Tips for Baiting Loan Sharks Online

Loan sharks certainly are not just limited to a few restricted and backward areas that are poverty stricken. These have managed to move right in your bedroom on your personal desktop over the Internet. They offer quick cash instantly at the time when you need it most, as they are fast approval loan banks.

Running short of finances in a big way and need monetary help? The first response would be to go the traditional way by trying to get a loan through different channels like banks or financial institutions or even credit unions, waiting in long queues and spending time and money to get it sanctioned. The trouble is that 70% of the population thinks the same way but you have to bear in mind that most people literally find it hard to maintain a perfect credit score so they are just unable to get loans sanctioned from these financial institutions.

If you need immediate cash, that certainly does not mean you can’t get it just because of your poor credit score as you can always approach loan sharks online to get financial help. There are thousands of people around the globe who have a negative meaning of this term ‘loan shark’, but always keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with approaching them for instant cash requirement. Some of them are legal companies and registered to provide you with immediate cash help. They run a legitimate business online and you can always trust them for any financial help, especially during emergency.

These companies are always willing to offer short term and medium term loans for people who always need financial help. You might generally have to pay higher interest rates but it has an advantage that you can get immediate access to loan amount. Loan sharks generally are not concerned with your bad credit and they may even finance you for having a bad credit score. You can always begin your search by looking for lenders who are willing to help you at any time. There are thousands of companies who are willing to provide you with monetary help and are specialized in working with customers who have a bad credit report.

There are many people who feel that loan sharks online might ask you to submit collateral to get loan help. Always bear in mind that these types generally are also termed as unsecured loans and so even if you are taking these loans for the very first time, you don’t have to produce any collateral security. Personal loans are available without any security deposit or upfront fees so you just don’t have to worry about that anymore. For any other types of loans you might have to put in around 20% of the loan amount but most loan sharks will not ask you to put in any amount. You can manage to get 100% of the original loan amount in your bank account immediately.

So, it is not wrong to think of these loan sharks online as a convenient loan system as they provide you with the money immediately and without any collateral. You can always get funded within 24 hours from approaching these companies online. So in the present economy it certainly is not uncommon to seek financial help from different financial institutions. But before you walk to any financial institution you just have to be sure that you shall be funded with the desired amount even if you are not maintaining a good credit report.

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237 Responses to Tips for Baiting Loan Sharks Online

  1. STEVE B says:


  2. keith says:

    I need 30,000 dollars will bay back monthly and whole remaining amount in nov 2010…please let me know ASAP!

  3. Jaye says:

    I am in need of 8000 dollars for a quick turn around loan to purchase an embroidery machine. Any one who has the ability and faith in my ability for repayment is welcome to contact me

  4. Rich says:

    I need 10000 dollars to reorganize my finances and bring my fiance and daughter to the us from overseas. I have tried everything, but I am unable to get what I need. I need the funds as soon as possible.

  5. Dave Says says:

    I am in need of 25000 dollars to fix my finances I need the funds as soon as possible can pay back on monthly bases or sooner please contact me father in need

  6. jerry says:


  7. jess says:

    I desperately need to borrow $10,000 USD for 3 weeks. Need it today if possible. Please help. Thanks

  8. keshia says:

    I need to borrow 10,000 usd asap. I need a payment plan for about a year. I need the money by 02/20/10 via western union with no upfront fees. please respond asap.

  9. Wendy says:

    I need to borrow R 750 000.00 I do have property and businesses it’s for bridging I can pay back with in 15 months

  10. Kalia says:

    I really need $500 as soon as possible to help me pay of back rent. I will be able to pay it back in April if anyone is able to help.

  11. tracy says:

    We need a loan of $5,000 immediately to stay in our home and not lose our only transportation. Have income of $5,000 per month coming in and can pay back 1000 per month. No out of country, western union scams or fees up front. Too tired to go through all of it again.

  12. Ben says:

    Hi im a young father of 2. The kids mother took everything from me including the kids. I am looking for someone who can help me asap as i need to buy a car to keep my job and pay solicitor fees to get my kids back. can anyone help me? No western union scams or fees up front as i have spent the last month having people try screw me.

  13. ricky says:

    In need of $1000 for one week let me know if anyone can help me out,work is good but dont get paid til next week.

  14. Julie says:

    I need $5000 this week until I receive a large amount of money I am waiting for. Can someone lend me the money and I will pay back in two weeks.

  15. Don says:

    I’m in dire need of $10,000.00 by March 26 2010
    and payoff within 4yrs or sooner

  16. dana says:

    I am in need of a 5000 dollar loan to stop forclosure on my house, I lost my job but have a new I will make payments however you want, I have two children with autism I need the loan by April the 2nd 2010 anyhelp is greatly appreciated I can put up collateral if need be. thank you

  17. Bennie Napie says:

    Need 60,000 for 1month will pay back with interest when my funds is release anybody will help me will be appericated,thank you .Bennie Napie

  18. william says:

    i need 6000, can payback in monthly payments starting may 3 2010 and pay 1000 for 12 monthes, i am retired with steady income but need to settles some debts now… let me know if you can help and when, need fast money and willing to pay thanks

  19. matt says:

    i am starting an internet based business. i have very bad credit due to past marriage and am in desperate need of pulling myself out of an economic rut. have the business idea but need the money to get it up and running so i can start myself on the road to recovery. i cant even get money from payday loan places. due to leaving my ex she went out and got like 6 of them under my name with my pay stubs and never paid them. any and all help with finding a loan shark no matter how high the interest rate would be very appreciated. the amount i am needing is $7000.00 would like to pay back in monthly payments.

  20. francesca john says:

    am in need of $15000 to publish my book and buy some equipment to get my business up and running and i need it like now can pay back on a montly basis

  21. Br.... says:

    I am a mother of 4 in jeopardy of loosing everything I have. I have been to the bank and to others but have had no luck. I need the money YESTERDAY. I have a house and a business but I am unable to take money out on the business because of a partner. I am in need of a large loan that can be paid back in 15 months. I am waiting on a settlement and It will be more than enough to cover the amount needed. Please, If you are a private lender in the united states and are willing to work with me Please keep in mind, this is a large amount I am seeking and I am willing to pay high interest! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  22. BFM says:

    I’ve had to move Charlotte, NC to start a new job on April 12, 2010. I also need to make some repairs to my vehicle that was damaged a few weeks ago on my way to the interview (I was hit by a “flying” blown out tractor trailor tire). After my $500 deductible my insurance company only gave me $300 towards what is a $1500 repair job.
    I need a loan for $3000 which I can pay back in 3 months.

