How to Find a Loan Shark

Generally, people find various ways to get loans. Many people go to the bank and fill out the long application forms to get a loan. But one can find more interesting alternatives in the form of private lenders online and can get much-needed money in less time. A loan shark is one such alternative who can meet your pecuniary needs.

Loan sharks can be denoted as companies or individuals who provide unsecured loans. It is simple to get the loan within a relatively short span of time and can be called quick cash since the process incorporated with loan sharks is generally less cumbersome compared with most traditional lenders. Many such private entities offer short term and medium term loans to help people whose credit is less than stellar. They give the cash right away to the people who are in need with variable and flexible terms. Since it is an unsecured loan in which no property is provided as security against the loan, the interest rates are usually higher. The main points to be considered in finding the loan sharks are:

  1. Find out the lenders who are willing to pay for even people with bad credit. Many loan shark companies offer loans for the customers irrespective of their credit history. Hence, customers with either good credit history or with bad credit history are eligible for these kinds of loans.

  2. Try to find lenders who provide unsecured loans. This is usually not very difficult because there are many of them available in most areas. Therefore, there is no need of providing the property or personal effects as a security against the loan.

When you have found a loan shark keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you will be able to obtain the following benefits:

  • No need to place money as a down payment. For many loans, it might be required to place certain percentage of money up front in order to get loan. Most commonly this is 10% to 20% of the total principal amount. But here there is no need to worry about upfront fees. The full amount is paid out right away. This makes it more convenient to get a personal loan.

  • Paid quickly. Getting loan through the major financial institutions is a long process. They will insist that customers must fill in an application form first and they will provide the loan only after a long verification process. This is not the case for your neighborhood or online loan shark; the customers can easily and quickly get the required loan. Generally borrowers can receive the money within 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner depending on the method used.

So, select a reliable loan shark and get the required loan quickly and easily!

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289 Responses to How to Find a Loan Shark

  1. stephen mcgowan says:

    im looking for a loan shark i need a loan of £750 urgently for my rent arrears or i am being evicted please help me i have 4 days or i am out if i cannot get that amount £500 would be acceptable please help me i cannot bare to think me and my daughter being homeless in these terrible weather conditions

  2. ashley abell says:

    i need a loan of 40 000.00 aud. i have a large workcover case pending and need a new car.will pay high interest up to 25%

  3. Gillian moss says:

    i need 800 pounds by the end of today

  4. marilyn says:

    I am looking for a personal loan of 10,000.00 asap. Will pay up to 25% interest. I hope there is someone out there who will look at this. Not a scammer. I work full time and can make monthly payments. I live in Idaho. I hope someone will contact me. Please get ahold of me. I am desperate.

  5. Melissa says:

    I am looking for a personal loan of 15,000.00 asap
    I live in Kentucky and I work full time. Someone please contact me that can help me fast. I am

  6. Lisa says:

    I am desperately looking for a personal loan of 50000.00 asap and have some collateral to put up. I will pay whatever interest rate I need to in order to get this money.

  7. eddieg says:

    I am in urgent need of 1500 dollars. I am willing to pay back 3000 dollars in 3-4 months to cover it. I am willing to give you any infomration you wish for the loan including family contacts. I am located in wilmington nc

  8. Racheal Tipolt says:

    I need 3000 asap for personal reasons can make payments back no more than 250 a month for however long…but this is URGENT.

  9. phil says:

    Hello i urgently need £7000 from a loanshark to pay back over 5 yrs but i wont pay any upfront charges as i have already been scammed.

  10. Jason says:

    I need 10k quick. I’ll pay Any interest rate up to 100% as long as I have a year to pay it back.

  11. emma says:

    please help need a loan for £2500 asap, if ur able to help please email me

  12. rodney says:

    I need a fast loan now! I am in need for a $7000 loan and need it today. I will pay it back within one month with negotiable interest, please contact me ASAP. my credit is horrendous and I can’t get a loan anywhere. Please help!

  13. Andy says:

    I need a loan for £5000 ASAP. I can’t get a loan so the interest payments are negotiable.

  14. Kevin says:

    I need $10,000.00 NOW!!! Interest payments are Negotiable. Contact me a s soon as possible.

  15. Susan says:

    I need $5000. ASAP. Please email me.


  16. kemard says:

    needing $30,000 soon. willing to pay interest. husband deployed with army and im in a tight spot. hope to hear from someone today.

  17. Dean Altenhofen says:

    I am in need of $50,000 for about 30 days. I have been a physician for over 20 years. I have a temporary short fall in the beginning of this year. If you have any options, please contact me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    in desp need of 5000 no scams if u want money up front dont bother replying to me 07528945163, i need like now

  19. z says:

    need a loan of 5000 euro fast please help

  20. Eric says:

    I need 1500 dollars to get a car and will pay 25% interest

  21. Melissa says:

    I am in desperate need of $5000 to move into a new apartment. I will pay any interest amount and accept any terms. I make good money, but I haven’t saved up enough money for this! I am terrified of being a single woman on the streets of Los Angeles. I need the money by this Thursday. Please help!

  22. Ted says:

    I would like to borrow $2,000.00 by Monday 5/3. I would be willind to pay $400.00 a month for 8 months. Thank you.

  23. karl hints says:

    Hi. I need a loan of £1000 by the end of the day. I am bournemouth based. You can contact me on 07528449281. No scams please.

  24. Audry says:

    Please email me I need to borrow 1500 I can pay back in two weeks.

  25. Paulie says:

    I need a loan for $3000. Can anyone out there help me? I can pay a minimum of $300 a month or more if necessary.

  26. Kari says:

    Please let me know if you can help, I need a loan of $5000 immediately. I can repay the loan plus interest in 60 days or less. Thank you.

  27. Robert Drawsby says:

    I need to borrow 160,000.00 dollars to buy my passed mothers house. I have to high of a debt to income ratio for banks and such.

  28. keith says:

    I need a 5000 loan today, I can pay 500 a month, don’t care about the interest rate. Please no scammers who want 130 for processing or transfer fees. Contact me @ 6142663754

  29. JM says:

    If anyone is willing to lend 3000€ to a working family man in Finland

  30. LM says:

    Hi there,
    I so desperately after a Loan Shark. I would like to borrow 10,000AUD and able to pay the amount in full within 2 months. I desperately need it for family emergency and to cover some debts. I work fulltime and able to make repayments as soon as.

