years or can talk about repayments to suit. i live in Banbury Oxfordshire and would really appreciate the help.. many thanks..

  574. ben says:

    DUBLIN IRELAND I need a loan of 3500euro i may be able to pay it all back within 2 months i need it before the end of the month very urgent

  575. Kita says:

    I need a loan in the amount of $4000 I am in need of this loan to move. If someone can assist me with that Can pay back within 18-24 Months

  576. Trina says:

    I am in desperate need of a 3500.00 loan. Serious and need by Saturday. Trying to get life back in order. United states lender only please. Will pay back in monthly installments with interest.

  577. Jon says:

    I need a loan of 3k, I have a job starting in chicago on the 22nd of March. I have the pinkslip to my truck as collateral. Need the money for startup costs, tried pinkslip loans but havent been working for three months to prove source of income. Any help would be appreciated. Currently live in california.

  578. Tommy Parker says:

    im a film producer you can google memoirs of a medicated child or tommy parker or 2 guys and a dream films.
    im currently working on creating a show called Jewish Guilt.
    and i have everything invested in this. im looking for a small loan of 5k to get me thru this till we finish up what we are creating.

  579. Mark says:

    Need a Person to Person Loan. No more than 3,000- 5,000 and can pay a Decent Interest Rate. NYC Only please.

  580. nakia thompson says:

    I am looking to obtain a loan for 2,500USD. Will pay back w/ interest within 90 to 120 days. Need to pay bills.

  581. Ed Harrington says:

    I have just got a record contract. I need 2,500 to pay for the agents and promoters.

  582. Dwayne Peltier says:

    I am looking to borrow $7500 to consolidate a number of local loans and can pay back up to $400 a month over two to three years. Otherwise, I am going to have to consider bankruptcy

  583. kitty says:

    i need to loan 5000-8000 please contact me if you know of any help. will pay high interest. please help urgent health for family.

  584. Jeremiah says:

    I am in need of a $5000 loan till the end of the year. Will pay high interest rates. I am currently living in alabama and am trying to get home to california where i have a job awaiting and my family who needs me. $5000 will be for plane ticket there and first months rent on an apartment. Like I said I have a job already awaiting me there. Just need to get there.

  585. Christina says:

    I really need a $5000 loan by tomorrow to pay for medical bills. I am willing to pay in monthly installments with the high interest rate. I do have a good job, it’s just that this came up unexpectedly. I’m in Los Angeles.

  586. Bill says:

    I am in desperate need of a small loan in the amount of $5000.00. Willing to pay a higher interest rate. I need the loan to purchase a good vehicle and to pay past-due bills. Basically, I am trying to rebuild my life after a nasty divorce where I really did get the shaft. I am employed full-time and located in Ohio and would prefer to borrow from someone local, but will consider in the US.

  587. Trish says:

    I am in need of a small loan asap of about $4000.00. Willing to pay a high interest rate and make monthly installments. Urgent for bills and to prevent eviction.

  588. wayne apelt says:

    im in need of a loan of 2,500 im in australia brisbane qld

  589. Laurie Timmons says:

    I am in deparate need of $20,000, I need reversion sugery so I can be more attractive again and feel better about my self. and to be healthy again.

  590. jodi says:

    My story is short and sweet. I need a loan for between $2,500 and $5,000. I will repay in full plus interest by July 10, 2011. We make good money, live in an affluent area in Carlsbad, California and I have paperwork guaranteeing funds will be available by July. We just fell on hard times starting with a horrible school shooting in October. Life got away from us and we really need someone to give us a break. This would be a great loan for an investor. Please give me a shot. Be my miracle.

  591. stacey says:

    hi i need to lend£3000 i am a single mother with 2 young children and have hit hard times with just moving house, will be willin to pay back monthly installments please help i need the money asap

  592. Gary johnson says:

    My name is gary johnson and i need to find someone who will lend me $60,000 to start up a business. the location i have found has a class d6 liquor license that sells for 35k and all equipment is there as well. im willing to pay 12% interest for this loan and i can have it paid off in 8 months from the day i open the doors to the business.

  593. Shawna says:

    Am divorced, desperate and broke. The ex cleaned out accounts and took off. I need to borrow $7500 and can pay back at least $400 a month.

  594. Mike Bradley says:

    Hi my name is Mike I am a contractor in Calgary Alberta and weather kept me from working. I have a contract starting in April / 20011. I have 3 children and my rent is behind and being evicted soon, my rent is $1000.00/month and I am 23 days behind.If anyone can help me and family it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time Mike

  595. Phill says:

    Hi, started back work 6 months ago, i get paid every 2 weeks. I have to pay $500 in rent or face eviction. I will pay it back in 3 weeks

  596. Ron says:

    I wish to borrow $7,000 to $25,000 USD. I will repay up to $10,000 within 1 year; otherwise, anything over $10,000 I will need 2 years. I shall pay a reasonable rate of interest.

  597. John says:

    My name is John, I live in Oklahoma City. I need help paying my bills and getting caught up with my other financial problems. I’m 25 with two, maybe three kids. At the end of the week my job doesn’t provide the funds that i need to survive and take care of my family. i’m working on getting my ged, but the problem is that i need money now to prevent eviction

  598. Mark Cannon says:

    I need a $2000 loan today before Thursday, March 31, 2011

  599. victor huertas says:

    i am i need of a loan of 20 to 25 thousand, i will pay up to 50% interest, and paying it back will not be a problem. so if you could help me peace contact me

  600. Christelle says:

    Hi I am Christelle from Mauritius Island. I need Euros 3000 urgently to repay a debt contracted for my shop. I have the possibility of reimbursing Euros 150 per month. Can someone help?

    Thank you


  601. CHRIS MONEY says:

    I need 25,000.00 to payoff debt. I have good employment.I can afford a reasonable monthly payment. Just trying to get back on my feet after divorce. So if anyone can help please contact me.

  602. Robin says:

    I need $5,000 to pay off dept and keep car from being repo.

  603. chanel says:

    I need a 8000 loan to bail my fiance out I will only be able to pay 100 a month to pay it off

  604. mike says:

    Need $10000 to pay bills and build business. Will pay back $15000 over 12 month span.

  605. Erica says:

    Hi I am very very very much in need of a loan i am looking to borrow at least 10,000 as soon as possible will need it in the next 24hrs will pay any interest rate that you may have.

  606. kimberley says:

    I’m in need of 1,500. So i can pay my back Rent. Really need help not other resources. Can pay back they money by july plz help really need it.

  607. william says:

    Need an immediate loan of $50,000 to purchase three dump trucks earning $1,500-2,500 each weekly. They will stay on the same contract work they are currently on and the present owners and the contractors they are working for are willing to talk with you to confirm this information. Will repay at your desired interest rate in no more than 18 months. Repayment will be priority number one. Please give me a chance, you will not be disappointed.

  608. derbyy says:


  609. Me says:

    Desperate need to pay a bill or will be sitting in the dark with small children, I have a few items could use for collateral. NO scams or up front fees, willing to pay with interest. Could pay back within 90 days need 3000. ASAP Michigan

  610. KW says:


  611. brighton rocks says:

    hi i need 4.000 pounds quick could you let me know if this is poss and what to do next

  612. LISA says:


  613. amy says:

    hi my names amy,i need a loan shark to lend me 900euros urgently im in debt wit my rent and am close to being evicted sumone please help paying back the money isnt as problem gettin it is please help

  614. amenra says:

    i need a $15,000 loan to get my trucking company started, i live in Chicago and i can have it paid in 2 years or sooner have great clients just don’t have the equipment.

  615. Clarence Lewis says:

    Need to borrow 1,000 DOLLARS AT 250 BACK PER MO.

