Loan Shark Money: How to Make Use of It

Before you actually borrow money from any lender, you always have to ensure that you are actually dealing with a reputable entity so you can use the money in the right place. Avoid putting yourself at risk by borrowing from dangerous sharks!

Most banks and financial institutions normally perform a check with the credit history of any applicant who files for a loan. During this procedure they generally evaluate all past repayment history. So in case you maintain a bad credit history you certainly may find it hard to obtain a loan from these organizations. So, most debtors who require immediate cash always turn towards loan shark money or other illegal moneylenders. Before you borrow money from loan sharks you have to understand that they give away money for a high rate of interest.

In case you don’t pay the money back on time then there is a small chance that the sharks will become frustrated by your lack of integrity, prompting them to threaten you by making use of violence. So if you are borrowing money from these illegal loan sharks then you might be risking yourself. If you go by the popular definition then these loan sharks are generally organizations or single individuals who lend away money to needy people in exchange for small amount of fee or generally higher interest rates. So these could also be unlicensed money lenders they are doing this business illegally. Such people generally offer monetary help easily to anyone who needs immediate cash. But before you borrow money from them it is important to understand the total amount that you are supposed to pay back.

Always bear in mind that with most loan shark lenders, the terms and conditions generally are very poor compared to traditional loans that you could get with good credit. In case you are not aware of the terms then there are chances that you might have to repay high interest equivalent to double or triple the borrowed amount. So in case you borrow a particular sum from these loan sharks then you might have to repay around 12% interest on the principal amount. So if you don’t actually pay back the entire amount along with interest within the first few months, it is possible that you might get trapped under debt.

Borrowing loan shark money can be like a scary movie for most borrowers especially if you are paying very high interest rates on your principal. As most loan sharks charge you with compound interest rate, you principal will keep on increasing every month if you do not pay off any amount of the loan. Whenever borrowing money from such lenders you just have to be sure that you pay back the amount within 30 days to avoid extra debt on your head. So if you borrow an amount of around $5000 and don’t pay anything back in first month then there are chances that you could end up paying several thousand dollars in interest if you allow the loan to drag out over a period of around three years.

There are many borrowers who try to run away and hide after being unable to fulfill the debts to their local loan sharks. These lenders may take any action to recover their amount back from such borrowers. Such illegal lenders might try making threatening calls to the borrowers so they can recover their amount along with interest. Before choosing a lender it is important that you go through all terms and conditions of repayment before following through with a financial transaction.

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125 Responses to Loan Shark Money: How to Make Use of It

  1. laura says:

    i need a loan shark in essex now -i do not want anyone to tell me not to as i desperatly need one asap. i have a large sum of money coming to me in the next couple of months but right now i need one so can anyone tell me how to find one in the essex/london area. if you are one contact me and i will give you my number. thankyou,

  2. Lynn says:

    I need a loan for a couple weeks dont care bout high interest please cantact me

  3. John says:

    I am urgently in need of a loan of $15,000 before 02/26/10. Will pay back at what interest is set. If there’s someone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. nichola says:

    im urgently in need of a loan untill august i need 5 grand till then i dont care about high rates i just need someone to meet me asap and give me the funds can pay as much as 10 grand back in august please help im in essex by way

  5. Caprice Hugh says:

    I urgently need $5000 by today or early tomorrow. I do not have collateral, but am willing to pay high interest. Please, if anyone can possibly help me out, it would be greatly appreciated, and you would be saving my livelihood. Thank you. I am very desperate.

  6. Brian says:

    I need 7500 dollars. If anyone is willing to set up a loan with me, please contact me via email.


  7. louise says:

    i need to only borrow £1000 by next week. i get paid on a monthly basis so can discuss payment with you. please contact me via email only if you can help. i dont mind high interest rates. thanks. im in essex

  8. Harold says:

    I will haggle with the terms with you. I know your interest rates are high. Nevertheless, I need to borrow 6500 dollars right away and will pay the loan back to you in full before the end of the year or within 24 months, depending on the terms.

  9. Paula says:

    Need to borrow £15k by 10th April, we are about to lose our house, we both have jobs and are able to repay back the loan within 18mths due to bonuses and high income salaries.