  23. kip says:

    In need of 40,000 US dollars. Willing to pay a 50% interest plus the 40 grand. need help guys to pay off some current debt.

  24. jason says:

    Need 10k usd for home improvment stable working job over 5yrs can pay semi to monthly

  25. c says:

    Hey everyone I am in need of 6500 overnight in chicago will pay back 7500 in monthly installments please help I am desperate

  26. Kim says:

    Need 3600.00 ASAP to pay back in monthly installments. Trying to obtain lawyer to keep my home.

  27. Arnold says:

    In need of a loan for the amount of $ 2,500.00, my previous employer just laid me off started a new job today willing to pay back on weekly basis with interest rent and car payment coming the end of month I live in Belleville, NJ.

  28. MELISSA says:


  29. Jason says:

    Hi, I am in need of someone who will loan me $5,000. I have a lot of bills to pay, and got to put food on the table for my kids while I wait for my lawsuit to settle. I have a great (in the bag) lawsuit which is pending, and it is air tight, and is in my favor, but I am just waiting on it to settle for the right amount. I am in need of at least $5,000 and can pay it back within 6 months when my case settles, or I can make monthly payments. Please let me know if anyone can help me ASAP. I don’t mind what the interest is and/or extra fees.

  30. joe says:

    Hi i am i need of 10,000 dollars. will pay back 1500 a month until vig and loan is complete. No scams please. Serious inquiries only.

  31. JT says:

    In need of a loan for about $25000. Able to repay about $700 per month for roughly 4 years. Tough times set me back and got way behind on bills and other responsibilities. Very good job security but living paycheck to paycheck is not cutting it. If someone could help, please contact me soon.

  32. TR says:

    In need of 8500.00 ASAP. I am a RN and I make 4000.00 per month and I am able to pay the loan back w/in 4 months….2,000 per month plus interest. No scams please!!

  33. kiki says:

    im In need of a loan for 6000 today before 530. I can pay it back in a year.

  34. Deion says:

    i am in need a loan of 800 USD to pay off an unpaid debt. I’ve recently just started working an will be able to pay it back within the next month.

  35. rm says:

    in need of $10,000.00 daughter with 4 children needed help and i turned to payday loans-now half my income goes to interest and no end in sight. I am retired and have income of $3988.00 mo. will make payments on time

  36. Allie Robichaux says:

    In desperate need of a $1800 loan to catch up on past due bills. Have pension and ss coming in steady now ($3500/month). Can pay it back rather quickly and don’t care about interest rate. Credit score low because of hard times last couple of years. Please help–acct is overdrawn right now and need groceries and gas.

  37. Tina says:

    im interested in $7000 willing to pay it monthly in the process of being homeless and need help asap ..i have bad credit and cant get a loan anywhere else but i also cant pay it immediately im going to need a few years to pay it back since i dont have a job yet but so far with the money i have saved which isn’t much i could pay monthly for now..but as soon as i get a job things will get smoother.

  38. Ebrahim says:

    In need of 4000.00 by tomorrow, I have income of 3100 mo. plus tax refund of 22,000.00 in 8 to 16 weeks coming. horrible credit because of unemployment til recently.

  39. jeffrey says:

    i am in a desperate situation! is there anyone on the face of this planet that could possibly help me out with a loan?i desperately need to borrow $2500.00. i paint houses for a living and stay pretty busy at least most of the time.i can repay the loan soon after. with this economy the way it has been,i just cant seem to get myself caught up.i have never had to ask for a loan like this before and i feel terrible that i have to now, its just that i have exhausted any other means.i don’t know why i have askd on here?but i need help! PLEASE!if your for real ? i need help yesterday …if there is any human being out there that can help me?

  40. thomas says:

    i am in need of a loan of 25.000E so my family and i can buy a ground and a static caravan to live upon would be able to pay back monthly would explain full situation to helper

  41. Hilda says:

    I am in need of $10,000.00 personal loan,will pay it back on a monthly basis.Is there anyone willing to help, I am desperate.

  42. Diamondgrl says:

    I am on the verge of being evicted. I need 3000 by Wednesday. Me and my children have no where else to go.

  43. Stanley Marcus says:

    yes, I need $5,000/I will pay it back in no time. My unemployment has stop and I got my family to feed. I will pay all of it back in no time.

  44. jackie says:

    i am in desperate need of $5500 to reorganize my finances and keep a home for myself and my 10 year old. i have a full-time job and i get paid weekly. please help.

  45. Markeis Deslandes says:

    Hello I really need 3,000 dollars by Friday June 11, 2010. I get paid by scholarship and grants each quarter but I decided to take this past quarter off and because of this I have to pay back the money I recieved plus my apartment and car insurance. I also paint houses and do yard work on a weekly basis making anywhere between 500 to 1000 every two weeks but I really need the money now so I can enroll in school this summer quarter and pay my bills. I can repay all of the money with interest by the end of the summer. SO is their anyone out their willing to help? Please no scams

  46. Amanda says:

    I am disabled and I am in need of $25,000 to pay off all debt so I can live a stress free life. My doctors told me that if I continue to stress that I possibly may not make it through the year. My daughter sees me worry and I want to be there for her as she is only 12. I have the monthly income to pay it back, please contact me.

  47. kyanne says:

    Help i Need a 700 dollar loan by tomorrow so I can get a car can someone please help me it is an emergency

  48. Tina in chicago says:

    I am trying to open up a daycare and need security deposit of 6,700.00 I have 3,000 already I need to have all money in by july 13,2010.can someone believe and trust that I will pay it back have income coming in ever month about 3000 help so I won’t lose this spot.

  49. Dane says:

    I need 500 Dollars in the next 2 days for rent. I live in San Diego. I can pay it back within one month at any interest rate.

  50. justin says:

    need 20k 2day friday july 2 2010 ring 0415395994 asap

  51. Caryn says:

    I am looking for a 90-120 day personal loan of 20,000. I am willing to pay high interest, and willing to show tax returns to prove my income. I am a real estate broker that has three closings coming up that have been delayed, and I need the 20k in order to stay current on bills. Thanks. 772-321-4241

  52. george says:

    I am in dire need of $10,000 usd but can make ends meet with $8,963.00 I can pay a premium return but need 6 months to aquire all the payback money.