  616. Diane Says says:

    I am looking for a 50.000.00 loan. I will need about 4-5 years to pay it back. I do however have a settlement coming in a few months and I don’t know how much it is going to be. When it does come in. I will put a large chunk of money toward the loan.

  617. HOPE JONES says:

    Please help single mother looking to start a business. Already have a building im looking at and need some help to get started. Job has cut hours to the point my rent nor my lights are paid and im praying something come through to help me before my kids and I are on the streets, need help to get out of this dead end job and on my feet for myself and my kids. PLEASE HELP….At least 15,000 will pay back

  618. kevonha thompson says:

    i need a loan of at least 500 dollars to help pay my rent. and i am in dire need please help

  619. tom tahiti says:

    I need a 1500 loan asap for my bills job messed up my pay and now im behind looking at 250 a month payback asap please help

  620. Jay m says:

    Looking for £35,000 to £40,000, payback of whole amount within 12-24 months to provider. Any offers considered. Located south uk.

  621. Marcia says:

    I am looking for someone that can help me with a loan of £4000 today this is very urgent.

  622. Ana says:

    I am in need of $3,000.00 due to a family emergency. Hope someone can help me. Need money asap. Please Help.

  623. al says:

    I am looking for a loan to consolidate credit cards and loans. Amount and terms are negociable.
    Need asap.

  624. peter says:

    I am looking for a 5000.00 loan and need it asap. Will be paid off in 2 months and i hope somone can help.

  625. Ernest says:

    Looking for a ligitimate loan of about $10-$12K to consolidate my bills.

  626. Garrett says:

    Need $4500 can pay back within 5 to 6 months. Please help!

  627. michelle says:

    I’m looking to receive a loan for $700 I will pay back loan with interest into three payments. I have a good job. Need this loan Saturday morning please help. Thank.

  628. Niece says:

    Need a loan in the amount of $1000 to stay afloat until payday. I am able to repay loan. Please help….Thnx

  629. Geek'D Energy Drinks says:

    We are seeking $300,000.00 to get our product out there on the market. We need a large amount in order to comply with wal-mart`s standards and other things. The money will be used for the business and will be able to pay back with in the first 2 years. We have done a case study vs red bull and 9/10 people have drank Geek`D instead.

    Thank you

  630. snugs0926 says:

    looking for 2k….can repay in 2 months…

  631. AH says:

    looking for $6000.00 loan asap.

  632. Mark says:


    I’m looking for £2k over 3 months, bad credit so can’t use a bank, am willing to pay back £3k at £1k per month.

  633. Joe says:

    Need $8,000 cash, will pay back $2,000 for 6 months.
    I am a new business owner expanding accounts and need capital for equipment.

  634. William says:

    Need to borrow 7500 asap. I have no bank account and dont have regular access to a pc. Tired of waking everday wondering how im goin to make it today. I do have a job so i can repay what i borrow. So if there is someone here in indianapolis that can help me i realy need your help!

  635. sherry says:

    i need 1000.00 really fast and i have a job and i will pay you back my husband got hurt and was in the hospital we thought he was going to die and i was up there with him i lost my job but got another one and behind in everything and we r going to loses everything if i dont get the 1000.00 asap. please is there anyone who can help me

  636. Doron says:

    Hello, I’m in desperate need of a $2000 loan to pay some immediately due bills. I work on commission and will start seeing cash at the end of April, mid May and mid June. $2000 to be paid back within or less than 30 days. I’m screwed so your terms are my terms.

  637. jamie says:

    I need to borrow £2000.00 A.S.A.P. I work fulltime and have my own business at the weekends so can pay it back in regular monthly payments. This is in the northamptonshire area of the UK.

  638. Nikki W says:

    Im in serious need of a loan for $3600 ASAP Im about to be lose my apt. I have 2 kids and cant afford to be on the streets. I live in Bear DE. Im just waiting to get my refund for school but it wont be available until July. PLZ HELP!!!! THANK U!

  639. Anna says:

    Hi. My name is Anna. I need 40,000 euro loan. I will pay back as soon as possible. I need this money to pay my bills. Please only real and serious offers. Thank You.

  640. Mae says:

    I’m in desperate need of a loan for $17,000 to pay for legal fees. I have a good job and can repay the loan in 36-48 months have had hard times in the past months therefore, my credit is not so great at this time. If you can assist me I would greatly appreciate it.

  641. Tim says:

    In desperate need of a loan for $6000. I have a a good job and can repay the loan in 2 years.

  642. Allen says:

    I am need loan of $5000 to $10000 i have a good job not best credit I can repay the loan in 3 or 5 baby girl is having open surgery next week i need help please.

  643. Greg says:

    Looking to borrow 7500-10000 dollars asap. Looking to pay the loan off in 3-5 years depending on the amount funded. I live in CA. And would like to do business within the U.S.

  644. Derek says:

    Looking for a loan shark in the bay area

  645. todd says:

    In need of a loan of $2000 to $5000 ASAP, can pay back monthly. Would like the loan to be from the USA.
    If there is any person that can help please contact ASAP

  646. john says:

    I am looking for a loan of £1000-£1500 asap to pay rent arrears and urgent bills,can pay back in the next 4-6 months. No up front fees Willing to pay high interest rate, live in the devon area

  647. Anthony says:

    I need of a start up constant investor to launch my musical career…all links and opportunities are present the only missing link is funds! I need this ASAP…the return and look is more than promising!
    If there is anyone out there that can make this happen please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  648. Jeanne says:

    I am looking for a loan of $5000 USD to repay a student loan and get me caught up on bills. I can pay back monthly, as I am employed.
    Thank you,

  649. Neal says:

    I am looking for a loan shark to aqcuire a $6000 loan if you can help please get a hold of me ASAP I need it by friday April 29th….

  650. Sara says:

    I am looking for a loan shark to aqcuire a $6000 loan if you can help please get a hold of me ASAP I can repay the loan in 10 days with $1000 use of funds fee, and am also willing to pay [in addition] an extra $200 a month for the next three years. I have a valid job, can provide proof of income, references, etc. I just need someone to give me a helping hand because my credit score is shot from past financial mistakes I’ve made.

  651. Tonia says:

    I am looking for a $50,000 loan to acquire a 12 unit apartment complex. Will pay it back in 3 years. I Have had the same job for the last 11 years with a gross income ranging from $70000 – $110000.

    Thank you

  652. laura says:

    need a loan today of about €900 limerick area of ireland anyone know anyone can help urgent will pay back asap

  653. Martha Harrell says:

    Need to find a loan shark, that can loan me $10,000. Please email me, no upfront fees.

  654. Cynthia M. says:

    I’m in dire need oa al loan for at least $3000.00. I really don’t care what the interest will be as long as I can get a low weekly payment or bi-weekly payment. I have already contacted my employer and asked if something can be setup to direct deposit my payment weekly directly from my pay check into yours. I am about to get evicted. my hubbie lost his job 3 months ago, co. went bankrupt (everybody is having bad days) so we got really backed up on our bills (rent and Utilities) I have two kids and my biggest baby my 10 month old bull dog. I freaking out. Can anyone help me. please contact me if anyone knows anyone who can assist.

  655. alex says:

    Hi I need a $36,000 dollars i can pay it back within 12-24months with interest…. i live in los angeles

  656. Kris says:

    Am looking for a loan of $5000-$7500. I will NOT pay any up front fees, transaction fees, registration fees, non-resident fees . . . I will NOT pay anything until my loan is dispersed to me so if that is the way your company works, don’t bother emailing me! I have the means to pay the loan back. I would prefer to hear from US lenders only. I would like to receive the money by Friday.