  10. Unknown says:

    Live in San Francisco,with bad credit, Trying to find a loan shark willing to lend $8,000, need it by tomorrow,

  11. nikki says:

    in essex in urgent need of 5 thou till august can pay back then with high interest i dont care about that, help 07528945163

  12. cj says:

    need 1000 tonight in phoenix az

  13. joseph says:

    ASAP ASAP i live in new york city and i need 4000 tonight to pay some back rent i can pay up to 600 a mo.
    thank you..

  14. DA says:

    I need $6500 by May 18th, 2010. I’m 66 years old and collecting social security with a large home that’s paid off. Income is steady. Applied for reverse mortgage but won’t close until July. I’m willing to pay monthly and then pay balance when reverse mortgage closes. High interest not a problem. Thanks!

  15. sarah says:

    I need a loan of £1,200 ASAP, i live in Aberdeen Scotland, i’m 27 years old i have a good income. If you can please help me out i would be most greatfull.

  16. agnes says:

    hello,am looking for 1500£ this week really need quick live in london need for new house deposit please help , working full time , please call 07932556055

  17. kevin says:

    my house burnt down and after fighting w/ins comp i received the check to endorse sent it to mrg company it has been 6 mth trying to get money they are the biggest crooks my house is at 75% complete i need 30,000.00 for 6mths to complete the house so they will release the remaining monies owed to me

  18. james says:

    i need 2000 for wednesday at the last is please,would very great fulllooking to pay back next mouth;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  19. melissa says:

    from ESSEX in need of £2000 contact me


  20. Jenn says:

    Need a loan to finish a business transaction, investor fell through at the last minute. Need the loan for 6 weeks willing to pay back the initial loan amount plus fifty percent. ASAP help would be awesome so I don’t lose my client!

  21. Abby says:

    Need a loan of £3000 in cash for 3 months. Will pay back full loan amount plus interest even if interest is high. I will need to receive the money in cash. I will not give out my account information and would prefer to conduct the transaction in person, in a public place in London.

  22. baldbunny says:

    need to borrow 1200 a.s.a.p desperate to get a car. can pay back weekly or monthly, horrible credit so need now

  23. Anonymous says:

    NO games, no overseas. Need a legit loan. Family has suffered a lot from greedy people. In need of $80,000 to start up a legit business immediately. It’s either now or never. Have experience in running this particular business. Now looking to place a business in a high traffic mall with an average of 20 million consumers a year. Will pay back the $80,000 within one year and repay the mutual agreed interest in the following year after the initial $80,000 is paid. Please e-mail me so we can go over terms. Thank you.

  24. niner says:

    looking for a loan between $10,000 to $20,000. came into an opportunity that will pay off ok. 10% a month is do able.

  25. Rob says:

    Looking for £4000 loan this week, able to repay with interest end of August. I live in East London, UK.

  26. Rachel says:

    Hello, I just recently lost a great Manager Position due to someone elses mistake which has set me back financially, However I have started receiving unemployment benefits faithfully $700 bi-weekly and able to pay any loan back in full + interest on a monthly payment plan of your choice. I really need help to get back where I once was “worry free”.
    Loan Amount: $5,000 ASAP

    Sincerely, Needing To Keep My Roof Over My Head~

  27. Byron says:

    I am in search of a High interest loan with monthly payments over 1 year or less depending on payments. I need $25,000.00 within 7 days. Look forward to the help or financing.

  28. racheal says:

    Am in need of £5000 in bristol. Loan sharks welcome to respond am working full time.

  29. Jodi says:

    need 100,000.00 ASAP. have a job and can pay back over a period of time. interest not a problem. Need by Tuesday Aug. 24, 2010. Please i’m begging for help. Desperate!!

  30. tina finch says:

    need £5000 asap,live in colchester essex ,otherwise will lose house, work full time, very desperate, if any1 can help pls email me, dont care about interest, thanks

  31. Lili says:

    Need to borrow 7000 asap – don’t care about high interest. Really, really desperate!!!

