Pros and Cons of Loan Sharks Online

With the recession causing innumerable people to lose their source of income and profits taking a downturn, the financial crisis has become a story of almost every household nowadays. However, as expenses remain unchanged, it often happens that people fall in urgent need for money when some emergency or unexpected expenses arise.

Pros of online loan sharks

When you do not have any regular source of income , getting loans from traditional sources such as banks becomes difficult. Many people also have bad credit history that dissuades lenders even more in giving them an approval for the loan.

Not to forget, borrowers also need not provide any collateral that may be confiscated by the lender if the borrower fails to pay the loan amount in the stipulated period of time. However, many times it happens that even when borrower can put any property as collateral and gain easy approval from banks, they still prefer to go by the route of loan sharks online. The reason is the quick approval process with minimum legal formalities involved and no need to visit the bank for several times.

As a result, loan sharks emerge as saviors for these people who are in dire need for money but no way to provide assurance to lenders about their guarantee to pay back the loan.

The best abode of loan sharks nowadays is the Internet. They are no longer confined to poverty-stricken areas or back alleys. With quick approval rates and the Internet contributing to the speed of approvals even more as well as convenience of customers to apply from the comfort of their homes, there is nothing surprising to see thousands of people searching for loan sharks online.

Hence, expedience in loan approval and poor credit history are two most common reasons that cause people to seek financial assistance from these alternative lenders.

Cons of online loan sharks

So, for anyone who wishes to have a short-term unsecured loan within a few minutes or hours and bad credit report, loan sharks online are definitely a great option. Though loan sharks are surely not bed of roses for all and have some thorns attached to it. The catch lies in the extremely high interest rates at which these loans are extended. Honestly, provided at high risk to people with bad credit history, no collateral and minimum legal formalities, it seems fair enough to charge that exorbitant rates of interest by loan sharks.

Another thing that must be taken care of is that you must deal with legal loan sharks. You may find several loan sharks online who are ready to extend loans to vulnerable people like you but may resort to abusive techniques or even physical assault to recover their loan amount in future. To avoid dealing with such lenders, it is best to look for review of previous customers of the loan shark you are about to deal with or check their terms and conditions before you deal with them.

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108 Responses to Pros and Cons of Loan Sharks Online

  1. Larry Lee says:

    Looking for a LoanShark that will honest person that would give a loan of $1000 for 6 month period or whatever per request . But need money by 5:00 PM today and sent via Western Union or MoneyGram without any fees . Thanks !!!!

  2. Larry Lee says:

    Need help finding a loan. In desparate need. Tomorrow is too late.
    Please help!!!
    Looking for $1000 but need before 6:00 PM today and sent via Western Union or MoneyGram and no
    extra fees please. I will do your terms and need a answer ASAP. Thanks !!


  3. Leti says:

    I’m searching for a 4,000 USD loan. 6 months-1 year repayment plan. High interest o.k. Need the money for a family emergency. Thank you.

  4. Mary says:

    need 3500 to pay my brothers parole off. I have a 90 year old husband who is blind and has Alzheimers. we are raising two grandsons. desperately need my brothers help here in my home .he can not relocate until his parole is paid in full. My health is not good. I have diabetes and numerous other health issues. if you read this and can help please do help me. i can pay back 200 dollars month for the 3500. Please send any funds to Mary Wall 121 Maple street Twin city Georgia 30471 attn Kitty Dillon would prefer to borrow this money and pay it back. thank you for any help. I can NOT pay back 3 or 4 loans. would prefer to deal with one person or loan.

  5. dwhite says:

    in need of five thousand dollars, can pay back double within 6 months

  6. Stephanie says:

    in need of $22,000 have trailer and land for collateral.

  7. Alan says:

    i am a contractor in need of 30,000.00. I can pay back in 3 to 6 months. Best time of year is hear, but I need help to get out of the whole. I have jobs to complete and need the help.

  8. David Raether says:

    Looking to borrow 2000 dollars and will repay within one month. I need to pay off some debt and am willing to pay high interest rate.

  9. Paul george says:

    looking for 180,000$ for a 5 year term can repay at 3000-3500 per month with a baloon pymt at end. any help in this would be appreciated, need within a week.

  10. Traci says:

    Looking for a very short term loan of $12,000 to $25,000. Two weeks to one month or possibly less. I have a very good job, just in short-term cash crunch, and am going to use the money to refinance a 401k loan (pay off and take out a new one).

