How to Become a Loan Shark

There are a number of people who keep on searching over the Internet looking for procedures on how to become a loan shark. If you have thousands of dollars and you want to make an investment in some business, then becoming a loan shark could be just the right option for you.

Although most people seem to buy more things than they need and are constantly looking to borrow money or obtain credit, perhaps you are one of those wiser folks who may find extra dollars lying in your savings account wondering why no one asked it for a dance. So, one of the most lucrative decisions is to make it work for you so you can be a loan shark. There are thousands of people out there in your neighborhood who are always in need of financial help and simply don’t know where to go. You can always let them know that they can come to you when in need of small amounts of cash. If you are wondering how to loan shark effectively, then you can always try referring a number of websites that can help you learn all the basic skills of a genuine loan shark lender.

To be successful in loan shark business it is important that you to do some local advertising and spread the word around your neighborhood. You have to let other people know that there is some new money out there on the street so if anyone wants to make full use of it they can always contact you. It is always important that you never try to advertise the rate of interest as you always want other people to come to you before they read the rate of interest. You certainly want others to come and see the money as they can decide if they need it or not.

The moment your neighbors see this money and as long as you offer them with the best competitive interest rates, you can always be sure that they may not be able to resist it. If the borrowers are needy they can never resist low interest rates on emergency money. There are chances that a whole lot of people might in fact turn at your place looking for thousands of dollars. So in case you find a genuine borrower then you just have to let others know to check up with you the next time. Eventually you will develop a good reputation for having some extra cash to help those who are in need but you offer your services in exchange for a small amount of interest rate. There are also chances that you can borrow money from different loan shark lenders in your neighborhood so you can provide needy person with monetary help.

Being a loan shark is not easy task as you need to be sure that you lend your money to the right person. You always have to be ensure that you get your money back with interest and on time. There are a number of lenders who might not intend to pay the money back or even the interest amount. If you are not sure of how to loan shark effectively then you can always try to seek help of professionals who can provide you with basic knowledge.

Loan sharks are people who have the power to rise to the top of the finance market, but it is important that you know the right way to plan for making your investment. You have to let others know that they have to pay the money back on time or else they shall have to pay the penalty amount for the delinquent loan. You can also ask them to mortgage something in exchange for the loan amount until they are able to repay.

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40 Responses to How to Become a Loan Shark

  1. alan says:

    i am a father of four and am a contractor. The weather put me in a position of robbing peter to pay paul. I am in need of a loan of at least 12000.00 or better. Can pay back in 60 to 90 days with a fair amount of interest.

  2. babzee says:

    really want 2 work for loan shark big build ex boxer

  3. Joanna says:

    I need to borrow $65,000 to purchase a turn-key bar and grill business and building with living quarters located in rural Iowa County Iowa. It is the only one one within many miles, and has been in business many, many years. Owners retiring.
    I have 30 years experience in financial management, took early retirement and have $1200.00 a month retirement income. My car is paid for, and I own a mobile home in California which I purchased when I retired. I have a buyer for $17,000 for the mobile home and therefore will have the money to relocate, buy stock for business, get licensed, advertise and start making money. I know I can be a succcess at this business and am willing to commit everything I have to it.
    All I need to do is find a way to acquire the property.

  4. Doge LLSJ Brolycurly says:

    Fuck when i was like 12 i had 100 hundreds of quid lying around and mum came in to my room and played treasure hunters. If i had learned i could laon like this then instead like a few years back i would have had tens of thousands.

    Serves my right for not spending money i hid in my room… but then it is training for the future. Now soon i will have lots of money to loan. Watch when i get EMA money.

  5. Hartley says:

    Anyone in Adelaide, Australia, who needs a partner to go into Loan Sharking with, give me a call and ask for Hartley (Lol not my real name, of course)

  6. Doge LLSJ Brolycurly says:

    If you live in London and you want to join the loan shark business for more muscle and make money then contact me.

  7. john says:

    Anybody in need of a cash loan, can go see Tony Soprano. He will lend it to you. If you all are stupid enuff to post your sob stories on this internet, you deserve someone to lend you money so they can beat the shit out of you when can’t pay up.

  8. sara says:

    i desperately need £300.00, im a widow and unemployed but can afford to pay back in 2mths plzzzzz someone help me.