  32. vinne says:

    lookin for a few grand gone and tried everything and everywhere to borrow money now my only chance is a loan shark (i no all about the risks and high rates but dont no what else to do and need cash fast)

  33. mark says:

    Need $8,000 asap. Paying back is no problem. I have plenty of cash and can prove it with bank statements. Problem is I’m going through a nasty divorce and custody and my accounts have been frozen for a period of time. I can pay back with interest of course or if lender does not want to wait we can work out a very rich deal. I will have no problem cutting lender in on a very important business transaction taking place in the next couple of weeks. However, I need the $8,000 for the lawyers fee or I will lose my daughter during the custody battle. I really need a lenders (legal or illegal) help and I will never forget the favor. I can say this right now. Who ever the person is that comes forward, will be set as far as money goes, I will see to that. My daughter means the world to me. My court date is Thursday September 16, 2010. Thanks

  34. mark evans says:

    I need £80,000 for 6 months to build 2 two bed roomed semi houses.One is already sold(deposit at solicitors).Plot is owned outright and worth 80k un developed,as soon first one is completed the loan will be paid off,it,s an absolute banker for someone.15/17K profit for doing nothing!!

  35. manny says:

    I am in queens, ny. I need a loan for 3000 dollars today.

  36. dereke says:

    Going through a divorce and need the money to help settle debt can pay the the money back just need cash right away 4000.00 dollars.

  37. Mickey says:

    Need a loan of $10,000.00 ASAP- in order to purchase a car, pay for a place to live, and purchase other neccessities- as ex-husband recently caused major massive destruction in both the lives of me and my 14 year old son…His actions caused us to lose everything!- Can pay back the loan in a very short period of time, as I am a professional in the IT industry- just need the funds ASAP in order to jump our lives…as we have to start from ground zero- If anyone can help or refer me accordingly i would be greatly appreciative!!!!

  38. Scott says:

    Looking for a 4 month loan till my retirement comes in. I am looking to borrow $50,000.

  39. steve says:

    looking for a loan of £8,000 will pay back in 12 weeks. will explain to the right lender who is serious of giving the loan

  40. Anonymous says:

    i need a 3000 dollar loan in 2 days i’m a single mom that’s a little down on her luck right now

  41. Dayna says:

    I need $7,200.00 by Tuesday November 9th or my children and myself will be out on the streets. I have a job and can pay it back in a timely fashion. PLEASE I am desperate. I am willing to give my diamond ring and gold necklace as collateral.

  42. Sandy Says says:

    I need to borrow $5000 as I am trying to visit friends for the Thanksgiving holidays. I am due back pay for medical benefits in January and would be glad to pay it back. I am very desperate at the moment and really need this money asap.

  43. angelo says:

    law suit against school district. cannot give much details, is a public record, need fund to keep my company going. will details and info to the right persons.

  44. Sonia says:

    hi i need money ugently to settle my credits and help a family ungently out please i need about N$ 10 000.00 pay back in 24 month please

  45. Casey says:

    Hello, I would like to borrow 6000$. My credit is average. Im trying to cover some bills untill Jan.20th. Thank you

  46. Jon says:

    Hi i need to only need to borrow 1000 quid to get me through the christmas period. I was recently made unemployed but start my new position Jan 5th. Can anyne help me in the essex area?

  47. Michael says:

    I have a govt. backed annuity of 149k and am asking for 100k in cash to start a business. The payments are 10k per year till 2025 payable to any bank you determine. If you can help let me know.

  48. antonio says:

    30,000- 50,000 for trucking company by wed. Can pay 2500 a month. lots of work need truck.

  49. Orane McMayo says:

    in need of a $10K loan, can pay half back within 6 months.

  50. Pete says:

    Living in Lincoln, need £1500 urgently, can anyone help? (professional with good job)

  51. lblakely says:

    In need of $3000 by next Monday or could face eviction.

  52. nick and biz latta says:

    I have been on medical leave for a little while. I have 4 young children, 2 of which are in school. I am facing eviction and no electricity within the next week. I don’t want to make my children change schools and I don’t want to move into my parents or a hotel. If I could get a loan of five thousand until my tax returns of about ten thousand comes, about 2 months, I would be the most grateful person on earth. Thank you for your consideration and I hope someone out there can help our family stay in our home.

  53. Will says:

    Need to borrow 5,000 ASAP by tomorrow Sunday January 30 or Monday the 31st 2011. Emergency came up and need urgent help. Don’t care about the rates.

  54. Bradley says:

    Need to borrow 4000 pay back over course of a year will pay high interest

  55. Martha V. says:

    In need to borrow $20000US ASAP. I don’t care about rates, will repay all of it in 6 months.

  56. Steve says:

    I need £10,000 by Wednesday 2nd to help a friend out and also sort myself out, don’t care what rate of interest, just to start paying back from march 2011 please help if you are in Bristol UK.