  11. nicole says:

    lookin for a short term loan of 10,000 dollars will pay back in 2 months im in a crunch and need cash to take care of general need asap maybe can pay back sooner thanks

  12. Melissa says:

    I’m a pretty girl in an ugly mess. I need to borrow $4000 and I don’t care what the terms are. I am really desperate. I need the money for my new apartment. I make good money, I just don’t get paid until Friday and my 30 day notice expires on Thursday. Any and all offers considered. I need this money this week (4/26) PLEASE help!

  13. Ce-Ce says:

    I need a loan about $5000 asap possible today if possible I can start paying back 05/07/10. I can continue to make payment evey 2weeks after that. I need the loan to pay back rent and bills. I do have a sob story but if you are a loan shark you probably dont care. Be reasonable with amount of pay back I understand there will be a higher then normal interest rate. I can pay something every 2 weeks starting 05/07/10 we can do western union or moneygram I dont know any other way to do this with out meeting in person if know another way let me know. The amount I am asking for will clear me up to make payments every 2weeks and if I can pay more I will I am trying to make this as short term as possible I can’t get payday loans or bank loans because of bad decisions in my past so this is my only other option. I do work full time I am not on assistance please contact me with options.

  14. SUSAN says:


  15. tcp says:

    I am looking for a loan shark I need by the money ASAP I am in the washington dc area, I need this money asap about 7K I have a good job and can repay at the rate of 750 a month. I just need this money to get out of debt… asap…

  16. Matt says:

    Need a $5000-$6000 Loan ASAP. I’m an Architect that got laid off, is working as a bartender and just got re-hired in his real field. I should be able to repay back within 4-6 months, with high interest. I need to fix some past mistakes from when things first got bad, FAST.

  17. shana says:

    hi i am needing 6000 to move for a better job opportunity for my family i would need 2 months to start making payments and cant pay more than 250 a month but would be appreciated

  18. Jen says:

    Need $500 to avoid vehicle repo. Need by 9pm tonight.

  19. Christina says:

    Does this really work? Posting stuff here? Anyway, Looking to borrow about $5000.00. I have poor credit, I don’t make a fortune, but my household income is good and If I could just get us out of the hole we are in we would be able to stay on top of our bills. I could make small to medium monthly payments until the loan is payed in full plus whatever interest. This is not something I can pay back within a couple of months or anything. I figure it’s worth a try posting here!

  20. Krystie says:

    Car got repossessed today, need $2000 before 10 days is up before they auction off and I would have to pay difference if sold for less than what I owe. 45-60 days is all I need to pay loaner back.

  21. Nicki says:

    I need a loan of $4,000 to help catch up on bills from a winter lay off. I am employed full time now but I can’t seem to get caught up and it’s stressful. I would make monthly payments and I would pay any interest rate. Just want to get this taken care of before it escalates.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I am a Single Mother in need of a $4000.00 loan to get me out of a bad situation that has come about from getting laid off and not finding work for months. I will pay a ridiculous interest amount, or whatever you would require, I just need the funds within the next couple days before I am evicted and my car is repossessed.

  23. Carmen says:

    I’m in need of $4000 dollars today.If you can Western Union or moneygram it, that would be great.If u or anyone you know can help me out of this financial hell and u can wire the $4000 today,please email me. Tell me the details of the loan.

  24. Brendan Hubble says:

    I am in need of 12 thousand dollars in order to avoid jail time for missing back child support payments I need it with in few days and am willing to pay any interest ammount

  25. Joe says:

    In need of $5K-10K asap. High interest is ok…..please contact me if you can help. I have a high paying job and can verify my income. Just got in a bind and need help out quick.

  26. Tracy says:

    In desparate need of £6500, am about to be evicted and my daughter is about to be kicked out of nursery. I am now paying for past misfortune and can not get a loan any other way. Please Please help, have been caught numerous times by companies asking for a fee and then not coming up with anything. I don’t know what else to do.

  27. Sookie says:

    I’m in need of a $9000 loan.. I’m okay with the interest being high.. I have no one to turn to and I really need this.. The loan will be paid back within 6 months to a year

  28. Earl says:

    I am in need of 5000.00 by Wednesday next week. My daughter died last year and since my life has gone into a tail dive. Just after her death my job was sent to the states. I am now going to school to get retrained. I receive 400.00 extra a month from a wsib pension. Please help. I have to pay the remainder of her funeral and my rent. please help.