  53. Shani says:

    Im in desparate need of $15,000 by July 8, 2010 in the morning. Im trying to get my son back to college but he has a past due balance and he is depending on me getting him back to school. I would like to have a yearly montly payment plan.

  54. Ezekiel says:

    I need a $500-$1500 dollar loan. I am a student in college and will be getting refunded a large sum of money from financial aid in August. I was laid off my job and haven’t been able to find a decent one in months and just need to last one more month. Will be willing to pay large amount of interest.

  55. Michael says:

    I need $10,000 to erase all my debts. I am able to pay back at a weekly rate. I need this money to clear things up so i can be there for my children. Thank you in advance. I need the money ASAP so i do not end up in jail. thank you

  56. warren belle says:


  57. christopher kidd says:

    i am trying to launch an indie record label in new mexico. i have very bad credit due to past marriage and am in desperate need of pulling myself out of an economic rut. i have had the business idea but need the money to get it up and running so i can start myself on the road to recovery. any and all help with finding a loan shark no matter how high the interest rate would be very appreciated. the amount i am needing is $10,000-$50,000 would like to pay back in monthly payments or even possibly take on a financial investor as a partner.

  58. John says:

    I am trying to get $5000 asap. I don’t care about interest rates . It will be paid off in 3 months.

  59. JF says:

    I am in utter desperation for a $20,000 loan. I have a legal financial responsibility that I have to honor and I have been paying on it but am in the arears and need to have it paid off in full. I can repay the loan I just have horrible credit from my past. PLEASE HELP

  60. KDub says:

    I’m looking for a $9000 loan for some unexpected fees. Please help!

  61. mike says:

    im in desperate need of 4000 dollars for a child support payment i have a job can pay back weekly

  62. Kat says:

    Need 1000 cash tonight so that I can put gas in my car for work tomorrow, pay rent, and reorganize my finances properly. I work and can repay the loan on a bi-weekly basis. Depending on the interest rate, the payback period should only be 2 months at the most.

  63. pam says:

    I need a loan of 7000 dollars today. Can pay back bi weekly, and pay before loan due. I do have a job and are not willing to pay anything upfront since I have been burned.

  64. Brittany says:

    I need a 17,000 loan as soon as possible to start up a business that I know will be very profitable. I will pay back monthly plus interest!

  65. MICHAEL says:


  66. zhiann and wendy says:

    hello. we need a loan for 2750. we both work, but unexpected expenses have popped up for college and we cannot come up with then funds in time. cash needed asap today before 9am, via western union.
    we can repay 650-700 per month for the next 5-6mths (or longer to 9mths or so for the sake of interest. we just want to continue our educations

  67. Christina says:

    Hello, I am in need of 3200 by today. unexpected expenses came up. I can pay back monthly 500.00.I just want to fix my truck so I can go to work.

  68. Jon says:

    Need 300 US dollars for Utility Bill by 8/10/2010…can wire 360 back to you on 8/13/2010.

  69. Cindy says:

    5,000 to save myself. Out of options,out of time,out of energy…Work 2 jobs,have 2 children to support and I am on the cliff. Please help me out of this mess. Ability to have it paid off in 12 months at 15% interest.

  70. Michele says:

    I need $2600 by tomorrow! I can pay back monthly If anyone is willing to help I have paypal that they can send the money to and let me know what I can do to pay you back each month

  71. Edward says:

    I need 15,000 ASAP! WIll repay in 90 days!

  72. Victor says:

    I’m in need of $1500 usd in two weeks (8/27/10) can repay weekly. I was lay up in the hospital for two weeks and lost my check for those two weeks if anyone please help would be greatly and sincerely appreciated

  73. thomas says:

    i need a loan shark im looking for a loan with no hassles please can some one help i need 8,000 ill pay back double if i have to

  74. James says:

    I am on a fixed income I have pawned my car ans still don’t have enough money to pay my rent and other bills. My wife lost her job and hasn’t been able to find another one. Please help I need $2500 please help.

  75. tom says:

    i need help can anyone in michigan loan me $700 dollars for 10 days and ill pay back double $1400 if i have to please someone help and please no scams and no fees at all.

  76. Ronald Ronneburger says:


  77. Mike says:

    i am looking for 25,000 for personal reason. Emergency. i will pay back in monthly payments of 500.00 per month plus any interest. please reply asap. in the Charlotte NC area.

  78. rob says:

    Hello. I’m looking for a loan of 20k. Will pay back in 2 weeks. Willing to pay back 40 percent int

  79. joanne says:

    im in desperate need of 7500 pounds not willing to pay any fees as i have been caught with that one before please help i really need this money by the mornin

  80. rosie says:

    i need 8000 asap not willing to pay up front fees no scams please help can make monthly payments

  81. matt says:

    i am looking fora 1500 dollar loan by the end of the day. I can pay it back in a few day. My electrical is about to get shut off. I had to pay a 500 dollar fine to the DMV and that messed everything up this month. I can pay it back in a few days. Probably monday.

  82. joel rengasammy says:


  83. beatrice says:

    im in need of borrowing a 2000 loan can pay within 3months pls me asap. i hav come into some debt but will recieve money. pls no western union or fees. i need it by thursday. will pay back with reasonable intrest.

  84. SSP says:

    I am in need of a 10,000 loan, can repay monthly
    with interest and pay off total in 11 months. I
    need asap.

  85. delores says:

    I need to borrow 15,000 loan ASAP. I am about to be foreclose on. I got behind on my payment do to illness. i am working full time now. I have a good job. I am raising my 7 year old grandson. This is my last place to get help. Please I need this money for my mortgage payment. I will even do a direct deposit into a account that you set up., I have bee working at my job for over 25 years. I am 59 years old. I have only had my home for 10 years. I really want to say in my house. I can pay at least 300 a month until it payoff.

  86. MARITZA says:

    im in need for 1,000 to put on my lights on im looking for someone to lend me the money asap.will pay back in 1 month.plz help i live in florida with my 4 kids

  87. Lacey says:

    I need 10,000 by like Jan 2011 , it’s for medical bills and i will pay back monthly and include interest.

  88. jorge lopez says:

    need $4,000 to buy a car. i need this car for school and work. i need tne money by 9/13/2010. willing to pay back 6,000. thats an extra $2000 dollars. can pay back in monthly payments of $300. please get back to me asap. thank you.

  89. Elaine says:


    I am in need of a loan between $2000-$5000 asap like today!! Willing to sign any documents necessary to secure and or transfer loan. Also, willing to pay at high interest rate due to urgency of the loan!!all my information can be verfied such as employment etc… Loan can be repaid with a month and a half!!

