Do You Need Loan Shark Services?

There are a number of loan sharks in the present market who always are looking for people who need urgent monetary help and are always desperate for loans. These people often search for terms like “need loan shark” in Google and are generally the ones who are turned down from a number of other financial institutions and banks, so they are looking for other options to obtain quick and emergency cash. So if you plan to take financial assistance from illegal sharks, then there are chances that you can get yourself in further debt. When you initially encounter loan shark lenders, you may not be sure whom you are actually dealing with, but you have to keep in mind that just like actual sharks, they can sometimes be vicious.

There are a number of people who might in fact agree to different terms and conditions of these loan shark lenders as most of the borrowers are in fact urgently in need of money. So the moment you take one of these illegal loans, there are chances that you might be charged with exorbitant fee that you may find difficult to pay off. Some borrowers wind up being forced to take out a second or third loan so they can efficiently pay the fee amount for the first loan. Some of the more impatient or unscrupulous sharks might even threaten you with various unfavorable consequences in case you are not able to make their payment on time.

It is important that you understand the real difference between legal loan sharks and the illegal variety. In case you have to avoid these illegal lenders, it is important that you get familiar with the amount of fees they charge for their services. Some of the worst of these lenders might also charge you with early repayment feess, membership fee, late repayment fees, debit fees, bounced check fees, or collateral fees. If you count all these fee amounts then you might have to pay around half of the original amount you need as loan.

Most borrowers always are in need of money to fulfill their basic needs. So they are always advised to look for such lenders who are legal and licensed so they are sure that they do not have to pay extra amounts of interest rates or fees for getting the loan.

Always keep in mind that advance fee schemes are usually considered illegal, so when applying for such shark loans you just don’t have to pay any type of upfront fee, especially at the time of application. It is very important that you never provide any such lenders with complete details of your bank account. You always have to be sure that you never sign the application form without actually reading the complete terms and conditions. Fortunately, there are some lenders who are actually genuine and will provide you with the loan amount in advance even before charging their fee amounts.

So if you need loan shark loans then it is advisable that you try to perform a little bit of research over the Internet before signing up. There are many such lenders who can provide you with an instant loan right after signing up with them. You have to keep in mind that you need to make use of these loans to pay all your debts on time. So if you manage to acquire your needed funds from genuine lenders, use the money wisely and do not spend it in a way that would bring you further into debt.

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475 Responses to Do You Need Loan Shark Services?

  1. danielle ham says:


    Hi, my name is Danielle. Please don’t judge me but I have had a real bad year and been left with 2 beautiful children. My ex partner left me and our children with nothing, and as its coming up to Christmas i want to do all i can so they have a great day. I need a loan of £6,000 so they can have all the presents they asked for and to pay for the roof over our heads. I can honestly afford the re-payments as i have money coming in from parents and my current partner. Please can anyone help me and my children, Please I’m 100 per cent genuine and I don’t need time wasters.


  2. chad says:

    hi im looking for a $30000 loan can payback $60000 over 3 years i am working full time in family buisness im in australia thankyou i will not miss 1 paymen if you can help

  3. emma says:

    i am looking for private lender to borrow 6000. Good proof of income can pay back 500 per month.

  4. natalie says:

    hi i’m in desperate need of a loan shark. i need £3000 as there has been a death in my family and the funeral is not in this country. there is a flight departing on 14 december 2009 which will get me and my children there in time for the funeral on thursday 17 december 2009. please please can you help me. thanks natalie

  5. Danny says:

    I’m looking for a loan of 20k or 10k depends on interest rates, so if any loan sharks are out they in the united kingdom then please contact

  6. marisol rivas says:

    My name is Marisol Rivas and i am looking for anyone who can lend me 3500.00 usd , i need to pay my rent and i have a negative bal in my checking acct , i can repay it in payment , i work and can pay it back can anyone please help me! i need the money by today.

  7. Don says:

    I am in need of a loan of 3000. I’ve gotten in some trouble with taking out too many pay day loans and am at the point where the total finance charges are burying me. If I can pay them all off at once I will be able to pay back at least 500 a month. Please help. I have several steady jobs, income is not an issue.

  8. Whoopi says:

    Hi i need a loan asap. I need £7500 to repay debts and for wedding.I will pay any interest i dont care what is the procentage i am desperate.Can anyone help me?Do anything, thanks

  9. kylie says:

    hi i need a loan of $40,000AU. A young mother in desperate need of help. Got to pay back a debt in fourteen days or else. Please help i don’t know what to do.

  10. Etienne says:

    I urgently need to find a loan shark in South Africa – I need R150,000 and can payback R5000 per month. I am willing to back R250,000 in total if necessary.

    CAN ANYONE HELP?????!!!!!!

  11. catherine says:

    need loan shark as cant get loan anywhere

  12. pam says:

    Require 35,000 on Feburary 26, 2010. Only providers who will accept a 3 year repayment plan with your interest and can make the due date. Urgent!!! p

  13. pat johnson says:

    i need 9,000 by saturday feb 27th 2010 or i will lose my home. i have been hit with a 9,000 tax bill because my mortgage co. i had originally went out of business and took my escrow money for taxes and insurance and my bank will not help because of my credit score 597…please help i need a loan shark to email me fast.

  14. eddieg says:

    Need a loan of 1500+ immediately will pay high rate atleast 2500 back to loaner within 4 months. Will provide prof of income and resendency and anything else you need i am located in wilmington, nc

  15. lorraine says:

    i need a loan shark to get a loan of 2000 to 3000euro A.S.A.P i can pay back 400 euro a month please contact me as soon as you can thank you

  16. Robert Oesterman says:

    Me and my brother need a loan to by are first house. we need about $80,000 to by and repair the house. we can repay the loan in about 4 mo. with intrest and points. I have 5 years at building maint, and 4 years as a carpenter so i know what to look for. My brother in the munber crunch.Thank you for your time

  17. nicole foster says:

    Hello my name is Nicole Foster and I am desperate need for a loan I was coned by one of these phony place like send us the money for the insurance company first and thennof course i was conned and currently waiting for a refund I am sure will never come I borrowed 725.00 of the loan from a friend who needs there money to pay there rent and I used my paycheck for the rest I need a loan for 5000.00 I am willing to payback whatever for this money but I desperate I have no food for my child or money for bills I am going to be married in less then a week which is what the loan was for so if anyone can help me who does not want money up front I will take what i can get intrest rates does not matter.

  18. francesca john says:

    I wrote a book entitled Delia’s three wishes it was submitted to halo publishing and was accepted and is now being published I was able to the first half of my publishing fee to get the process started I’m asking for funds to help with the completion of the publishing my book whatever funds is received will be repaid in full also in my book ,every thing is ready to go

  19. sue says:

    im in desperate help i need $120,000.00 by tomorrow dont judge me i have had a business stolen from me and am going thru court system to get money back i need this money for 12 months only PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  20. jackie says:

    I’m in need of $4,000.00 by close of business tomorrow (Tuesday, April 20th) I lost my job and just started a new one last week. But rent, car and the rest of my bills are due like now. I will be able to pay this back within a year.
    Please get back to me by email ( as soon as possible with and answer.
    Thank you

  21. Yolanda says:

    Please help I’m in need of a loan for 12,000 to pay for a funeral for my grandma and pay the back taxes on our family homwe. I promise to repay the loan with interest . I’m a good person and have no were else to turm. Please help me.

    Thank you –

  22. mike agardy says:


  23. Melissa says:

    I need a loan shark NOW. I don’t care about the terms, etc. I can pay back with interest in a year or less. I need $5000 to move into another apartment. I AM DESPERATE. I make good money, but I don’t have enough saved up to afford this! My biggest fear is being a single girl on the streets of Los Angeles. Yes, it’s that bad.

  24. julie weir says:

    I need a loan of £5000. I can afford to pay upto £300 a month to start then possibly increasing this each year to clear balance sooner? Can anyone help me. I have a good job and can prove my earnings so repayment wont be a problem each month.

  25. Susan says:

    I need a loan for $6,000.00 dollars to repair my car and pay some bills. I can pay back this loan in 12 months with interest. i have a good job, so i can pay this back monthly. Please can someone help me, i would appreciate this. I need an answer A.S.A.P.

  26. Charlene says:

    i need a loan for $6500… Due to sickness I have fallen behind on some bills that need to get payed off.. I REALLY need some help…. I can pay the loan in a year on a monthly basis… I need help right away…

  27. katrina says:

    I need a loan of 5,000 asap to be paid over 3 years im willing to pay a rate of 35% interest on the loan.. Please contact me ASAP

  28. y says:

    i need a loan asap 3500 to repay in 8 months by doing monthly payment needed bad for tomorrow. i leave in the gta.

  29. johntay says:

    yes please can any one help me im a single mother i need 1500 dollars untill augst 1 i will u back all your money please help me

  30. Beatrice says:

    I have poor credit but I have a very good job. I have gotten behind on everything because my daughter and husband were laid off so I have been trying to pay their car payments and buy the groceries for them and they have 3 small children. I can a loan for $5,000.00 in 2 years with no problem, But I can’t get anyone to help me. Please help me. Thank You

  31. Debbie says:

    Hi..just need a $4000.00 loan to catch up on some bills. We are a one income family. Paying it back will be no problem as we will be settling on a law suit very soon and can pay it off. Depending on when we settle we can also start paying so much back every month. Thank you for your help

  32. KenR says:

    I need a major level Loan Shark that can go large indeed!!
    I am a former trader via the CBOE, CBOT, and the NYSE. Fail ill a few years ago and virtually lost everything I own.
    I’m looking to obtain a loan in the amount of $4M USD for a period of no more than 90 days. Any interest amount would be okay. Could use any amount upwards to $40M USD. Funds will never be jeopardized and will be placed in escrow and never paid out. No lein, pledge, or any type block of any sort. Will remain in escrow with an attorney bonded with Wachovia Bank. Within the 90 day period, the amount loaned and the agreed interest will be paid via attorney via written contract agreement.
    This involve very high level trades with over 28 years of my doing such successfully.