  57. Carole says:

    Regrettably, I ended with family debt. However, situation is over. I need $6000 to bring all my personal debt to level for me to personally handle. I work – part time with $5200 income, but see need to expand my professional services full time. Some money would be used for that purpose as well. Need money by 2/9 – urgent matter.
    I will be able to start repayment in March 2011.
    Please Help me!

  58. ricky l h says:

    need £1300 by feb 28th for new car or will av to take kids to new school wich i dnt want do self employed good job any1help mail me

  59. James Bullock says:

    I am in need of $5,000 by Monday AM as I am about to loose 4 storage units of my household goods of 32 years. I have recently had to pay an out of pocket and savings monies for my wife’s diabetic retinaopothy operation on her eyes to keep from going blind. Our insurance barely covered it. So now I have accumulated over two months late payment on out life long belongings. We lost our house due to my loss of a good job in 2006. I have been trying to start a good small business in Homeland Security Systems for US and International Ports.

    I will receive $50,000 for one of the projects we just finished in one and one-half months. I will be willing to discuss any arrange. I will keep my private cell phone line open form now through tomorrow night to discuss any possibilities. I have been told they will auction my goods on Tuesday Feb. 22 at 9:00 AM.

  60. c.jones says:

    I am divorced, live on 1500 a month alimony and 600 ss, I have horrible credit, but own my own home outright, is there anyone who would consider giving me a loan against my property? please?

  61. sui kau says:

    hi am desperatly looking for a loan of £1000 asap…i have bank account and in full time emplyment and can pay back by end of april £2000?? let me asap and i will email u my details

  62. Margaret Connolly says:

    I need £10k by Friday 4th March. Did anyone manage to get a loan by a loan shark. Can start to make payments from 16th March 2011. Need help urgently.

  63. Graham Hain says:

    Live in Aberdeen. No chance of credit. Desperately looking to borrow £4200 immediately – paying back monthly from full time wage over the course of a year (plus) – depending on interest but willing to pay high interest if need be to get me out of a hole!! Would prefer to deal with any willing lender in person!

  64. Helena says:

    I am seeking a loan shark in queens that can lend $5000 now for a deposit for my daughters wedding and to repay for burial of my mother, I can repay weekly with whatever the interest rate is as well as offer my services for life (real estate and certain legal documents as well as a notary). My daughter is depending on me and I have no where else to turn.

  65. R Cross says:

    Need $50,000 tomorrow for business deal. Can repay at $2000 per month for 3 years.

  66. jay says:

    i need to get 20,000 too by a house and can pay back monthly until i can pay it back

  67. robbie says:

    i need 4000 to pay off bills waiting on income tax be here in four weeks help

  68. kim says:

    need 24,000 to pay off high interest credit card will pay it back 36,000 3 years direct deposit to your account military retired.

  69. tommy says:

    i need 4000 dollars by friday, will pay back 6000 in 6 months.

  70. david says:

    asking for 5,000 to get my truck back ex did a payday loan without telling me and now im stuck with out a truck

  71. rissa says:

    i took some money from my boss and now i must pay it back by monday or else is there anyone that can help???

  72. lmilla says:

    Asking for a loan of 5000.00 to pay off some bills. Have a good full time job and part time job. Would like to make $400.00 a month payments until paid off. Will help me out a lot to have one payment a month. Very hard worker!

    Really would like this loan by next week 4-22-11. You won’t be disappointed, I pay my bills on time, just need a little break.

  73. Courtney says:

    Hello I am in need of 5200 to save my home. Will pay back in 5 months please help

  74. amy says:

    in need of 25000 dollars to pay irs or they will close my business. please help. will be able to pay 1000 a month until payed off.

  75. Trina says:

    I am in need of $600 today and will be able to repay all on 05/10/2011. Not able to use more traditional lending services.

  76. Kevin says:

    In need of 5000 today waiting for a retirement check will repay with interest by 6/20/11

  77. julie says:

    has anyone on here actually had any luck posting on here? if so i am looking for £5000 asap to start again from scratch after house fire me and my partner both work hard and our kids deserve a better life can pay back up to 600 a month and don’t care about the interest rate. I’m in Essex need someone local

  78. ross lane says:

    need to borrow 7000 pounds urgently, got to many bills to pay so want to pay them off, will pay back how ever much, rates not important, please does anyone know anyone who is willing to help, i work full time and my family deserve the best not scrimping and scraping, i am in the southend area

  79. louise says:

    i need a £10000 loan in Bristol UK today, if anyone can help please come back to me can pay 300 back a month

  80. Robert Leonard says:

    Hello I’m in need of 700 today asap. I will be able to pay is back within the next week and a half.