  31. AJ says:


  32. Carol James says:

    Please Help I need 7000.00 in a loan willing to pay intrest have no credit I am a student and my car is a junker and broke down I need a car now!!!
    Have stable job and need money ASAP!!

  33. Jenn says:

    I am in need of $7,000 by tomorrow!I don’t have credit and my husband lost his job! We have cutback tremendously and have even sold our stuff on ebay to make it this far but things are all coming to a head! We need the money to consolidate all of our monthly payments! We are used to paying high interest rates!

  34. jay mahony says:

    i need a loan of 2.000 asap az i hav a job in perth bt need 2 b ther in 8days frm now 12/06.i am able 2 pay back by the end of july 2010 az i will b makeing gr8 money ther.plz any1 that cn help me.

  35. janedoe1011 says:

    I am needing to borrow $3000.00 asap. I My boyfriend has had multiple strokes and we have gotten behind on bills and we have a wedding in 4 weeks. I make good money and can pay $500.00/mo to repay loan. I have tried all means and have no family to help.

  36. Daniel till says:

    Need 10.000 pounds urgently will pay back whatever required
    hope someone can help us out work full time.
    Not a scammer.

  37. Andy says:

    I need a loan for £1500 ASAP. I can’t get a loan so the interest rates are negotiable. Only interested in lenders from the United Kingdom. Will not pay fees.

    Also Need £2,000 loan to tomorrow. Can pay back £4000 by the end of August. Any lenders in London UK please contact me

  38. Martin Chavez says:

    I have a lawsuit pending against state of New Mexico for civil right violation. we are in the settlement process and i need 30,000.00 ASAP. My credit is not so good do to what took place with the state and me losing a job because of it. If anyone can help please let me know.

  39. Ann says:

    I am in need of a 5000.00 loan like yesterday to keep from being evicted and also to pay off perscription medical bills so I can keep getting the meds I need to help with my MS. I am employed and just got to far behind and now can not seem to catch up. Please help asap

  40. gemma says:

    hi i am desperatley in the need of £4000 i will pay any amounts of intrest. i live in scotland in the uk please if anyone can help me txt 07849289940 thank you x

  41. Ryan says:

    I need $7500 today. Dire emergency. I have a settlement check of $10k coming in 2 weeks. This is short term. Please contact me!

  42. renata says:

    need $ 5000. If anyone got contacted by a loan shark, can you please send me their information?
    Thank you!

  43. Jenny says:

    Need urgent cash now 6000 a.s.a.p only lenders from uk please my credit rating is rubbish tried everything else

  44. RJW says:

    I need 10k US quick, like yesterday. I’ll pay 20K back if given 12 months to do so. Willing to look at all favors needed as well in the meantime. Willing to give all info needed to keep us on track.

    In the Seattle WA. area.

  45. gkt says:

    hello there i am in need of a loan i was working two jobs got laid off one and now cant pay my rent i will pay back whatever it is i need to pay back i am gonna be evicted and dont have anywhere else to go have four dogs i am looking for 2500 dollars if anyone can help please need by monday or tuesday.

  46. Jeanie Lindsey says:

    I need a 4500 dollar loan so I can buy a car. My credit is bad due to my ex-husband.I have a good job so paying it back is no problem. I hope there is somebody out there who can help me..please

  47. andrew says:

    hello, I am just starting out, and need a short term, no questions asked loan, to help me out, just for 10 days. if there are any persons out there who would like to help, please contact ;

  48. Deanie says:

    I am in dire need of a loan for $5000 Canadian to help my son pay for lawyer fees and my own rent arrears. Please if anyone can help. I don’t have good credit but run my own childcare service.

  49. Kat says:

    Require a $7500.00 loan, willing to pay whatever interest is required. Excellent job, just need to get some stuff caught up. Not going to give you a sob story, but do require it ASAP.

  50. Sarah says:

    I am in dire need of a £20,000 loan and need by Monday morning to clear arrears. Willing to pay whatever interest. Please can anyone help me in the UK? I do have bad credit but am in desperate need of the money.

  51. MCJ says:

    Looking for flash loan of £100-£200 to be paid out in next couple days and repaid at end of month willing to accept very high interest as this is simply to carry me to next paycheck have no cash for travel/ food after being scammed out of money by brokers and other outstanding loans making it hard to borrow any more money on usual channels please contact asap

  52. RoShonda Ball says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Please, I need $3,500.00 dollars to catch up on all my bills and daycare for my 3 year old daughter, ad $10,000.00 will get me out of debt until my settlement is paid out. I was involved in a horrific car accident 2 years ago where both of my legs were shattered. I now have metal plates, rods, and screws in both legs. I have endured rehab and had too learn how to walk again. I currently have a court case pending and will repay as soon as it is settled. If you would like my attorney’s number or further info please contact me. This money is needed ASAP. Thank you for your consideration.

  53. Richard says:

    Sob story coming: Yes I need money. Yes I am desperate. And yes, my credit tanked post divorce. I need $3,500. Now the good news. I am the sole beneficary of an irrevocalbe trust, which generages $40,000 each year. Have the K-1’s going way back. The cash principle is substantial. My next check is Oct. 1, 2010. It is approximately $6,000 after child support. I cannot assign the trust to anyone, but can have City National Bank mail the check to anyone, payable to the person receiving it and me. End of story. Need it yesterday. Have the trust, bank statements, etc.

  54. Robert says:

    I am in need of $1500 today. I am being evicted tomorrow if i dont come up with the money. I live in las vegas nv. I am will to pay up to 35% interest. Please contact asap if you can help thank you.

  55. Shane says:

    I need $3600 right away. I was unemployed for a couple of months, now working for myself through affiliate marketing and starting to do well, but need to pay off some recent debts instantly. It might sound crazy, but I have crunched the numbers and could realistically pay up to 30% interest and have the loan paid of in 18-24 months, maybe even sooner, as my rent is cheap and I do not own a vehicle at this time. I have a debit account that is equipped with direct deposit. I need this money ASAP.
    Thank you!

  56. Jonathon charles says:

    Hi I’m in need of £5000, I’ve tried online but with no luck, so hoping this sight might be of some help!!
    I live and work in cardiff

  57. Anonymous says:

    i need £1000 by 2 the latest please ??

  58. justin says:

    im looking for a fast loan shark im in need of a $5,000 to $10,000 loan quick for some debt and a car.