  33. AliP says:

    Help! Lost my job and jus need to get bck on track i take care of my mother and we fell short this month. looking for $1500.00 – 1800.00 can pay back monthly and all when we receive a death benefit check.

  34. brian says:

    im in need of a loan for 6000.00usd to payoff some bills iam on disibilty from the goverment so i can pay back in monthly payments any one please help

  35. Carrie says:

    I have a week to get out of my home. I was evicted because the land lord will not take care of the bed bugs. I am on SSD so I have limited income. I am looking for 8000.00 This will get me into a home, get me a vehicle, and give me a bit of security. I have tried banks, and payday loans, none will approve me. I am desperate as i have no other place to turn. Please Help.

  36. chrissy says:

    There are 4 of us that have combined our debts and we are desperately in need of $120,000.00nz. We have been for years tried to clear our debts but just get buried. As much as we love to help people for the past 25years from all walks of life physically, mentally and spiritually, our personal debts halts us from pursuing what we would love to accomplish. We all have tried many a times to apply for loans to nearly every single finance company and bank but to no avail. I am a single mum i have 2 young ones and live in a rented home. I came across this site (my friends don’t know this) and thought this is embarrassing for me to ask for a loan this way but desperate times calls for desperate measures. We have come up with a payback solution if there is anyone out there that will loan it to us. Contact Chrissy.

  37. Nicholas says:

    I am in despirate need of $20,000dollars can any body out there help my family & I. We need the money barrie my 6yr old son he was hit by a drunk driver and killed & we have no money for a funeral can any body help us we will pay back double. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP US I’M BEGGING FOR ANY BODY TO HELP

  38. Sandra says:

    I have read all the sob stories.I guess I am not the only desperate person in the world! I need HELP ASAP! I need 4000 USD by tomorrow! I am willing to do anything and I can afford to pay you back.PLEASE HELP ME! E-mail me ASAP!

  39. hannah says:

    hi i need a loan of 2000 to help pay the deposit on my house for me and my children and to set up home after spliting with my ex partner

  40. jeb says:

    i need a loan of $3000.00 canadian, in toronto, need it as soon as possible, willing to pay it back via services.

  41. angela says:

    Please I need a $6000 loan asp i can pay 500 x month please help me. thank you

  42. Jim says:


    I am in need of a urgent loan in london uk of 3,000 asap, i am in full time work and can make monthly repayments,

    No time wasters please.

    Thank you

  43. Graeme says:

    Hey I need a loanshark or personal loan of $6,000 to be paid back over 6 months asap in toronto or might loose apt. Please help me. Thanks Graeme

  44. Christine says:

    Hi, I need $50,000 ASAP & can repay any interest terms, have permanent full time position – steady income, just need help!

  45. Light says:

    I need 10,000 dollars to get out of debt and restart my life. Have great full time job and willing to pay back 15000 over 2 years. Just need the money to pay fines and get outta debt so I can keep my job and drive legally. Ty

  46. Belinda says:

    I urgently need a loan shark in South Africa, i need R50 000 and I can payback R2000,as I can’t get a loan anywhere else. please I need this as in yesterday. email me on byoli@grintek or call me on 072 398 0572.

  47. Amanda says:

    I am currently in need of a loan asap for 5000.00. Willing to pay back in 2 years at up to a 15 % interest rate. We are desperate to keep family land by paying back taxes.

  48. Liz says:

    I am in urgent need of 1500.00. I am desperate, as I will have nowhere to live by next week. I am in Philadelphia. I also have a 7yr old grandchild with me. I could handle the street, but I don’t want that for him. I’ve tried every other option and have come up empty. I could repay the loan in 3 months. Please help.

  49. CHRISTEL says:

    I am in desperate need of R70 000. I can pay back the full amount in 3 months time. please if anyone can help me im living in sa free state area.

  50. John says:

    Hello, I need a loan shark to lend me 1000 euros instantly. I have to pay some debts tomorrow, so I need instant tranfer of this amount to my account and I’m in need to withdraw the whole cash at once. I can pay the money back in less than two months. Please contact me as soon as possible with information of interest rate and whatever else is important.

  51. Anna says:

    Good day, i am desperately looking for a loan for about R60000.00, which i can pay off per month over 36 month period. Please contact me urgently with interest amount and if you can assist me. i am living in the Gauteng area. South africa

  52. Amanda Childers says:

    Hey, I am desperately in need of $5,000.00. My electric is currently shut off and my gas is going to be shut off in the next few days and I have a 4 year old son. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! e-mail me if you are able to help, thank you.

  53. jack hempsall says:

    i need a loan for 15000 can anyone help me dont want time wasters just need the money for some reasons and il pay it off so ring me on 07909608784 thanks hope to get a call soon

  54. LISA says:

    I need a 2000 dollar loan asap.

  55. Manuel says:

    I need a loan of $8,000 can anyone help me with my situation .Im a proud father of four beautiful kids and have another one on the way i need to move out of my current home as of oct. 3, 2010 do 2 the owners of the house is selling it i can pay the loan back in payments. and the reason i need that amount is because to move to another house basically relocate/and moving expenses, and to purchase things for the new baby coming in/and the little thats left over say it for the kids holiday gifts. THank you for your time and hope to hear from someone soon.

  56. Joey says:

    I need a loan of 3,000 dollars to be paid within 5 days. And willing to pay any interests on that amount. This is to pay for my fiancee’s transit charges. I need it today. Hope to hear from someone.

  57. Tony says:

    Hi I need a loan of 10,000 dollars for schooling and to purchase a vehicle. I make just over $800 a month with no liabilities.

  58. Manuel says:

    Hi I need a loan by tommorow, meaning the cash in hand no later than tommorow october 6,2010 before 5pm . I need to borrow $5,000 for the duration of 3 years. If your a Loan Shark and can help me I really Thank You. EMAIL ME AT (

  59. chris says:

    Dont know if anyone can help – but i need 10k for tomorrow, of course i can pay back over the term agreed
    tried every option out there

  60. Marinda says:

    Need R4000 urgently!!!! I need it by tomorrow and will pay back however I need to. Please help me urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am employed for 6 months already and have got proof. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  61. Evangelina says:

    Hi There,
    I need to borrow $2400…its for a downpayment…We can agree on repayment terms upon contact. I have been employed at the same company for 3 years and have also started a business. I have proof of both. Please contact me ASAP!

  62. Douglas says:

    i need to borrow $1500.00 i,m starting my life over.I will not post details here please contact me if you can help.thanks and have a great day……….doug

  63. Michelle says:

    I am in desperate need of 400 I am tapped put I just bonded put I just bonded my husband out and another jail has him I need him out please help

  64. sean steyn says:

    Hi I’m looking for a loan of R20 000 that can be paid back in twenty days waiting for an investment to come loose

  65. Brian Rodriguez says:

    Hi. Im looking for a loan shark in Brooklyn NY.

  66. Lerato says:

    I am in desperate need a loan shark of R70 000. I live at Pretoria

  67. camberson says:

    i am in need of 5000.00 can pay 400.00 per month until paid and will pay extra payment to pay off early. i need this for my bills please help me in this time of need husband had 4 bypass on heart and i need help today so i dont loose our house or car.

  68. LeeAnna says:


    I need to bail my son out of jail, and need $5000K. I can pay up to $500.00 a month back. I also can pay with tax return.

  69. Pam says:

    Hi! Im looking for a $5000 loan either personal or signature with 36 months to pay back. I have a 530 FICO Score but I also have a great job that would allow me to pay back at $200.00 per month. I’m looking for no collateral and no fees please. Good Person Just need Help please. A higher interest rate is ok at about 12%. I need guranteed funds deposited in my checking today to pay off bills and save my care please.

  70. Amy Aussie says:

    I desperately need a loan of $3000.00 Australian dollars, willing to pay back any required rates and installments that lender decises. PLEASE HELP, URGENT!

  71. rhonda foster says:

    I just had major surgery I have a good job but bad credit I just need a break. 5000 would pay my bills and give me time to get ahead again. I don’t care what I have to pay just someone give me a chance

  72. Judy says:

    I am desperate I need to borrow $3,500 by Monday 11/1/10 or Tuesday 11/2/10 for sure. I will pay it back with your fees. Please help me.

  73. Rodney Sauls says:

    I need help badly. I need to borrow $2,500.00 by Friday 11/05/10. I am trying to move and I do not have all the money. I put some of the money down on the house and I need the rest by Friday. I can make the weekly payments that you require. I just really need this help! My wife and kids are staying with a neighbor and I am sleeping in my tractor trailer. Can someboy please help me?

  74. Valerie Gibbs says:

    I am in need of $10,000.00. As soon as possible.Need these funds on 11/5/2010. I can repay in 30 days in full (plus any fees or charges) after recieving these funds. I would never ask if I wasnt in need of this money today.
    The payment is guarented if just someone could help me this Friday. I need this money deseratly!!!

  75. Greg says:

    I need money badly to help pay my bills that i am behind on and I need the money tomorrow. I need to borrow $4,000 dollars I will pay $1,000 in one month please help me.