  657. eva says says:

    Am looking for a loan of $6000-$8500. I will NOT pay any up front fees, transaction fees, registration fees, non-resident fees . . . I will NOT pay anything until my loan is dispersed to me so if that is the way your company works, don’t bother emailing me! I have the means to pay the loan back. I would prefer to hear from US lenders only. I would like to receive the money by Friday.

  658. Julie says:

    We’re looking for a loan of $150,000! We won’t pay any up front fees, transaction fees, registration fees, or non-resident fees . . a straight interest rate for a specific period of repayment is what we are looking for. We won’t pay anything until the loan is used for our purposes, so if you have the money and are fair, and legal, have reasonable terms, please email us! We can pay the loan back within a fair period of time for that large amount. We would prefer to work with only those lenders located in the US. We need to know an answer within a couple of days and receive the money within a couple of weeks. Thank you.

  659. C MCLACHLAN says:

    I am looking for a £30,000 loan to help with my present financial situation. I have A DISABLED DAUGHTER, and recently lost my full time job after 21 years working in the public sector. Currently I am trying to get another job and will be able to pay up to £400 a month back towards the loan until I get a proper full time job. I risk losing my rented property if I don’t get the money, as I have a few large debts after losing my bought property, which sold with a massive shortfall in the mortgage. I don’t have a good credit rating due to the debts piling up, so I am not keeping anything back. I am a genuinely honest person, but a single parent who has worked for many years to support my children as they were growing up. I desperately need the money to get me back on track and so that I can sleep at night. If there is a loan shark out there willing to lend this amount of money I would be grateful for contact.

  660. n hill says:

    I am looking for a £3k cash loan repaid within 2 months.

  661. John says:

    Hi, i need a personal loan 3000. Need the money asap.

  662. hector says:

    i am in urgent need of a loan of 25,000.00 i won’t pay any up front fees, transaction fees, registration fees, or non-resident fees; a straight interest rate for a specific period of repayment is what i am looking for. i won’t pay anything until the loan is used for my purposes, so if you have the money and are fair, and legal, have reasonable terms, please email me! i can pay the loan back within a fair period of time for that large amount. i would prefer to work with only those lenders located in the US. i need to know an answer within a couple of days and receive the money within a couple of weeks.

  663. russ says:

    I need 5,000 dollars. This is to pay bills and get my life back on track. I will be receiving a settlement in 3 months for twice this amount and can pay it back with interest at that time.

  664. stephie says:

    in need of a 2500 usd loan asap same day for emergency. need loan within next 6 hours that can put on debit card or wired for fulltime but not so good credit but need this money for a emergency and no one to help.if can me please email asap cause i need funds immediately and will pay up to 250 a month with whatever interest until paid off.

  665. maree says:

    I live in Australia single mother looking for a loan shark to loan $200 rent arrears. I can pay the loan back in less than 6 months. please help don’t want to be on the streets………….

  666. Kumar says:

    Please find me somebody who can help me with $2,000 dollars – a loan shark, or anyone who can help me immediately. Not worried about the interest rate, will pay back within 10 days $5000 dollars.

  667. Ian de Wit says:

    I am urgently looking for a loan of R 60000 I can pay back R 2000 a month and is prepared to pay the interest you require I am an honest working male with a steady income but with bad credit due to some silly mistakes

  668. Rod says:

    I need a loan real BAD! I have my singing groups recording in 2 weeks I need about $8500 can somebody help me???

  669. Julie says:

    I need a loan for $60,000. I have a good job and could pay $1000/month.

  670. Kerry says:

    I need a $3000 loan ASAP . I can pay back in 4 months $800/month plus interest

  671. Nicole says:

    Desperate need of $3000 fast! Divorced and credit is awful due to my name still being on house and his vehicle. I work full time and can easily make monthly payments. Family is of no help, credit problems too! In Kansas City area. THANKS!

  672. Dodie Jay says:

    In desperate need of $800. Full-time employment for over 28 years. Will make bi-weekly payments on your terms. No family to help. Thank you in advance.

  673. SHERELL says:

    In desperate need of $5000.00 Trying to save my house from foreclosure from back property taxes. Please can somebody help me. Need to pay by the end of May. I have no family and no one else to turn to. If i lose my house, my daughter and I will have to go into a shelter. Can somebody please help. I work full time and can easily make monthly payments. Have tried several banks. But have credit issues. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

  674. Meg Butler says:

    I need 100-150K ASAP -5 days. Can pay high interest and repay in 30 days. Desperately need it for legal fees. Life and death.

  675. TLewis says:

    I need 3000 to put down for a car. I have a credit score of 550 because i have never finance anything. I am single mom trying to get a higher education and now my ride that is payed for is giving me trouble….i can pay back 200.00 a month and by income tax season 2012 it will be payed back in full with and extra 1000.00 please help no scams i have no time to waste. im trying to make it for my child.

  676. Leann says:


    I need a loan for 50k. i am trying to purchase a restaurant. i saw the books and i know that i will be able to pay off the loan within 6 months. I also have a job. I am a correctional counselor for the state of Illinois. i also have a nice amount of money saved up to invest in it myself. i am more than confident that i can pay this loan back. i need a loan shark to contact me immediately. i would prefer someone in Chicago, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Michigan.

  677. TIERRA says:


  678. Jerry says:

    I’m in need of a loan for an amount of 40K for only 6 months and willing to pay an extra 20k on interest. I will be able to pay the total amount before the due date. I use to be self-employed and lost everything back on new years eve with a frozen water pipe and now I have to pay my debtors urgently.

  679. naomi thomas says:

    i am a 19yr old female looking for a loan of 4,700 pounds but the only thing is i can probably only afford to pay back 100-130 a month at the moment as i have a young child if there is any one who is willing to help

  680. PATRICIA CARSON says:


  681. Ray M says:

    In need of 3,500.00 by 5/23/11. I have free and clear land as collateral. Can repay in 1-2 weeks.

  682. EL says:


  683. Pat says:

    I need a loan from a loan shark for 10300.00 to be paid back in 1 month.

  684. T Nicole says:

    I need a loan for $40000.00 asap to pay off immediate debt for myself and my mom. I have a business that makes between 65k to 70k at the beginning of the year. I can pay monthly payments with interest because i make good money monthly. Need the loan for 6 months to 1 year. That’s it. I can show pay information if needed. I have 2 full time jobs outside of the business. I need to get my mom together for retirement because she lost her job and is on the verge of having a nervous break down which is causing me stress.

  685. Greta Graham says:

    I am in need of a loan for $10,000. I lost my job and will have no roof over my head in another week need help badly. I am owed $82,000 child support is there anyway someone can loan me the money and collect through the dead beat dad.

  686. Mary Kelly says:

    I need a small loan of only $150.00 I am trying to help a desperate friend get back on her feet and I am her only option. she will lose her house, and be on the street.

  687. Victoria says:

    In need of a $5000 loan to be repaid over a 72 mo time frame, just keeping it real. My credit is horrible and I need money to start the repair process. I am head of household, no additional income. I do make a decent salary, $50,000, a year. However due to a very low credit score and no co-signer, I am unable to secure a loan from a bank. I will have no money down and definitely unwilling to pay for any money wiring or transfers. Can deduct from loan amount.

  688. Theresa says:

    Hi, in desperate need of 2500 dollars asap to pay mortgage arrears (due to being out on FMLA) have excellent job and can pay back in a month and a have due to being paid biweekly. Please help. Thanks.

  689. Aaron D. says:

    I need to borrow $2000.00 by friday…will be paid back within three weeks..fallen behind on some bills and I need to rebound asap!!!

  690. Anna says:

    I am in need of $2,500.00 until June 30th. My credit cards are maxed out but I have a property which is closing on June 30, so I will be able to pay back loan and my credit cards. I have a full-time job and will have no problem paying you back. I would really appreciate your help, asap.