  90. Antonio says:

    I am desperately in need of $10,000 ASAP. I am willing to sign any documents necessary to make this happen. I do not want any hoaxers, scammers or fakesters asking for upfront fees via western union. I can repay this loan in full within 8 weeks.

  91. Clarence Johnson says:

    I need 6000.00 ASAP No hoaxes or scams. I need to pay off some things

  92. Gina says:

    need 5,000 asap.. preferrably from a loan shark in the US. please help.. struggling student.

  93. Berry says:


    I am in need of a loan between $2000-$5000 asap like today!!!! Willing to sign any documents necessary to secure and or transfer loan. Also, willing to pay at high interest rate due to urgency of the loan!!!! Please no scammers asking for upfront or advance fees!!!! – all my information can be verified such as employment etc… Loan can be repaid with a month and a half!!

  94. Nsane says:

    Brooklyn, NY loan shark needed. Before 3 o’clock. willing to pay high rate…
    Contact me and I will tell you everything…

  95. terri says:

    i am disabled. this august when my daugter turned 18 i lost 1/3 of my monthly check. go figure. i needed $$ fast so i got sucked into a loan for 274% interest. pretty stupid, but i saw no other way out. now that payment is almost of what i have for the month. i am looking for someone to believe in me and help me out. i am in my 50’s and really think i would be in this sad state of affairs but i am and just looking for some breathing room. help!!

  96. kelly says:

    I need to borrow 1000-1500 dollars by tommorow. I have tried everything I can think of. I will be able to make weekly interest payments and pay off in about 5 weeks. I dont care what the interest rate is.
    oh by the way i live and work in southeast michigan. so someone in michigan would be helpful


  97. helen says:

    I need $3500, I have a commercial lot here in San Antonio, Texas willing to use as collateral. I really need $10,000, but the 3500 will help me with my small business. please call me at (210)771-8724 if you are able to help me.

    I will be making monthly payments (6 the most, more months if it is a larger loan).

    Willing to sell lot for $5000, tax value is at $6000 and yealy tax is $148.00 good investment for your protfolio.

    Thank you

  98. Mary says:

    I am in dire need of borrowing $5000, I started a small business in a small town offering services to help people find work, apply for services they need and to help people find housing. I didn’t know i was going to do this a month ago, it all fell in my hands with this small building I was able to rent at a nice price in Somerset. I have had my business plan for 7 years and its time to put it to work. I will be applying for grants and programs to help me offer more services to people in this townmanship.

    My problem is that I have very limited funds to help me stay afloat a couple of months until I start seeing a return. I know I may not get rich off of this project, but I’m helping people, as I hope someone will help me now.

  99. Jeanne says:

    I am trying to find a loan with no upfront fees attached, and preferably can access paypal, but Western Union will do as long as fee is not attached on receiving end. I am in need of 2,000 and I am willing to pay back in weekly installments. I need to make an emergent trip out of state and I don’t have enough to purchase airline tickets and hotel accommodations for 4 nights. I have tried all charity organizations in town, but I do not qualify because I don’t have small children, or I am not a recovering addict of any kind, so I honestly don’t know what else to do. I would need this before the end of business tomorrow, so I can let them know in I am coming. This is VERY important, I don’t want to miss this opportunity and sadly I will if I can’t find someone to loan me this money. Please all scam artists DON’T email me, I have dealt with all of you and know exactly what it entails.

  100. ryan says:

    I need a loan of about $1500.00, i can pay this back in five weeks i can provide proof of repayment, i will payback with interest or loan fees

  101. Mark says:

    I need 500k. A loan shark is fine, I can meet any terms. I have collateral in the form of real estate. Can someone help? Please? Also…I have a business which I can make you controlling partner until payoff….please help. I need the money faast.

  102. Keith says:

    In need of $1,500 Loan until Nov 7. I could repay up to $1,000 interest… so I would repay $2,500 on Nov 7. Basically i need to pay a stupid Visa Fine in order to return to my JOB… really Need Help…please let me know fast…. the money would never have to enter my hands…just the fine paid to the state department…. Thanks

  103. Larry says:

    Laid off for 9 months. Went to truck driving school and now have a good, verifiable job. Need 600 dollars secured with a clear vehicle title (2000 Pontiac Montana – driven daily and worth approx. 1500)

    Will pay 200 per month back for 6 months.

  104. Nile says:

    I am in desperate need of a loan for 20,000. i work and I can pay it back we also have collateral.

  105. Inez P McMillian says:

    I’m in need of 5,000 loan I can pay it back in one year.I am employed in need of a loan within 24hrs please help!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Nicole R. says:

    College Student in need of $5000 in order not to be evicted on 9/30. Able to work with monthly payments.

  107. christina f says:

    i am in deserate need of £6000, i have bailiffs at my door, and my parent have threatened to evict me because of it. i can pay it back monthly when i get paid but am unable to get a loan anywhere because of my bad credit please help. i need it before the 30/09/10

  108. Pauline B says:

    I am on the Verge of becoming homeless because I was recently Laid off from my Job and I have absolutely no income I need at least loan 8,000 dollars to pay my rent up for a few months so I will at least have time enough to find a new job and be able to repay the loan monthly.

  109. Brian S. says:

    Im about to lose my Apartment due to the fact that I was Laid Off. I need a Loan of 10,000 dollars so that my Fiance and I want have to live in our car. I will pay the loan back monthly when I find a job and I will make sure to keep in contact with you about my employment status..

  110. Clint says:

    I was a successful person day in day out, finally i had hit a massive hurdle which can happen to anybody, i made some silly choices some silly mistakes and now i am paying for it, i am in serious debt and i am drowning, married and father of 4 and it kills me when i look at them as i have let them down big time.
    I need $50,000 dollars to settle my debts and i am willing to pay high interest to get the loan.

  111. richard says:

    i need to borrow 25,000 to pay off cards and catch up on house and car payments and will make monthly payments back at 500.00 a month till paided off.