  76. Wilson Gomez says:

    Goodday, I am a single father with an 11 yr. old boy. I recently became unemployed and going threw an eviction. I am asking for a $3,500 loan to pay off the arrears, current and a month advance rent, so my son and I can enjoy the holidays. His birthday is the week of Christmas, but, he will not be getting anything this year. He understands that a roof over our heads is the most important thing. I’ll be able to pay $400 bi-weekly on paid in full. I’m not able to obtain any loans from banks due to bad credit. Please, I ask for someone to help us. It will be greatly appreciated and my payments will be kept in good standing.

  77. Anonymous says:

    i need a loan 3000 dollars in 2 days to keep from losing my apartment i’m looking for someone who can really lend me the money i don’t want my kids to be homeless

  78. Beverly says:

    I need $5000.00 by Monday morning I help both my mother and daughter. I need so they both lose their homes. I can make payment on the money by the month. I am on Social Security and receive one other pension check. Please someone help me today.

  79. Star says:

    i’m looking for a loan shark in the usa no over seas lenders please tired of being scam by you guys only lenders from the USA who don’t ask for upfront fees please contact me please

  80. don says:

    if this is real i really need 2000.00 asap can pay back in about 1 month too 2 months about to lose everything if i cant get this loan please help

  81. g says:

    need loan shark in ireland do not have money for fees

  82. yvonne says:

    i was in a terrible car accident which left me disabled and then was diagnosed with colon cancer a year later i have two beautiful children and a ass load of debt and shit credit my husband lost his job i need ten thousand dollars to buy another car and catch up on a few things i get 687.75 a month from social security disability and i cant afford to repay ridiculous high payments but i can pay a little each month i need help and this is what it has come down to.

  83. t king says:

    i really need to borrow 3000, for just 3 weeks,and i need it really quick, like before tuesday this week, please, i have had a few credit challenges, but ive paid off all those loans from before, and i have also been on my job for almost 20 years, this is all i have left, please help me, ive also been in my home for over 16 years, and dont plan on leaving, i need this money really fast

  84. Shanaaz Alladin says:

    I am 37yrs old and have a ten year old son and a 17 year old niece whose mother has just passed away. I need R50 000 desperately and will be able to pay it all back within 5working days. I am prepared to pay the interest necessary but need the help urgently. Please help I am in Howick, kwazulu natal, and would appreciate any help at all.

  85. Nyenye says:

    I’m in need of a loan of R 150 000 to R 200 000 by the 04-11
    i willing to pay R 3500 monthly.

  86. Lindie says:

    Hi there I really need R2000. I’m waiting for some money from my grandmother’s will. As soon as I get that I will pay it back.

  87. diane says:

    Hi is there anyone out there who i can lend between £500 and a £1000 pound,I have tried all the payday loans personal credit everything and i cant lend anything.I am on benefits and haven’t bought any christmas presents for my kids .can a loan shark or anyone help i am willing to pay double back.

  88. Frank Edenfield says:

    I am a single full time father to a 12 yr.old. I lost both parents and brother and have no other family at all. In bad need of 3000.00 asap. Can pay 75.00 a week until end of January, and then pay off in full at tax time. Willing to pay back 4000.00 total. I’m in panama city Florida.

  89. David says:

    I need more of a partner than a loan. I’m in Northern California, and im staring at a great opportunity. Will settle for a 3k loan, to be paid back in 2 weeks, interest negotiable. Will take the same loan every 2 weeks for several months. Sounds crazy on my part, but im willing to do it, thanks in advance.

  90. Rija says:

    Hi, I am in need of usd 60,000.00 to start up my business.

  91. karen says:

    I am in desperate need I work but due to unforeseen circumstances I am very short of money need to borrow some to pay rent and pay a couple of bills I getting cut off with electricity. I can’t even afford to presents this year for my kids please help as I have hit a low place

  92. tgee says:

    hi there

    i am desparate need a loan shark or any one who can help to borrow 30 000 i will back no scammers pls am staying at Midrand any one pls.

  93. geez says:

    Im in need of a $12000.00 loan. I can make good repayments back as I have had this full time job for 8 months and the previous year was partime. Im trying to get ontop of my finances and banks have turned me down.
    Would it be possible to get a loan asap?

  94. manaka says:

    i`m around bryanston in johannesburg gauteng in south africa and i`m in need of R5000.00. Can someone help me please.i can pay back in 6 months

  95. Sam says:

    South Africa. I am seeking a loan of R150 000, need to get some business and personal matters sorted out ASAP, looking for the kind of loan shark that is not openly advertised on the Net preferably in the Gauteng Area. Willing to pay up to 60% interest on the loan and I can have it paid back by the end of April 2011.

  96. Margie says:

    My name is Maggie. I am seeking a loan shark of 15,000 dollars please. I need to repay my college loans, car repairs which is $2,500 engine work, and borrowed from $7,050 from a friend of mine to pay funeral expense and she is asking for me to pay her back now!! Also, need to repay $3,750 to my parents for backing me up with rent money utilities for the past 4 months! I also need $1,500 dollars to repay a friend of mine for some personal help also and for personal hygiene. I was recently laid off no-employment benefits and christmas is just around the corner. I am a single mom of two kids one 9 and the other 6.If anyone has any information for a legitimate loan shark no up front fees please notify me.

  97. Glory Smith says:

    I am in need of 3000.00 immediately. I can pay back 500.00 a month. Am trying to catch up with bills. Frustrated and tired!

  98. Dwayne says:

    I am in need of a loan. I need approximately 8,000 to 10,0000 dollars in a week. I have a steady paying job with benefits

  99. james walter says:

    i need $4000 for my wedding please contact me

  100. michael says:

    i need loan for 12000.00 any help?

  101. jaime says:

    hi im in need of 400 dollars by tomorrow i can pay by the secound week of jan with a reasonable interest

  102. candy says:

    i need a loan urgent about 90,000$ for my mother treatment as she is in I.C.U and i need it badly please help me out

  103. Gcobisa says:

    i need 6.000 for my fees please i will pay back your money once R.A.F give me money i really need it used the many on surgeries i dont have money now will pay it back i want to study next year am also waiting for road accident fund i will pay every cent

  104. Mary says:

    Hiya who ever i really need like two hundred pound so i can enjoy my babys first christmas i can pay back weekly or fornightly am not working and on income support so if any one can help i be much grateful

  105. sean steyn says:

    I need a loan of R20 000 wil pay back double within a day as I’m waiting for money to come loose and need to pay deposit asap

  106. charmaine says:

    Hi i lost my job a year ago and they busy repossessing my car and i need money to pay my rent i need R20000

  107. warren says:

    desperate for a loan of £1000 by end of play today. In a difficult situation this month and are at risk of losing my car. Payments from next year not a problem.

  108. Brenda Browning says:

    please will you loan me 3000 dollars and i will pay all payments on time.i need this loan for a deposit and first month rent on a roof over my kids head i need it today plus i would like to get my kids gifts for christmas.i can pay 150.00 a month until paid off.please will you do this for me and my kids i will greatly appreciate it

  109. Lee Garrod says:

    I’m in desperate need of £20,000 in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. I’m prepared to pay a reasonable interest rate

  110. Anonymous says:

    Need a loan of R27500. Will be repaid 50% by 10th February 2011 and 50% by 10th March 2011

  111. Snow says:

    I need to get a loan asap, I am in Cork, ireland, will pay over the odds interest

  112. DMPH says:

    Need a small $2500 loan. Will repay in monthly installments. Good job/income. Need by 1.5.2011

  113. James says:

    Hi I am in need a R40 000 from a loan shark i can pay it off monthly I live in Jhb South Africa

  114. Annie says:

    I am in need of $7000 dollars as soon as possible. I am a cancer patient who is willing to repay in 1 month once i get my settlement.

  115. Sheryl says:

    I am actually looking for a loan $3500.00 – will be able to pay back in less than 30 days if not sooner – this is an emergency- and would not be asking in this channel had it not been. Time is against me and would appreciate a response of terms of repayment.

    Thank you,

  116. abdul says:

    I just came back from kuwait, doing construction for the military, I am living in a hotel because I do not have enough money to put down on an apartment and the hotel is draining my funds I need a loan of around 2400$ and can pay around 200 a month, I live in allentown pennsylvania

  117. Nicole says:

    Looking for a loan need to sort out living arrangements.

  118. Jj says:

    Need $3,000 by 2morrow. Any loanshark out there.

  119. gary says:

    I need $1500.00 immediately to bridge a financial emergency. I was just released from jail but I do draw Social Security. I can repay $600.00 month and will pay any rate.

  120. noel says:

    ireland looking for a loan to build new home have good job now and have site to build house on can anyone help

  121. Esther Turk says:

    I am in desperate need of 10,000$ it would only be for a short period of time before it is paid back. Any loan shark out there that can help?

  122. amanda says:

    Hi, urgently need a loan of 4000 euro. Have decent income.

  123. kat says:

    Iam in urgent need of 1,000. I can pay this back with interest in 6 weeks with money from my tax refund. please contact me if you can help.. I need the funds ASAP

  124. darryl says:

    Like most people I have made some poor financial decisions in my life and now I have matured with a good business idea to see myself being financially stable and providing a stable future to my family and eventually their families too would like assistance from a guardian angel who might be willing to assist me in making this a reality and even joining my venture I need R200000 to be debt free thus qualifying me to purchase a residence which would then be used as collateral to begin my business venture Any response would be welcome Thanking you

  125. TRESA says:


  126. Khumo matjila says:

    I need a loan of R60 000.00 to start a nightclub. I live in south africa, johannesburg, Northcliff. I need the money urgently, not really looking for an independent lender who needs collateral or deposits from me, i’ve been down that road before and got scammed, but if push comes to shove, i will provide it.