  691. mandi says:

    I am a 25 year old single mother who is expecting and is about to go to jail TOMORROW, (05/27/2011) if I can’t come up on $35,000 !!! My child’s father got me in a mess and left. Please help me !!! This isn’t a joke !!! I don’t want my babies to end up in the system.

  692. Jackie says:

    I need a loan for about $ 6,000 for lawyer fees and application fees. I work full time so paying back the money is not a problem. But with my credit receiving a loan is. If possible I need this loan by 6/15/11.

  693. Sami says:

    I need a loan of $7,000 for my business (short term – six months). I’ve been scammed on upfront fee – loan never went through.

    Need HELP – Please ASAP (credit is good)

  694. TRINA J says:

    I need a loan in the amount of 3500 by tomorrow before noon. May 28. I cannot pay any upfront fees and want to borrow from an American company only.

  695. Nadia S says:

    I am looking to borrow around 15-20,000 USD to get my company going and take care of a few things. I am a single mother of 5 and want to do this to better my family. It is a urgent matter to get this. I am in Michigan.

  696. Greg A says:

    My name is Greg. I live around Scranton PA in Peckville. I have a huge problem last week I hit a deer and I have no collision insurance. It is my only car. I need a loan for 1500.00 within 3 to 5 days. Please respond I could pay you back within 6 to 12 months. I can not get a loan because my credit score is 574.

  697. ann jones says:

    i’m a mother of 3 minors need to move in 2 weeks need help credit score is in the low 500. please respond i could pay back in a 6-12 month time need to barrow 3500.

  698. aman ali says:

    hi my name is aman i need a loan for £5,000 i can pay back around £250 a month for a couple of years, i don’t mind the interest i am desperate

  699. rajini says:

    Hi, i am from mauritius, badly need a loan of 3000usd for 2 yrs. Need to start a small business. Thank you.

  700. jackie says:

    I live in scotland and i need a loan for £700 for tomorrow

  701. Prfzed says:

    Looking for a Loan.
    Need for following reasons,

    Amount: $55,000
    Term: 9-14 months
    Country: AU
    Reason: Business Startup, Car, Bills.

  702. sarah says:

    i need a loan of £500 urgently today. I live in uk.

  703. mike says:

    hi … ineed a loanshark to pay off some bills ..1250$ email me

  704. Beatriz says:

    I am in need of a loan $ 2800 will pay back in 6 months.

  705. Jaeden says:

    Need about $3000.00 in loan 6 months- 1yr payment plan. Houston,tx area

  706. Emilio says:

    In need of some fast cash for attorney fees, business startup, and bills. I’m a father of 5 and wife is not able to work due to health complications. Please help!!! I have my own business, it’s just moving slow. Needing $20,000.00 fast. Thank you.

  707. Dan says:

    I need a $19k – $25k short-term loan ASAP! I can payoff the loan with GREAT INTEREST in
    one month. I have a secure job and PROOF OF REPAYMENT SOURCE for the exit strategy.
    This is more of a bridge loan in which I have 2-3 sources for repayment.

  708. kyle says:

    I need a loan of 1500 dollars to pay off my rent for this month because my college did not process fin aid yet and neither did the military for my gi bill i would pay 2200 back in 2 weeks when I get my funds and sign a notarized document

  709. Kiki says:

    Does this work? Has anyone received a response to there request? I’m desperate now.

  710. jax says:

    i am in need of £5000 by tomorrow, i am full time employed so paying back over a period of time is no issue, i have bad credit history but my life is over if i do not get this

  711. Tia says:

    I need a loan of $20,000. I have till Saturday to come up with the money. Please help. More details when contacted.

  712. mary says:

    i am needing $2000 by friday of this week. i am employed and can make payments or lump sum in approximately 45 days. please contact me for details if you can help.

  713. Dionysus Hall says:

    Im in need of loan shark because I need $10,000 for loans n wedding. I need it by Thursday. I am will to pay back…please help me. I have been rejected by evrrybody and I need a loan shark in Houston, Texas. Please help me

  714. Anonymous says:

    i need 200.00 for rent

  715. chyna says:

    I am in need of a $10000 loan immediately. I have two jobs.

  716. John D says:

    Hi, army vet here that is in need of some financial help. I need a 5000$ to 10000$ loan and about 6 months to 1 year to repay. I have just been screwed over by my employer and need the money to start my own construction business. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  717. sheila says:

    We are genuine people who need some financial help we can repay on a guaranteed monthly basis, we are looking to borrow £3000.00 to put everything in order and only have one payment per month, if you can make us this loan we would be grateful.

  718. matt says:

    Need a $1000 to $2000 today that i can pay back weekly

  719. blazingbeauty says:

    need $300, about to get my car repossessed…will pay back double.

  720. Debbie Insall says:

    my son and i are physically disabled, we live in burnaby bc i would like to obtain a loan, i have no choice but to contact you, no one cares about helping the disabled, we do not ask for this I need approx $5,000.00

  721. shelly says:

    I need a business loan immediately from a private lender or a loan shark. I will pay high interest rate over 24 months. Looking for $100,000.00 to finish a Real Estate deal. Will repay a minimum of $30,000.00 every six months. This financial transaction must happen within the next 7 days for this deal to be completed. Please no fraudsters or jokers…..this is serious business and I am looking for serious prospects.

  722. Debbi says:

    i am looking for a loan in the amount of $3,500. I spent the whole morning applying for personal loans and was denied each time. denial was due to “unstable” job and housing history. If you want the details to that information I will provide it for you, but the current economy is the main cause. My husband works full time, I work part time. We also have a vehicle that we would be willing to use as collateral

  723. Gwen Paul says:

    I need $50K loan for my business (nursing school) in Calif. I need it Tue June 21, 2011 please can pay installments of $5000,00 month.

  724. james says:

    i need 700 can pay back in two weeks

  725. Lisa says:

    I need $20,000 by tomorrow June 21, 2011. My credit is not the best, but this is to help my family get out of having to pay multiple creditors and be able to enjoy life a little. I can afford to pay about $350 a month because I work two full-time jobs.

  726. CR says:

    I need a loan of $3000 ASAP. I need to pay off a few bills I got behind in when my son was in the hospital. I own a manufactured home free and clear that I would be willing to put up as collateral.

  727. inneed says:

    Need a loan of $50,000 can pay back with interest by November 2011 Need for business I have started can pay back in full plus ur interest rate need like yesterday only serious inquires. Thanks

  728. cat3347 says:

    I desperately need 1500pounds for rent arrears or going to lose my home i got a son to think of and im really hoping someone can help me ive started a job so can pay back no problem

  729. style lystick says:

    i need a loan of 10000 i can repay it in 6-7 months when i get my refund check from school

  730. Jkinz says:

    Live in Delaware opening basketball complex need help with closing cost. Looking to borrow 5000 at the most. Can borrow less. I am a hard work and work 2 jobs to fulfill this work. Working with young athletes is a passion and will pay off. Responsible hard worker. Will show facility and business plan.

  731. dave says:

    need a loan for 3,500. can put my car up against it. tired of being last after my divorce. live in wv. thanks.

  732. Richard Williams says:

    In need of $15,000USD for help rebuilding life. I have solid job making $3500 per month and repay loan(including intrest) within 3yrs. Thank you!

  733. jay says:

    I need 10,000 ASAP

  734. jeff says:

    in need of 10k am able to pay it off at one go in 1 to 2 years serious people only

  735. moynur says:

    I URGENTLY need a loan within the next 2 -3 days for £1000 for personal reasons. I have a good job but an adverse credit history. Can anyone help? I live in the Leicestershire area.

  736. adam peters says:

    i need 300 today i live in beantown

  737. silver fega says:

    I need $45,000 by July 8, 2011. My credit is not the best, but this is to help my family get out of having to pay multiple creditors and be able to enjoy life a little. I can afford to pay about $500 a month because I work two full-time jobs.