  29. nonto says:

    i need a loan for R1000 i need to pay my bill , they are long overdue plz help

  30. Jason says:

    Looking for short term loan to assist with funding construction projects. 5 jobs currently underway. Looking for a 5-10k credit line to fund labor and material costs until jobs pay. Credit line can be paid off monthly with interest.

  31. Galen says:

    Looking for an investor to fund a start-up Tree and Plant nursery. I currently have $125,000 in equity in my home. My credit is poor due to a recent divorce. Will pay up to 25% interest and will pay back within the year. If I fale to pay I will sign over the deed to my home. My home value is $350,000 and owe $225,000. Looking to borrow $50,000 the equity in my home is more than double. NO risk to the right investor.

  32. Shawn says:

    I need 10k within 2 wks, and can repay back within 6 to 12 months….very URGENT!!!!!

  33. Kerri says:

    Need emergency loan of $20,000. Do have regular documented income and lots of assets that I need time to liquidate. Please contact me directly to work out the details.

  34. george ward says:

    need a car loan of £5000 can pay back £300 a mth please let me know if anyone can do this or as any numbers where i can arrange such loan. cant get loan due to not ever having credit.

  35. Sara says:

    I am in DESPERATE NEED of $3000. I can pay this back with INTEREST (you name it I’ll pay it) I have gotten in over my head with payday loans and a state tax levy issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help. I am willing to pay back within 6 months with interest (weekly installments if need be). I have a full time job AND a part time job. Just need some help getting my bank account out of the red. Please no scams and no upfront fees. Email me if you can help.


  36. Justin says:

    I am in deperate need $2800.00. I have a 2001 Ford f150 4wd ext cab that I can put the title up for. I need it today by 4pm est.

  37. eric says:

    need 5k will pay back after 6 months need an apartment. im a homeless vet and even the VA cant help me cuz of my credit score.

  38. Lawrence says:

    I am in an immediate need of a $10,000.00 – $15,000.00 loan. I am self employed and need the money to buy additional inventory for the holiday rush. I can and will have the loan paid back after the first of the year and willing to pay interest. I deal in electronics and wholesale retail goods so paying the money back will not be a problem i just need help getting the extra inventory. I need to hear from someone ASAP so that i can start ordering the inventory.

  39. Kathy says:

    I am in dire need of a $2,000 loan. I have poor credit. My bankruptcy was just discharged in July. I am getting caught up on bills, but I am in need of a loan for my daughter’s wedding on 12/31/2010. It’s been a tough few years for me. I have a good job with the state plus I do massage therapy part time. Hubby died years ago of a brain tumor; plus I have a son with autism. Banks have denied me loans all the time and payday loans are too interest high.

    Thank you.

  40. M B says:

    Has anyone had any luck finding a loan? I need cash now and can pay back double within 2months. I will not pay western union games or fees. These games have ruined my life . I am looking for a real loan shark legal or illegal I know the risk.

    I live in the San Francisco are and need a loan ASAP! Please try to be local at least in the united states.

  41. howard majette says:

    need 15000 by 11-19 2010 will pay back in 9 to 12 months- open daycare for low income family with partners-partners walked out left me with all the bills. need this money to pay off bill and to keep the daycare open

  42. kate says:

    i need 2500 by 8 am tomorrow morning. my husband was put in jail on a cash bond.and his laywer called and said that if i do not get him out before this wed for his next court date the judge is ervfoking his bond all together. we have an 8 month old baby and one on the way that will actually be here this tues.. due to complications they are taking her out early. i need him to be home i can repay it within 3 months.

  43. Robert Balog says:

    Would like to borrow $3k for 6 months willing to pay $1k in interest….I have a pension that i gross $4k /month….NEED IMMEDIATELY !
    Also expecting an insurance payment by the 1st of 2011…Thankyou !

  44. Kim says:

    Need to borrow $30,000 for a long term loan, 3 to 5 years. Husband and I have good jobs, just been working on paying off debts, which has put us in a money crunch, because we have been living in my brothers house and now he wants it back by Christmas. This money will pay off my debts and give us money to move. We can then handle a monthly payment to pay this note back. PLEASE HELP!

  45. Edward says:

    No sob story here, just serious business. I need a 6 month loan of 15k. Open to any fair interest rate. I need this cash immediately.