  127. luisa says:

    In need of a loan to start up my business in Portugal.
    200000euros paid back in 10 years.

  128. Angelique says:

    I need a loan for an amount of ZAR50,000. Please get back to me urgently. My house is on the market and I expect to settle the loan in six months. thank you

  129. Steve says:

    I require a £10,000.00 loan…
    Paying back is not a problem, Please contact me if you are genuine..

  130. Lisa says:

    I am looking for a $8,000 loan, I have a good job and can pay back $500 a month. Please contact me as I am in a financial situation and really need the money. Thank you

  131. Ami says:

    desperately seeking a loan shark in New Zealand, a girlfriend and I have run into a bit of financial trouble, we are both self employed, but need money behind us in order to continue our jobs. We are looking for $10000 and will both be paying it back, we can pay $1000 a month to be realistic, however can make that each in a week if we just had that backing, please get back to me urgently

  132. jenny says:

    I am looking for a loan of £5000, to pay off my existing credit, can pay back £500 a month, can anyone help me please?

  133. Veronica says:

    Hi there
    I am based in Gauteng.
    I need a bridging loan of R330,000 (South African Rands) urgently towards the purchase of a farm. I have obtain a bond of R1,870,000 from Absa bank and the full purchase price is R2,200,000. I am paying the transfer costs of R150,000. Absa have approved an amount of R2,300,000 of a covering mortgage bond to be registered. The excess amount of R430,000 will be available after registration. I should be able to repay the bridging loan of R330,000 plus the interest within 4-6 weeks after registration.

  134. barb says:

    i am desperate for a loan immediately i need 100.00 i am on social security disability can pay you back on feb 9, 2011

  135. nwabisa dyantyi says:

    i need someone to borrow me money at least R2000 i will pay it with whichever agreed interest rate,pls i need it urgently as in tommorow

  136. puleng says:

    im a mother of two in south africa,we just lost our house due to the rain here,please anyone tha can lend me R5000 today i would be utterly email add is,am willing to pay it in two months with interest

  137. wisani ngobeni says:

    i need someone to borrow me money at least R2000 i will pay whichever agreed interst rate.pls i need it urgently as in tommorow

  138. Amber says:


  139. Anonymous says:

    im in need of a loan for £4000 by 5pm today for a house please help

  140. ROI Guaranteed says:

    I am looking for a private lender for a personal loan for $5k for a 12 month term at 6% interest. W-2′s and employment verification available. Employed by the same company for over 15 years and make six figures (verifiable). Credit shot due to divorce and an unforeseen family matter this past year that has depleted the emergency fund and want to consolidate and pay off a few bills. Great ROI and higher return than the banks can offer at 6% interest.

  141. Anna says:

    Hello. I need to a loan 40000 euro. I have to many debts. I wanted to pay it all off. I’m working. I can pay back minimum 500 euro a month.

  142. luisa says:

    Hi, need a fast loan of 200,00euros paid in 8 years to start up a buisness in Portugal. i will provide the necessary documents to proceed with the loan.

  143. Smith says:

    Hi, I need a fast loan of 2000USD To be paid in eight months from now. I want to use the money for business and I we pay back 200USD a months please if there is anybody from loan shark

  144. T Tsagae says:

    Hi need a loan for R50000.00 by tomorrow will be able to pay back 1000 rands per month im in a bad state of debts and i wanna close them

  145. Lucinda says:

    Hi I just want someone to borrow me R160 000 to pay off debt.

  146. Nathan says:

    nyone know of a loan shark in australia??? gold coast preferably. i am desperate for $25,000.00 by tomorrow morning. Will pay $75,000.00 back in 4 weeks.

  147. Andres Gonzalez says:

    My name is andres gonzalez I need 10,000 But Yesterday I can make $1,000 payments monthly or full sum in 6-7 months.

  148. katy says:

    Hi I am in desperate need of a loan of £35000. I live in the uk. I can pay loan back as I have a good income just need to clear this debt asap. I do not care about interest I just need the loan asap.

  149. mom says:

    need about 5000 EURO ASAP. PLEASE HELP

  150. simone mum of 7 says:

    please can some one help me get a loan of £5000 to make home improvements and to buy a car asap which is a necessity as i have 4 children under the age of six and their dads do not help, its not easy but i keep it together, i dont have any debts and can afford to pay £200 back a month for as long as it takes.

  151. Amanda says:

    Im a worker im thirty years but couldnt get into pub cause on ID. I am currently unable to work due to a headcase of an x. I have a long list of regulars as im very good at my job:) i need 1500 asap to cover living expenses for two weeks. My pride is hurt as i ask you for this money cause i can make this easy doing a double shift. But i have no choice. . I need to do something . Please help me please .

  152. Tron says:

    I am in need of a small loan of $700 by feb/28. I don’t have any money to pay back until April/1.

  153. Amanda says:

    Thanks 2my irresponible ex fiance im in debt of R160 000. Im struggling 2mak repayments and wud like u 2pls help me wud this upfront cash. And i can pay off al these ppl. And live my life wud out thinkin of suiscide everyday. For this year i can afford 2000 to 3000 per month frm next year it cud b R1000 per mth. Pls i hav tried every were an no 1 wants 2help me. Im jus a young ladies who fell in love and gt taken advantage off.

  154. Carol says:

    Need money to pay bills….very frustrated……I can pay back….just need to get caught up….

  155. Fred says:

    Like most people I have made some poor financial decisions in my life and now I have matured with a good business idea to see myself being financially stable and providing a stable future to my family and eventually their families too would like assistance from a guardian angel who might be willing to assist me in making this a reality and even joining my venture I need R200000 to be debt free for me to apply for loan at banks and do full backpayment working permenent for big salary dut cant borrow any mony.

  156. Duduzile says:

    I need a loan of R450,000.00. i will be able to pay back monhly instalment of R10,000.00 per month

  157. louise says:

    Hi, I need an urgent loan in cash for £6000 either today or tomorrow in the bristol area, can pay back £300 a month

  158. Carol says:

    Need a $5000.00 loan. I know it will be a high interest rate which is fine….i need to get caught up on my bills & stay caught up….I am getting pretty desperate…..I need the money ASAP. for a $5000 loan I am willing to pay at least $3000. in interest & only have loan out between 12 and 14 months.

  159. Andrew says:

    Require the services of a loan or investor to assist with the basics of new hospitality, leisure, theme park and international tourist attraction development along Africa coast line.

    Approved international funding sourced with worlds biggest hospitality industry investors.

    Loan period could be negotiated along with share percentage or repayment structure.

    My personal blacklisting is due to previous unethical business partners, that has left me no choice but to list my needs on this network.

    Long term vision would include international funding of 2 billion once first stage proven successfull. Complete research, business plan, executive summary and other can be provided if firm commitment from investor or loan member.

    Returns expected of 15 to 20% with future growth rendering higher returns for investor as popularity increase and demand for product or company services, linked to worlds travel and tourism industry by international investor.

    I look forward to your hopefull assistance and return corrospondence.

  160. lisa says:

    I need 8000 asap to pay major outstanding bill my husband was out work now we are both working will be able to make monthly payments with no problem for 2 years I live in tuckahoe new york

  161. Sabine Brown says:

    Hello, I need 400K by today. I can repay entire loan in June.

  162. sabina says:

    i need 10 thousand pound so urgently,i have a lot of dept on my head going crazy every day how i am going to pay them off need help,please help me people are at my door everyday threatening me to pay back they money, tried to take a loan out got bad credit history no one will lend me any money.have no one else to turn to. urgent request need money really quick

  163. Lloyd says:

    i have a small transportation company and need a small loan to get one of my trucks back on the road. Around 15,000 if you can help

  164. khris says:

    my car broke down and i need 3500 to get another on i’m college student and need to get to school i will pay back 150 a month to it all paid back

  165. William james says:

    I need 1500$ please any one from loan shack should help me latest tomorrow

  166. steve says:

    In need of quick loan of £1000 – £1500 in next 24 hours to be paid back in full by the 20/04/11. Will consider all options.

  167. devonta smith says:

    Looking for 6000 dollar loan and willing to pay 500 a week until it is paid off. Really need to catch up on some things while its still early before they are too much to handle full time worker looking

  168. sarah smith says:

    Need a loan to catch up on. Bills n rent help.

  169. Miranda says:

    I am in need of $2500 i am going through a divorce and in need of this money.

  170. emma says:

    i need a £1000 loan asap for rent an bills by 14th march

  171. K says:

    I had back surgery in August. I was unable to work for months. I had to close the company I owned and now need to catch up on my bills. I am back to work and am paid well. Because of the situation my credit is taking a hit. Looking for 25k and can make payments up to $1800.00 a month.

  172. Jannie says:

    hay any one who can help me i need R150,000 i want to pay of all my debt i will pay you back over 60 months R 5000 p/m

  173. Cary says:

    I really really need the help of some one!! a miricle really!!! I need R200 000 in a big hurry and i dont know what to do!! I am in South Africa and have been conned by two people who ask me to deposit money first!! I need some one who is willing to help and is honest and reliable!

  174. Jannie says:

    hay i need R 150000 im from South Africa so if u can help me but u have to be in south africa please if you can help me i can pay back R5000 p/m for 60 months

  175. Antoinette says:

    I need a loan of R200k urgently. That will cover all my debts and I will be able to pay back R10k a month. Please help

  176. domonique plato says:

    I need a loan shark asap and a $7,000 loan for me and my son,i can pay i can pay 150-200 a week i need this loan by wed latest

  177. Winnie says:

    Need R10.000 urgently.

  178. stacia says:

    Hi my name is Stacia, I have 3 small children and i am in need of a 2000 loan, I cant get help from anywhere else, I am able to pay the fees I just need help now. Please someone help?