  112. jennifer thaw says:

    I have an established factory that will end in $7mil sales this year. All tax returns personal and business are available. I am expanding my company and have an additional factory of 42,000 sq ft that is waiting for electrical ($100K approx) that I do not have due to paying for my machinery and equipment in cash thus poor cash flow and growing pain right now.
    I need $400K quickly and will repay over a period of 1 year or sooner. My house has $575K equity and my factory has $1.7 mil in paid equipment, thus over $2mil in security and my credit score is 730. Need ASAP to get the new business running with an anticipated sales of $25mil by 2010 and no time for bank loans.
    Please contact me ASAP to negotiate interest and repayment timetable of one year or less.
    Jennifer Thaw

  113. Michael says:

    I currently have a construction company that has been established for a little over 1 year. We specialize in heavy construction which deals with utility work and site grading etc.. We have currently on the books 2 million in contracts, but Since we are a new company we cannot get a bank to extend us a loan or line of credit, and some banks are willing to extend us some but we have been denied because we don’t have a stated income because we are self employed. So we are between a rock and a hard place, and our customers are wanting to give us more work but we have to turn them down. We currently need about 75k to cover payroll and other small bills, all the other cost are paid when we get paid. We have several accounts from suppliers. We were using a factoring company, but they recently informed us that they don’t specialize in construction and want to get out from factoring us. So now we are at square one and have no money to get us through this month. We need the 75k by wednesday!! the 7k will cover us with cushion until the next payment and it will continue to cycle us each month until retainage for or first project is paid and we can begin to self operate. We would be able to make monthly payments against the 75k with interest each month.

  114. cindy kostura says:

    I need 5,000dlrs I am behind on car payment My father is ill.I need to help him.Don’t have anyone to help.Credit is not great but I am a honest person.I will pay back monthly & pay the rest in Febuary.Please help.

  115. Brenda says:

    I’m in desperate need for a $1500 loan so my vehicle doesn’t get repo’d. Willing to pay back with interest can make weekly payments. Please contact me asap I need money by 2pm eastern time tomorrow. Desperate mom of 2 PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Charles says:

    I’m i very need of $3000.00 loan to be paid back in 3 months. Willing to pay the amount back with whatever interest is fair. Please contact me ASAP…I need the money by 8pm EST today.

  117. fran says:

    I am in desperate need of $20,000.00 asap. i will pay 20% interest and will pay back within a year. i ave a document for collateral. please help.

  118. carl says:

    hi i am looking for a loan off 10,000.00 dollers for a term off 48 months

  119. Cathy says:

    I am in need of a $2,000 personal loan needed today. Emergency! in Guilford County, N.C. up front fees. Can make monthly payments. Please reply when you read this. Thanking you in advance for your help!

  120. jennifer says:

    I need a loan of 4000 dollars today please! I will pay back monthly with high interest! This is a last resort please help!

  121. janet island says:

    Please Help! I am in need of a 8000 loan or i will be evicted, i will neaver miss a payment, i have been at my job for 14 yrs, please help time is running out. thank you!!

  122. Tim says:

    I need 5k for a loan, I am currently overseas in the Army and need the cash for housing when I get back… It will also help me get a cheap car too. I am willing to pay high intrest and will pay it off fast. I want it unsec. thou. Please help.

  123. Lori says:

    Need a loan in the amount of $30,000.00 to keep business and personal a float. Recently went through a divorce and custody battle that wiped out my savings. Credit score is low due to exhusband. Need the funds by November 1, 2010. I can repay said loan back within a three year period at very latest.

  124. Michelle says:

    I need a $7,000 loan asap, I have had a turn of bad luck and I need this get all of my bills current including my house payment, if I could get this western union today by 5 that would be wonderful. I have a good job and steady income just a spiral of bad luck in the past few months and I need this to get things turned around.

  125. Shawn says:

    I need 5000 so that I can move. I am homeless and I need the money to move. I was in an abusive relationship so I had to abruptly move. I have no family but I have a good paying full time job. I make 4000/ month but I can’t save because I am living out of my suitcase. Can a honest person please help a woman trying to stay alive.

  126. Dan says:

    Hello I need 7000 dollars personal loan,I am full time employed in Fedex ground Columbus, Ohio, my weekly check is 950, I have all pay stubs for past 2 years. Thanks in advance

  127. Carey says:

    hello need a loan of 3000.00 need by friday. please help asap. can pay back montly payments. please help. need to pay off some debts. husband works and i am on unemployment benefits. but we are in the hole with our bank account and i do not see way out without a loan. thanks and please respond soon

  128. Jai says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I’m in need of £50,000 soon as possible, to cover a short term financial concern i have.

    The funds i can arrange to repay in full within a 6 month term, and also make it worth while for the party concerned.

    If this is something someone is able to assist with then please do contact me, i have a stable income which i can confirm, and ensure full return of funds along with monthly repayments, within a 6 month term.

    Please contact me if you can assist, based in north london

  129. Lea says:

    Homeless Aug to Nov. Still kept my job. Moved into new home Nov 1 and car died. Now my grandchildren and I walk on dangerous roads to reach the grocery store or pharmacy. Please. If anyone out there can loan enough to repair or replace the vehicle, I would be on time with payments and eternally grateful. No replies from Nigeria – already been there and lost over $3000 in 2009 (ergo the homeless part).

  130. Melissa says:

    Desperate need of $6000 need to catch up on past debt and get some gifts for my 4 kids for Christmas. Start new job after the holidays. Please contact me as soon as possible to hash out details. Thank you so ever much. I just have been nickled and dimed this way i can have one payment.

  131. Hannah says:

    My grandmother has breast cancer and I need help paying her medical fees. Medicare is giving her the runaround and from helping her I am behind on my bills and getting threats of eviction. I need $6100 and I can a monthly fee on time. Please, i am super desperate and I need it like now! Thanks so much

  132. PETE says:


  133. Paul says:

    I need $15000. to buy some inventory for my business. I need it yesterday and can repay in 60 days. Been in same business over 30 years, never seen credit so tight!

  134. Shona says:

    I need a £4500 loan asap. I a, located on Scotland. willing to pay any interest rates

  135. Anne says:

    My Loan Request is for $10,000.00 and I need it LAST WEEK. Very reliable person (in my home 15 yrs, stay at jobs forever, get all bills paid but as life happens sometimes late and that few times makes me “bad”) Won’t go into big sob story but basically illnesses in family and pets got me behind, payments I was waiting for were very late, & other great things happened I know blah blah Anyway will pay back monthly, and of course interest. and gratitude.

  136. victor says:

    i need $7800 to pay off my 401k loan. then in 30 days i can re borrow $22000 from my 401k-pay back the loan and have enough money left to pay property taxes-fed. taxes that i owe as well as pay down credit card and repair some things around the house. i will be able to pay back the $7800 in about 6 weeks tops. my credit is fair. thanks.