  46. Frank Says says:

    $12,000 for 12 months, for business, will accept high interest, start repaying immediately. Need money with 24-48 hours. Simple and straight forward money direct deposited, payments direct deposited or transfer electronically or paypal.

  47. Liezel says:

    Hi i urgently need a loanshark in capetown who can borrow me R80 000 urgently i had a bad year and really need to start fresh i cant afford any upfront fees and no scammers please. I do earn a good salary and are willing to pay 2-3000 rand per month.

  48. Misty says:

    Buying a business. Owner is taking all the money in bank when leaves. I need a loan of at least $2000 by Dec 1st for a safety net! Can pay back by March.

  49. Rob Wayne says:

    Dear Lender,

    I am requesting $7,000 for 19 months, for paying off some debts I owe before relocating for a new job. I will begin repayment in January 2011 with payoff one year and 7 months later in July 2012.

    The loan monies can be sent as per the lenders typical method.

    The repayment I will be sending back monthly can be direct deposited, wire transferred or sent by pay pal to lenders account.

    My family and I would appreciate any assistance.



  50. Dawn Lee says:

    I have an entertainment business that initially had investors to back me, had contracts signed by my employees with guaranteed pay for them from the investors, I was assured the money was being wired, wrote my payroll checks to my employees. Money never showed and now I owe my employees a grand total of $50,000 for November and December. They want their money by 5pm today or I face charges on the checks, even though it’s not my fault. We have shows lined up and I would be able to repay the debt within 6 months, without a hitch. I would be willing to provide the name of the business, as it is an LLC and we also have an EIN. We are too new to be able to get a line of credit and not sure how to go about getting out of this. I do have a money market account that the funds can be wired to and be here within the hour. I would even be willing to sign the rights of the business over until the debt is paid in full and have payments sent via wire transfer on a monthly basis if necessary. The money can be wired or sent via credit card if necessary. Thank you.

  51. Robert says:

    I need $10,000 dollars by today 3pm central time in Texas. Can pay double within 6 months. I own a jewelry store and an Indie Record Label. Serious family problems arose and now need the money bad.

  52. tina shepherd says:

    i was scammed almost 9,000 – I didn’t even know how stupid and they get away with it!!!! However, I need 5000 loan with bad credit I see the above had an issue with a indie record label, i’m doin with a mojr label part and is reason of this money being rippped off !!

  53. Jimmy says:

    My Backdoor was kicked in on Dec29. they Got jewelry , new TV, and 13500 cash. I consistently turn this money over. Pay my bills and support my 5 kids. A lot of people count on me on a daily Basis. I need $ 15000 to be paid back on terms that I can still make a livin. Need this money tomorrow. As I. Have no income with out it.

  54. John says:

    I need 15000 to pay lawyer for child custody case. My ex-husband is very abusive, but the girls are scared of him and it is tough to prove. I was waiting for money from dad’s house to sell, but that may be another month. I can repay within 6 months plus interest for sure.

  55. Amy says:

    I am looking for a loan of 2000. I have a full time job and would like to pay if off with monthly payments for 1 year. My car had broke and then I was in the hospital for a kidney infection and stones. I need to catch up on my rent and a few bills.

  56. nighthawk says:

    looking for $35000 loan will pay any interest rate can pay back in 6 months

  57. Rob says:

    I am looking for $4000 within the next 24 hours, it is an emergency, I am going to lose my apartment and my car. I have been unemployed for about 6 months and not even able to keep afloat with my unemployment benefits after paying child support and food. I’m getting a little over $5000 back on my taxes but its going to be several weeks before I get it and I dont have that long. I will gladly give the entirety of my refund as payment for the $4000 and I have a nice tv and macbook i can put up as collateral. Honestly I’m so desperate that I will do anything to get this all straightened out.

  58. Albert says:

    I am in need of an emergency loan of $10,000 USD. I will be able to repay the amount in 8 to 12 months. I am not worried about the interest rate, as I will probably repay the amount before the end of the year. Please help family emergency.