  59. angela says:

    i desperately need a loan for about 2000 dollars before the end of this month. I have been evicted and need to move asap. Is anybody out willing to lend me. I have no one to turn to. I have a 16 year old son..please please i need help.I am willing to make arrangement to payback.

  60. Marco Deguzman says:

    I need a loan of up to 30k right now I have equity in a 06 650 BMW I can pay any interest rate and the full amount within 45-60 days. Please I live in Orange county, California. I need help asap Thanks.

  61. val bensley says:

    i am in need of a 2,500 pound loan urgently, i live in norfolk, if anyone can help me please email, payments back will be no problem, many thanks

  62. Leon says:

    I urgently need £4000 within the next 4 days. I can pay back over 3 months. High rate of interest is ok. I am working full time

  63. nathan says:

    i am in need of 35000 to buy a new car i work for my self and can pay back with np can some one help me

  64. justin says:

    Some body that lives close to norfolk virginia I need a 3000 loan today asap willing to pay back 5000 within 3 month span. Email me asap.

  65. Jason says:

    Looking for a $2000 loan in San Diego within 24hrs or eviction. Will payback over next two months.

  66. Kaci says:

    need about 30,000 for law school asap in the toronto, ont area! please if u can its urgent i need to get to school by next week friday…and still need to obtain a study visa…am begging u please help

  67. Denise Smith says:

    I am a hardworking mother who is employed, I am in need of 15,000 dollars to pay off my credit so me and my kids can have a place to stay please help.

  68. adam says:

    i work full time and require around 4,000 to move into new house and purchase another car. i live in norfolk .

  69. jack says:

    hi i am in need of 4000 i am in full time work and can afford the interested charges i live in lancaster

  70. czaja says:

    im need 2000£ asap. if you can help me just send me txt. i can pay bac around 4weeks after borrowin. thanks
    co durham

  71. george says:

    i need 3000 by tomorrow in a.m. have collateral by means of a convertible car. willing to neggotiate.

  72. rhonda foster says:

    I have good job but have been on medical leave since august due to knee replacement surgery my credit is bad but I can pay loan back I need 5000 dollars to catch up on my bills and get a car so I can keep my job please anyone help I don’t care what I have to pay back

  73. Judy says:

    I need to borrow $4,000.00 for past bills and EMERGENCY.I will pay back $6,000.00 over 6 months.
    I have very bad credit so can’t get loan at banks
    If you can help can this be completed online.
    If you require more money let me know. Also I can’t pay upfront money to get the +loan.

  74. Shannon says:

    I need to borrow $5000.00 for past bills and catch up on my rent. My credit is bad and I don’t know where to turn. I work full-time and can pay any amount on a monthly basis. Please I’m desperate.

  75. Tracey says:

    Hi. I am needing £9000. £5000 of that is needed in 24 hours. I can repay weekly or monthly at high interest rates. Looking for UK Lender so as not to incur fees.

  76. Mario says:

    I’m looking for an loan shark in the New York City Area i need a loan of $8,000 i need to catch up on my bills can someone help me i will pay what ever the rate is it doesn’t matter i really need your help by tomorrow or by monday is my dead line to clear my bills contact me real lenders no fake ones tired of being scam by these fake lenders online only lenders from the Tri State Area

  77. mel says:

    I am in need of of 30000.00 loan tomorrow i can pay 1,000.00 a month back with interest. I am in the las vegas area.

  78. Desparate Mum says:

    I’m in need on 2000 pound asap, having a tough time with my ex and starting divorce proceedings. Need help to pay a few bills and see me thro xmas, my credit rating is not bad but can’t get a loan without a guarantor. Need a genuine lender who is willing to be payed back in monthly installments until financial situation is sorted. Please help if you can. Many Thanks!

  79. frank says:

    i am a hard working father of 4 that fell on hard time, i am looking for a loan of around $10.000 will pay back, so if any one in indianapolis is willing to hel me out let me know

  80. Anonymous says:

    hi i am a single mother of 2 my daughters birthday is in a few days and we’re about to lose our place to live i need a loan for 3000 dollars to keep our place if anyone knows a loan person

  81. stressed says:

    my husaband and I are in debt of up to 300,000cad and are going to lose everything. we need help a.s.a.p., we can manage resonable monthly payments to repay a loan. We have some assets we can put up against a loan, is there anyone out there that can help we are in desperate need of a resolution to our problems

  82. jay says:

    Please help! I need a loan for $3500 ASAP. I’m about to start a high paying job. I will not be able to begin work unless I pay some bills, I cannot pay all my bills unless I get this job. Please help….. Only need the money for a short time, willing to pay high interest and the loan will be paid off within a few months.

  83. Mr. H says:

    i am 26 years old and want a 7.000.00 loan to help my dad and mom i have jobs by the time i was 15 years old will pay it back can make 250.00 a month payment intill paid off PLEASE, help me, working now full time

  84. Derek says:

    I urgently need R500 000-00. Will pay back over 24 months at an interest rate of 20% per annum.

  85. ashley says:

    iam in need of a loan can anybody help me please i need a loan for 7000.00 if there is some out there who can help me please let me know i need this very bad i can pay back how ever much i just need help please

  86. gurpreet says:

    hi i am in need of 5000 pound urgently today and would pay all the loan back within 3 months plus the total interest that is required please get in touch
    am in the west midlands in stoke on trent uk.

  87. Alyesha Nichols says:

    I need £2000 by 10am tomorrow or I am homeless I have a loan coming thourgh in a few day so can pay the loan off in a matter of week can anyone help.

  88. kimberly foster says:

    Please help me. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 3 month old son. I jus got a eviction notice an he wants us out by December 1st. I have no place to go. An very lil money. Its less than a month away from christmas i cant bare to live with myself if we have to live on the streets for christmas. I dont have very good credit. Please give me a miracle. I need 8,000 dollars so i can get us a place an a nice christmas.

  89. Jennifer C says:

    My husband and I need to $1,500! We both work full time and things have just gotten out of control! We can re pay the loan in a matter a weeks! If someone could help that would be wonderful….it seems like when your stuck in the middle there is no help out there! Thank you for reading!

  90. Joanna says:

    Hi, need a loan of £5000,will accept high APR up to 25-30%, Cheshire UK

  91. Mike says:

    Hi, I need a loan of 3000, will pay the back in time. Been on my job for over 10 years. Really need help……fast.