  738. Allen says:

    Hello I live in Toronto, Canada. Desparately need a loan of 2500-3000 will pay back in 3 to 6 months. Willing to pay high rates.

  739. Heather C says:

    I am in desperate need for a $6000.00 loan to help my kids and I keep our home. I was unemlpyed for several months and ran out of my savings. I now have a full time job that is reliable, and I can and will pay back ever cent of funds loaned to me. My credit is not very good because of an ungly divorce. I must have the funds by tomorrow at end of business day or I will be evicted from my home. Please only people who are serious in helping. Thank you

  740. D.E. says:

    i need to borrow 40-60k, need extended time to pay it back….can anybody work with me?

  741. Devine's Fashions says:

    Small business owner seeking a $5000.00 loan for marketing, inventory and payroll. I am able to pay $200.00 per month on the loan with a reasonable interest rate. The money is needed July 1, 2011.

  742. Nigel says:

    i need about €3500 in ireland asap

  743. dave says:

    Can someone help me with a 4000 dollar loan. I’m in dire need will pay any interest.

  744. rob says:

    Hello, i”m asking for financial help to start up a trucking company in the Tx area, i”m willing to pay back with interest if suitable. The trucking company has potential for growth, just need a private investor to invest

  745. Reesy says:

    Im trying to raise £3500 for university fees. I cannot get a loan due to bad credit. I work fulltime but have been unable to raise funds due to previous time off work for study. please advise if someone can help me

  746. Brittany says:

    I need 650 for rent today!!! I can pay that amount plus within 10 days

  747. khori says:

    Hardworking single mom in need of a 15K loan; willing to pay 20 percent in interest! This is a serious inquiry, I have no credit just student loans so I don’t qualify for traditional loans; will sign notarized promissary note! Please HELP!

  748. Suzanne briggs says:

    Im in need of £3000 ASAP to stop my house being repossessed. I have to small children work full time and am now desperate. Please help

  749. Rhonda Leigg says:

    I need 15,000 dollars asap to save a home for a very important person in my life my credit is ok but not enough collateral or anything for a bank loan or finance company I can pay 400.00 a month every month until completely paid back

  750. Carolyn says:

    I need a 6000.00 loan and I have retirement funding coming in 60 days.

  751. ms. d says:

    I really need a loan shark loan. I don’t care about the interest rate, I just need to pay my bills so that my children and I don’t end upon the streets. My girls are all I have and would do anything to make sure they are safe.

  752. MATT THROP says:

    I offer small unsecured loans. bad credit no problem. Borrow up to $5k. Australia only. Employed or Unemployed. I need explanations on how you plan to pay it back (short-term only, 6 months max) 21.2% p.a

  753. Cyndi says:

    I’m in the worst bind in my life and I am soo scared for myself and my children. Recently my husband lost his job (basically who it is for everyone these days, economy is killing us) and we are behind. My landlady is tired of hearing my excuses and I’m embarrassed to beg and plead every month she doesn’t through us out. She was patient, but I have been paying her basically $300 a week just to pay the rent, but not on time and she’s getting tire. I don’t blame her, but her undertanding ways are know out the door and she wants everything and I can’t. I have no gas utility service currently at home, which is also emabrrassing and hard. My electric bill has no DOUBLEd becuase of it. All I need is a loan of at least $3000 to $5000 and that will put me back on the right track. Please someone help us or advise what we can do for help. i have gone every where even to social services (which killed me) but they couldn’t help me either. I thank god for the most wonderful and understanding children in the world. My son recently graduated from 8th grade. It should have been the happiest day in my life, but I couldn’t even take him out for a congrats dinner, not even a card. As a mother THAT KILLS ME. I’m frightened, nervous, desperate, helpless, loosing hope, I’m done. i don’t know what to do or where to go. My life has never been this way and to see my husband dying inside because he can’t provide for his family is destrying me. Any advise, direction, words of hope, something. I don’t know what to do I’m desperate. i work for the same company 5+ years, I am willing to pay my loan back on a weekly basis (a price I guess that should be negotiable and reasonable- don’t want to be in bigger debt) I am willing to even try a “Direct Deposit” payment if available for set up. Just take the money directly from my pay check. Please email me and advise. No jokes or junk please I’m seriuosly desperate and don’t have time for jokesters. Thank you.

  754. Cindy says:

    I need to borrow $32,000 quickly. I need the money by Saturday July 11, 2011. Depending on the interest rate loan can be paid back within a year or less.

  755. Britt says:

    I need 5k asap. My hubby and i are divorcing i have 2 kids and another one on the way. i am left owing lots of money that i cnt pay back untill i go back to work wich is in 10 more weeks when the baby is born. but thats to late i will be arrested and i am scared to death. i am willing to bust tail and do whatever it takes! i promise! someone please help me! i dnt have a checkn account anymore we close them cause they were together. i dnt have established credit yet. is there really somone out there who can trly help? i keep getting turned down. what to do? any advice?

  756. Brandon says:

    Hi there, I’m looking for only $2000 to get my business running and get my invention on the market. The money can be paid back in full 5 months.

    I NEED this very badly right now and really hope I can find someone that I can build a relationship with to use for this as well as more short-term loans like this in the future.

    Contact me and offer me what amount you’ll want paid back after the 5 months and lets get this started.


  757. La Tonya says:

    I need $5000.00 by tomorrow! I have to catch up on my bills and it will be paid back by the end of this year! Please someone help me…all members have turned me down because of my credit!

  758. sean says:

    Everyone has a story to tell.I wont bore you w/ details.3,000 would be needed.I doubt i’ll get a response due to high volume of people in such need!

  759. anonymous says:

    I am in need of $10,000 by Wednesday July 13. Can pay back within one year willing to pay whatever interest but desperate for the money or will suffer legal prosecution.

  760. Victoria Garza says:

    I am in desperate need of a $3500 loan to cover bills. I am three weeks from settling my divorce and I have been struggling to make ends meet. Please help me relieve this stressful situation.

  761. Danny says:

    Hi i live in Brooklyn ny and I’m looking for a loan shark to lend me $4500 asap need it to pay 3 months of rent and bills if ur in the ny area thank u

  762. john says:

    i need a short term loan of 2000.00 until september 1st 2011. i am being evicted from apt.. starting new job august 13 and getting govt checks in sept. pls help.

  763. T.B says:

    Need $5000 to pay of bills and rent…please help, can pay back on monthly installments

  764. Michael says:

    I need a loan in the amount of $3500.00 within 7 days of today’s date. We need the funds for a down payment on a house. We had everything in order and the funds we thought we were going to receive fell through and now we are going going to be out of the property we were renting with no where to go if we can not purchase this other property. We have sold just about everything in the understanding we would be moving and now we are stuck. We can pay it back with interest within 12 to 18 months. Please help. I am 41 and have a daughter that is 11 and a daughter that is 5. we need this badly and will gladly pay high interest if needed.

  765. Michael D. says:

    Has anyone found ANY relieve bye posting here?

  766. majed says:

    looking for 25000pounds. i have a full time job and i need this urgently.please help

  767. brisguy says:

    i need a loan of 5000 AUD asap

  768. Ken says:

    In need of $10,000 to get caught up on bills, can repay on 6 months

  769. raymond says:

    looking for a loan of 5k to be paid back within 6months

  770. Evelyn James says:

    I just got a three notice to pay rent or quit i am in need badly of 3000, dollars as of today I have try every thing possible and no luck I have a job I can back 200 a month I just need get back on my feet please can you help

  771. Coca says:

    Hi my name is Connie and I am a single mother of two. In 2009 I lost my job and fell behind on bills, still to this day I’m playing catchup. I am in need of a loan between 5-7k. Please someone help me. Serious replies only.