  179. Vanessa says:

    I am in need of a small loan of 2000 at the most to help with expenses. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and things are getting rough, my car broke down and still paying on it. This will help get a point a to b car and help with the necessary bills. Can someone help? Thank you.

  180. penny says:

    i need 6000 now and i will make 75 month payments

  181. ingy says:


  182. Wally says:

    I am in desperate need for $100,000 to rescue my business and my life. I have been doing my business for more than 5 years now, and quite honestly I have no other way out before suicide. I have 2 children that I don’t wanna leave behind clueless.. I can sign for a more than average interest or return on investment…..This money that I need is not gonna be for more than 3 months max.

  183. michael says:

    I need someone to loan me $25,000.00 to pay off debt incurred and I can’t pay. I have been unemployed for 7 months and battling all kinds of illness over the last 3 years and it has made it hard to find work being sick all the time, and I have run my funds dry. Have tried and tried for work can’t find any, and now all my bank accounts and saved monies are depleted and I am in a bad way. I can’t find help anywhere else and I hope someone can help. I never ask anyone for anything but if someone actually reads this and can help me I would greatly appreciate it and work very hard to pay back as quick as possible.

  184. Kim says:

    I am 37 years old, I own my own home and need help getting a loan. I am looking for anyone who can lend me 80,000. I will put my house up for collateral. I wont have any trouble paying back the loan. I have looked for loan sharks, etc. I will explain more about why I need the loan if anyone is interested in helping.

  185. Ntombi says:

    I am a 37 year old , a mother of 3 kids I desparate need loan of R6000 my son is doing his second year at college and I dont have enough to pay for his study fees . If anyone can help I will be able to pay R500 in 12 months.

  186. L. James says:

    Looking for a loan $7500;00. Wll payback 10% monthly and Principal in 6 months.

  187. steve says:

    need to borrow 2k asap will pay back 2550 on may 5th guarantee…receiving lump sum.

  188. calvin says:

    i need help real bad um talking about 2 morrow she need ‘3000’ she is 44 years old she got 2 many meds promble me in her daughters need her at home wit us i will do any 4 my family that’s in a good way please somebody help me i cant find no body 2 help me i do not want 2 lose my family

  189. jo says:

    I need a 7000.00 loan asap, by monday the 4th. Can anyone help. Can pay back monthly. Have a job.

  190. Rigo says:

    Hello im Rigo and I came up with a new idea single father of two children I want to see about putting my new ideas to work but because i am new to this i cant get a loan. I want to talk with some one who wants to spend a lil money and get more money . But a reasonable amount I have marketing skills worked in the field .. I was trying to save money but got injured at work so now i am fighting to get back pay.

  191. trina says:

    hi im in desprate need of a loan, i am a mother of 8 kids. i can pay back up to 2000 per month to pay back as fast as possible, i need 40000 dollars to buy a house and pay on my truck, if not I will be homeless and loss my car… i need help now as fast as possible, what i really need to do is pay my truck off which i still owe 18000 and im trying to by a house for 35000 .

  192. khalid says:

    hi i m a poor man i doing a job in a medicine company but since last two months i have a badly road accident and i m not able to run my family i have a mom a wife and a son we have no food to eating plz now i recover slowly but i m not able to doing proper work i need yours help therefore i purchased food and basic need for my family plz help me i m very needy for your help.

  193. natanya says:

    hi I’m in desperate need in loan R25000-00 to buy a car otherwise I can’t get to work.

  194. Dale says:

    I need to borrow min £300 today. I’m self-employed so no one will help me

  195. M says:


  196. Rhonda says:

    i need to borrow at least 2000 my car just broke down i need another i take care of 5 grandkids. my income is ssi. im on my own right now my husband in prison for murder.

  197. harold says:

    i am trying to start a business i am in need of about 45000 usd to do this

  198. penny says:

    i need a 2000 dollar bad creadit loan very sick and got behind i will make payments of 75 to 100 a month please help me

  199. mike says:

    Got myself into a bind paying 600 a week vig on a 10 grand loan. Please can anyone help me I can pay up to 300 a week or a grand per month. I am desperate.

  200. Rey says:

    I need to borrow $90,000 USD. Need to buy my house back but can’t get a loan with bad credit. I’m a mother of two and will be homeless in 2 weeks if I can’t come up with the money in cash. Please help me I don’t know what else to do.

  201. shanika says:

    im in desperate need of 6500 loan so i wont be evicted out of my home i can get my car back from finance co and also to pay off some outstanding bills i have a fulltime job now and can pay back with interest

  202. kimberley says:

    In need of 1,500 to pay bills no other resorces need the money by monday can pay all by july. Really in need.

  203. Van Rensburg says:

    Need R 85 000 urgently. Can pay R 5000 per month back over period of 24 months. Need to have the money by 10 April 2011. Reason: Health reason, fighting for life. Port Elizabeth.

  204. Ree Ann says:

    Need 1500 to pay off online loans and others bill. I can pay 100 a month and be able to get back on my feet and not go to jail for bad checks sent to pay these loans. I get disability and have had to borrow for emergencies. Will pay for 12 to 18 months.

  205. paige says:

    i need a 5000 dollar loan asap have proof of income

  206. Darrell says:

    I’m in need of a 30,000 loan to go back to school and finish my degree. Please help!!!! I can pay 500 a month for 5 years with interests.

  207. marlene caldwell says:

    please i need 10,000 dollars asap i have a very good job and can pay this back in 1yr with interest i need to move house urgently and clear other small debts and have only 1 payment a response to this would be appreciated i have never had to beg like this before thankyou marlene
    ps i can pay back 600 a fortnight

  208. robert crumps says:

    hello, i would like to ask for a loan of $15,000 dollars to start and run my small freight brokerage company, willing to pay back a with interest as long it’s compromising

  209. Ferdie.Otto says:

    I live Otjiwarongo Namibia and looking for some that can help with a loan urgently. Its to settle my accounts and start my own taxi business. But its urgent. I can afford transfer cost tax insurance ect. But I will be able to repay in monthly installments. Plz any one its URGENT.
    Amount. 75 000
    Duration 36-60 months if possible

  210. pauline in need says:

    hello, i am in need of $7000 urgently to pay off some debts in new zealand, dont know where else to look, need help

  211. William says:

    In need of 5000 like yesterday! Willing to make payment of 200 per month til payed off! Having a rough time right now and 4real need help. Please help me!

  212. shannon says:

    im in need of a loan of about $12,000 to get bills paid off till my money comes in about 4 months.

  213. Rose says:

    urgently need R80 000. I can only do this thru obtaining decent work everyday and I need to complete certified courses have own transport to get the guaranteed job with the reputable employer. I got a raw business deal and now need to pick up the pieces. Can negotiate payment terms over 36 months.

  214. Shannon says:

    I am a single mother of two children and I am looking for a $10,000 loan to help get a vehicle. I have a child that has a disabilty and she was classified from Social Security Diasabled. I need a vehicle to get my child back and forth to appointments.

  215. Geraldine says:

    I am a disabled mom and i need help paying my back rent its $2000. i can pay it back over time. I have to have it by tomorrow April 18th 2011 or there going to turn my water off and then take me to court.

  216. Kim says:

    I got into trouble with payday loans, I need $3000 to get out of this, I can repay the loan, I have a job. I just need someone to give me a loan

  217. JecQuay says:

    Hello my name is JecQuay and I came across this site looking for a loan shark in regards to a loan request…. If this is correct please email me back in regards to a request. I also, wanted to know how much is your interest rate? Just to give you a little back ground of myself I am 32 years of age I am a father of six and I’m also happily engaged to my fiance. We are having a hard time and were in debt. I’m having a hard time finding a job…let alone one that even help me keep afloat on my bills. Were backed up in our rent about $3,000 and that’s not including my electric bill/water…they will be turned off on wedns. april 20th, 2011…. WE ARE DESPERATE!! It’s 2011 and I’m ready for me and my family’s life to change. I’m asking for a loan to get my business off the ground and to finance an invention idea that we’ve already invested thousands of dollars already of our own money. We have company’s that are interested in our product but they want a visual/hands on product before moving forward. We’re looking for a loan amount of $80,000 I know if we can get help…. a boost…. a jump start… we will succeed. I hope and pray that I hear back from you. If I have reach you and this is not what you specialize in… my sincere apology. Thanks in advance!

    Thanks in advance.

  218. Tracey Gaudet says:

    Hey there. I am hoping you can help me and I am hoping that you will contact me asap as i am in desperate need on $5,000 in back rent, bills and living expenses. I have raised my children basically on my own for 8 years with no help from the ex. But fortunately for me we are going to court on May 2 2011 and by the time the courts are finished with him he will be owing me approximately 150,000. In the mean time my rent is 2 months overdue and I don’t want to be left on the street with no where to go with my 2 children. I have always wanted the best for them. I have recently started a full time job and it haven’t received a pay yet but I will be working full time and will be able to make payments of $500 per month for 6 months or until the loan is paid of of course with interest. Please consider me for a loan and I would love to hear from you asap as I need the money by April 25, 2011.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for listening to my sob story, Tracey Gaudet from Wasaga Beach

  219. Tim says:

    I need 5000 dollars by Friday. I live in Waukee, IA and have a solid job where i have worked over 5 years. I can pay the loan back monthy in 1-2 years. I will be willing to pay the high interest. Thank you

  220. Paul says:

    Hi Have money coming to me in October need €55000 for 6 months to pay debt urgently.

  221. Tee says:

    Looking for $2000-$3000 unsecured loan to pay down credit card balances. Steady income with extra income as well. Will accept higher interest rates, but no overseas lenders.