  92. Carole says:

    I am wanting to borrow $3500 to prevent the loss of my home.

  93. kim lundy says:

    I just lost my job and my apt! no family no friends just moved here. i need 5000.00 to pay my 2month old bills and to save my vehicle from repossession. with the remaing ill use for hotel for 30 days to breathe and apply for jobs, thank you

  94. Becca says:

    I need a loan of 20,000.00 for my daughters surgery.

  95. david knott says:

    I need a loan shark to helpme out I need 10000 asap. Please help need money before end of the year I have a full time job and can pay u back. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  96. Norma says:

    Need $10,000 asap – any help out there, I will pay back with interest within the next 2 weeks

  97. AnnaHelena says:


    I need a loan shark to help me out. I need 3000 € asap. I am working full time now, but I was earlier without work and couldn’t pay my bills. So I need to desperately balance my finance to get my life back on trail again.

    Please, please… help me! This stress is killing me.

  98. darryl hill says:

    i need 3000 dollars for bills i can afford 300 dollars a month

  99. KayDee says:

    If you or someone you know can help me, please email me. I am in need of $8500 asap. I have the opportunity to purchase a business that has gone into foreclosure. I can repay $10000 by the end of January. I have paperwork to prove both the business and my ability to repay the loan by 1/31. I do need the money by the 12/24. I am willing to entertain any offers, If I could find a “loan shark” I’d do that in a heartbeat!

  100. ROSIE says:

    i am in need of 3000.00 today …I need to pay for a car that my husband ad promised to buy thinking we had the money but i had 7500.00 in medical bills to pay i can repay this in three payment by the end of feburday …i am drowning help!!!!!!!!!!urgent response i am an hosnet hardworking person ….

  101. marlene caldwell says:

    is there any one out there who can do a loan for $10.000 i urgently need your help i am a security officer working 7 days a week and do between 108 hours and 144 hours i earn more than enough to pay back can do in 10 months at 1000.00 per month

  102. Ivana Moore says:

    Im lookinq for 350 dollars by the end of today. Can anybody help..?

  103. Glenn says:

    I need £2000 by the end of the weekend. I am in sussex.

  104. Jose says:

    I need 5000 pounds by the end of the week as I got lots of bills to pay as my wife got really sick and I hade to play for private Heath care for here and I’m late on my rent can any one help me please !!! Call me on 07852227374

  105. Janice says:

    I am going to be evicted in 8 days unless i can pay £5.5k rent arreas by end of week. I am in full time employment and would pay to show gratitude of any help. please.

  106. Porchia says:

    Ineed to 7000 or 5000 quick depend on the rate. i work full time but i need the money now.

  107. dale says:

    looking to borrow 175,000 asap have property and business for coll also pending lawsuit with large corp should settle this year

  108. jon says:

    Hi i need £5000 over 12months i can pay back monthly but im struggling to find a loan shark anyone help?

  109. rich says:

    need 50,000 to start up petroleum transport company will pay 15% interest on loan up to 48 months to repay also will consider have business partner

  110. andy says:

    I need £3000-£5000, will repay weekly over 13-26 weeks depending on interest rates. I am living in BOURNEMOUTH, UK.

  111. paul says:

    Hi I need a loan of 2000 by tomorow for business. Will pay whatever interest.

    Ps north west england

  112. renae bruno says:

    Need 15,000 dollars to sue spouse and prove child abuse, turnover custody and order child su;pport. Payoff will be lucrative as you can see.

  113. Cath says:

    Need £3500 over 2 yrs for consolidation and roof repairs – work full time just cashflow problem at the moment

  114. Krystle says:

    Need a loan shark in the US .. desperatly need to borrow $1500.00 to pay my rent/groceries for the month and to fix a car repair! Work is really slow for me right now i just need help to get back on track and have no one else to depend on! please help!

  115. Ant says:

    Need £2500 loan in next four days, have flexible payment methods, and will pay in full. Plus I am flexible with regards to interest. Am very desperate for the cash, please help

  116. glenna says:

    need 330 quickly can pay back in 4 payments

  117. Joy says:

    Seeking 25K ASAP! Flexible in regards to interest.

  118. JJ says:

    i am needing a $5000 short term interest only loan i have a 2003 mitsubishi vehicle as security the vehice is fully insured and rwc i need funds by thursday i am in south east QLD AUS stable employment and have same residency for 7 years please contact asap

  119. alyss says:

    i need a loan shark TODAY! i need 4500 for a lot of debt to be payed off

  120. dave says:

    i need to borrow 5000. dollars i can pay back over the next 8 months

  121. shaz says:

    hi i need a loan shark of 5000 pounds please as im in a problem so pleas email me. i work for my dad as he owns resturant but he would spare me ill pay you good back by friday i need it please get in touch and leave me ur phone number or i give you mine. thank you

  122. rachel says:

    hi i am looking for a loan of 7000 pounds, i have mortgage arrears and am being threatened with eviction need to pay the money back over five years

  123. dave says:

    i need to borrow 5 thousand for about 8 months

  124. Will says:

    Need 1500 tonight desperately. I’m in NYC I can meet you tonight.

  125. Sonja says:

    I am in sa and need 40000 urgently to pay of my debt

  126. dave says:

    im in need of a lone fast like today i need to borrow 6000 dollars thanks to reberto james me and my kids have no electricity or water call me asap

  127. sabina says:

    desperate need of 10 thousand pound, got a settle job, will pay back, need help tryed everywhere no one is willing to help me, got really depress about this situation would be really gratefull if you could help me thanks.

  128. S lewis says:

    Hi. Desperately need £5000 in the next 48 hours or will get evicted from my home! Currently 9 months pregnant and due any day now and have a 7 year old. Can afford to repay 150 a week. PLEASE HELP! Don’t care about the interest just need to keep me and my kids in our home! Really desperate. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP! IN SOUTH EAST LONDON AREA

  129. nazareena says:

    I need £2000 by tomorrow i am coming into to money but it not available till june i have a job and am will to pay interest

  130. rod says:

    need to borrow 6000.00 dollars for fiance and debts have a good job and pension can pay off in 12 months

  131. Peter says:

    Need to borrow 20k asap for 6 to 8 months

  132. TRam1088 says:

    Hey, i need about 15,000 USD. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and have large bills to pay and also need to cover funeral costs for my mother. please someone get back to me asap i need the money pretty fast. i am very desperate!!!! will pay 25-35% interest!