  772. Read My Post says:

    Reply to us if you need loan ranging from $1000 to $50,000

  773. Rick says:

    I live in Texas and need $5000 by Wednesday.. can any contact me with a loan shark.

  774. Lawrence says:

    Located in Los Angeles,CA
    I’m in need of a $2,000 loan for apartment rent and Car payment needed before Thursday, July 28, 2011. Please help, loan is only needed for 5 weeks.

  775. Sandy says:

    Need 5,000 ASAP shipment from west coast to pickup
    Relocated to Providence RI car hasn’t sold etc

  776. jimmy says:

    Hi I m in desperate need of money roght now I need abt 40000 dollars . I can pay back in 4 months

  777. Brandon McGinnis says:

    I just moved and am starting up a new job. I am about to fall behind if I can’t find some help. I am in need of 12000 dollars asap. Please contact me if you can help me. I have never not paid in my life. I am an honest person.

  778. sinead says:

    hi im looking for a loan of €6000,im in full time employment and earn over €2000 a month,Thanks

  779. Jhatch says:

    Need fast assistance of $6000 for debt to include back rent to avoid eviction. Can pay back $9000 in 6 months.

  780. Brandon P. M. says:

    Struggling student, needing $10,000.00 seed money for startup costs for business. Able to pay back in three months time, with interest if needed.

  781. TCat says:

    Just a simple$1500 will get me where I need to be. Pretty much money for a laptop and rent. That’s all. Please help! Local help only, (NY. USA) no overseas!

  782. Brandon says:

    I need a loan for school expenses. I have a student loan coming, but it will not be here until late September. I need the money now before school starts. I need about $3k and can pay back in full at the end of September with student loan money. Please contact me.

  783. Tara Cutler says:

    Hi, I am in desperate need of $2500 that will be paid back by 9/30/2011. I am a single mom of 5 that has multiple payday loans that I can not get paid off. I make $3k per month, but because of the loans end up having nothing left at the end of the month, If I could pay these off, I will be in good shape and will provide pay stubs and bank statements to prove it.

  784. LReyes says:

    Needs 5 Grand for school for the Fall Semester, Financial aid got screwed up and willing to pay back total amount plus interest on the first week of Jan 2012. Please contact me if you can help, Thank you.

  785. Kyle S says:

    Hi, I am looking for a loan shark. Im looking for the amount of around $12,000, but we can discuss the amount and terms later on. Many bills need to be paid off; Wal Mart, Target, Capital One, AES School Loans, Staples, American Eagle, Kohls, and now an overdrawn bank account. I would love to hear from you if you are legit-and please no one from Uganda or any other scams.

  786. Sue says:

    Hi my name is Sue. My husband and I own our own business he got sick and couldn’t work we are behind on all of our house payments our homes are up for foreclosure we need about 50000 to get us out of debit we are back to work we can make monthly payments of 1000 please I need a response by Friday August 5 thank you for listening and for your help

  787. carol says:

    looking for a loan shark today need 500 dollars.

  788. Saba says:

    Hi I am desperately in need of a loan of $30,000 to repay debts and on a recent visit to the states I became sick and have medical bills to pay now too. I am in the UK though is it possible at all if anyone can help I am about to lose my house and need help asap I am so stressed. I can make repayments of $300-$400 dollars a month maybe more please if i could have some feedback, it is very urgent. Thank you for listening and your help.

  789. efrenbadon says:


  790. Jeremiah says:

    I am in need of a $15,000 loan asap. Very urgent. We can discuss/negotiate loan repayment terms. Please only legitimate, legal loan sharks reply.

  791. ian says:

    I am in need of a £3500 loan asap, in the UK. I am in full time employment and can pay back monthly upto £500, but i have bad credit and cannot get a loan. any offers or terms considered.

  792. Teresa says:

    I am in need of help- I have poor credit and was without a job for a long time- i now have a job but my past & bills are catching up to me . I need about 5000.00 to 7500.00 to pay off . Monthly payments can be made if you can help. Or Barter if you are local- I do renovations & remoldeling- Thank you for your time

  793. Dan says:

    Looking for $6000 loan, payback in 45days, willing to pay 20% interest, live in toronto canada, thanks

  794. chris says:

    i could use a loan of $2500.00

  795. Courtney says:

    I am in need of a 7500.00 loan. I have a good job.

  796. Matt says:

    I need a loan of $4,000. i’m willing to pay high interest!

  797. Paul says:

    I need a £5000 loan by tomorrow. I am very desperate. I live in Essex in the UK. I am employed and paying back is no problem

  798. shanelle says:

    I am in desperate need of a $10,000 loan by wednesday August 17,2011. I am behind on my bills and my rent needs to be paid. I am employed so there won’t be a problem repaying the loan.

  799. latausha says:

    Has anyone on this site found a legitimate loan shark? I am in desperate need but keep running into nigerian scams.

  800. Tracy Jones says:

    Hello I am a single mother of a 1 year old almost 2. I am searching for a loan of about 5000-7000 dollars. I work and will pay every two weeks. I want to be able to catch up on bills and give my son a happy birthday.

  801. Gloria says:

    I am in need of 2000.00 for bills today! Just need a break can and will pay back.

  802. cbridges says:

    in desperate need of 5000$ and is willing to pay whatever interest is involved. trying to support my fam and get caught up on some bills.

  803. Chadse says:

    I need 4000 dollars ASAP can pay back very fast just need some help

  804. Patty S says:

    Need an urgent loan of $10,000 ASAP. I live in GA. Need to catch up on bills before we begin to lose things and to get my fiance’s son out of his current living situation. Can someone help us!

  805. Michael says:

    Im an attorney in Bethesda, Maryland. I need 10k to pay a debt of my dad’s. I can pay back at a higher interest rate.

  806. Family Sacramento says:

    If there is anyone out there who can help me, please let me know. I am not asking for free money, there is no such thing is free but I am asking if you can help me.

    I am in desperately in need to get loan to pay rent ASAP and other bills to catch up. I need about $2,090.00 I’m a single parent with 3 children and I am the only provider for my family. I am NOT on food stamps or on welfare; we have enough food to get us by. I went through family and friends and no one can loan me the money as they are in a bad situation themselves. I was out sick for a couple of weeks and this set me back. I go back to work next week but will not receive a paycheck for another 2 weeks. I am willing to pay interests on the loan and pay it off in 3 or 4 months’ time. My credit is in a bad shape but I do have a job which I have been with my employer for the last 2 years

    I am looking for help anywhere I can find and will sign a promissory letter and we can get it notarize and I will provider a California driver’s license, proof of income and SMUD/PG&E bills. I will also work for you in good faith, clean your house while I pay off my loan to you if you live within the area of Sacramento, CA. I am a desperate mother trying to keep a roof over our heads

  807. FrankieP says:

    I need to borrow $4000 dollars immediately, i am willing to pay high interest if needed. I have a steady good income job. Let know me. Thanks

  808. lee says:

    i need £2000 pound asap i live in bristol

  809. Keri says:

    Hello, I am keri and I am in need of a loan. Both my husband and I are employed, we just ran into a lil financial trouble due to some unexpected event. I desperately need a loan of 20000, to be paid back over a year. I am having a difficult time getting a traditional loan and I am totally frustrated. I am flexible in terms of repayment, and I am desperate.

  810. robert says:

    Needing 7500 for a surgical procedure, we are trying to conceive. Willing and able to pay back 200 a month for 5 years totaling 12000 in return. Verifiable job so no issue there. I live in New Mexico.

  811. Abbas says:

    Hi, my names Abbas and I’m from Scotland. I am looking for a £6000 loan over a period of 60months paying back £150 a month making a total of £9000 repayed. If you could please help me I will be extremely appreciated.