  222. Kelly says:

    in need of $3500 asap to pay some over due bills. I can pay off the loan monthly in 1-2 years.

  223. ILZE says:

    Hi I need a urgent loan, Of R50000.00. Please can someone help please

  224. Robert says:

    Would like to borrow $6,500. Started my life over after she got everything. Tired of my head being on the floor, tired of not having transportation to get back and fourth. At the end of the week I have nothing cause everyone knows they have me over the barrel. Taxi’s and currency exchange and friends bleed me dry every week.

  225. DENISE says:

    I am in desperate need of £1500 or $2000 in the next 24 hrs for 2 months have a good job. Willing to pay high rate of return for anyone who can lend me this money.

    URGENT URGENT i need to get £600 in 24hrs will be able to pay back £1000 before Christmas great gift for anyone

    Hi I need a fast loan in 24hrs of £5,000 can pay this back quickly with interest just need this as a bridge to may medical fees for a friend.

  226. Gary says:

    I live in Washington, DC and I need a loan for $2,000. I need it today. I will pay any interest and I am able to repay the loan on time.
    I need this loan by the end of the week (4/29/11) to pay off some bills

  227. Carey says:

    I recently lost my job when the company restructured after 9 years. I have been trying to stay afloat since Feb., I need 6000-10000 asap, like yesterday. My bills are piling up and I’m drowning. I have a son graduating and a daughter getting married. I just need a stepping stone to get me thru. Please, cuz this is my last hope….

  228. mark says:

    i need a loan for $30,000.ASAP and im not having any luck all i keep getting online offers are payday loans around $200. i really need this loan can anyone help asap

  229. Nana says:

    Hi I need a loan shark to lend me R 1000 payable in one month urgently as in today

  230. kizzy says:

    needed a 500 uk pound loan pay back 100 a month ex just ran off and took the rent money with him i have 2 small children need to pay rent 8th may i have tryed all other options if there is a genuine loan shark in essex

  231. Shelley says:

    I have bonus coming but not till June 01, I need 4000 dollars ASAP to catch up on mortgage, I had surgery last year, and CANADA Health Care is not what you all think, and I slid behind. I can pay back by latest June 7, giving me leeway for process etc

  232. BRE says:

    Need a 5000.00 loan to pay off debt or they gonna take my car, my kid cant go to school and I cant go to work.. Please Help

  233. JB says:

    I am in need of $50,000 to get my family out of a serious financial whole. Selling my house and will be able to repay in 6 months. This is urgently needed so please if someone can assist as in right now please contact me!!

  234. Elizabeth says:

    I am in need of $120,000 to get my long term boyfriend whom I love very much out of a serious financial problem. He has a good job and repay plus any interest. This is urgent and needed so if someone can assist please contact me.

  235. Brian says:

    I am in need of $6,000 to help pay of all my outstanding bills can pay back quickly I have built a business which is why I have fallen behind and want to clear everything for a fresh start. I need this very urgently and hope someone can help me. i am in Australia

  236. HENRY says:


  237. Gina says:

    I am in need of $6,000 to help pay for some outstanding bills ASAP. I am will to pay back at a high intrest rate….please

  238. ollie says:

    i need 450 pounds by tomorrow to pay medical charges. reasonable longer payment terms.

  239. marrion says:

    Im a payday loanshark in Midrand Johannesburg South Africa, give me a call if you need assistance till payday, i come to you. Private and professional.

  240. chantelle says:


  241. richarddarby says:

    i need 400 pounds im in the west midlands

  242. daniel beck says:

    hi there am in real need of £1200 pound but i need 600 today before 5pm please can somebody help me it very urgent and i got 2 kids

  243. tebogo says:

    i urgently in need of R45000 by the 19 Of may. i am in debts even my daughter stopped going to school .thank you in advance

  244. alan says:

    hi i have just got a job now and this is my first months working and due date for my pay is months end, i surely request a quick loan as i have ran out of my transport fees and other basic needs like food, if help can be granted to me, i would be saved from my situation with R2500

  245. Tanya says:

    Hi is there anyone that can help me with a loan? I have a reasonable income and a good job. Please I need to buy a car asap.

  246. Michele Matts says:

    Hi I submitted this before but I do not see it on here so here I go again I am desperate need of 7000.00 to pay for the cost of my future x husbands funeral, the divorce never went through but I have two step children who are both in college which they pay thier own way, and dont live with me. but we are very close, and I love them I dont them to have to have the cost on them. they are just starting out in life, anyhow he has 4 brothers and 1 sister, well one of his brothers actually did cover the cost of the funeral which I have copies of the receipts its just they have been emailing the copies of them to his daughter son demanding to be paid back immediately his family is selfish and dont give a rats ass. and the sadest part is they all could spend that in 2 days without a second thought. I just dont want the kids to have to deal with the cost so please someone help me, I am disabled and am on SSI so I can make payemnts and pay it back but please someone help me to help the kids
    thank you

  247. Marguerite Ryan says:

    Hi i need a loan off €1500 for some family problems i can pay back 60 to 80euros a week i have no money to secure it

  248. ingy says:

    hi i’m ingy from south africa i need a loan asap is there anyone in south africa who can help me please i am desperate at this stage i am willing to do anything please any loanshark private lender anyone please i am so desperate

  249. Alan O' Driscoll says:

    Hi my name is Alan,and I need a loan of 3000 euro as soon as possible because things just came all at once. I would like to book a holiday before prices go up. Need to book in the next 2 weeks. I am working full time and have no problem with repayments.

  250. Shaun says:

    Hi i am from south africa. i am disabled i need R50 000 urgent. I can pay it back R1000 a month from disability pension plus will give you an extra R10000 4 helping me. Thanx.

  251. Karen says:

    Hi I really need 6000.00 to save our house got behind due to the crunch in the oilfields last yr…now all back up and normal but behind in payments…on the verge of foreclosure really need help….

  252. Roger says:

    looking for a 12,500.00 loan poor credit need to pay Med bills can pay 450 a month Southern California

  253. zena says:

    hi i need 5000 by the end of today i am working so have no problems with repayments east yorkshire area thankyou

  254. william says:

    I need about 50000 south african rands to open a business. Have secured a premises but the banks are refusing to grant me a business loan as I can’t offer anything as security. If I don’t sign the lease agreement soon I’ll lose the premises. Willing to repay 2500 per month over the next three years. That’s a total repayement of R90000! Anyone out there able to help?

  255. Roodal Singh says:

    I desperately need a loan for $3,500 CDN to pay lawyer and Traffic Tickets before next Friday. If I don’t pay the fine they will send me to jail. I will be willing to pay $300 a week to pay you back I have job and can pay you starting right now.

  256. karen says:

    hi i need 18000 only for the next 6 weeks and can pay back full amount and interest i really need the money now or i will lose my home and business but in 6 weeks get my inheritance so can pay it all back

  257. Craig says:

    I need a 6000k loan asap. I can pay back with interest within 6 months. Must receive it by Thursday 6/09/11

  258. maureen says:

    I need a loan for $50,000.00 to do some home improvement on my home and to pay down some bills. I would like to get both done prior to the end of the year.

  259. Lori says:

    I need to find a loan shark! I need to borrow about $4750.00. I have a good full-time job and can pay back $500 per month, but my credit is bad. Can anyone please help me. I am desperate!

  260. Desperate says:

    I need to find a loan shark asap. I need to borrow R10 000. Can pay back R500 a month. Need it like yesterday. I live in Port Elizabeth south africa

  261. neka says:

    i am in need of 8000 i am trying to get a house and i need it for the down payment if anybody can help me i really need it i need it by 06/24/2011 please somebody help me or i will be sleeping outside with my 9 year old daughter

  262. Marie says:

    I am in need of 25000 by the end of this week in fact yesterday wouldn’t have been soon enough I will lose my home buisness everything I really need this help can someone a loan shark help me plz. I am so down as it also means my daughter who is 2 will be out in street

  263. Maps says:

    I am need of R15000.00 by end of the week to be able to pay my bills staying with my kids no electricty and so cold anyone please help

  264. Eugene says:

    Hello I am looking for $100,000.00 from a loan shark and I can pay it back with interest within 3-6 months GUARANTEED I am a business owner trying to finish a major project and I need a loan immediately. If you can help me please contact me thank you!!!

  265. melissa says:

    I need $1500 as soon as possible

  266. Sarah says:

    Greetings, As with all the above sob stories mine is no different. I would like to borrow an amount of $1700.00nzd, I would need the lender to be flexible as I can only pay a maximum of $70.00nzd per week in repayments. I realize my request might seem completely unappealing but this is me being up front and realistic. If there is anyone out there with the means and will to help a fellow being out then please do make contact, Sarah.

  267. Daniel Fourie says:

    i need R50000 loan can repay R2500 per month 48 months

  268. mir says:

    i need 5,000 for rental arears waiting for workers comp court date for settlement in newyork no 3rd party. suffolk court date 07/06/11 to pay rent

  269. Moipone says:

    Hi I need R30000.00 to pay off my debts I can pay 800 x months

  270. Lili says:

    I need $2000. Asap. Debts! Brooklyn ny

  271. Amy Peterson says:

    I need $10,000.00 to invest in my business — I’ve been a professional writer for 11 years and I need to get off and start marketing for myself. Once I do that I can bring my earnings to the next level. I need to pay off the rest of the year’s rent to my landlord. I need to pay off some fines for my husband, and a medical bill as he is very ill. I am the only one supporting five of us, but I can do it with just this boost and make it well worth your investment. Thank you so much! I’m a very bright woman and the only reason I’m in this spot is because my husband has not worked for 2 years.