  137. fiona says:

    i need 1200 pounds by tomorrow or lose the roof over my head. i am currently unemployed single parent of three with bad credit history. i can pay back over a year. I am so deperate for assitance please help if you can

  138. GEORGINA says:



  139. Katrina says:

    I am in need of a 1000 dollars for personal finances and an education expense. I can pay the loan back with interest by the end of January in full. I need this loan to pay my rent and my school balance before I lose my house and have to stop school. I need to pay this by the end of this week, please help!

  140. neil says:



  141. sandi says:

    I left an abusive relationship finally got my divorce finalized but judge made me leave my home I worked so hard to pay off. And that has left me living with friends. I need a loan for 5000.00 to get back on my feet. I have to sell my home and split it with the ex so i will be able to pay this loan back in full at time of sell. But will make monthly payments of 250.00. Please I have 2 girls that are staying with my mom in another state and I want to bring them back home but can’t till I have a home. I plan on spending this money for just that!! A HOME!

  142. Paul says:

    Hello, I will not bore the reader with the “why” funds ($5,000) is needed by Dec 20th. This is my offer to repay funds: Starting Jan 1, 2011 every 30 days a payment will be made in the amount of $500 for a total of 2yrs (24 payments) and a total Return of $12,000. I do not play games so I appreciate serious inquiries only. United States only

  143. jawell says:

    looking for someone who would like to invest in a serious playwriter and motivational speaker, i live in st louis, mo.

  144. Clarence Johnson says:

    I am in need of $6500 needed by tomorrow dec 16th 2010. I have a son that is in need of medical treatment. I have a business that I’m struggling to keep a float since june 2010. My rent is due, and my utilities and car notes are overdue. I need a real loan with reasonable payback terms. I have a good job and need a push.

  145. oz london says:

    I am need of £800 loan for a period of 3 months and repay back any interest as requested (fair interest ) But the big problem I need the money today before 5:00 PM via Western Union without any fees . Please let me know ASAP !! Thanks !!!

  146. Ms. P says:

    Please, please, please help me.
    I need $20,000 as soon as possible !!!

  147. Phillip says:

    I need 2000$ loan to establish credit and consolidate bills. I am 19 and live i Lacey WA.
    I have a job that a just started and i just got out of the army. i fell behind on my bills and i am in need of 2000$ by January 4th. I will pay back asap over the next 3 months.

  148. dom says:

    I need $5000 asap. I live NYC. I can pay back in 3 months time with interest.

  149. Ton says:

    I need a loan for $8,000.00 ASAP. I can pay at least .35 on the dollar. I have great collateral and I am open for negotiations for the interest and pay-off time.

  150. Anthony Harris says:

    no sob story im looking for $2000 to $3000 usd to rent a house for a couple months in my home state and make some quick money while there then move to texas. after 3 months from loan date i can repay any amount need money by the 31st of dec. i do have a bank account if that helps. im leaving tx the 31 to head back to michigan. for MMMA start 😉

  151. Tom says:

    I am in need of a short term loan in the amount of $15,000. I am willing to pay 30% interest payments monthly until loan is paid off. Loan will be paid off within 180 days (6 months). Need the loan ASAP, would like to close and fund by Jan. 5,2011.

  152. storm&john says:

    a couple in need of a 30g loan. funds will be used for a start up of several businesses in one location. no problem making payments with interest.

  153. Stephanie says:

    I am in need of a $50000 loan by the end of the week to pay off debt. can pay $2000 a month. Please help me I am in danger of losing my home.

  154. toni says:

    i need 1000 for three wks no employment no credit no verifications i do have valid cheacking account. That is in the negative at this moment.

  155. john mutafis says:


  156. Debbie says:

    I am in need of 6,000. I am unemployed no credit, i do have a valid checking account i need it asap like tomorrow. can anyone help????????

  157. Kurt says:

    Here is my request: $7,000 usd for a period no longer than 6 months. I am newly employed at a position that will allow me to pay back the loan with aggressive interest. I truly need the money as soon as possible.

  158. Dawm Capels says:

    Need 6,000 for house can pay with income tax .

  159. erica says:

    I need 3000 by today have bills to pay off

  160. Laurinda Tate says:

    I am in need of $800 to bring my sister back from Nigeria..She went over there to pick her goods up that she bought, and now cannot get back to Lubbock, Tx. Will someone please help me bring my sister home? Thank you very much

  161. john says:

    I need $50,000 for 6 months and will pay high interest. High income individual with need for short term cash.

  162. Vanessa says:

    I need about 2000 dollars by 2pm today or I’m gonna lose my house. I dont care about interest and I will be able to pay it back within 4 months.

  163. Alex says:

    i am looking for a 25 000$ loan looking for a quick answer the load interest% does not matter since i will be getting a large amount in the next few weeks

  164. Lynn Toi says:

    I am in very bad need of a loan for 150000 I do not care about the intrest rate at this time. my company has landed a contractto build a 7 story nursing home and we need funds up front to buy and pay employee for a few weeks. do not wqant to lose this half million dollar contract. is there anyone out there that will help us.

  165. JJ says:

    In need of a $5000 loan 6mth term stable residency and employment qld Australia

  166. Future says:

    I need $19,000.00 to save my ongoing business. I will gladly return the funds in monthly installments with negotiable interest attached.

  167. richard says:

    moving to new job but old job screwed me on my money owed to me and I need 8,000 to keep from losing my vehicles and house and family. The world is crumbling around me and need help ASAP. Right now today can repay monthly or weekly amounts determined by you til paid back with interest. Been in same career field for 24 years and have lived in same town over 30 years so not moving (well unless I lose my house).

  168. Eddie says:

    I have a small business in jersey I need a loan asap, i need 15k will pay back 20k in 3 weeks

  169. Corie says:

    I have been laid off for a year and will start my new job on tuesday. I desperately need a loan of 2500 to prevent from being evicted. I am a single parent. Need help immediately.

  170. mike says:

    In need of $3000.00 by the 28th. will pay high interest.will pay back bi-weekly. have secure steady employment. no dependents.
    mike in Canada

  171. Mike says:

    I am in turmoil but with financial help can make a very quick recovery! I need $5500.00 ASAP! From there, I am open to almost every repayment option simply because like I said I can quickly recover from this deficit! Thanks for replying ASAP!!

  172. John says:

    I’m in need of $12,000 immediately to complete an on going project. Can repay $14,000 in 60 days. I’m in Detroit mi , would like to deal with someone in the area if possible. I have other projects coming up that might need additional funding also. I’m willing to pay the interest as long as the money is there when I need it!