  59. XiomarA says:

    I’m in desperate need of loan for 5000 $$ to be paid off within a yr if not soon having some Personal issues pls help!!! Asap

  60. Chris says:

    Hey my name is chris live in philly pa need loan bad will pay anything I need 5k to start my own business can pay weekly or per request please help

  61. Ryan says:

    Need loan 3k – 5k can pay back withing year and have collateral like motorcycle etc

  62. Lee says:

    My husband is working on a $3.7M contract with Chevron over seas. Chevron has $1.7 advance on the contract and will wire to US. The fee to wire is $60,000! My husband is out of cash overthere due to his partner becoming injured on the job site and literally trapped. Chevron will not wire this money without this fee. I have copy of this Chevron contract. Hospital bills for his parner were payable on demand @ $75,000. Before we knew abou the Chevron fee i wired what liquid money we have. My husband is very well off but cannot access any liquid cash from overseas. I am in need of this fee. This can be paid back within 60 days or less. Please contact me.

  63. C says:

    Just wanted to post that I currently owe the streets of Toronto, Canada in excess of $140,000 that I have been paying at a rate of 8% per month and enough is enough.

    I would love to get rid of this debt to the streets immediately and would be prepared to make an arrangement with a legitimate lender that would allow me to repay the capital within 5 years or sooner. I am also prepared to pay a rate of interest that is in the 20% to 25% per annum range.

    If you are out there, I am here!

  64. George says:

    In need of loan for 20k need 5yrs to repay.

  65. stacy says:

    i desperately need £3,500 asap. i can pay back £250 a month, dont care about high interest rates. im a student nurse with 2 young kids and really struggling.

  66. terri says:

    i am in desperate need of a loan for 3500 dollars to get my husband out of jail on bail. i need him out of there so he can work while hes taking care of all this court stuff or we are gonna lose it all. i cant do it by myself. any ideas please help me. im begging.

  67. samuel johnson says:

    I am in desperate need of 2500 dollars which I will be able to pay back by the end of next month. I had some family emergencies and need money to cover those bills. I have a truck for collateral and will provide any and all info you will need.

  68. Maeve says:

    Looking for Investor or Loan Shark for California Marijuana growing. Will Have money doubled in 5 months at the most. $30,000 No joke!

  69. martin says:

    I urgently need £4000 to assist in setting up small business (publishing). The money is required for equipment and a small second-hand car. Will repay with any interest required over 5 years or sooner if possible. I am 59.

  70. alex says:

    i need a $36,000.00 loan i have low credit ,but have a great job which i get payed $70,000 to $80,000 yearly… i’m in a crisis right now i can pay it from 2-3 years monthly but i need it asap my family passed away and on top of that i’m having a crisis please save a life. i also have no collateral but have proof of work and proof that I can PAY IT OFF

  71. Karlonia says:


    This is one I have never heard of — how exactly does one become indebted to a street? I thought streets were things made of asphalt or concrete and were generally used for driving or walking on. I did not know that it was possible to borrow money from them — wow!

  72. Daniel says:

    Need a loan of $5000 immediately. Currently under- employed but have a couple of excellent prospects in the works. I need to take the edge off and get caught up on various payments and debts. I have a wife and 2 young children but had to file bankruptcy last year and killed my credit.

  73. Sarah says:

    Looking for 8,000 dollar loan as soon as possible.I will back the loan plus any interest the lender decides. I don’t care how long it takes to repay on the interest. I won’t post a sob story I’m not asking for hand out, just a chance to get the loan I need and move on with my life. Thank you.

  74. Rae says:

    Looking for a short term 1500 loan Good steady employment

  75. karen says:

    hi i need a loan of £18,000 i have been trying to get a loan for the past 6-7 weeks with no luck and im deprate i need need someone please help me i can pay full amount back with any interest in 5 weeks time when my father comes back in the country but if i wait for him i will lose everything but i need this loan now please help me

  76. Jay says:

    I need a loan of 10,000 I been trying to get a loan for several weeks but keep getting denied. My son is leaving to college and would like to send him with cash in hand,also need the loan for auto repair and bills.

  77. Lori says:

    Need loan for $10,000. Have Colleteral of over $20,000.

  78. jaki says:

    does this work? i need 1500 – 2000 today will be paid off in installments in 4 months uk.

  79. billy says:

    I just got kicked out, and am in desperate need of 30,000 to be able to get my business going, and pay for a place to live.

  80. koool says:

    I need 25k. Be able to pay back in 6 months. email me if interested with terms.

  81. pinkie says:

    In need of $5,000 short term loan.