  272. rob garcia says:

    i am in desperate need of a loan. i have to pay my house or my wife n kids are on the streets.

  273. cee says:

    i urgently need R50 000 repayable in 12 Months.

  274. brittney says:

    i need a 6 thousand dollar loan by Monday. or else charges are going against me.. i am willing to do whatever it takes!

  275. clt says:

    I need a loan for 60 days, cant do payday ssn not issued yet, waiting for check deposit to clear and bank policy is not to release any funds, can take up to 8 weeks! I didn’t know this

    I am looking for anything from $500 – $3000

  276. Joni says:

    I am looking for $25k to purchase a franchise of a business. I do not have good credit at the moment because the company I worked for previously declared bankruptcy and I lost everything. I have a large amount of experience with the business I want to open and I know it will be sucessful if I can find the funding. I would like a 2 month window to get things started and then pay $5k per month for 10 months, so money would be doubled in a year, but I would also pay more sooner if the business grows faster than my expectations. I would also be open to other terms to allow me to gain the financing.

  277. Neidi says:

    Hello! I need $1400 in 2 days. I need to move out of the place i live right now, living with relatives, and need the first month rent and security deposit to do so. I have a full time job, and will have the money in a month. I just can’t wait until my next paydays, because i need to move right away. Please help me if you can!

  278. will says:


  279. danii says:

    hi..i need a loan shark asap but i cant seem to actually contact one.. if anyone knows of someone that lends money please let me know(i need at least 5,000 and i would pay it back ion 6 months max)

  280. Riaan says:

    I need R10000 by end today I want to start my own business and I’m still working and I can pay u 500 to a 1000 rand a month back…I just please need some help or where can I find help asap

  281. Lerato says:

    Afternoon i need a loan of R1000 asap. I will pay it back in Two months.

  282. providence says:

    i need a loan please help me i need to put down a deposit of R160,000 on a house will pay back in 4yrs with interest

  283. Ntombi says:

    I need a loan of R10 000 please help will pay back in R500 per month

  284. Candie says:

    Please if someone could assist me in getting a loan. The amount I’m requesting is 3800 dollars. I need this loan for school and to also help with other bills I fell behind on. I’m able to pay the loan because I do have steady employment. If someone is willing to assist please contact me ASAP by via email. My deadline is coming up and I want to be able to complete my nursing program. Please no scammers I don’t have time to waste. My deadline is no later then July 22. Again, please if someone could assist me and I greatly look forward to your feedback.

  285. David Maitland says:

    I need $5000 by Friday I am waiting on inheritance due mid October if someone can help me I am willing to repay $6000 at that time.

  286. Pine says:

    I have a product I need to market and expand my organization for in order to support my growing customer list. Currently need $30 000 urgently, will give % of profits or pay back on reasonable terms provided by lender. Please help urgently, I need to pay some expenses I already am committed for! Looking forward to hearing from serious investor or legal loan business.

  287. Cyndi says:

    I am in dire need of a $2-3000.00 loan for family emergency. My credit is not good but I can pay back in 2 years or less and can afford large monthly payments.

    Also I can pay back by direct deposit and/or sign any contractual agreement for the loan.

  288. Michelle says:

    Need a loan for 3000 willing to make payment

  289. Debra says:

    I need to find a loan shark, or someone who can give out a loan with monthly payments. I am a single women who is in desperate need and don’t have the credit to get a regular loan; but can make payments. I am in need of $5,000.00 by the end of August. Please I don’t need anyone’s opinion posted about loan sharks, or going to this place or that. You don’t know my situation, you don’t know my background, therefore mind your own business. Not on here for others opinions. Thank you.

  290. Christine says:

    I am in dire need of a loan to pay my son’s university fees. I am looking for 10,000. I work and will be able to make the payment, I just need help now.

  291. Kim says:

    Hi, my name is Kim..I am a working mom that needs a $40,000 loan from a loan shark..have bad credit and can’t get a loan from anywhere else..have tried and tried..this will consolidate all my bills where I can pay back the loan in monthly payments..please help me..I am at my wits end..I’m working 2 jobs and can pay it back..just trying for once to get ahead.

  292. Pine says:

    I need R250000 urgently – will give 50% of profits of business and pay back per month. need it urgently within a few hours.

  293. Prfzed says:

    Would like a loan for business and market investments.
    65,000-105,000 AUD.
    Monthly or Fortnightly payments can be made.
    prfzed AT

  294. yolandie says:

    Has any South African people actualy gotten help from anyone???

  295. reshma says:

    Hi please can someone help me I’m drowning in debt I can pay back monthly please really desperate need a loan of R6000, is der anyone that can help, I am blacklisted with a bad credit history

  296. S says:

    I am in need of a $3000 loan immediately. I am not a scam artist or a thief. I am someone who has been turned down by the banks and now needs a loan shark who understands fast returns. When we talk, I will explain my business and how this loan will help secure a corporate investment worth a lot more than the amount of this loan. Repayment will not take longer than 8 weeks. I look forward to hearing your terms. Thanks.

  297. Tylon says:

    Good day I’m Tylon from Namibia I need R15 000 I can pay it back in one month time.

    Thank you

  298. sophia says:

    Hi is there anyone who can help me. I have got numerous loans to pay and by the time i pay back each month there is nothing left. It is sometimes so bad i do not eat as what food i have i need for my 2 sons. I am looking for 6000£ so i can pay all i owe and have 1 payment a month going out and still have money remaining in my account. Please can anyone help me before i go mad. Thank you

  299. Rachel says:

    I am in need of R60,000 to start up a very good business. I am sure i can pay back the money in six months time.

  300. Elle says:

    In need of services In Adelaide, Australia
    Need it fast, willing to accept any terms, can pay back 500 per month!

  301. Andy says:

    Need a $20,000 ASAP. Willing to have higher rates and pay back on a monthly basis. Working full time and earn decent $$$. Please am legit and jsut need to get everything back on track.

  302. Loraine says:

    I want a loan of 3000 rands please Asap

  303. Anita Kruger says:

    Husband under admin. Works in mine bruto salary R45000. Anybody can help with an urgent loan please.

  304. norean says:

    I am looking for 25k loan. I can provide good proof of income. I am willing to payback $50k in 3 years. I am only looking for serious lenders. I have strong source of income through my full time job.

  305. Gary says:

    Need a loan asap will do anything it takes to get it and i do mean anything i can not go to a bank because i have bad credit so that’s out and lenders on the internet will not help because i have no bank account i need about 10,000 dollars to pay off some debt so i can get my life back together again my wife has got a serious illness which is slowly but surely taking her life shes not well and i can not get her the proper medical treatment she needs i can not even afford to pay a down payment on this loan but me and my wife both collect disability payments from social security and i can afford to make monthly payments on the loan till its paid off.

  306. Amanda says:

    Hi I need a loan for R100 000 asap. I am full time employed and can pay back R6500 per month. We are sequestrated since 2008, don’t have the money to apply for rehabilitation.

  307. daniel neff says:

    i am wondering how i can get a $600 loan until my SSI comes in on the first on next month i own rent $300 water $135 and electric $200 and i don’t have the money if i don’t have it soon i will have no place to live.

  308. Christopher Green says:

    I need about $4000 and will pay back $9000. I just need to get my business off the ground. I am submitting government bid now but I just don,t have all the equipment need. I will pay back $500 per month.

  309. nicki says:

    I am a single mom and trying to straighten out my credit to eventually buy a home. For the past year I have been doing well with payments and my bills. This months has become exceptionally difficult. I am in need of 4,500 dollars ASAP. I can make weekly payments and based on my income I can repay the debt within 3 months. I am young, and have a steady income. I am a registered nurse and work full time in a hospital and have a part time job in a hospital. I should be well off but unfortunately I have a large amount of student loans and have helped out too many people in the past which has now put me in a bind.

  310. laura says:

    I need a loan of at least 5000.00. I did a major screwup and only have a short time to fix it before it effects someone else and worse! I can afford 400.00 per month and willing to pay this amount back for 16-18mos.

  311. sean says:

    Stable job here and I can pay back monthly payments. I am aware that I need to pay back more than the amount and willing to do. I need at least 10,000-20000.

  312. janita says:

    I need 2000 in the next 2 days will pay back in one week with interest

  313. christine says:

    i need 5000 by tomorrow can pay back weekly

  314. dylan says:

    desperately need a loan of $2-5000 for business expenses, will be able to pay back in full within 2 months.

  315. Sergio Radice says:

    Need a 5,000 USD emergency loan very quick approval 15 days repayment with any interest the matter is extremely urgent and important. I need help to send the money as part payment of an exchequer batch invoice from the England Treasury to obtain the appropriate code to unblock the transfer of my fund stationed at an account at ICH London Clearing House.

  316. Dragan L. says:

    I need a $5000 USD loan asap. This is not a joke. I am willing to pay the high interest fees.

  317. jo says:

    I need a 5000.00 loan asap.

  318. Laura says:

    i need a loan of 2000 GBP asap plz, i have no money to pay any upfront fees as i have bin scammed b4, if u can help me with out me needing 2 give u money 1st

  319. Anonymous says:

    I am in need of a 60000 to 75000 dollar loan with 10ac of land as collateral this for a business expandtion and upgrade and buy new equipment

  320. Russell Taunitas says:

    I’m in desperate need of 7500.00 dollars I’m willing pay what ever you want back i don’t have much time left before things get really serious

  321. Samantha Bead says:

    Looking for a 1500.00 loan

  322. Kristie Quigg says:

    In desperate need of 10,000 loan to keep. my home. Recently Single mom of 2 and 1 on the way. Trying to keep my home and fix my car. I have poor credit but most are medical bills.