  812. pauline flynn says:

    i am in desperate need to find 7000 euro by tomorrow the 2nd of September 2011

  813. mabm says:

    i am in desperate need of a 15k to 50k loan to pay off some bills and consolidate into one payment. i will pay a high interest rate – no problem. please get back to me. i have been on my job for 11 yrs.

  814. nic says:

    In need of 3000 in 2 hours. Will pay back with interest

  815. lisa says:

    Please I am in desperate need of an investment of 7000.00. I will be willing to give back 5% of my business my 1st order will make me 1500000.00 you will get back 75,000 plus every order you will make 5% I already have pending orders.My mfg is willing to tool this project for free but I need 7,000 for 3 models of the product. My 1st order should be taken within 60 days.

  816. carl says:

    desperately in need of 864 dollars by sept. 12

  817. Sam says:

    I need 4000 loan will repay 20% over 15 to 18 months. Will repay with auto payments. I have good retirement plus job, but need funds immediately. Thanks in advance.

  818. chad says:

    i am in need of a loan to acquire a business the amount is 20000.00 dollars . there in an established inventory of 74000.00 dollars free and clear wholesale price. Plus financials show great profits the last 2 years.

  819. tr says:

    so has anybody got a reply on this then? did anyone receive their loans???

  820. Mora says:

    need to borrow $10,000 in the next five days to catch up on bills and avoid eviction. Will pay back in installments over a period of two years.

  821. Brett says:

    I have tried to get a loan through high risk loan companies and have failed to get a loan. There are companies that are willing to lend, but u have to pay to get the loan. I am needing at least $5000.00. I have a car that is in the shop and is done but cannot afford to get it out. I do have a job. Can anyone help me out?

  822. Abbas says:

    Nope not yet, hope it’s soon though. Really desperate for the money.

  823. J-MAK says:


  824. JD says:

    I need to borrow 35k to 50k. I am employed and need extended payments.

  825. Dalia Diaz says:

    I need $15,000 ASAP to pay bills. I will return in in 2 months.

  826. BB says:

    I’m looking for 25k loan. Need it ASAP! Have some collateral and a full time job with salary. Looking to pay the loan back in 8-12 months. I live and work in NYC

  827. madhu says:

    I’m madhu from India, I’m doing job in MNC company and i want loan of amount 100k and I’ll be return back within 8 to 10 months.

  828. Denny says:

    I would like to borrow $2000. I can pay it back in 2 months.

  829. Diann544 says:

    I am opening a restaurant (carry-out) near a very busy medical center with a teaching university. This place gets thousands of foot traffic daily. The place is secured and everything is set except for some cosmetic things before we order inspections. We are in need of $5000. Let me know your terms.

  830. tausha says:

    I am in need of a loan to purchase transportation. I have tried everywhere but with my credit no one is willing to lend and I have constant doctors appointments for myself and my kids. The car I am looking to buy is 12475 with tax, tag, and title. Want to get it purchased before the end of the month and I can have the money paid back within 14 months. Please let me know if you can and what your terms are.

  831. Ian Christie says:

    I’m looking for a loan of £20k or anything under would also be considered. I have bad credit and just want to clear my feet. Anything considered. I work offshore.

  832. Anonymous says:

    In need of 1800.00 can pay back depending on interest in 4-6 weeks
    please no crap have a sick husband and need to get back on track no
    need to give me other false hope.

  833. cindy says:

    I need $1800 now let me know your terms

  834. Billy says:


  835. Tieisha says:

    I am in need of a $2500 local by sep 30 am fully employed just behind in some bills

  836. Kyle S says:

    Im looking for a loan around $10,000. Im trying to sell property and need to do last minute fixing up and renovations to make it look appealing to potential buyers. I would love to talk more.

  837. Alisha says:

    I’m looking for a small loan; 5.000$

    I can pay it back in 6 weeks. Guaranteed.

  838. tom says:

    hi there looking for loan of £5000 live near birmingham in the uk open to any offers thanks

  839. Ron P says:

    Reason: Clear up some banking issues, return to my home after being stuck somewhere else and re-boot myself. Reprint this message so I know you are for real. If you want me to send money then do not bother responding, because I have NONE! I have no bank account, so, please cash only or valid cashiers check.

  840. Patricia Grimmett says:

    I am in dire need of a $8000 loan. I was just recently scammed by a so called “loan company” for $1900. I am now behind on my bills and really need the money ASAP before I lose my car and my house. I can repay with no problem monthly payments of $300 or $400.

  841. Edith says:

    I need a $16,000 loan. I am a working mother of 3 children I got in some trouble and I need the money asap. I can repay it by paying monthly installments. I am desperate. My kids only have me. I don’t know what else to do.

  842. Faith says:

    I dont even know if this is legal or not, but if it is….I need $2500 asap, can have you paid back in 3 months. lost my job Aug 29th and got denied for unemployment. Just need to get caught up on bills as all my fiance’s money went to wedding expenses. PLease help, i dont want to ruin my credit or loose anything. I have always paid all my bills on time and my credit is excellent, just a tough time right now.

  843. Karen says:

    Obviously if I’m on this site I’m Desperate to get out of the hole I’m in. I was laid off 2 years ago, I need $5,000.00 to pay back rent, and help clean up my credit to get a new job. Can’t get a job or new place of residence with bad credit, can’t pay off bad credit without a job. I NEED to get out of this Catch-22 NOW. No scammers, jokesters, frauds, etc., I don’t have $$ for anything. And I don’t have time or sanity left to deal with anyone except people with real offers/solutions. I’m stressed out enough as it is. Please contact me about this and terms, etc. Or even if it’s just to help me get a job in this situation. Thank you.

    Update: I forgot to include my city, I’m in Irvine, CA

    Update #2: And I have a car to use as collateral. Also a 1940s vintage perfect cut geniune amethyst heart that’s bigger than my thumb, heavy, with diamonds and a pearl on the setting with a silver chain. (not sure of it’s value/appraisal yet, am getting that done tomorrow, but I was told by a jeweler not to try to cut it into a different shape because of its perfect cut). My grandpa gave it to my grandma after they first got married after WWII, and it’s been my dream to own it since I was a little girl, and when they passed away and left it to me I wanted to save it to pass on to my children. I would HATE to pawn or sell it, use it for collateral, etc., but, yes, that’s how desperate I am.

  844. Marquis says:

    I am desperate for a loan, very urgent like by 10-5-2011 urgent…I am looking for 2500 which I can pay back within 2-4 months. Everything is happening all at once and I have more money bleeding out than I do coming in, I just need to take care of these unexpected bills to get my head back above water, I am responsible with payback and really need this badly.

  845. dana says:

    I am looking for a loan of $3000. I have less than stellar credit but need to catch up on bills. I am behind the eight ball and need to get caught up before winter hits. Please email me with details of a loan if you are willing to lend. I would need at least 12 months to pay back.

  846. Kim says:

    I am in need of a loan to consolidate my debt. I have no problems making monthly payments. I have been dealing with my ex for 5 years in court and now, my finances are dry.

  847. Timothy Rust says:

    I am desperately in need of a loan for my son to have surgery- — he has a tumor on his shoulder that needs to be removed ASAP. Our insurance sucks and will not cover anything. The surgery is $6000 of which the hospital requires in advance. I have tried about everything I can think of to get the money but have had no success. The tumor continues to get bigger everyday and is causing more and more pain. Can pay the $ back in 4-6 weeks. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  848. D. says:

    I need about 10,000 ill pay it back in 6 months

  849. Gio says:

    I need a 2k loan will payback with 3 months can pay 40% on top

  850. Ricky says:

    I need a loan for 1,000 can pay back full amount in less than 2 months with whatever interest tate you want to add on………….I’m sure I can do any rate that is reasonable.