  173. chris says:

    I’m looking to borrow 15,000 dollars will pay back monthly. I need the money asap!!

  174. Nicole says:

    I am in need of a $4000.00 loan. I need this money as soon as possible. I am open to different repayment options. I have a number of financial responsibilities that I need to pay and make a financial recovery. I am also willing to pay interest due upon repayment.
    Thank You

  175. patrick says:

    Need a 7000 cdn loan immediately for some emergency expenses willing to pay high interest rates, loan to be repaid in full within 6 months, will pay 6 months of interest payments and then final lump sum at the end

  176. Mother of Three says:

    I am in need of 3000 US dollars immediately. I need this money before 3pm eastern standard time in order to avoid going to jail.

  177. Project on hold says:

    Looking for a serious investor to invest in a building project currently working on…need $30,000.00 to complete this project, offering @ 30% return on the $30,000.00 loan. It will take about 4 wks to complete this project once I get the help of the $30,000.00…therefor the initial loan of $30,000.00 plus the 30% return on that would be payable back with in a 4 wk period.

  178. Tina says:

    I am a first time homebuyer. I have good credit, but not excellent. I have no evictions or any other negative issues except that I am self-employed and proving what I make to get a bank loan is not easy because since the mortgage crash 3 years ago the banks are document obsessed it seems.
    I am trying to buy a house for my daughter because it has always been a dream of hers and now I am finding that even though I have a good down payment amount I still can’t get a loan.

    I am in need of 50,000 and can pay it back asap (less than a year)

  179. Matthew P says:

    I am looking for an unsecured personal loan for $40,000.00 I will be using to pay off my fiance and my debt together. We are located in the USA. We are willing to pay $718.75 a month which is 3% for a period of 60 months (5 years payback). You would get back $3,124.85 ontop of the 40,000.00 WE are in need of serious lenders only.

  180. luke says:

    i need 9000 dollars aus like yesturday i have good credit history and the banks wont help can pay 500-600 a week

  181. Daren says:

    Need SGD$4000 now please state repayment and interest

  182. Darcy says:

    I need 8,000 in the 24 hours. I will pay high interest, just need the cash to work with. No upfront fees. Thanks.

  183. Richard says:

    I need 18000 today to pay off debt and money to my friend. I have damaged his property and need to help him fix the problems before he loses his assets.

  184. Eric Davis says:

    I am in need of a $6000 dollar loan to pay off a major bill I have. I need to take this out for a period of 18 months and have no problems paying this back. I am employed full time with a cushy salary position. Let me know if anyone can help me out.

  185. dennis says:

    i need a load at 20 percent a month have my house for collateral its paid for need cash for six months a hundred grand i restore muscle cars please let me know

  186. Gabriella says:

    i am in need of a loan of $5000 to $10.000 dollars i need it for start up for my business and to pay bills..and to move closer to my children i do not mind the interest rate. as soon as possible would be great.

  187. Adrian says:

    I need $20000 by April 20,to take care of some business transactions. Willing to do 3yrs at any rate.

  188. Penny says:

    I need a loan of $10000 to take care of personal expenses. Will repay at any interest rate only will not pay upfront fees for any transfer amount.

  189. Bob says:

    Hi, I need a $3,000 in the usa, will pay any interest rate, just no upfront fee’s. Roof needs replacing I have no insurance on the trailer.

  190. Cassie says:

    I need a loan of $8000 by Friday. I am willing to pay very high interest but no upfront fees. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  191. Julie says:

    I just got an apartment and a new job caretaking along side my seasonal painting job. I had a excel energy bill follow in the amount of 7,000 but they wont work with me unless I pay 3500 and if I dont get this taken care of I will lose my apartment and be on the street. If there is anyone who can help as my credit is not good

  192. Julieta Campos says:

    I need a loan fast in the amount of $ 10,000 dollars
    I can sign a contract between you and me and meet me in person if you wanted. for a $ 10,000 dollars
    loan I promise to pay you $ 3,000 dollars or more
    defend on our negotiations for interest fee as soon as I received my settlement. I am legit borrowers I had a good job but I got hurt on my job, I have four people depending on me, we will be homeless soon if no one will help us. Please I need help. Call me I live in Washington

  193. Sean says:

    We are in need of 17,000 USD from an angel investor and/or partnership. have solid business plan and very experienced management.
    please respond if interested in viewing bus plan and nda.

  194. Shelly says:

    I am looking for a loan of 3,500 USD to get my vehicle out of the transmission shop. I’m the mother of 3 small children and have an income of 1200 monthly. I am able to pay monthly with interest but no upfront fees. I’m in California. I can use my car for collateral if need be.

  195. Whylee says:

    i need $260,000 pls some one help

  196. Melissa says:

    I am i desperate need of $10,000, can make monthly payments, willing to pay high interest

  197. Billy says:

    I am in desperate need of $2500.00 to catch up on bills before everything is repossesed. Can make monthly payments and have paid back within 8 months. Is there anyone out there who can help?

  198. J.P. says:

    I would like to borrow $10,000 in u.s. dollars and I would like pay it back on a monthly basis. I am willing to pay higher interest…please someone help.

  199. Trey says:

    I am in need of $50,000 in the next week. Willing to pay back 65 in 2 years. please let me know if interested.

  200. Vince says:

    Hi I’m looking for a loan shark that can loan me in the amount of $36,000.

  201. Bob says:

    Hi, I really need a loan tonight of 2,000 Dollars. I will pay back any intrest and quickly! I make good money, im just behind and I am getting desperate. Please respond… Even if its just an email address or website any help in finding the loan would be great

  202. Michael says:

    I am in need of 25k loan to purchase an existing business. I am unable to find any banks that are lending, I need the money to purchase the company and I can then pay back the loan within in 3 months. I am asking for local Lenders that are in the San Antonio, TX area only. please contact me asap I need to move on this deal fast

  203. Pete says:

    Hello, I am in need of a loan to start/continue my business plan. I am willing to pay high rates with fair terms. Money is needed as soon as possible. I am in Michigan. Please anyone not from the US need help. The loan amount is $20,000.00.

  204. Janet says:

    In need of $4000. by tomorrow 6/15/11, very important. Was suppose to receive a large sum of my yesterday, would receive until the end of the month. Have to get money in bank account immediately. All help would be appreciate any help given.