  323. christine says:

    i need to borrow £5,000 over a 4 year period i have tried the banks and all the loan places that are one line without any luck i need to payoff some out standing debts and get myself on the straight and narrow i do not work but i do have a very good income as I’m on disability benefits and so are my children like most people i wanted nice things in my home a place my kids could bring back there friends without been embarrassed about the house so i got myself into a mess i can afford to pay back £300 a month so if anyone out there can help me i would be very grateful i have a bad credit history and i am not willing to pay for service charges where i have to pay for people finding me the loan as i have done this before and never seen any money or got a refund.

  324. andy says:

    I am hurting to getting back on my feet. I need a loan for 1,500 and can pay back in monthly installments.

  325. fab says:

    I am in need of 30,000 Australian for a period of 3 months, till my property sale is settled

  326. Pia says:

    I need 3000 euros for a month and a half. Ready to pay a bigger interest…just need the money fast.

  327. mark says:

    i have bad credit and cannot get a loan i am out of work right now i need 15000 to keep a roof over my sons head ,pay off some bills, and hold me over until i find work. i need a low monthly payment plan . i am a single dad and my son has medical issues please someone help me i just need to get back on my feet.

  328. Linda says:

    i am in need of 1200 asap!! receive a lump sum settlement in the very near future but not soon enough!! need to save my home. need asap!!

  329. mita says:

    I need 5000 by tomorrow at 1 o’clock willing to pay 380 monthly for 3 years my contact no 0849982054

  330. Adeleye Samuel says:

    I Need $100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand) Business Loan Repayment with interest in 10 years

  331. Missy says:

    I need a loan from a loanshark urgently

  332. Hannah says:

    Need a loan for $10,000 I work full time and need a loan

  333. Daphne says:

    Please I need 1,500 asap Need to put in lawyer hand by Dec.1, 2011 or my husband will be deported on Dec 4, 2011. I can afford 200.00 a month payment plan until full asking amount is repaid.

  334. steve lee says:

    I’m looking for a £5000 loan over 24 months i promise to pay back double to you within that time as i have a number of business ideas which is what the loan will be for also i could do with some cash for Xmas thank you….Steve

  335. daniel says:

    I need a loan of 10 to 15k I want to get married I can pay back 200 euros a month I cant get a loan from banks as I am unemployed but me and my partner can pay back this money. You will get an invite to the wedding as you will make our dream come true.

  336. Daniel says:

    I am Daniel Wheeler and I am in a desperate need of a loan. I need $5000 by December 3,2011. I can repay it within 4 months.

  337. Stan says:

    Looking to borrow 2500 in the next 2 days, able to pay it back in full in 2 months, I understand the interest rate..

  338. Sergio Radice says:

    I am in desperate need of a loan of 25,000 USD, repayment in 30 days at any interest rate. Is there a loan shark there who can help me?

  339. damara says:

    I desperately need $1000 to stay in our house. i have a job and can repay in 4 to 6 months.

  340. arturia of philippines says:

    I need a loan to restart my business since it was swept away by the storm. Monthly earning is from $ 300 USD and above, I cannot specify because I am a freelancer. I can pay up to 15% interest. And please no origination fee, insurance fee, transfer fee, registration fee or any fee involve before getting the loan.

  341. John says:

    I need £8,000 by tomorrow (9th December). Can pay back a total of £13,000 one week later (December 16th). Very genuine. Please get in touch. I am in the London, UK area. Scammers from Nigeria don’t waste your time contacting me.

  342. Leonard says:

    Hi, can someone give me a R10 000 loan, with no questions on how I will pay the loan back, I really need it ASAP, prepared to pay at any terms, willing to pay back R30 000 over long term.

  343. donee says:

    I am in urgent need of a loan shark.. I have been getting turned down left from right with banks and other places. I need a loan of 15,000 dollars. I am willing to pay it all back in a 3 year period and willing to pay whatever interest I have to. I really need this within the next two days. I have no money to put down but I will pay back as much as I need to.

  344. carlos says:

    In need of a loan of 3000 will pay back in 3 mths 4000 have full time job just want pay bills thank you

  345. Funeka says:

    I need 6500 to paid the school fees of my son

  346. james thacker says:

    i need about 3000 to get my life back on track after 20 years married. She take everything

  347. liuises says:

    We understand other people problems maybe is biggest than our, but we don’t have other choice but to ask for help. We are a young family with young daughter, there is only one who works in our family and now we faced with a situation that we cant pay for rent, for bills, and even to think what we will eat tomorrow. It’s so hard for us because just 3 month ago we moved to this flat, before we lived in one bedroom, now we took two bedroom flat, because of our daughter, now she is 2 and half years old, we claim for benefits but it will take time to get it, now all what we are getting is 900 pounds we have to give all for rent, before we was trying to survive with short term loans but now all our money are going to clear the debts. We never think that one day we will ask for help, but this day came… What to do, perhaps it wasn’t so difficult if the family just turning two, but the child is still too small to sit without food …The man in our family have epilepsy, he is trying to find some job at home and our landlord said to us if we will not pay all rent till friday, we have to move out from here. Its to difficult to talk now when i know that almost everything is done and we need just to wait, but we don’t have time for that.

  348. Carol says:

    I am desperately in need of a loan for 3,000-5,000.

    I have been out of work, since October.

    I have had several promising job interviews. I would be able to begin repaying the loan, once I secure a job and/or receive my income tax refund

  349. Jo says:

    Can any please help me I am so so desperate I need to borrow £7500 an have it in the bank by 9.30am tomorrow or I loose my home my kids an my husband.. I have made a few bad choice of late an really need some help to get back on my feet, if there is someone who can help keep my family together both I an my husband work and can afford £350 a month to till the loan is repayed.. Thank you..

  350. Selina says:

    Im permanently employed and I need R200000 urgently and im prepared to pay R4000 per month. Please any come to my resque. Thanks

  351. Help needed says:

    I need £10000 ASAP I can pay back a regular amount every week. Money needed by Monday next week! Really am desperate.

  352. pinky says:

    Hi I need a loan. Shark or private lender in jhb edenvale got a good stable job need R15000 to R25000 please anyone help need it by the weekend can pay back R1500 to R2000 a month. I am honest hardworking person!

  353. Marlene says:

    We are a family of 4 renting for 1,900.00. I hate to pay so much rent when I can pay a mortgage but we do not meet all the requirements at the moment for purchase. If anyone would buy the house for me we can afford to pay a mortgage. I own a property that my father left me and $1,000.00 goes to pay that mortgage every month. I would not like the mortgage to be more than $300.00 so I would like to put some money down and we are looking for a $230,000 to $240,000 home. Please help our dream of owning come true we will be true to our mortgage.

  354. Stephnie Davison says:

    I need 1200 by noon tomorrow or I will be evicted from my apartment. I will pay the interest.

  355. kirsh says:

    Hi I’m a single mum in so much of debt I need R100 000 to clear all my debt and start fresh.

  356. Shauna says:

    Hi i need a loan of 2000 euro today to save my home

  357. Janelda says:

    I need R50000.00 i can pay R2500.00 per month back.

  358. angy says:

    Hi I need to borrow 1500 and pay it back over so many months…I live in Birmingham west midlands..does anyone know anyone in my area who has got such finance to help me urgently

  359. Russell Richardson says:

    Need a LOAN SHARK to please get in touch with me before FEBRUARY 6th,2012. Need to borrow $10,000.00 for 1 week will pay you back $50,000.00. Have a gold transaction in process and I have exhausted all possible resources to facilitate this process. ONLY NEED $10,000.00 more to get all done in one week. You will not be dissappointed with results. INSTANT PAY BACK. HAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION AND CONTACTS FOR VERIFICATION. Please help so both of us can enjoy the rewards.

  360. jess says:

    I’m a single mother of a 10 month baby girl!
    She needs a operation and it costs R11000!

  361. BRONWYN ERASMUS says:

    Hi B, here, got no debt no rent to pay and have R5000.00 to repay in February 2012, R5 000.00 to repay in March 2012, and balance when I get my bonus in April 2012 my birthday month.

    Let me know just need R20 000.00 will pay back at 15% interest if interested.

  362. javier says:

    I need a loan that I can pay off with installments, my mom got in an accident and I need the money for her operations, if any one could help me with a loan

  363. janine says:

    I need £15000 by tomorrow at 11am or I’m going to lose my partner. I will put my house up as collateral. It is worth £74000 — I’m desperate.

  364. Keith says:

    I need a loan of $5000 asap to help pay some bills and pay my rent. Please only serious lenders.

  365. Danniielle Fisk says:

    My name is Daniielle. I am writing to you because I am in desperate need of a loan and googled on a website that recommended you.

    I was wondering if there is any way that we can discuss a loan between us. I am a student and unemployed but am on Centrelink. I pay no bills so I can afford to pay you off slowly with 200 dollars a fortnight. Plus my mum is willing to help pay you back if you agree to lend me $5200. I am so desperate and hate asking people for money; I apologise for coming to you and writing to you out of the blue.

  366. Jo-Ann says:

    Need loan urgently

  367. chris says:

    please i am in need of a loan for 16000 as soon as possible i am on the verge of losing my house and car i have three kids and need the help my wife has been in and out of the hospital and i was without a job for most of last year now we are both working again

  368. Pravz says:

    Urgently looking for a loan to consolidate debt. I need R250 000, can pay back R3000.00 per month and can also cede my insurance policy as collateral.

  369. Soraya says:

    Need a loan today have to go and visit my sick nanna tomorrow. $2500 Australian.

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