  133. larrygholston says:

    In need of a loan of 7500.00. Lost my best friend last year. She was in a nursing home for almost 2 years and all her income was used for her stay. Now with a remaining bill and funeral cost I’ve got to find some help. Willing to pay a workable repayment monthly with a reasonably interest on this amount. Please I know that there is somebody out there that can HELP. Thank you!!

  134. Dawn says:

    Please can anyone help. I am in desperate need of 3300 pounds for consolidation and house repairs. I have a full time job and am able to come to a workable repayment agreement, over a period of time.

  135. Vernette says:

    My boyfriend and I founded our dream home, it is a foreclosure and it need some work, we won’t to buy it and do the work bit by bit,and if we could buy it straight out we won’ have to go through the trouble of trying to get a rehab loan which is very difficult to obtain, we r asking for a loan for 250,000.00 and we are willing to pay a high interest rate on the loan, if ure out there and you are blessed and have money please consider helping us.

  136. kate says:

    hi i need a loan for a new van for work, i need 3000 pound and will pay 100 pound a week back for however long

  137. dina jackson says:

    I am a single mother and I am going to be evicted from home in the next couple of days if I dont get about £5,000. I have a young son and they have said they will change the locks if I dont pay now.

  138. Matthew P says:

    My fiance and I are looking to pay off all of our debt and make a simple one monthly payment. We are looking for a $40,000 unsecured personal loan and want to pay it off in 5 years or less. 60 payments max. We do not want an interest rate over 8%. We are located in the USA. We both have good credit and full time jobs as well as an extra job.

  139. Dane P. says:

    Need a loan TODAY! $3000
    Live in San Diego. Willing to pay high interest.

  140. David G. says:

    Need to borrow $1500.00, this week – please. Have verifiable employment with $4000.00 net pay. Will pay 20% interest weekly until paid in Full.

  141. Toriano K. says:

    I urgently need a loan in the amount of $5000.00 to consolidate some major bills within my home not to mention the fact that I just received custody of my two teenage boys. Will pay back loan with $3000.00 interest.

  142. rodney p says:

    i need 7000 for two weeks. it will be paid back by my job. but will use this money to pay out an existing loan through my job that way i can borrow a larger sum of money through them. you will receive money back plus the interest in two weeks at the most if not few days sooner.

  143. sarah smith says:

    I need a loan shark in California asap have the monthly income to pay back with interest got scammed twice already this week

  144. Damien S says:

    I am in need of a short term business loan I am looking for 30,000 and can pay back entire loan plus interest in 60 days the funds are being used for purchase of material for resale.

  145. chris williams says:

    Hi im am in the uk and am in need of a 2,000 POUND loan.

  146. pandaownership says:

    Hi I need to find a loan shark asap, i’m getting married on 14th may, and was going to sell my car, however it has come to my attention that the gentleman who sold it me, had it on finance and now the finance company are dragging their heels to remove it from the hpi record, so I can’t sell it until it has been removed, I’m £2700 short for my weddinng having already paid out nearly 10k to get married to date. My car is worth £6500 when blackhorse finance pull their finger out, and i can sell it at that point and but a cheaper car, but until then i’m in desperate need, if you can help please email me

  147. Jim says:

    Hello, I need a small loan quickly.

  148. Mark says:

    Hello, I am looking for $10,000 USD. Need to catch up on bills and some capital to invest in my business. Have monthly income as well. Can offer some collateral if needed. Can pay back over 12 months. Need funds fast.

  149. Marc says:

    I am looking for a loan of $5000 by Thursday April 7,2011. I have been employed with the same company for 3 years and have an income of $4200 a month. I have a bad credit score therefore cannot go through the usual routes of a bank or lending institution.

  150. dark knight says:

    I am in hard place an need cash very fast or I lose my family. I need about $7,000 an pay it back in 3 months asap in NYC

  151. kimberley says:

    In need of 1,500 dollars to pay bills no other sources available can make payment of 200 a month can make all payments by july need the money by april 12

  152. David says:

    I need $4000 right away. Will write 5 checks of $1000 each over the next 5 months. Please help me out.

  153. todd says:

    in need of $5000 as soon as posible… please email me with terms.

  154. Emmmmmz says:

    I need a loan for 3000 pounds asap. Pay back asap or within 36 months at least.

  155. april says:

    i am in need of 2000. i am willing to pay a high interest. can pay back in a couple of months. if anyone can do this i am in the usa.

  156. Traci says:

    I am a single mom with 2 boys and need $6000. My x isn’t paying his court ordered child support to which I do not have the money to take him back to court to get the money. My sons and I live in section 8 housing and my hours have been recently cut at work. I am actively looking for another job, but it’s hard to find one. My credit is bad because I had to file bankruptcy after paying all our bills with credit cards when my x was unemployed all the time. I am trying to make a fresh start by paying car repairs, rent, utilities and hospital bills, while making my sons lives better, help us!

  157. David Quintana says:

    Stright up story no BS’ing lost my job fell behind everything pawned everying i owe I am looking for 5,000.00 to catch up and no matter what percentage you charge me I WILL REPAY! I just need your help like RIGHT NOW PLEASE HELP ME


  158. says:

    Hi, I am in need of $10,000, or even $5,000. I am a struggling widow and single mom, and need badly to catch up and pay off some bills. Also need to purchase my daughter a car. Please help. It would probably take me up to 5 years to pay it back, and with very small payments a month. Anything at all that you can do, would be of great help.

  159. Jeff Niehoff says:

    I am in need of $15,000, and will pay it back within one year (12months). My credit is bad and need help badly. Please help. Jeff

  160. Joe P says:

    I have really bad credit but i have a job, I need 1,500.00 by tomorrow night or the whole world will be coming down on me and my family. I don’t care about the interest rate or how high it will be. I will pay back within 2 to 3 months. Please if anyone reading could you find it in your heart to help me and my family. Please thank you

  161. Todd T says:

    my name is Todd and i need a $5000 to start a business i have jobs lined up to do but i cant get a loan so i need a loan shark to help me out i can have the money back in 30 days with a $7000 payback so if u can help me please

  162. Tina says:

    I have three boys and needing help (ASAP) I need 2,000 dollars by Sunday at 12pm, and I can have your money back in 90 days.