  205. Christine says:

    I just need about $1000 or $2000 today if possible and I will swear to pay you back within the week with interest of course. I’m just desperate but I do have means to make the money quickly. You will get all your money back no problems.

  206. Damon says:

    I need a loan of $4,500-$5,000 which I will be able to pay back very quickly all depending on what the interest rates are. I would be able to pay it back in one month tops depending on what the rates will be.

  207. Richard Brown says:

    Need 25K to relocated fabric and workroom business. I have over 100K in inventory that is debt free but can’t get local financing. Is anyone interested in helping?

  208. Rhonda Leigg says:

    I need 15,000 dollars asap for a very important person in my life. I will be able to pay 400.00 a month back with no problem I know it does not seem like a lot but right now that is all I can afford to pay at this time.

  209. Joey says:

    Hello. My wife and i jus had a daughter and now we have another unexpected one on the way. We are in need to borrow $10,000 to $20,000 on short term to get us a new home as soon as possible.

  210. tobin doman says:

    1500.00 i will pay back monthly, thanks hopr to hear from you soon…

  211. Jules says:

    In need of $15k for 60 days. Losing business helping out a family. Now friend cannot pay back. I have collateral. Will pay back monthly…..

  212. Russell says:

    In desperate need of $8000, i do not care about the interest rate, just need a monthly payment plan for about a year.

  213. Pam D. says:

    Hi, I live in Shaker Hts Ohio and I am a honest person who is in a financial emergency bind. I tried to get loan with many financial institutions and just haven’t been successful because I am still re-establishing my credit. I’ve always work in the finance/banking field and keep a good job, I’ve just been experiencing financial difficulties since my divorce and I need to borrow at least $8,500 to get me through rough financial bind. I will be able afford to make monthly payments until March of next (2012) then I will be able to pay the remaining loan balance off in full.

  214. jason b says:

    I need 1000$ now willing to pay back 1500 in less than 30 day i need it to help my sick wife. I will also pay back a high interest rate if you so choose so but need the money really soon. I live in Oregon, USA.

  215. Mark says:

    need to borrow 5-10k repaid in about 3 months…offering 20% simple interest.

  216. Jennifer says:

    the deal I’ve got that I need a loan for is an Estate Jewelry lot of very rare and high end pieces, we already have 4 buyers in place to purchase and are running out of time to secure funding so that we can purchase the lot and resell. I am looking for $500K for approx. 30 days; I will pay the investor 3 months of interest when I repay the loan in 30 days. I will put up a $750K Offshore Powerboat as collateral. I need to move quickly on this deal or the lot will go to another buyer by the end of business today.

  217. Pam says:

    Need 1500 dollars by 5 oclock today.

  218. brian says:

    I’m in need of 12000 dollar loan i have a family of 10 was out of work with no income for a month but back to work now I’ve had the same job for 13 yrs same residence for 4 yrs i can pay back in monthly installments. if i don’t find something soon i might have to turn in my life insurance policy.

  219. Sharon says:

    I need $5,000 by 11/7/2011 to reinstate mortgage before auction sale. Can pay back in 6 months when grandmothers estate settles.

  220. peter says:

    I am in need of an urgent loan of $25,000 to expand my business.

  221. Greg says:

    I had a company that owed me just over $90,000 file for bankruptcy and it has put me in a very very tight spot until February. I have several checks coming in first quarter 2012 and would like to find a loan for $25,000.

  222. damara says:

    I desperately need 1000 dollars.

  223. Gary says:

    I need $100,000 or 150,000 loan, I would repay in full with interest in 12 mos. I need the funds quickly, I have a startup business and have secured over $150k in equity financing committed and another $350k that will come in around Q2 of 2012.

    My preference would be for small monthly payments for 6 mos (4,000) and then 2 quarterly balloon payments following this. I am prepared to pay the high interest rate I know will be expected so I would repay 20% on whichever loan amount was agreed.

    Please only reply if you have a legitimate offer, thanks in advance for your response.

  224. Chris says:

    I need to borrow 8500 to pay an old fine off, it has caught up to me at a bad time, im in court in a custody battle to get my children fulltime to keep them out of bad situations, problem is if this fine isnt paid by wednesday im goin to jail…thank you for your time and please help me…i cant find any other way to do this

  225. Joeann says:

    I need 20000 Asap to purchase a house in forclosure. Will pay back monthly. I .been
    employed on same job 10 years make decent money but dont have the cash

  226. Marlene says:

    In need of a 40K loan to purchase home. willing to make $600 monthly payments for 7 years or sooner to pay off. Do not have best of credit and in a bankruptcy and had home foreclosed on in 2011.Wanting to buy home we are renting, have until April to come up with money.

  227. s Early says:

    Need a 1100.00 loan ASAP will repay in seven days!!!!

  228. DCW says:

    In desperate need of loan to save home.

  229. says:

    Hi, I need to borrow $1,000. I can only pay back very small monthly payments, .. sometimes, no more than 25.00 or 30.00 a month. I am a widow and single mom, and I owe another widow friend $1,000. She loaned this money to me a couple of years ago, and now she is needing it back, so I really need to pay her back as soon as possible, because she is in great need of it now.

  230. julie says:

    I am in desperate need of 10000 quickly can pay back 1000 a month til paid.

  231. Brian Leslie says:

    Ever heard of EFL? Easy financing for UK residents.
    contact 07045785541.

  232. Donnie says:

    I need a loan of 5000 to take my wife on a vacation she recently lost her mom and dad three weeks apart! I can pay back monthly payments! Please help me!

  233. Donnie says:

    I need a loan please contact me at 1-478-918-5035.

  234. Shannon says:

    Please help me, I’ve just been served an eviction notice. I have no food and my car needs to come out of the shop. I need help asap, I can’t afford to move all the way from Ohio to Louisiana. I really need 1000. That’s it.

  235. Ashley Dorsey says:

    Hello, I an in desperate need of a loan for $10,000 USD. I will be able to pay ot back in 180 day. I have five children, i do have a job that i have been on for 5 years. I need the money to start my new business… I have my house to use as collateral if need be.

  236. joshua says:

    can somebody please help me I am a single father in need of at least a 5000 dollar loan so me and my 3 year old lil girl can get are own place and maybe a cheap car so please get back to me and I am looking for someone like a shark no banks thanks

  237. joshua says:
    iam a single father in need of at least a 5000 dollar loan no banks Im trying to get are own place and maybe a cheap car so please if somebody could help email me asap thanks

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