  851. Ric says:

    did anyone find a loan shark in the NYC area?

  852. jay says:

    Looking for a loan shark to borrow $2500. Live in philadelphia. Will pay with interest!!!!! please get back to me

  853. Taylor says:

    I am in desperate need of a loan for 3000 in the Atlanta GA today 10/7/2011 I will pay back whatever terms for 18 months.

  854. emily says:

    urgent need of 25,000 to purchase a great deal…. will to pay at high interest rate

  855. tim says:

    looking to pay off my debt. need about $8500 and im willing to make monthly payments with an interest rate. i have a decent job however i was out of work for a while so im trying to get on a strict payment plan to get balanced! really need this im located in


  856. KRISTAL says:

    I have a family emergency and am looking to borrow 1500.00 in NYC area. Payback with interest no problem!
    I have a very good job and willing to payback short term.

  857. Eddie says:

    I need $5000 immediately, please help.

  858. Latoya says:

    I need a loan of $2000 for about two months. I can fully pay back with interest as I have just gone back to work and my spouse is currently working.

  859. L.B says:

    Hi, I need someone to lend me 15,000 euros. Can pay back, i have a permanent job.

  860. Anastacia says:

    hello…i am a single mother of 3 and am in desperate need of some financial help…is there anyone that can lend me $500-$700 and give me about 3 months to pay it off.

  861. Melina says:

    Desperately need $800 to update my licensing for a job I start on the 21st

  862. Paiman says:

    I can get a really good courier job in Los Angeles If i only had a late model cargo van. I need $7,000 for a decent van, and I can automatically have payments from my job come directly to pay back the loan. This job can make between 6 hundred to a thousand bucks a week, so I know i can make timely payments.

  863. D says:

    I need 350 $ today will pay back

  864. Nicole Foster says:

    Hello I am looking for a loan for 1000 dollars I live in NJ I need to pay my rent I work and get paid twice a month I am willing to pay very high interest. My ex usually pays my rent but he lost his job and will not return to work till then end of the month I can make monthly payments or two monthly payments very desperate.

  865. Sandi says:

    I am in NEED of a loan for $1500.00. I can repay with in the next 6 months. Don’t care about a high interest rate if you don’t care about waiting the 6 months to get repaid. I have a lawsuit settlement ( already agreed upon ) that will be in my hands in the next few months. That is actually when I would repay, as soon as I get my settlement. I need to pay bills and rent or lose my place, they apparently can’t wait until I get my settlement.

  866. Sandi says:

    Silly question, but leave a comment if you have the answer, I will check back… Has anyone actually gotten a loan through this? Just looking for some hope since I’m pretty desperate. Thanks

  867. HARDWORKER says:

    Wondering the same thing has anyone actually gotten a loan from this??

  868. shaun says:

    do loan sharks really exist? if one does near Alabama give me a call

  869. Siim says:

    hey. Lookin for honest lenders.

  870. MsK4Me says:

    Need to borrow $1500.00 will pay back in 2 months with interest

  871. Ana says:

    Hi my name is Ana. I need a 1500 loan by tomorrow.. I can’t pay back in two months with interest. I have a good job just had an emergency bill come up.. Please call me 3478380836

  872. Dale says:

    I need a loan of $3000 for about one month. I can fully pay back with interest

  873. LaLa says:

    Hi my name is LaLa Im in desperate need of a loan total of 2,000 im located in Bridgeton, Nj, I have a good paying job and willing to pay off loan in 3 months.

  874. Debra says:

    I am in need of a 4500.00 loan. I do not have collateral but i can pay back with in 5 months. I work hard but have fallen into a hard time.

  875. Denay says:

    i am in need of a loan.. falling behind on bills and have bad credit.. if someone near Alabama

  876. jade says:

    Hi. I need a loan £5000 really desperate contact me on. 07554620763. Berkshire England. Can repay 140 per month

  877. Gina says:

    I am a breast cancer patient. I am currently two months behind on my mortgage due to being off for 18 months. I have now returned to my job of 26 years. I will be undergoing another surgery on November 23 and need $7000 right away.

  878. Sam says:

    I need 250K. I am working and will pay back the high interest if need be. I need some really long terms obviously. I would like this to be as legit as possible considering.

  879. melinda says:

    I would desperately like someone to get in contact with me, I need a loan of 3500 dollars to pay off some bills and get my daughters some Christmas. I need the money for bills immediately.

  880. Scott says:

    I am about to lose my home among other things, possibly my children. My son was hospitalized and I got behind and the snowball effect took over. I work full time and I am under contract for the next ten years guaranteed! I just need to catch up! I desperately need 50k. ASAP.. My credit was over 800 6 months ago, now its under 600..

  881. JennyGirl says:

    If there are people out there who really do lend money to strangers… I need to borrow about 6000. I am willing to pay interest, but no up front costs. My husband has been out of work for two years and we have a baby boy. Need to pay mortgage, credit cards, and buy groceries.

  882. shawn says:

    i need a $ 5000 loan if any loan sharks out there

  883. Valerie Dahl says:

    I want to buy a tavern with living quarters. The bank turned me down because of my credit score. I lost my job in Feb. and cannot find a job that pays what I was making. I am looking for $185000 before he sells it to another buyer.

  884. Lori Keen says:


  885. Radar says:

    Need a small personal loan and have solid income.

  886. Denise says:

    I am urgent need of £2,000 in the next 24hrs. I need this for a week and I will pay back for a £2,500. I am not willing to pay any upfront fees.

  887. Desperate Dire Need says:

    I am in need of $6,000.00 to pay off some debt. Please help me. Will not pay upfront fees.

  888. In Need Now says:

    I need $6,000.00 loan for 60 months. Need to pay off debts in a week.

  889. Tom says:

    Need $6000 loan will pay back $7000. Let me know ASAP.

  890. Robin says:

    i can help you with the loan

  891. Patricia Lemieux says:

    We are in need of a 5000 loan. my husband is going back to work on oil rigs so I knw we can repay the loan at any amount interest. I will put up both of our cars. Please help us asap we live in Florida

  892. Deana says:

    I am a single mom, my husband just up and left me and the kids. I am in need of 20000, consolidate massive bills and only have one payment. I am in need of the money by next week or we start losing things. I have no money to send anyone so please only people that do not need a down payment.

  893. D.E.G.G. says:

    I am looking for a loan of $135,000.00 Canadian to pay off existing mortgage on my home as well as other debt. Willing to pay monthly at a reasonable interest rate. Have collateral – home is 1 1/2 years old and appraised at $150,000.00. Anybody able to help me or point me to somebody who can?

  894. pat says:

    I need to borrow $ 13,000 – 15,000 to pay off my mothers home and i have 1.47 acres as collateral. the property still has plenty of trees on it and is valued at $ 22,480. i need the cash fast.

  895. Tony Patten says:

    I need $3000-$5000 loan ASAP for the holiday seasons to help out my folks and college tuition bill needs to be cleared ASAP in order to return to classes. Im located in New York City.

  896. Heather says:

    My family is in desperate need of $5000 to $10000 now. We have been waiting on a settlement for the past 3 years and finally got word from the receivership that the end is coming within a couple of months but cannot get an exact date from them. This amount will be enough to pay back that I am asking for. I need this money to cover some expenses until the settlement comes in. I do not care what interest you have I can start paying back within a couple of months.

  897. kenneth a rehak jr says:

    looking for a loan to buy out a business so i can continue running the business it is a auto repair shop fully equip shop an running i have all the shop equip to put loan against loan the loan is 50.000 for entire business this needs to happen soon as possible someone please help 4434471831

  898. Eddie says:

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