  163. Alix says:

    i need 2000 dollars to catch up on bills and pay the car rego i can pay it back slowly. plz help

  164. Felipe says:

    need $5000, employed and located in LA

  165. Michael says:

    I need a $3,000.00 loan. I will take it from anyone. I am a 41 year old male with two young daughters. I have been out of work for over a month and I need to pay my rent and other bills.

  166. ciska says:

    My name is Ciska, I was burgled 3 times in March and April 2011. I need a loan of R3000 to R7000 to improve my Security around the house and to replace some stolen goods…eg. Microwave, fridge, tv…etc

  167. Jannie says:

    hi my wife’s car broke and have to replace the engine i need a loan of R 7000 to pay before they will begin to fix the car.

  168. Michele Matts says:

    Please Help I am on ssi due to a congential heart condition and have been seperated from my husband for almost 8 years but i have 2 outstanding step childeren both in college, and well my husband died on april 8th, and the cost of the funeral is bieng put on the kids and I dont want that to be like that so I need a personal loan of 7000.00 today or no later than friday the 13th, so I can put the money back into the kids savings that they took out of thier savings. they dont live me but Howard (my husband) was actually my best friend still, and I want to make sure his kids are ok. I love them. and as for his siblings well they are useless selfish people who could and can very much afford to help with the cost but they wont. please Help

  169. Daniel says:

    Hi, I need a GBP 6000 loan in cash urgently to assist ovrheads with my new business in London that has guaranteed earning potential (property renovation in a good area for rentals). I also have a secure permanent job and take home GBP 3000 per month. I would be able to afford the loan back at a rate of GBP 500 per month. I need this urgently, please help.

  170. Chavey says:

    Need $10,000 dollar loan. No sob story just need the loan

  171. mike daws says:

    Hi, I need a £2000 loan urgently to cover rent arrears, ideally by the end of 20/5/2011 or ASAP
    im based in cheshire

  172. Les says:

    I need a Loan Shark bad I need $6000 to catch up on my morgage.

  173. Andy says:

    I am in urgent need of 5,000 euros to bail me out of debt this week coming. 3,700 is a traffic fine, if not paid will go to jail the week after. I have work. Please help ASAP

  174. Pearl says:

    I am in need of 5000. I need an automobile my income is approx. 4000 per month, you may debit my bank until repaid. VA pension and SDI in CA. I have lived in community for eons, so I am rooted. Grandmother of 2 and Mother of 2.

  175. Ronald says:

    Hi am looking for a loan of 2500000 for a restaurant. I will pay any amount per month for 5 years if it’s reasonable.

  176. fraz says:

    hi im looking for a £3000 loan today over 12 months need it urgent

  177. sarah says:

    Hi, I am desprate for a loan,, i need the cash to day or at the latest to moro. I have had a few wonga loans, their for i have bad credit. I am looking for any one please to get back in touch with me as soon as….possable please 🙁 I would like to loan £3000 ove 18 months or 36 months. I am in ful time employment in a factory, i am a production op my wage is 850 monthley after tax, i live with my parents. i can not get a garantour and have poor credit raiting… please help!
    thenks ppl 🙂 hope some one is listening

  178. debbie says:

    i am desprate to have $4000, I only need to have a loan for 1 week and would pay back with interest. It is needed today or tomorrow. please very important.

  179. tony says:

    I need a loan asap i will pay back in 4 months or less with the interest $10,000

  180. Drew says:

    Toronto area need a loan $3600.00 asap willing to pay higher then expected intrest rate principle payed back 3 months please respond asap if you can help

  181. Brendan says:

    Hi, I urgently need R10,000 today or tomorrow, need it to pay off some other debts and to repair my car. Have a good job and would repay within a year. Is their anybody in South Africa, Witbank area who can help.

  182. kawana says:

    I need a loan for 4000.00 dollars immediatley to consolidate other bills that are high in intrest and in the way. Need some help asap!

  183. mavis says:

    Please can anybody help me. I am only a housewife and have very bad credit. I am looking to borrow £2000 so that I can help my children with the things they need.I don’t want to have to pay anything up front like transfer fees or anything like that. I will be able to pay back within two months. I am in Luton. Need as soon as possible please.

  184. Clueless Borrower says:

    need 5k to move out of reno

  185. larry rogers,jr says:

    need a $7,000.00 loan get business going and purchase vehicle need 1 year to pay back if interest is 50% or lower

  186. Steve says:

    Need a short term loan for 75k, can repay within six months with interest. Boston area.

  187. JULIE says:

    I REALLY need a loan for at least $4,000 to pay off some other debts which include payday loans. After my husband and I separated and I had to raise my 3 girls, I’ve just gone into debt and he’s no help because he doesn’t get paid much either. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  188. Allen says:

    Need a $3000 loan please, in Toronto, ON Canada, willing to pay high rates and will pay back in 6 months

  189. Steve says:

    I am in need a loan for 18.000.00 for one year. I am a hard worker have a business just need to get it off the ground. It is all I have please help.

  190. Lauren says:

    I need $10,000-12,000 dollars before the 13th of july. please i am in dire straights. i have two kids and am waiting for someone to help me.. i have a job lined up, the company is havin g issues and it has delayed my start date.. please someone help me

  191. Tamera Zimmerman says:

    I need a $6000 personal loan from a loan shark or anyone else willing to help me. I’ve already been scammed once. I am on disability and can pay 300 month back. I don’t care how much the interest rate is. I really need the money. PLEASE HELP

  192. Needy says:

    need SGD10k asap….. will return in interest, installment in 12 or more months

  193. pam harrison says:

    need a loan of 7000 dollars to catch bills up since I was diagnose with breast cancer and had to have mastectomy on both breasts. I got behind with bills and house note. If there is anyone out there can help me before the end of this month, I ‘m back at work and I will pay your money back dearly.

  194. Cheri Pepka says:


  195. Jason Smith says:

    I need a $50,000 loan to invest in a very lucrative business. I will repay the loan in 30 days will all interest guarantee.

  196. Evelyn James says:

    Good morning this is probable my third time asking for a loan and all get is advice I don’t need advice i seriously need to borrow 3000 dollars get back on my feet on the real my cable phone and computer will be off tomorrow is last day for me to pay my rent for july and august two loan officer offer to help in uk but I have send them money before I can get a loan I will I know if they are honest is there loan shark here usa that can help me please no more advice please i am desperate of need no joke I need money like week.