  81. Marilyn Coleman says:

    I need to borrow $25,000.00 I have house pay off
    I will put it up as collateral security if I need to. The house is valued at $120,000
    Thank you.

  82. za says:

    need 4000 live in essex work in london in the next few days – desperate

  83. chris baxter says:

    in need to borrow 3500 and can repay at 400.00 a month with interest. i dont drink, gamble or use drugs just had a few medical issues. so if there is anyone out there that can help would really be grateful.

  84. Shauna says:

    Need 25k by july 1st 2011 as a business loan or will lose my entire company. Business is now starting to pick up, so high interest is fine.

  85. P says:

    I am in desparate need of $5000 tomorrow. I am willing to pay double back. Can repay in full in 90 days, and will make payments on it monthly until them if desired.

  86. Bruce Mayeda says:

    Need $60k to save my house. Loan would be secured with the house. Approx. $100k equity.

  87. gary morton says:

    I need a hard loan for 72,200.00 by this Sunday 31st no later than the 1st to complete a surety bond for 30M. Length of time to repay is 10th of Aug. double your money in 7 days!

  88. Armaun Bartee says:

    Need loan for $8000 for a work car, Have great income and don’t care about the interests

  89. chris reeves says:

    I need to borrow £1,100 ASAP please as bailiffs are due round at 10am

  90. Steven says:

    I need to borrow $25,000 to pay off my Alimony to my ex-wife. I still owe her 10 years at $2,500 a month and she is letting me off if I come up with $25,000. I can repay it at $2,500 a month

  91. stephanie says:

    Hi i need a loan of 1000 pounds TONIGHT or someones life is at risk.. Please help me as i am very desperate and dnt care if i have to pay back for the rest of my life.

    I live in Essex…. Forgot 2 add dat. Thanks 4 ur cooperation

  92. Patty S says:

    I need to borrow $10000 ASAP to pay off bills and get my fiances son out of bad living conditions.

  93. timmy kerns says:

    Urgent i need it today, in need a loan of 20,000 from a loan shark, no scammer will be able to pay back over a period of 14 months. Will not have money to pay for upfront fees and transfer fees Charlotte NC

  94. Leo Wilkinson says:

    Urgently need to borrow $12,000 asap. I have to payoff my debts urgently. I have 2 jobs, I work 90 hours a week and will be able to pay back in 3 months.

  95. neil says:

    in urgent need of £300 by monday living in bristol

  96. Pam D. says:

    Hi, I am honest person just been going through some financial difficulties since my divorce and I need a loan for $8,500 or minimum to get me through an emergency bind. I am hard worker keep a good job, just need to continue to repair my credit which is making hard for me to get personal loan through any other financial institution. Trust me I tried every option there is for me to try, please let me know your terms and agreement at your earliest convenience.

  97. Brian says:

    Need a business loan of at least $10,000 up to $20,000 willing to pay 30% interest rate. Watkins Glen, NY (Fingerlakes region) prime business location on main drag. If interested please call me at (315) 530-8062. Thank you!

  98. rick says:

    I need help. im from the philippines. I need to borrow $3,000 on or before the 30th of sept.

  99. rodney dickerson says:

    Need 9k by wed.9.29.11 hoping sum1 can help me.

  100. Leo says:

    Hello, I need 2,000 dollars ASAP. Tonight if possible. I do have a job and a regular income. But I’m just going through an emergency. I need it by tonight if possible. I can pay off the loan and interest in about a month.

  101. mandelo says:

    Need 125k to start business very profitable one money can be paid back in 12 months including interest

  102. lolbear1984 says:

    need 4K by the end of the week otherwise me and my daughter will be homeless!!

  103. steven says:

    need 1000 pound tonight in essex call me on 07531399044

  104. Colo says:

    I need funds to clean up a mess I made, and my credit score. Need ASAP, today.
    Have good paying job, high interest not a problem. 5158226797

  105. Thomas says:

    I make over 5500 a month, but i have several small debts that make it impossable to stay afloat. If I could get a loan for 10000 i would be willing to repay 20000. I am being over run bye payday advances and rental companies because im to far in debt to beable to pay cash like a normal person. I just got started off on the wrong foot!