  9. diane champagne says:

    Hello not leaving a sob story just need 10k I can pay 300 a month and in about 4 months I can pay back the rest I just need to get my license and car so I can keep my job also pay my rent by wed 11.23.2010 I am looking for a legit loan shark need money
    I live in Massachusetts please if anyone can help I surely need it.

  10. JohnAndre says:

    I need $5000 to pay of rent and my kid school off. Willing to pay double amount ($10000) on April 2, 2011 if you are able to help.

  11. carolynne says:

    It has been a bitch of a year.
    You don’t need to know the details, but in short need $50,000.00.
    Been scammed so don’t ask for any upfront fees for they will not be paid.
    Need and would appreciate any help, in Victoria Australia.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. hannah says:

    hey i need to borrow $900 urgently I can pay back $200 a month I would prefer to get it this week

  14. eedris ikozib says:

    Hello i need to borrow $3000 urgently I can pay back $400 a month please contact me

  15. zakithi nkosi says:

    pls help me i want to open my own business i want to be a loan shark. where to start

  16. penny says:

    i need a loan now for 3000 and have bad creadit will make payments of 50 to 75 a month need the loan now thank you

  17. al says:

    I need 40000 to pay off loans and credit cards.
    Repay in 3 – 5 years. Will take less if necessary. Thank you.

  18. michael rinaldi says:

    i want a loan to gamble!! Ill pay interested just need 5k to gamble with!

  19. Gerardo says:

    Need 2000 to get my family a home live in the streets

  20. Jonathon L. Windsor says:


  21. Loan Shark Person says:

    I got what you need. Just let me know… I was born a loan shark

  22. caleb says:

    need 10000 to buy a car i live in nsw ausrtalia just let me know

  23. Bart says:

    My names bart and in a couple of years i plan on becoming a loanshark so i wanna learn it now if anybodys got tips please let me know

  24. xirhandziwa says:

    i need to open my own loan shark business, cn u give me tips on how to go about it

  25. Good Guys Loans says:

    I am a licensed money lender. I offer short term loans. I loan money against the equity you have in your car or other sort of vehicle. I operate in BC Canada only. If you require help email me. Stay away from non licensed money lenders or “loan sharks”.

  26. Carol Ollis says:

    Loan Shark Person, how do we contact you?

  27. Chigbo says:

    I need €9000 for my business.

  28. nothando says:

    i want to start a loan shark business can somebody please tell me how to go about it.

  29. Paul says:

    I loan money from 100 to 300 you must be employed and live around Soweto.

  30. Lynn says:

    Am in need of $10,000-$15,000 loan to purchase first investment home (flipping) in AL (USA). Can immediately start paying $600/month unitl home is sold, then can pay off balance owed.

  31. Karlonia says:


    For this type of loan, you can try these guys:

    Prosper Peer-to-Peer Lending

    Even if your credit is poor, you’ll likely get better interest rates than with most loan sharks!

  32. easy money payday loan says:

    Often the clampdown with regards to rates implemented a fantastic apparent awareness in the fact that along with others you have been getting fast cash but were being throttled simply by loan product companies conveying unrealistic costs. This important event happens because, as a result of developing credit ranking evaluating measures, it then authorizes that loan sooner and after that dispatches without wasting time.

  33. google account login says:

    Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will benefit from this site.

  34. saldo gratis 2015 says:

    Also, having too many open loan lines will reduce your FICO scores. You’ll usually be asked to provide a recent pay stub so the lender can determine what you can afford. The variety of credit gain or FICO is generally from 300 to 850.

  35. Bianca moses says:

    Hey am Bianca I need a loan of R6000 asap before Tuesday will back with in 6 month time want to pay my rent and child school which is due Monday am willing to pay 1000 every month please help me

  36. difference between google plus and facebook says:

    It’s a remarkable paragraph in favor of all the web visitors; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

  37. Darin Hert says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful and it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  38. Detrick Raphokwana says:

    Am 25 of age guy and am not working but am interested on starting this business and I don’t have money please help
    I live at Limpopo

  39. David Donahue says:

    I want to be a loan shark that sits in a dark room and has people come to me for money. I also want a thug named Vino that can take care of any problems.

  40. MoneyShark says:

    Case Scenario–
    Loan Amount $10000
    Loan for 6 months
    Repayment Payable – weekly – every week $ 5084.17 for 26 weeks.

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