  197. majed says:

    i am looking for 10000 pound. i am in the uk.

  198. neil ferry says:

    i have 6 loans all are paid up todate is it possible to put them all into one loan and reduce my repayments.

  199. Dorothy says:

    I need a $7,000.00 loan up to $15,000.00 to make August, 2011 mortgage payment, pay other bills that are in the rear and plumbing problems. I am looking for a California Loan Shark. The loan is needed for tomorrow. If not $7,000.00, $3,500.00 would be a blessing and I will take care the bills in the rear later when I return to work in October, 2011.

  200. kayla says:

    I am looking for a loan shark that would be willing to loan me 12,000 dollars and quickly! I am able to pay about 600 dollars a month.

  201. katie says:

    Need a loan shark willing to lend me £15000 needed it yesterday, I’m can stretch to 600 a month but would prefer 500, in full time employment so repayments won’t be a problem.

  202. Catherine Jordan says:

    I need 2000 pounds

  203. pearl says:

    i need $10000 asap, will pay back in 6 months with any interest rate.

  204. Steffrock says:

    I need $7,000 today. I will be able to pay everything back, plus interest, 6 months.

  205. Alana says:

    I need $550 today. I will be able to pay everything back, plus interest, 2 months

  206. leroy anderson says:

    Need 5.000 ..desperate

  207. Leanne says:

    I am desperate. Need $1500 cash in the next couple hours to stay out of serious trouble. have a great job and can pay it back within 2 weeks. I have horrible credit, can’t get a loan anywhere else.

  208. gert says:

    I am in need of a loan for around 1500.00 and will be glad to back it back with interest for over a period of 12 months. Have to have the money by Thursday morning or will not be able to pay my bills.

  209. Sarah says:

    Single mother in need of $5000.00. I need this immediately. I will put my car up for collateral and loan will be paid off over a period of 6 months. I live in Indianapolis, IN. I need help. I can not get a loan big enough to help my current financial need. I will definitely pay a much higher interest rate in order to get this money now!! I do have a steady job with steady income every 2 weeks. I am desperate at this point.

  210. eli says:

    Hi….I need to borrow a large sum of money..need it by tomorrow…interest and terms of repayment flexible…willing to work some of it off.

  211. Emma says:

    Hi, I urgently need to borrow 8k – 10k, am based near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK. Interest not a problem but been turned down by banks etc and this money is needed for short terms (3months). Please contact me by text only to 07979 224985 if you can help (phone calls from numbers I don’t recognise will not be answered).

  212. danielle says:

    i need 4000 today by 4 pm someone please help willing to pay back double

  213. martin says:

    i am desperate to get a loan i live in coventry and wondered does any one know a loan shark if so let me know asap no scammers please allready been down that road but i am desperate now

  214. mark says:

    any luck finding a loanshark anyone?

  215. Jess says:

    in urgent need of a loan shark.

  216. Sil says:

    Need a loanshark Immediately….and can not get a loan else where due to very bad credit history…from a relative using my credit.

  217. tony escobar says:

    Need 2,000.00 for Christmas and bills willing to pay interest need the money ASAP. I work full time and I can pay back i just need some time to do that like 3 months.

  218. Mazelle says:

    I live in South Africa and I’m in urgent need of a R200 000.00 loan from a loan shark. Can pay back R5000/month.

  219. William Connery says:

    I need $50,000.00 USD within the next 4 days to complete a contract i already started with my friend. Am currently not in the states, but my friends is and can meet you, please we will pay even 3 times of the $50,000,00 in one month once we get it.

  220. Denise says:

    Hi live in the UK I am in urgent need of a loan of £2,000 within the next 24 hours to save my house and business. I am able to pay back a one month high interest rate. I am not willing to pay any upfront fees too many scam lenders which have caused more problems.

  221. lourie rodriguez says:

    I need a small loan and need it by tomorrow which is 26th and I don’t have a checking account. I am a trusting person can can pay back twice that I borrow need 400.00 usd and don’t have money upfront.

  222. SAM says:


  223. Jay says:

    I need to Borrow $5000.00 im in QLD Aust. I have long employment history and will pay back $1000.00 per month plus intrest required.

  224. Stephanie says:

    I need to borrow $700 asap. I can pay it back on Jan. 31 and I am employed full time.

  225. bill says:

    i need 5000.00 loan asap will pay back with interest, i have a bunch of bills to pay off i live in palmyra, pa

  226. rachel says:

    hello i am in desperate need of a $7000 loan in the next 3 days i work fulltime and would be able to pay back fairly quick.

  227. Jae says:

    I need a loan to help keep my daycare open. Many families will be afflicted if the center closes. I need a loan of 25,000.

  228. Frank Burke says:

    This is an “Extremely Urgent Appeal” for a 10K loan to save my business.
    Due to over whelming equipment repairs and costs immediate loan of 10K
    is in desperate need to stay afloat. Offering 30-40 % monthly. Can secure
    with collateral. This retired veteran is sending out a “MAY DAY”.
    contact # 215-317-5462 anytime

  229. David says:

    Need 15k today. Worked same job for 22 years. Can pay back by end of July.

  230. Ms. Barnes says:

    I am in need of help I am a single parent and I am on a fixed income I can pay back the money within a year. I need more than what I am asking for I need 5000 to take care of everything. As I said before I can take pay it back I just need a little help to get started and I can take it from there.

  231. K.Sklapsky says:

    I’m a single mom and I need $7000 Canadian today, willing to pay high interest rates. Help!! I can’t get kicked out.

  232. Michael says:

    If anyone can help i need 3000.00 us asap willing to pay high interest

  233. Scott says:

    I need a loan of $26,000. I am in Sacramento, CA. Can give me an address where I can come and get a loan.

  234. Christy says:

    I am in desperate need of $4500 by tomorrow morning. Can pay back in 3 months.

  235. johnny says:

    I need at lest $1600.00 asap I live in Sacramento, Ca can anybody help please. I can not pay anything up front. but could pay back over a few months.

  236. Danniielle Fisk says:

    I live in Orange Australia. I need a loan of 20 thousand dollars by 11 am tomorrow. I have put myself into a bit of trouble and need serious help.

  237. sarah says:

    I’m in need of a loan west midlands area urgent text me on 07532287076 to get details

  238. sarah says:

    In need of a loan urgently west midlands area please help! 07532287076

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    i am desperate need it asap 07790715945

  242. Lorna says:

    I need an urgent cash loan of GBP 2000 today as I can’t afford to pay my bills this month let alone survive. Please contact me on 07526002216 or on 07926953140. I live in the Dorset area.