  106. peter clarke says:

    hi i need a loan of 2500 pounds live in essex and leicester need the loan asap thank you

  107. bryant says:

    I need a 15,000.00 loan to save my house. I am willing to pay high interest rates.

  108. tania says:

    I need a 7000 loan by midnite tonite i have to pay some bills to get back on my feet i can pay it back by June 1st i don’t care what the interest is I’ll do or pay whatever i have to back so if someone can help that would be great thanks

  109. Sandra says:


    When my father passed away one year ago, I was a financially-struggling, single parent of a teenage daughter, who has wanted to go to college and expects she will, one way or another, in a year from now. Unfortunately, however, I was disinherited in his second will–not his first will.

    I, therefore, need a loan of about $15,000-16,000 to retain a team consisting of a legal and a forensic medical professional to succeed in a legal case–a will contest–regarding my late father’s large estate and regain my original inheritance taken from me by undue influence and deceit/fraud that not only caused my alienation/estrangement from my father for years but also my disinheritance.

    I can handle a monthly loan payment of about $350-$400–principal plus interest–or slightly lower if interest only. I expect the loan to be repaid in about two years if not a lot sooner presumably through succeeding in this legal case if not also a related equity case, not yet filed, in which I would be seeking legal compensation for various damages incurred. If I find that I need to file this second case to carry me over financially if the will contest proceeds slower than expected, then I will do so shortly. So, in one way or another, I feel confident that I can repay the loan in the time required due to the strong chances of my success in these legal endeavors. But, unfortunately, due to the somewhat complicated nature of the case, that deals with circumstantial evidence, the probability of my success is a lot higher the more credible my arguements are. My credibility to a Court increases with the right representation provided by a professional team that combines the legal and medical expertise needed for success.

    Please reply as soon as possible if interested in lending money to me so that I can secure this team before their schedule is again booked as I no longer can carry this case to a successful conclusion on my own. A part of this team willing to work with me is waiting for my own reply to get started with me on this case.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and reply.

  110. Janice says:

    I am in need of $3,500. I am trying to expand my day care business and can see my way to returning these funds within the next couple of months.

  111. justin bieber says:

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.
    Many thanks!

  112. greg ferguson says:

    I need $3000.00 by Monday morning June 22nd 2015, Can somebody help me.

  113. Curtis Campbell says:

    I need to borrow $6500 ASAP. I have a great job and can repay in bi weekly installments. I need this in my acct by 6-23-15. Please can anyone help?

  114. smog check - online auto repair guide oxnard says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉

  115. Janet says:

    I have been having some real financial difficulties and my house is getting foreclosed on so I want to get this bad situation fixed before I lose everything… Please help me right away, I have been trying all resources and have not prevailed and I am OUT of Time!!! Please, I need a very speedy response… Thank you… I do have income and do not mind paying back payments at a high interest rate if I can just turn this bad situation around quickly!!!!
    Thank you in advance!!

  116. Janet says:

    I need $5000.00 immediately for stopping the foreclosure on my home.. please help! I am needing this money immediately… I’m already out of time trying to find other means. Thank you in advance for your help!!

  117. thomas says:

    hi I need a loan asap I need $8,000 dollars I can pay back with intrist within 6 months. i can not pay any fees

  118. arthur t shaw says:

    i need 2000 dollars will pay back 150 a month til you receive 2000 plus 600 back need money fast

  119. google adwords certification says:

    Hi! I just would like to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great info you’ve got right here on this post. I am returning to your web site for more soon.

  120. Trish says:

    This is an URGENT Matter!! I am in need of a loan for 17,500.00, for reinstatement of my mortgage loan. It is past imperative. I have searched and searched, applied and applied and gone to family and friends to no avail. If I could have 3-5 years to pay it back that would be wonderful. I am on SSDI, so my income is verifiable and reliable.

  121. Sean says:

    Need £2,500 ASAP in Essex and Colchester area. Will pay back within a month. Please contact me ASAP.

  122. Sean says:

    Please email regarding previous comment

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  124. Cassie says:

    Need a loan shark leicester asap

  125. adam says:

    Am in desperate need of 8000 can u help?

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