  82. kevin says:

    Looking for Investor or Loan Shark for Antigua west indies. Will Have money doubled in 6 months at the most. $20,000 No joke! looking money to buy equipment to boost production line, can pay back at the end of six month or monthly payment as you wish.

  83. Jim says:

    I would like to borrow 75,000 with terms of 3 years sucured by 600,000 of unincumbered real estate in NC. I have steady income that would be no problem to repay loan.

  84. kameron mcclellan says:

    need 13,000 for new vehicle, need to be able to get to work and back need it quickly, pay back monthly

  85. DAVID says:


  86. vicky says:

    I need a loan to pay off credit cards I need 15000 by the end of the week I can pay back loan at 250.00 a month.

  87. sherrell says:

    I’m in need of $5000.00 to pays bills and get a new apartment. I’m willing to make monthly payments. Just in need of some assistance urgently like today 09/12/11. Thank you!!

  88. Sami says:

    I need help with a loan I need money to buy my own house not bothered what the interest rate is, haven’t had credit in the past an never had store card or credit card so don’t have a credit history except from me paying my phone bill.

  89. Don says:

    need 2500.00 loan for 4 months

  90. Pete says:

    Looking to borrow $25,000. I am willing and able to pay back at the rate of $700.00 per month for a term of 42 months which would net you a gain of $4,400.00 ( 700 x 42 = 29400 – 25000 = 4400. What do you think? Give me your terms and let’s get this done!

  91. mike says:

    I am looking for a personal loan of 3500 and can pay back in a monthly installment over a 2 year period….my wife divorced me and left me in a bad way with no vehicle and not much of anything …a car would give me freedom to look for a second job.

  92. linda lewis says:

    need to borrow 25000 with reasonable payments and reasonable time to pay back.

  93. Cornelius says:

    Need to borrow $39,000 to get out of my car loan.

  94. damara says:

    i am in urgent need of 8000 usd in order to stay in my home. i have a good job and can repay the money.

  95. dave says:

    I need a loan of whatever I can get to get my brother out of jail I tried everything I have a job just have no other option I can pay back with interest please call me asap 603 820 2116 the sooner the better thanks

  96. Fred says:

    need to borrow 25,000 asap can pay back in 6 months need to know terms

  97. david kliewer says:

    Need 10000.00 asap can repay in 12 months

  98. Mike says:

    I am in need of $7000. I have a good paying job now and just need to catch up. Please contact.

  99. Angela says:

    Single mom story….. Divorced 3 little ladies, lost everything including house, job, and truck. Staying with my mom who lives an unhealthy lifestyle for a month. I got a new job offer starting today. I am a hospice home care nurse. Found an apartment close to work and school of which my kids are missing a lot of because my mother refuses to take them. I have no family except my mom of which I am her mom half the time. I just want to get my life back and raise my girls in a healthy environment so they can thrive. I NEED $4000.

    I can start repayment in 6 months. High interest is a small price to pay for the help and the opportunity to get completely on my feet.

  100. Keith says:

    Can I please have a serious loan shark give me information about getting a $5000 dollar loan?

  101. Amy Rust says:

    I need a loan asap for my son to have surgery to remove a large cyst on his shoulder. My husband and I both work full time but do not have insurance. We have been to several doctors and hospitals but due to the location of the cyst (it’s wrapped around his shoulder bone) no one will agree to do the surgery without at least $3000 up front. The cyst has become extremely painful and gets larger every day. We can repay the loan within 6 months, either thru weekly or biweekly payments or however is easiest for you.

  102. P. Bazil says:

    Have a need for immediate assistance of a loan for $5,000. Will payback promptly with interest.

  103. Brad says:

    I need of 2500$ asap have a full time Gov. job just in a jam. 6-12 months

  104. Nick W says:

    In need of $6000 in Connecticut area. I will pay $12000 back in a year’s time. I can pay 1000 a month back or a lot sooner if things go well with a second job. Emergency funds needed to prevent 1200 per month payments that I am currently doing.

  105. cherrelle says:

    need a loan contact me on 07983670441

  106. kg says:

    Looking for a five thousand dollar loan, needed asap. Will pay up to 25% interest for up to two years. Need to pay off some bills. If you can help email me.

  107. Jonathon says:

    Help I need 1000 dollars today

  108. Anthony says:

    I need a loan of $5000 AU my partner needs medical treatment and we do not have the funds. This would only be a loan and payed back in 12 months. Please help

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