  243. bradley Mawson says:

    need to borrow 2300 bp asap to pay HM Treasury refundable tax, I am willing to pay 250,000 usd dollars for this loan for 48 hrs , the money to be paid to my Banks accredit lawyer and be paid to HM Treasury , I can put you in contact with my account manager in london and secure the funds to be paid back to in in 48 hrs of HM Treasury releasing me the funds.
    Thank please need asap this is very transparent and desperate and legal
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  245. keith says:

    need 2500.00 small business load to get company off ground wanted a 24 month loan so very little risk tho my credit score is a bit low 680ish i have a 2001 gmc vehicle that is blue booked at 6k for collateral

  246. Chuck says:

    I am looking for a 30 day loan of $5000.00. I need it tomorrow, April 2nd. If you have the cash and can do it. I’ll pay up to 100%

  247. lisa says:

    I am desperate need of 50000.00 in the next week. I live in Nebraska. I recently lost my mom and best friend to cancer not to mention my 3 month grandson to severe brain damage. During all this i went through a bad divorce and lost everything. Moreover, my credit is terrible and I need help paying the bills. No one will help me not even my family. I am starting a business and within the next year will have profit but until then I need money to pay off the debt i owe in the next week or i will lose everything.

  248. lesley ratliff says:

    yes i need to borrow 4,000.00 by tomorrow morning. i will pay it all back within 3 months.

    thank you

    lesley ratliff

  249. Pamela donegan says:

    I need €1000 by tomorrow evening I have been in debt for months on my rent and need ye to help me with a loan or I’ll be kicked out and I’ll be homeless.

  250. john says:

    I am in luton and can help…..NOT a loan shark but a friend that will help…. 10% up front and cash will be delivered to home address.
    Please understand the upfront payment is only to confirm your repayment ability

  251. john says:

    Willing to help females in. London and surrounding areas and will take repayments in kind 😉

  252. judy says:

    I need money TODAY!!! at least P10,000.00, I’m here in the Philippines. Is there anyone who can help me. Kindly contact me at 09215897491. Thank you

  253. DENISE says:

    I am in desperate need of £3,000 by Tomorrow I live in the UK I am will to pay back a high % return but will not pay any upfront fees been scammed too many times this way. I hope someone is willing to help have a good business and a home owner please if you can help contact my email on or 07984941056

  254. Shar says:

    Hello, I’m in desperate need of $1200 to keep a roof over me and my child head. I was scammed by the Internet on a get rich fast scam. I’m a single mother trying to make ends meet.

  255. Karrie says:

    I am in need of $15,000 to take care of somethings ASAP. I have already been scammed. Please help me keep my house.

  256. Tanya Moore says:

    I am in need of $5000.00. I have been scammed and need to get myself back on track. I am behind on everything. Scammers really done me in. I need help! I will not miss a payment!

  257. donetta martin says:

    I need to borrow 13500 dollars to pay off debt. I am retired from the federal government. I get paid on the 1st of every month can pay you back by government allotment or you can take the money out of my checking account. I really need this loan asap today if possible I need to get myself out of this situation. I have decent income and am an honorable person just got caught up in a bad situation.

  258. ana says:

    I’m in need of $6,500.00 within 48 hrs. I can/willing to pay off asap as well, maybe in monthly installments. My credit is not all that, either, but I can/will pay off loan, am willing to sign papers as an agreement, if necessary.

  259. minddee says:

    I am desperate for a loan of £500 today, can anyone help me?

  260. emma says:

    can some 1 help me get 1500 by thursday as i will pay double bk

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  264. Jon says:

    I need a loan asap, I have a one year old son and we are about to lose our home.

  265. Keith says:

    Need a loan of $7000 to take my daughter to disney world. I will pay back $500 a month with interest. Please help.

  266. ricki says:

    i need a loan right away of 2000.00 or i will loose eveything and be on the street and it is 35 degrees below zero right now am on unemployment now but start newq job monday can pay back no matter what the monthly payment will be please somebody help me please already had to send my daughter to live with my ex till i get this done am heart broken

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  272. sarah hughes says:

    Has anyone received any responses to this site. I am in need of a $8,000 loan need asap. I don’t need a scammer… im not going to pay upfront… we will be able to pay back whatever interest rate is requested. I am in Cincinnati OH.

  273. Diana scott says:

    I am in need of $10,000 I am behind on bills and need to payoff things and have one payment say month. Some places are sueing I need this today.please someone help me.

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  278. someone in Arizona says:

    My story is no different than most on here.i am trying to find 500-1000.00 but my rating is bad. Every time I look it goes down even more I do have income from my job of 11 years.i have been working people like cash America who royally messed up my bank account by doing a wire transfer with fake checks. They wanted me to send them back a small amount to prove the account was in good order.Then my account was frozen,bank called to say the money wasn’t I owe my own bank. Who can I turn to? Any ideas?

  279. Jasmine says:

    Need a loan of anything from $10,000 to $20,000 ASAP.

  280. Jasmine says:

    I should mention why I need the loan…. I just had a baby a few months ago and had to move due to a major family emergency. I also had to change jobs. All this set me back with bills and everything else I needed. I just need a push to pay my debt off and get a new car. I had purchased a lemon from craigslist and cannot get a court date until September. The last money I had I had used to purchase this car. so Until then I need a loan. I can pay weekly payments as soon as I get the loan.

  281. Shawntaye Rodwell says:

    To whom it may concern, I no one is going yo answer back but i decide to take a chance anyway. I need a loan for dentist cosmetic surgery my teeth are horrible. I need 50,000 for clear choice dentistry please get back to me i can’t eat ,smile nothing i will send pictures i will pay back every pennie

  282. Rochelle De Soto says:

    I need $800 I got myself into a jam please help

  283. Rickey says:

    I have a small buisness in need of equipment need approximately 25000 can repay in monthly payments thx

  284. Chris says:

    I need 10,000$ by the end of the day. Legit loan shark only please. Higher interest rate is fine. Monthly payments, please contact me asap. Today’s April 3rd I live in San Diego 6195343811 chris

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    I need 3000 ASAP. If anyone can help. Please email me.

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    I need a loan shark that does not play games nor does he ask for upfront fees

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